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A Pamyu 2013.5

The year started out pretty bad but turned out to be just as good as last year around June/July. The J-Pop releases on here are all absolutely essential. Lots of techno-ish stuff that I enjoyed as well as a couple genres I didn't really touch on before. Of the big releases that aren't covered on here I enjoyed Daft Punk and to an extent Autechre. The rest was mehh or bad. Except for The Knife, that one I didn't listen to yet. 4.5: 3. 4: 14. 3.5: 35.
52Fearless Leader
Half Dead

Math-Rock / Post-Hardcore . elephantREVOLUTION recommended me this. Typical
bandcampcore, except good.
51A City Sorrow Built

Screamo / Post-Rock . BlueW's Band. Won't change Screamo for years to come but
is a worthwhile addition to a genre I like. And it's free so get it
One Big Particular Loop

Alt/Indie . New name, new sound, same quality.
49The Black Heart Rebellion
Har Nevo

Post-Rock / Dark Folk . This is technically really good but gets old fast.

Ambient . Very fitting cover.
47The Cabs
Regenerative Landscape

Math- / Indie-Rock . I get kinda bored by this stuff really fast but they added just
the right amount of japanese to the mix.
46Strawberry Girls
French Ghetto

Prog-/Math-Rock . Guess what, dudes can play.
45Kanye West

Hip-Hop . Definitely lacking a croissant right now.
44The Dillinger Escape Plan
One Of Us Is The Killer

Mathcore . Great band doing great album after great album.

Techno . Blawan & Surgeon doing what they do
42DJ Rashad

Footwork . The genre is incredibly hit or miss for me, and this just hits.
41June Paik
June Paik (EP)

Screamo / Post-Rock . Their fourth self titled release. Just a really good band. The
2006 release is their best.
Heat Division

UK Funky . Just a fun little EP, nothing too special.
39Anne Guthrie
so it's inverted, occupying the same position...

Field Recordings / Ambient . Havey: "anne is de best tho i lov her", ilovetree: "is she
a pure waifu?", Havey: "srry i dont speak weeaboo :D". :/
38Omar S
Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Deep House . Each Track for itself is incredible but it's a bit long overall.
37Laurel Halo
Behind the Green Door

Techno . oi m8 dis b sum proper bangers.
36Sigur Ros

Post-Rock . I like their new approach on this one. It's fun, it works.
35Ensemble Pearl
Ensemble Pearl

Drone . Sunn O))) / Boris mix playing slow, droney stuff. Who would've guessed
that. I can hear more of a psychedelic edge on here though than on the Boris LPs
I've listened to so far so that's pretty cool.
At Night This City Becomes the Sea

Ambient Techno . This isn't liked around here or on RYM but I really enjoy it.

Techno . Not as good as other Techno stuff from this list but still very much a
32Naomi Chomsky
Iron Bird Meditation

American Primitivism / Folk . Music to meditate to. Duhh.

Noise / Hip-Hop . Dudes spitting non-sense over noise. Get Money.

Minimal/Dub Techno / Drum and Bass / Abstract . Some of the weirdest electronic
I've heard so far. Extremely minimal. Didn't really enjoy this at first but it's growing.
29Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience

Pop . I liked this a lot and rated it very highly but if only half of your songs are
actually listenable it doesn't help much that they're god tier. So it dropped quite a
bit. Still a great album. So stop holding that wall, and ...
28Ludovico Einaudi
In a Time Lapse

Neo-classical . Not groundbreaking or really spectacular, just nice to listen to.

Dark Ambient / Drone . Just gotta love those dudes. Even though this falls off a bit
compared to their other works.

Drum and Bass . Fun DnB EP. Probably underrating this quite a bit actually.
25Anne Guthrie and Richard Kamerman

Field Recordings / EAI . Origami sends me right to drool central. Nothing on YT as
far as I can tell.
Silent of Light

IDM . For when the light is just very quiet.
23Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Drone / Noise . If you are looking for sheer beauty in drones and noise, there you
22Okkyung Lee

Avant-Garde / Classical / Noise . Okkyung Lee makes noisey stuff with her Cello.
This album is her worst by quite a bit in my opinion, better check out 'Nihm' first if
you are interested.
21Felix K
Flowers Of Destruction

Drum and Bass / Abstract . Took me a bit to like it. Hard to understand what's even
going on at first, but gets better with every listen. dem hats
20Julianna Barwick

Ambient . Full album with time
signatures, check One Half
19Colin Stetson
New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light

Avant-Garde Jazz . What are they doing on sputnik today? "The 15 minute title
track raised the standards of the whole thing to such heights it all imploded into
one mediocre album." I don't completely agree with Baseline - this is still a very
good album - but she has a point. Titletrack is far better than the rest."
18Soap and Skin

Darkwave / Art-Pop . Hope to hear more from her in 2013.
17Volor Flex

Dubstep . Extremely well-crafted wubs. This stuff often gets boring on album
length, but Volor Flex manages to keep it interesting.

Screamo . Screamo of the straight kind. NYP:

Dubstep . "Beneath be on some other shit" wb Dev
Asteroids/Over My Head

Dubstep . 8.3 Best New Sub-bass Wankery.
Fashion Lady

Techno . Straight forward Techno with a bit of a noise/industrial-ish edge like the
stuff Blawan/Karenn put out. According to Maestro del Tornado his other stuff is
also very good, but haven't listened yet.
12Etsuko Yakushimaru
Radio Onsen Eutopia

J-Pop . Very different to the electronic heavy approach of Nakata or what Momoclo
are doing. When I listened to this I wanted to 5 it after the first song. The rest of
the album was somewhat disappointing as a follow-up to Noruniru though and only
after giving it a second chance just now I realised how good it is overall. If you
click on any of the sample links, please let it be this one. SOTY.
11Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels

Hip-Hop . Hip-Hop AOTY and I don't think that'll change. Free download here
Through the Window

Techno / Noise . Terror on the dancefloor.

Noise Rock / Hip-Hop . Drummer of 1994! (mehh Emo/Math/HC or whatever band)
doing noisy Percussion + Synth stuff.
8Momoiro Clover Z
5th Dimension

Art Pop . This dropped quite a bit for me ever since I stopped going all crazy
everytime I listen to it and started realizing that the production is beyond awful.
Instead of Album of the Century this is just another 4, R.I.P.
7Jakob Ullmann
Fremde Zeit Addendum 4

Lowercase . Doesn't get much more minimal than this.
6Laura Stevenson

Folk Pop/Rock .
EEEEEEEEEEEElllllllllEEEEEEEEEEE000000000NnNoooooooooRRRRRR44444444444. The
Wheel was my SOTY for quite some time.
5The Haxan Cloak

Drone / Ambient . 8.6 Best New Sub-bass Spookery.
4Fire! Orchestra

Free Jazz . Don't let the Free Jazz tag fool you, this is incredibly easy to get into
and if you haven't tried yet then what are you even doing in 2013.
3Sorrow (UK)

Garage . Sorrow improved on his style in just the right way. Definitely bleeps of the
2Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

J-Pop . 11/10 goddess epitome of a waifu. Mi's so hard, my Pamyu got all Pon Pon.
Would basically be AOTY if not for 4chan.
v=jcIOg_m-bp4 Music Video of the Year. The DJ is hella 'bout that life.
1Ling Tosite Sigure

Indie Rock / Post-Hardcore . It doesn't matter what they do, it's going to be
amazing. My avg Ling Tosite rating: 4.5. Some fucker on /mu/ called them generic
j-rock. I got all anal ravaged and put them on 1.
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