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Awesome Movie Ideas

Sometimes I do this with friends to amuse myself. I like to make fun of the unoriginality of Holywood. Name some of your favorite Hollywood cliches, sarcatsically of course.
Highway to Hell

They should totally make a movie sometime with a "fish-out-of water" character. You know, like if a guy from the future had to be put in the past, and vice versa, and Shennigans ensue. Or really any situation where a character just doesn't fit in, but has alot of hilarious hijinx along the way, and in the end is somehow accepted/wins. That would really be something.

They should totally make a horror movie where a young middle class family with a couple of kids moves to a new town and buys a really old house. At first they're happy about their decision. Then some creepy old dude will tell them they made a mistake. They'll ignore it. Then some creepy things will happen, and the husband will almost certainly die first. Then basically everyone is going to die, except for the oldest daughter, who thwarts the evil and goes on to live her life either in an asylum or crackign whoring. That would be totally awesome and original.
Out of the Cellar

They should totally make a movie where either Keanu Reeves or Nic Cage overact and shout random lines that don't need to be emphasized or shouted.
Master of Puppets

M. Knight Shamalayn should totally make a movie that is dark, brooding, and incredibly boring until the end, where there is some kind of huge twist. He should try that sometime.
5Def Leppard

Martin Scorcese should make a movie where the ending is totally open for interpretation.
Kings of Metal

They should totally make a movie where a young kid (usually a boy) is kind of an outcast and is unpopular at school or picked on, usually after moving to a new town. Then that boy will befriend some sort of animal (probably a dog), who will totally change his life and save the day for one of his enemies somehow, thus earning him acceptance. Also, the animal must die at the end.
7Manchester Orchestra
Simple Math

Rob Schnieder should totally make a movie where he gets transformed into something else. He would be perfect for that.
8Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters

John Cusak should play a role where he plays some kind of anti-conformist but affable hipster. This could take place either in adult life or as a smart, hip, but outcast High School student.
9The Hold Steady
Boys and Girls in America

They should definitely make a movie where a con man pretends to be somebody he is not. He will usually pretend to be a rich person. He will enjoy the good life for awhile, and land the hot chick. Then everything will come crumbling down, and he will be outcasted. He will admit his mistakes, plead with the hot chick, and all will be forgiven in the end, where he ends up rich somehow again.
10Mac Lethal
North Korean BBQ

Richard Gere should absolutely take a role as a lawyer one of these days, I think he could pull it off.
11Machine Head
Burn My Eyes

Steven Seagal should totally make a movie where not once does he ever throw the first punch, but in every fight sequence he dodges the first blow and then breaks somebody's arm/wrist. I believe he has the range to pull this off.
12Willie Nelson
Shotgun Willie

I really wish Quentin Tarantino would put more random, obscure pop culture references in his movies. I believe he has the neccessary dialogue skills to randomly insert these quips into his characters conversations.
13 Atmosphere

When Holywood decides to make a movie based on a comic book or toy action figure, they absolutely should resist the urge to NOT make sequels, and just go with it. Prequels too, they are a great idea untouched on.
Native Tongue

Bruce Willis absolutely needs to play a down on his luck alcoholic cop who's kids absolutely hate him sometime. In this role, he will kill a bunch of bad guys while saying something tough every time, because he just doesn't give a fuck. I believe Bruce could pull this off.
Me Against the World

Wes Anderson should totally make really dry, hip movies that defy the norm. They will probably get critically acclaimed.
16Foo Fighters
Wasting Light

Oliver Stone absolutely needs to make a movie about a politcal conspiracy with the underlying lesson being that money and power corrupts. This needs to happen, now.
17The Cars
The Cars

John Hughes has wasted his talents thus far, refusing to make movies set in High School. He should totally do that.
18The Police

Speaking of high school, someone should totally make a movie set in a high school where there are a bunch of jocks who torture the smart guys, and one of the smart guys has a huge crush on one of the jocks girlfriends, and that girlfriend will make fun of the smart guy at first, and the smart guy will get beat up, but he will devise some plan that will totally fuck the jock over, and the girl will be impressed, and he will get her in the end, and it will be cool.
Purple Rain

They should totally make a movie about college where the main characters drink and do drugs, and shennigans ensue.
Countdown to Extinction

Gene Hackman and Jon Voight absolutely need to try playing dry, sanctimonious, selfish villians sometime. I think both have the range to pull this off.
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