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Fearthyevil's Best Of 2012 List

Not in order.
80Circa Survive
Violent Waves

I'll be one to say I was never that much of a Circa Survive fan. Something about this album pulled me unlike their others. With smoother transistions, Green's voice being easier to take in, and great melodies present this album sits well on this list.
79Deathspell Omega

Deathspell Omega come out with an ep that will be sure to please fans of their music. Great melody into a distorted guitar riffs are present and make this a black metal release one should have listened to.
78Full of Hell/Code Orange Kids

Simply put, if you're looking for a way to bang your head in under 12minutes than listen to this. Also, Full of Hell does a better job on the split here.
77Words of Farewell

Melodeath that is actually done right. It takes heavy influence from early In Flames and Dark Tranquility to help craft something unique.
76Cannibal Corpse

Brutal death metal act Cannibal Corpse are at it again to unleash a fury of hell. While this isn't their best effort, it still delivers some bone crushing riffs to leave you satisfied.

Instrumental act from Pennsylvania that relies on mixing metalcore with a progressive sound. It is a hell of an ep but one problem is the production on it makes the drums sound rather dull in comparison to the rest of the instruments.
74Lamb of God

Theirs nothing really new here that LOG brings to the table. It's basically their same old music but just improving slightly on their mistake of Wrath. Randy's vocals improved a lot, the guitar playing is back where it should be, and Adler still pounds the drums. LOG fans should not be disappointed.

I was a big fan of Sum of All Fossils when I listened to it. However, Flourishing try to change things up a little bit here. While crushing death metal is still in the itinerary, they mix it with a little post feeling. Still, this ep is not to be overlooked.
72Code Orange Kids
Love Is Love // Return To Dust

Their debut finally arrives and it's just what I was hoping for. Pissed off hardcore that barely leaves the listener any breath of air.
71Dark Tranquillity
Zero Distance

I was expecting this to suck but the vocals and guitar rhythms drove this to a higher degree than what I was expecting.

Anberlin mature with each release and the maturation shows on this album. The overall mood is set right at the beginning and flows throughout. Christians vocals are pleasant to listen to and the choruses could not be catchier.
Time I

8 years of wait and what was presented here wasn't worth that long of a wait. It's still of great caliber but lets not forget why we've been waiting this long in the first place.
68 August Burns Red
Sleddin' Hill

I for the most part can not stand christmas music at all. Thankfully, ABR make something I generally dislike into something very enjoyable. Everything works well to create an instrumental metalcore christmas album. Say that 10 times fast.
67Bone Dance
Bone Dance

Aggressive, unrelenting, and chaotic hardcore that unfortunately went under the gun this year.

Progressive instrumental album that is quite similar to old Cloudkicker.
65The Contortionist

I'm basically in the minority of enjoying this as much as I did. While the direction they took obviously isn't the best decision. I can admire them for trying something new and seeing what they can do with a little more progressive elements thrown in with their traditional deathcore style.
64Hail the Sun

It's as Dance Gavin Dance and Circe Survive had a foster son that went on to take their style, create it as their own, and totally wipe the floor with them.
63Birds in Row
You, Me, and the Violence

A hardcore release that offers some outstanding hooks with an extremely anger fueled vocalist.
62 The Tallest Man on Earth
There's No Leaving Now

Three albums and it still feels as though this guy can do nothing wrong. His smooth acoustic guitar playing over-layered by his accompanying voice just bring the message home.
61Fear Factory
The Industrialist

Not their best effort but it still serves better than some of their other flops. While this isn't their best it offers a great amount of good tracks for industrial metal fans.
60In Mourning
The Weight of Oceans

Progressive death metal that completely swept me away. I wasn't expecting something this good to be presented but it was. Outstanding metal riffs, complex drumming, and overall technicality push this album over the edge.
59State Faults
Desolate Peaks

Probably some of the most passionate screamo that was released this year. The vocals delivered alone make this worth a listen to. Bare in mind that they may take some getting used to.
Nox Aeris

I can't help but be blown away by how this band makes simplicity sound this good. The vocalists voice soars over addictive choruses and heartfelt verses. This is in the same vain as Chevelle but Chevelle haven't been able to make an album like this in years.
57Empires Fade

Not your typical constant breakdown induced metalcore that's out there today. Sure, theirs a good amount of breakdowns but it's not littered with them. It's a damn good listen but unfortunately two tracks out of the 5 have some rather passable clean vocals that could turn people away.
56High on Fire
De Vermis Mysteriis

An excellent sludge metal album. Nothing more nothing less.

Meshuggah have never disappointed me and Koloss continues the trend of positivity. Jens vocals are unreal and only push the envelope further. Some songs here are just made for you to have a headache and considering the playability, you're going to have a lot of headaches.

Ex-Botch vocalists band Narrows continue to make damn good metalcore. However, this is probably the closest resemblance to botch out of any of Narrows part work.
53The Safety Fire
Grind the Ocean

Quite reminiscent of Protest the Hero mixed with some BTBAM influence. It's great record but what really causes it to drop in value is basically the same type of guitar wankery throughout and a plain vocalist.

An atmospheric blackened/death metal band that brings everything to the table with this release. Only issue is the programmed drums overpowering some great riffs.

I've never really been into electronic music but Burial really is the exception. The atmosphere and tone his songs create are out of this world and constantly put me into a beautiful trance.
50Soul Cycle
Soul Cycle II

Instrumental metal that shreds for days. This is basically Animals as Leaders part 2.
49Tenacious D
Rize of the Fenix

Comedy rock duo Tenacious D are fucking back. Jack Black and Rage Cage are here to bring back some kickass rock with great hilarity to ensue. Plus, the album cover is a dick.... that's just awesome.
48Love American

Adam Thomas's very own screamo band that does a great job at creating their own identity. It is on par with their ep that they released last year.
47 Gojira
L'Enfant Sauvage

Gojira have been basically riding the same old death metal formula throughout their career. However, it's just so damn addictive that you can't help but let that slide when the title track, mouth of kala, and liquid fire are present.
46Old Man Gloom

It's very hard to slap a genre label on this band given the many influences they incorporate in their music. Given the band's formation too, it's quite obvious how this comes about. On NO, the band only makes this more difficult incorporating doom, post-metal, and sludge creating something special.
45Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

Don't let the bands rather silly name fool you. This is an excellent progressive/post-metal album. Heavy Tool influence takes over the guitar work and the album is for the most part instrumental with very few vocal sections.
44Killer Mike
R.A.P. Music

On first listen I didn't get the hype of this album so much. After repeated listens, it sank in why. Catchy beats, excellent flow by mike, and great lyricism make this album a knockout. Plus, El-P's production is also a heavy bonus.
43Napalm Death

Grindcore legends are at it again to create another great album to add to their discrography.

Excellent screamo that is backed up with overall aggression and a plea of help.
Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace

Anger fueled hardcore Verse are back from their disbandment to release a fury of hell for us. It doesn't top Aggression but it sure is hell is nice to see them back and making excellent music again.

A decent ep that mixes the genres post-rock and emo and is littered with instrumental driven sections.
39The Devin Townsend Project

I was apprehensive about this album considering I did not enjoy Deconstruction much. Epicloud, no matter how strange it comes across, is actually a very fun listen. It still comes across as goofy but if you can get past that, it's a worthwhile listen.
38Kendrick Lamar
good kid, m.a.a.d city

Maad City is one hell of a hip-hop record. The story of Kendrick growing up in Compton is told very well throughout the songs. The story certainly is not innovative or new but his take on it is. The flow throughout the album and the beats make this an outstanding release.
37The Secret
Agnus Dei

The Secret combine crust, black metal, and hardcore to create an unrelenting album. A fast paced behemoth of an album that delivers it's own brand of brutality.
Teenage Haze

Their 2nd album proves Departures still have a lot of surprises up their sleeve. A melodic hardcore act that continually mix depressive lyric content with beautiful music. However, as good as this is, it's not as memorable as I'd hoped it to be.
35Circle of Contempt
Entwine the Threads

With a new vocalist I was a little worried that this was going to be a flop. Nope, it was on par with the technical embrace Artifacts of Motion. This album relies much heavier on synth work and atmosphere but doesn't over do it.
34War from a Harlots Mouth

Take a journey into the cold arms of sludgy metalcore that is Voyeur. Be prepared for there is not much room to breath and this record will slam you with never ending riffs upon riffs.
Honor Found in Decay

Neurosis's newest release is obviously not their best work but still is above what most bands wish to release in their career. It's main issue is the overuse of vocals and breaks in each song. Still, this album is great and will get repeated listens without a doubt.
32Coheed and Cambria
The Afterman: Ascension

I'm pleasantly surprised to say that these guys have finally put themselves back on the map. Their past 2 releases were nothing short of lackluster but Ascensions progressive style is nothing but welcoming. Claudio's vocals help to create an underlying story and craft an enjoyable album all the way through.
31Devil Sold His Soul
Empire of Light

Post-metal/metalcore band DSHS haven't released another brilliant release like Blessed and Cursed. Instead, they release a safe album that takes influence from both of their past releases. They add much more atmosphere then needed and less of their heavier metal sections which was loved by most. I still really like this album but I can definitely see it's complaint's from others.
The Void

Progressive rock band Beardfish push out an excellent album for prog fans to enjoy.

Ben Sharp once again changes his music style from acoustic guitar playing to a shoegaze style. His excellent guitar playing fits the mood along with added bass and his programmed drums. Aside from Loop, Ben has really done nothing but create great music.
No Absolutes in Human Suffering

Anti-religious and anti-politics band Gaza are at it again. Bringing yet another crushing blow with metalcore, sludge, and grind to create an explosive rage inducing nightmare that is No Absolutes in Human Suffering.
Advaitic Songs

An artsy spiritual album that took me quite a few tries to really get into it.
26Dying Fetus
Reign Supreme

Brutal death metal that brings some interesting riffs and blistering solos to the mix. Unfortunately, towards the end of the album, it begins to drag it's feet with the same old routine. Still a damn fine death metal album to listen to.
25Beau Navire

A heartfelt screamo album that brings home some creative ideas at work.
24What the Blood Revealed
Harbour of Devils

I can't really express how much I fell in love with this album after just one listen. They're a post-rock band that do more than just the same old buildups but create an atmosphere without waiting upon something. The melodies, great atmospheric display, and overall tone this album gives is incredible. It's a shame how very little this album is known.

Featuring 2 members from disEMBOWLMENT, Inverloch demonstrate a powerful death metal ep that was also overlooked.
22 Testament
Darks Roots Of Earth

Testament have been on a role lately with their past two albums and Dark Roots of Earth continues this path. It's great thrash metal accompanied by Chuck's excellent vocals that make this such a fun listen. Some face-melting solos, a nice ballad, and pounding drums help nail this one on board.
21Suis La Lune

Screamo outfit Suis La Lune dish out one their own emotional display. Simply amazing!
20The Pineapple Thief
All the Wars

A progressive rock album that doesn't do a whole lot to stand above its predecessors. However, it doesn't need to do so much to begin with when it becomes as addictive as it is.
At the Gates of Sethu

Basically the same description of Dying Fetus can go here.
18Light Black
Ex Wives

Ex-Wives is the debut album by Screamo band Light Black. Light Black achieves an array of post-rock ambiance and screamo that few bands achieve after a few albums successfully. It has it's faults but considering it's their debut and it sounds this good well, they can be forgiven.
17Black Breath
Sentenced to Life

Hardcore and metal combined into one to help give Sentenced to Life its overall feel. This album, unlike many this year, was one where I could barely control myself from flipping out. This album shreds from start to finish and will leave you without air.
1610 Years
Minus the Machine

The band maybe going down a slope but what they put out is still a good mainstream alternative rock effort.
15Circle Takes the Square
Decompositions: Volume Number One

CTTS change up their usual screamo style to add a more metal feel to the second half of this album. I have to say I really like the new addition and hope for more of it in the future.
14Between the Buried and Me
The Parallax II: Future Sequence

I might get hate for this but it's no surprise anymore that I'm a fan. This is the most experimental BTBAM have become by trying to throw more progressive influences in this album then before. Tommy also finally diversifies his vocals again like he did in Alaska. However, the production mars his vocals and the drumming of Blake. The production does give Dan Brigg's bass playing a higher sound then any of their other work giving the production a mixed vibe.
13Downfall of Gaia
Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes

Hardcore from Germany that is simply astounding to listen to.
12 Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

Post-rock legends are back to give away this excellent album to all their fans to enjoy. This isn't their best work but given how they've been gone for almost a decade it's a very good feeling to have them back.
Separate Realities

Featuring Dan Briggs from BTBAM, Seperate Realities is a an instrumental journey to inhale. The instruments consist of bass, drums, and saxophone. All of them craft one of the best instrumental albums this year with outstanding grooves, solos, and experimentation between each member of the group.
10We Were Skeletons
Blame and Aging

Screamo band in the same vein as Beau Navire. Pretty underrated album too if you ask me.
9We Lost the Sea
The Quietest Place on Earth

Another post-metal release that does an excellent job of not following the same old post-metal trends.
8The Chariot
One Wing

Hardcore/metalcore band The Chariot have done nothing but improved themselves upon their career. Disrespected most fully until Long Live was released which only left surprise for what was in store next.The Chariot on One Wing have matured so much and their songwriting skills have tightened up tremendously to bring out their best effort yet. Plus, Josh's vocal work is beyond incredible showcased on the track "Speak".
7Every Time I Die
Ex Lives

I love ETID and Ex Lives is no exception. It's a metalcore album that brings forth a rather anger produced outlet brought forth by poetic lyricist and vocalist Keith Buckley. The band is at the top of their game here and put everything they could out. I see no stoppage anytime soon for these guys. Southern style metalcore at it's finest.
Smierc w miekkim futerku

A Polish jazz band that makes heavy use of progressive style playing on their debut album. Purely instrumental and focuses a lot on saxophone work with an excellent incorporation of drums and piano to administer a natural sound.
5Rise and Fall

Hardcore album that throws itself at you and doesn't let go.
All We Love We Leave Behind

Converge release another brand of hardcore to come kick our asses. This time showing a steady progression throughout the album. Unlike Axe to Fall, each song here feels unique without falling into a certain trend. This is one of Converge's best releases so far. My only main complaint is their choice of ending the album should have been the title track instead of Predatory Glow.
Koi No Yokan

Metal band Deftones have not lost one step even after releasing the critically acclaimed album "Diamond Eyes". Instead, Deftones continue along creating even more incredible works of art. It may not be new but what they do is certainly amazing. Chino's vocals accompanied by Abe's great drumwork and Stephen's seven string guitar make this album one of their best yet.
Mass V

I knew when this was announced it was going to be something special. This is my favorite post-metal release this year. Each song has it's own creative identity to it and don't rely on the usual post-metal buildups. They're driven by atmospheric sections and an eerie overall mood.
The Sleep of Reason

My album of the year. This album left me speechless after one listen and by the 5th I knew it was the one. The lyrical content, catchy sing-a-long choruses presented, and some insanely memorable guitar playing left nothing but excitement from me. Only thing that sucks is now I'll be expecting this from them with each release. Hell, if they can come close to this I'd be happy.
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