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My Favorite Albums

These are my "Favorite" albums of all time. These are sure not the best albums of all time, but they are my favorite albums because I love the music that blasts through my speakers every time I play any of these albums. I hope you like some of these albums, Im sure you will...
1Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik

This Album Just brings me back to 10th grade when I bought it. I threw it into my cd player in the Best
Buy parking lot and listened to flea and Chad Smith through down a sweet drum and bass line for "power
of equality", the opening track to this music masterpiece. For me this is the Chili Peppers crowning jewel,
many people say Californication, but I love this "in your face album", its brash, its raw, but extremely
technically sound, it better be if Rick Rubin produces it. The album is splendidly mixed, as all the songs
seem to really flow together, like most great albums do. Each song has a sort of "jaminess" to them, and
there is very rarely any lag time between songs, as each song flows into another. This album is everything
to me, and deserves a good listening to. You have to just look past "Under the Bridge" and "Give It Away",
as these are amazing tracks, you need to listen to the record as a whole. Each song has a meaning and
story of its own, whether it be shooting up heroin under a free-way over pass, or about a fallen friend, or
your babysitter giving you her favorite leather jacket, give this album a chance, it deserves it.
2Led Zeppelin
Physical Graffiti

In my view Led Zeppelin is the most talented band of all time. Tomorrow I may change my mind and it
could be the stones or the beatles but for right now its Zeppelin. Every album is pure gold and kicks
everyones ass whenever they decide to plunge into the world of guitar riffs powered by mr. James Patrick
Page. Its hard to even choose a "best" Zeppelin album, in my eyes Led Zeppelin II is their "best", but my
favorite is Physical Graffiti. I think this album hits dynamics that all the other albums can't seem to hit. Its
not just the epic "Kashmir" or "In My Time Of Dying" that does it for me, I'm not saying these songs aren't
great (remember I did say epic) they just are songs that wrap the entire album together. Whether its
"Custard pie" kicking the album off, or the pure grit of "The Wanton Song" I love this album, of course I
love every Zeppelin Album.
3 Sublime
40 OZ To Freedom

You don't have to be a stoner to love this band, For that matter if you love Sublime it doesn't mean you
are a stoner. They are just pure fun, every song reminds you of that summer at the beach where you
may/may not have drank to many beers and fell asleep in the lifeguard stand. Sublime was a special band
in a special time, and ruled Orange County like kings in the early 90's. I love this record, because it is
much like there extremely successful self-titled album "Sublime" just not as quite cleaned up. Thats what I
love about it, you can tell these songs were chanted by Sublime underground followers during their early
days, and I love it. "Just Push" pulsates through my veins whenever I think of sublime, maybe thats why I
like this album more than there self-titled one, or maybe it just rocks a little harder, and is a little bit more
"Ska-ish". Anyways I really love this album for all its worth.
4 Weezer
Blue Album

If you do not own a copy of this album than shame on you. Shame on you because this album to me one
of th most complete albums of my life time. Each song sounds a little bit like the last, yet each song has its
own playful identity, that just puts a smile on your face. Weezer showed exceptional promise, bolstering
the "Blue Album"and than "Pinkerton" an album that to me strikes extremely close to the completeness of
the "Blue Album". After these to albums though Weezer wen't down hill, to the point that any new Weezer
song I seem to hear makes me almost want to throw up, for the simple fact being, what in the hell
happened to this band. If you have mixed feelings towards this band, thats okay, so do I, but go back and
listen to this album it is amazing and a 90's classic.
Ok Computer

Pure and simple, probably the most influential album of my generation, put out by one of the most genius
bands ever to walk the earth. Everyone knows "Ok Computer" and if you don't how did you hear about
this website and not one of the best albums in alternative rock? If this list was centered on quality over
fondness it would probably be number one, "Ok Computer" rules king over almost everyone.
6Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

The Ten Commandments, PERIOD.
7Jimmy Eat World
Bleed American

This Album is great, I am being brief because I am a little tired but listen to "Hear You Me" and
"Cautioners" and tell me those are not great alternative rock songs.
8Pearl Jam

In my eyes the best debut album ever. EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE.
9Red Hot Chili Peppers

The "other" best Chili Peppers Album
10Green Day

One of those bands I really kinda of hate, honestly, but this album is superb.
11Bloc Party
Silent Alarm

Turn the volume up, the drums are amazing, and yes they are killer live.

The "other" best sublime album.
13 Pink Floyd
Dark Side Of The Moon

Pure Genius. There should be rules when you listen to this record, like 1. You have to listen to it on vinyl,
2. do not let your friend-first-time-shroom-eater even touch/look at the album (your just not ready for
that commitment yet bud), and 3. Once you are finished listening to the album in its entirety (kind of an
unwritten rule) refrain from any rock and roll music for 48 hours. This album is powerful, enjoy.

My favorite Muse album, from a band I really love.

miss Led Zeppelin? Its ok Wolfmother is here, just don't listen to "Cosmic Egg" after you listen to this
album, you might cry.
16Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

Probably one of the best flowing albums I have ever heard.
17 The Beatles
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

18Slightly Stoopid
Everything You Need

I am not a stoner, I really just like this band, and this album. If you own a convertible this album is maybe
three times as good, no lie.
19Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II

In my opinion the best Led Zeppelin record.
20Neutral Milk Hotel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

If I were a barista who chose recycling over sleep and rolled my own cigarettes This would be number one
on my list. Alas I choose sleep, but this is an Indie classic, and I think its safe to say the best indie record
out there, real music magic here.
No Shame

Extremely likable album, and yes I am not a stoner, but I do really like reggae and all the island sounds
that accompany this genre.
22The Mars Volta
De-Loused In The Comatorium

Brilliant, don't get me started.
23 Beastie Boys
Licence to Ill

Beastie Boys at there absolute best.
24 Coheed and Cambria
Second Stage Turbine Blade

An album I can listen to stop to finish every time, plus I love the drums.
25Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stadium Arcadium

Sad to see this is John Frusciante's last album as a pepper. Oh Well I still love their music, and when I first
purchased this CD I listened to it for about 6 months straight.

One of my favorite voices ever, next to Freddy Mercury, Mr. Chris Cornell. Solo stuff=trash.
27 Jimi Hendrix
Electric Ladyland

The best Guitarist's best album, nothing else to say there, except Mitch Mitchell bangs the shit out of his
28Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV

To most people the best of the best of Led Zeppelin.
29 The Raconteurs
Consoler Of The Lonely

The best sounding album I have heard in a very long time. This CD is my favorite at this very moment,
nothing but Jack White at his best.
30Lupe Fiasco
The Cool

Rap that actually matters, best hip-hop lyrics I have ever heard.
31Slightly Stoopid
Closer To The Sun

Me=Not a stoner (I Promise)
32 N.W.A.
Straight Outta Compton

Best Hip Hop Album ever, behind maybe NAS Illmatic, who really knows.

I love this CD. Maybe should have the same rules as my rules for "Dark Side Of The Moon".
34 Death Cab For Cutie

"Sound of Settling"=Mood Changer.
35The Clash
London Calling

36The White Stripes

One of the best CDS in the past twenty years, and no its not because of "Seven Nation Army" of course
that does help a little.
37 Bob Marley

My Favorite album from one of the best songwriters ever.
38 Bright Eyes
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

Unspoken rule: This album can only be listened to in the winter. Everyone I have ever talked to about
Bright Eyes agrees with me.
39The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

makes you want to turn into candy and then eat yourself.
40 Eddie Vedder
Into To The Wild (Soundtrack)

Closest he ever came to a solo record, and way better than the last three Pearl Jam albums combined. This
soundtrack really made a good movie great.
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