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Sputnik Profiles: Willie/jethro 42

Today we are going to post two at a time again. Both of these are overwhelmingly positive, which isn't surprising because neither of these subjects are ever dick heads and don't open themselves up to getting ripped. I know who both of the submitters are but will not divulge unless they want it that way. Let the ballwashing begin!
Among the Living

Strengths: User Willie has many strengths. For one, he is one of the nicest guys on the site and in addition to that, he never gets riled up about anything (comes with the age you know). He is always helpful, and if he can not answer your question on the spot, you can bet your ass he will launch whatever is necessary and find the answer for you one way or another. Willies music taste is broad, and the man listens to pretty much everything, with industrial, electronica and metal being his favorite genres. He gives out very good recommendations that more people should pay attention to and is always ready to clarify/introduce what a certain band sounds like. Speaking of which, Willie is also one of the better writers on the site, because while his writing style is pretty simple and straightforwad, his positive reviews actually make you want to try the album at hand out, as opposed to many a reviewers work on this site (and they sound rather professional too!). Willie also has an undeniably good sense of humour as he occasionally shows when talking to his Sputnik bros, but he doesn't let that shine out too much for some reason, making him a lesser Tim Duncan of Sputnik.

Weaknesses: In all honesty, user Willie has no glaring weaknesses. If one was to rag on him for something, it would be because every time he makes a mistake in one of his reviews, Willie conveniently hides behind the "well, like I said, it was a quick write-up ;)" excuse, which we all know is just that - an excuse. Also, while Willie being a nice bloke and a great writer is most certainly an upside, he, for some reason, doesn't manage to raise hype over releases that are, mostly, much better than whatever is in the popular music/best new music section at the time. Only his most well known comrades/royal followers (Bloc, Deviant, Emim, Metalstyles, pizzamachine/kintups, Balls, and a few others) care enough to look into everything he reviews (and any review of his, for that matter).
3Public Enemy
Fear of a Black Planet

Posting tendencies: User Willie posts pretty much everywhere, as genre type really doesn't matter to him. While Willie's activity has gone down since he became a mod, he is still one of the most active posters from the staff. He can be found constructively critiquing/encouraging new users, or talking to his older comrades in random threads, sometimes even in a jokative fashion! He also actively posts in the comments section of his own reviews, talking about the album, or trying to talk his way out why yet another easy-to-spot and silly mistake was in his review in the first place.
4Skinny Puppy
Too Dark Park

Famous for: Being a retired butt fister. Being one of the most prolific industrial lovers on the site. Is the friendliest moderator (if only because he is the newest, and so, his mind and time has been clearly less abused than Jom's or Dave's). He is also one of the few staff members who has avoided the recommendable welcoming ritual in which a stick is shoved up their ass, probably because of his athletic build and army connections. Also, being a very nice guy in general and being very helpful to everyone (for god knows what reasons).
5Sick Of It All
Just Look Around

Overall Sputnik score: 9.5. Yes, you read that right. Willie is an intergral part of this website, as he carries out different, but always important roles from day to day on Sputnik. He can be anyone from teacher to janitor, from bro to ho, from writer to critic, from moderator to a down to earth guy who is just awesome to talk to. Yes, Willie is a top 10 Sputnik user for sure.
A Farewell to Kings

Strengths: First and foremost, user Jethro42 is widely known for his vast, seemingly infinite knowledge about all things prog. Being around far longer than the average sputnik user (The Analyzer suspects his age lies somewhere in the range of 42), Jethro is an real musical veteran, and definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to groups that were formed decades ago. The Analyzer however notes that he will never become arrogant about this. On the contrary, Jethro42 is often humble, even when commended on his knowledge. He is also a user who is recognized for his generally enthusiastic and friendly manner, and is always easily approachable and eager to share his recommendations. For these reasons, there is little cause to really dislike Jethro42.
7Jethro Tull
Thick as a Brick

Weaknesses: Jethro42?s most obvious weakness is his lacking skill in the English language. A French Canadian, Jethro42 is not especially well-versed in the fine Shakespearian speech, which has proven to lead to some minor mishaps in communication. Though he is quite a great writer in his native French, Jethro42 struggles to write reviews for in English on his own, of which he otherwise would have accumulated a bigger amount by now.
The Snow Goose

Posting Tendencies: Mostly, Jethro42 will stick to threads of albums is he fond of, commenting on the lovely qualities of the record in question. Sometimes, he will seize the opportunity to recall, often in a nostalgic manner, his past musical experiences, or spread deeper insight about the background of the group and album. This all goes paired with his signature French writing accent, and a particular fondness of superlatives.
9Brand X
Unorthodox Behaviour

Famous For: Being sputnikmusic?s ultimate source of knowledge when it comes to progressive rock, his age compared to most other sputnik citizens, and his undying love for Genesis and Peter Gabriel.
Selling England by the Pound

Score: 8.5. The Analyzer concludes that Jethro42 is a very likeable fellow with tons of knowledge when it comes to music, and has, despite a slight language barrier, proven to be an invaluable asset to the ranks of To a great many users, he is but an underground phenomenon who doesn't share in the general "needs moar Opeth" line of thought that pervades the site, but those who are familiar with him will certainly agree with The Analyzers point of view, who sees that this user's kindness and complete lack of arrogance are something sputnik could use more of.
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