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74 2013 Albums I Listened To In Q2: Semi - Ranked

Some of these may have been released in Q1 but I just got around to listening to them. they are semi ranked to the effect that the higher on the list they are the closer I am to promoting them to another score and vice versa. Anything a 3 or above I suggest at least giving a spin. anything 3.5 and above I don't think would be a waste of anyone's time. As always recs based on high ratings are welcome and anything ranked highly that you haven't heard you may consider a rec.

4/5 excellent folk-pop alt/indie (there abouts).
2The Knife
Shaking the Habitual

4/5, quirky and off the wall "Electronica, Psychedelic" think Yacht except they
would eat Yacht's soul.
The North Borders

4/5 "Trip Hop, Electronica" I had never heard of this guy but this album is
4Killing Joke
The Singles Collection 1979-2012

I was really surprised to see this come out to little to no fanfare. Excellent
collection from a classic band. I've read some issues about there being no b-sides
on it etc but I'm not an ultra fan so it made no difference to me.
5The Growlers
Hung At Heart

4/5 "Psychedelic" and I'd add surf rock. I'm not familiar with these guys but this
album was just fun and a pleasant surprise.
6Queens of the Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

4/5 I thought these guys were starting to wind down professionally and wasn't
expecting much from this release but I was wrong wrong wrong. This was out of
left field for me and just a great and solid album.
7Tape Junk
The Good and The Mean

4/5 poppy Folk-rock: I have no idea who this guy is and I could only find mention of
him on portuguese sites so maybe one or two of our brothers can fill us in. He's the
lead singer to Julie & The Carjackers but I didn't find their album to be as good.
Tales of a Grass Widow

4/5 far more polished and a little more grounded than their previous albums but still
totally off the wall. This was a tremendously enjoyable find for me.
9Streetlight Manifesto
The Hands That Thieve

4/5 As I had stated in the review thread this was just far better than I had any
right to expect. I liked it more than their previous entries and was temninded just
how much I miss hearing good new punk-Ska.
10Frank Turner
Tape Deck Heart

4/5 This guy just knows how to toe the fucking line. This album fits in perfectly
with the rest of his stellar discog.
11Rival Schools

4/5 Excellent progression from their previous album, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
12Jimi Hendrix
People, Hell, and Angels

4/5 I'm not going to get into all the bullshit behind all his posthumous releases. This
is a great album and surprisingly it's a great sounding album. If you like Hendrix I
can't imagine you not liking this.
False Idols

4/5 It's a laid back Tricky but Trip-Hop can go very well with laid back so no
complaints here.
14The Dillinger Escape Plan
One of Us Is the Killer

4/5 this was precisely what I was expecting and for me is a solid 4.
15Laura Stevenson

4/5 Solid 4, not as immediately gratifying as Sit Resist imho but it it rewards
repeated listens.
16James Blake

4/5 "post-dubstep" Solid musician, solid album, solid 4

4/5 I really thought this album was getting a bum wrap after previewing it before
giving it to my kid. I think it is a solid pop-rock album and I'd prefer my kid listen to
it over a lot of other crap that is shoveled out there for mass consumption.
18Scout Niblett
It's Up To Emma

4/5 "Folk" I liked it immediately but I'm a little less sure of that 4 than when I first
posted it. It'll stay a 4 for now but either way it is a good an unique album.

3.5/5 not much to say here, solid album as alwayse, I wish i liked it a bit more but I
20Purling Hiss
Water On Mars

3.5/5 "Psychedelic-Rock" This was a pleasant surprise and JT and I haven't stopped
talking about them since. Great album and I definitely recommend it for any fans of
the genre.
21The Invisible Hands
The Invisible Hands

3.5/5 Alt & Indie
22The Black Angels
Indigo Meadow

3.5/5 "Psychedelic-Rock" not quite as good as Purling Hiss but still pretty damned
23The Haxan Cloak

3.5/5 Dark and brooding this is not usually my thing but the crafting and precision
that went into this is deserves a big nod and really shouldn't be missed.
24Camera Obscura
Desire Lines

3.5/5 "Indie Pop" Camera Obscura just doing their thing, if you've liked any of their
previous stuff you'll like this too.
25The Glockenwise

3.5/5 "Punk, Alt Rock, Britpop" Excelent album lots of fun.
26Ex Wife
New Colors

3.5/5 Lo-Fi Very 90's alt -rock sounding with it's washed out sound.

3.5/5 Off kilter, lo-fi, indie music, this spawn of a Kickstarter project is surprisingly
delightful at times but it won't be for everyone.
28Alice in Chains
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

3.5/5 Great album but it's missing a little something for me... I really feel this should
be a 4/5 but it isn't.
29Captain, We're Sinking
The Future Is Cancelled

3.5/5 "Punk" Conceptually I love everything about this band, excellent album.

3.5/5 "Math-Rock" BATS light, tighter more polished sound than TTNG.
31The Flaming Lips
The Terror

3.5/5 I expected more, maybe that's my fault?
32Mike Patton
The Place Beyond the Pines

33Loading Data
Double Disco Animal Style

3.5/5 "Hard Rock, Psychedelic" I thought this was a just a great rock album. Others
seem to agree.

3.5/5 "Alt & Indie" Evidently this is kind of a Swedish super group. Some times they
hit and sometimes they miss but a great effort over all.
35Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City

3.5/5 Same VW different day. It's a little less frenetic but but has the same VW
sound over all. Much better tha npeople are giving it credit for imho.
36Daft Punk
Random Access Memories

3.5/5 I dig what they've done here but I'll be the first to admit that it's lacking the
killer track to make it a great album. Fanboy 3.5 as I really enjoyed it.
37Sound City Players
Sound City: Real To Reel

3.5/5 I think this album is catching some unnecessary flack but you really may have
to watch the documentary in order to really enjoy the album.
The Weighing Of The Heart

3.5/5 "Other, Electronica, Post Rock" Beautifully layered strings and harmonies.

40The Boxer Rebellion

3.5/5 Alt-Rock I found this to be a great alt rock album with solid production, a
tight band and catchy choruses.
41A Hawk And A Hacksaw
You Have Already Gone to the Other World

3.5/5 "Eastern world music sent through a slightly American filter." yah that
description is about right. Expertly crafted... not sure I'll ever listen to it again.
Graffiti On The Train

3.5/5 "Britpop" Quality rivals the The Boxer Rebellion album above but it just isn't
quite as good.

3/5 The rest of these I enjoyed but they jest kind of left me wanting. I don't plan
to ever listen to anything on this list from here down again.
Hyperblast Super Collider

3/5 Noise for noise sake... it took skill to make this album but it might have been
better to focus that skill elsewhere. This reminds me a lot of Unexpect's album from
45Kurt Vile
Wakin on a Pretty Daze

3/5 Nothing wrong with this album it just wan't anything... noteworthy. If I'm
thinking of the right album I do think the guitar work was above average hence the
46Yeah Yeah Yeahs

3/5, same... just nothing special but not a bad album.
47Dead Can Dance
In Concert

3/5 DCD fans like GnarlyShillelagh will probably beat off to it but really without being
a fan there is nothing here for you.
48The Besnard Lakes
Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO

3/5 This album just dragged and dragged for me. It's not bad for what it is but it
just couldn't hook me at all.
49Born Ruffians

3/5 "Alt & Indie, Post Punk" again nothing wrong with it but just not up to par with
their contemporaries.

3/5 "Indie" Not as thrilling as the name would suggest.
Sub Verses

3/5 "Indie, Folk, Psychedelic" boring, there is better folk and Psychedelic listed
Everybody Loves Sausages

3/5 Nope, not everyone.
53Rainbow Arabia
F.M. Sushi

3/5 snore
Nightmare Ending

3/5 this one I can appreciate the artistry on but... it makes me want to sleep.
55The National
Trouble Will Find Me

3/5 A step above average... no idea what you guys love about this.
56Ghostface Killah
Twelve Reasons to Die

3/5 oh please go the fuck away... there is so much better than this.
57little friend
We Will Destroy Each Other

The Sun Comes Out Tonight

3/5 What the fuck do you like about this??? Don't you like yourself more than that?
59Jared Smith

3/5, moar like music to die too, slowly!
60The Leisure Society
Alone Aboard The Ark

3/5 a little too leisurely.
61Rogue Wave
Nightingale Floors

3/5 it's fine, that is all.
In Love

2.5/ the next six are just ho hum
Images Du Futur

Totale Nite

65Lilacs and Champagne
Lilacs and Champagne

66 Dear Telephone
Dear Telephone

67Charli XCX
True Romance

2.5/5 Not even naming your album after a great movie will save you my dear...
68 Orchestral Manoeuvres
In The Dark English Electric

2/5 from here down I was just annoyed.
What About the Lonely

2/5 I don't think there is anymore room in my life for shoegaze, particularly poorly
recorded shoegaze.
Vanishing Point

2/5 wtf
71Dirty Beaches
Drifters/Love Is The Devil

2/5 Fuck this and fuck you
72Barn Owl

2/5 I'm pretty sure I dozed off while listening to this.
73She and Him
Volume Three

3/5 I miscounted so I'm popping this one in here. They should probably call it a day
with this project. It's not horrible but it's barely noteworthy.

1.5/5 This is just insulting... fuck you bro just seriously fuck you! btw
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