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My Favorite Live Shows

Side note: I don't get the IMO (in my opinion) thing. Everything on this site or any critical review for that matter is someone's opinion. To make that initial statement infers that every other review without that caveat is the law of the land. That is bullshit.
1Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine

When: 2007 Where: Coachella. Zach De La Rocha: "We are Rage Against the
Machine from Los Angeles." These were the words that myself and 60,000+
other angry people were waiting to hear for approximately seven years. The
United States was in a great flux during the neoconservative reign of President
Bush. There was no better time or place for Rage to illuminate the esoteric
agendas that were unfolding. The set was incredible, the energy was off the
charts, and I saw a side of America that gave me hope, as well as fear. I could
go on and on about this show, but I could never do it justice because this event
was beyond explanation. It was anger personified, but while I had grown up in a
post 9/11 era highlighted by fear, I was surrounded by people who were hell
bent on fucking that up. This was the best show ever.
2 Mindless Self Indulgence
Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy

When: 2005 Where: Soma, San Diego. If you don't know anything about MSI,
know this: Their live show is extremely... unique. I laughed, I listened, I was
amazed. Stage diving, guitar spins, backflips and one hell of a front man made
this an unforgettable show. I also forgot to mention that their music sounds like
if techno, rap and nu-rock were blended, racked into a line and insufflated by
johnen vasquez.
3Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

When: 2011 Where: Regency Ballroom, San Francisco. wolf gang, Wolf Gang,
etc... Say what you will about their music, but it won't matter if you are at their
show because you will be too busy getting rocked in the mosh pit. While they
are a rap group, the stage presence in the shows and the excessive crowd
surfing/stage diving will make you feel like you are at some grimy house party
listening at an OY! show. So yeah, I'll save the eloquence and end with this:
4The Fall of Troy

When: 2007 Where: Soma, San Diego. Thomas Erak is a god, not fully because
of his finger dexterity, but because of his stage presence. It is too bad this band
isn't around anymore, or else I'd warn you to steer clear of front row unless you
want a clearly intoxicated man with a guitar jumping on top of you. That being
said, their shows were awesome, trust me, I've been to six of them.
5Tech N9ne

When: 2009 Where: The Catalyst, Santa Cruz. Teccha Ninna and his crew
threw it down at this show. Good interaction with the crowd, this guy clearly
loves coming to Santa Cruz, and we reciprocate here in SC. In between flashing
contests and grails of caribou lou, Tech showed his machine gun fast flows and
lyrical talents all night. Great show, and he is pretty consistent every time I've
seen him.
We Kill Everything

When: 2006 Where: Taste of Chaos, San Diego. By the end of this show I was
covered in space semen, urine and blood from the Pope. GWAR's music is
fucking awful, but this show was hilarious.
7Green Day

When: 2001 Where: Pop Disaster Tour, San Diego. It was great. They brought
some people on stage to play the instrument's and then proceeded to pour beer
down the throat of the fill-in guitarist. Then had the temporary members have a
stage diving contest. This is when I decided I needed to learn how to play an
Origin Of Symmetry

When: 2005 Where: Outdoor Stage SDSU, San Diego. Matt Bellamy was
incredible, then he wandered over to the piano and became a deity.
Borgore Ruined Dubstep (Part 1)

When: 2010 Where: Catalyst, Santa Cruz. But the thing I love the most is....
Such a good dubstep show, and the metal breakdowns in between songs were
fucking awesome.
10Between the Buried and Me

When: 2006 Where: Soma, San Diego. These guys have talent soaking out of
their pores. Not a necessarily entertaining show per se, but the musicianship is
bar none.
11 Kanye West
My Dark Twisted Fantasy

When: 2011 Where: Coachella. Kanye's first song begs the question: "Can we
get much higher?" Surrounded by 100,000 people watching Kanye lock down
his headlining spot at Coachella, I certainly couldn't get much higher.
12Circa Survive
Blue Sky Noise

When: 2010 Where: The Rio, Santa Cruz. Anthony Green's stage presence is
awesome, he has great dialogue with the crowd and the band is great. Couldn't
ask for more. It was a great show, and the played with The Dear Hunter, who
can share this spot with Circa.
13Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

When: 2011 Where: Coachella. Saw them at both Coachella's I went to (2007
& 2011). They put on a good show and the crowd really gets into it. Their music
isn't my type of stuff but they just look like they're having a good time and send
good vibes.
Bone Palace Ballet

When: 2007 Where: Warped Tour, San Diego. I loved everything about this
band. The breakdowns, the screaming, the presence. I've grown out of this
stuff, but I don't feel like I'd be doing them justice if I didn't have them here
because I really enjoyed their live shows.
15Broken Social Scene
You Forgot It In People

When: 2011 Where: Coachella. I was on my way to the Lil B stage, but I
realized that I was on acid and Lil B would be the last place I'd want to be. My
friends were at this show and this group really killed it. Super good vibes, sun
was setting behind the mountains. Equally aurally and aesthetically pleasing.
16Busta Rhymes
When Disaster Strikes

When: 2009 Where: Street Scene, San Diego. I was pissed, Busta was half an
hour late for his set. Then he killed it. Played all of his songs, lots of energy.
17Anthony Green

When: 2008 Where: Soma, San Diego. I loved this album during the summer of
2008. His show was just really calm (except for his excellent rendition of "Semi
Constructive Criticism", which he belted some great screams) and sent good
vibes. It was nice seeing a super calm show at Soma because I usually would
check out hardcore shows at that venue. As I said earlier about Circa, he is an
awesome guy and has a fantastic relationship with his fans.
18As I Lay Dying
Frail Words Collapse

When: 2007 Where: Warped Tour, San Diego. Gotta support my local
XXXhardcoreXXX San Diego bands. These guys really got the crowd into it this
time, and made the largest circle pit I have ever seen.

When: 2000 Where: Cox Arena, San Diego. Weezer was my favorite band for a
while, so this being the first show I ever saw has a lot of personal value for me.
Great band, their first two albums are great, and I miss them.
Moving Pictures

When: 2004 Where: Coors Amphitheatre. I hate this venue, but the light show
was great and Rush was sick (no surprise there). I am also pretty sure I
butchered the spelling of amphitheatre, but whatever.

With that top 20, here are the five worst shows I've been to.
22 Mickey Avalon
album? who cares

When: 2011 Where: The Catalyst, Santa Cruz. This guy is awful, and this show
was just ridiculous. Excessive amounts of cocaine and alcohol were consumed, I
think everyone was on the same level. But not enough substances in the world
could make that clown entertaining.
23Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stadium Arcadium

When: 2007 Where: Coachella. Just wasn't feeling it, just a bunch of old dudes.
Their music blows, and the crowd didn't seem too into it.

When: 2009 Where: Street Scene, San Diego. This girl is just fucking
Close to the Edge

When: 2004 Where: Viejas Casino, San Diego. I hate doing this because this is
one of the greatest bands of all time. They are getting older though and it just
seemed pathetic. It also seemed like they had to slow down some of the songs
to play them correctly.
The Curse

When: 2005 Where: Taste of Chaos, San Diego. The guitarist was super late,
the songs were bad, and the band seemed like they were pissed at each other.
Bunch of divas, even though I still do really like this album.
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