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Top 10 Everything Man...

cos I have finished my coursework and just wasting time now til tomorrow comes and my gf finishes up on ps3... food, books, pokemon, wrestlers, films, games, albums - in that order
1Food: Toast

simple, effective. classic. butter, marmalade, whatever you fancy just stick it on toast. its beautiful!

cos whats better than one caramel topped chocolate biscuit? two ofc.
3Bacon/Sausage/Egg sandwich

just divine. unhealthy as fuck but come onnnn!
4Prawn Bhuna curry

Fuckin immense. Tingles tastebuds an all..
5Angel Delight

propa nostalgic food! this, bed and a copy of opm magazine when i were younger!
6Chocolate Fudge Cake

recently tried hot + with cream. gets better with each mouthful. result!
7Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes

best cereal goin altho crave could push it n i have yet to try reeses' puffs...
8Fish n Chips

british gem, fookin golden!
9Meat Feast Calzone

best thing italy did ever!
10Ham and Mushroom Linguine

except this!
11Pokemon: Charmander

him + that marshmallow gif!

1st pkm i ever chose!

wanted this as a starter!

weird dude but would be a great catch.

he just oozes cool

givin seizures for over a decade, thats pretty cool

had to pick 1 of the 3 birds n i was in a rush

cause any list without this guy is called ridiculous

best dawg thing goin'

wanted one of these
21Books: The Trial

Kafka's best. The best.

Pynchon's best most days. Gravity is pretty sweet tho..
23Sometimes A Great Notion

Better than Cukoo's Nest...
24The World According To Garp

John Irving. Needs more respect!

Palahniuk's best book IMHO
26The Great Gatsby

Because it is that good
27Infinite Jest

this will go down in history as a classic
28The Wind Up Bird Chronicle

best japanese shit i've ever read!
29Everything is Illuminated

get this read!

try and get this read!
31Wrestlers: Shawn Michaels

Greatest pure performer in history.
32Bret Hart

Greatest storyteller.
33Chris Jericho

Take HHH out of Stephanie and this guy would have run things in 2002 onwards. Deservedly so.
34Ric Flair

The Man...
35The Undertaker

What's left to be said about the Phenom?
36Brock Lesnar

If this guy didn't leave in 04 who knows how epic shit coulda been!
37Mitsuharu Misawa

Greatest of all time??
38CM Punk

True BITW!
39Chris Benoit

Despite him goin' crazy he was an amazing wrestler.
40Kurt Angle

Same as Benoit although Angle's yet to kill someone!
41Albums: The Velvet Underground and Nico

Amazing, revolutionary, superb!

Intro to Robert Wyatt, amazing fusion!

John Coltrane goin weird is great!
44Escalator Over The Hill

Carla Bley - everything here is essential. One of the best!
45Twin Infinitives

TMR for the grunge era!

Tim Buckley's finest!
47Trout Mask Replica

Batshit insane! He influenced Dr Teeth!
48Rock Bottom

Greatest Rock Album EVER. It's too beautiful...
49A Love Supreme

Coltrane is god!
50The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady

Best thing made, just agree...
51Films: Enter The Void

Be open minded, watch this shit! It'll blow your mind!
52Tokyo Story

absolutely perfect.

jesus this is godly...

two greatest performances in cinematic history

an epic, is epic, essential!
562001: A Space Odyssey

we're all aware how great this is!
57The Mirror

Tarkovsky is a beast of cinema

Lynch's best. Just watch...

Tarkovsky is a beast of cinema [2]
60Touch of Evil

Better than Kane.. Believe dat!
61Games: Metal Gear Solid

Edges out 4 just on nostalgia value. Make this HD!
62Out to Lunch

Underrated as fuck. honestly better than Mario!
63Final Fantasy III

or is it VI? Anyway its awesome!
64Donkey Kong Country

The water level music. Mine cart carnage. Everything about this screams immortality.
65Crash Bandicoot 2: Wrath of Cortex

best game of its kind

still ace today, no halo or cod or nuthin without this bad boy!
67Pokemon Blue

started a journeyy...
68Secret of Mana

69Tekken 3

or Soul Blade. Whatever they're awesome!
70Ocarina of Time

is okay...
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