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06.21.11 Albums For The Ages

Albums For The Ages

These albums pretty much show the world of metal in a broad routlook. Most of them are rprogressive in some way or the other but their sheer beauty is just beyond words. We'll all die rsome day or the other, but music like this will just live on.

One of the rare albums where the album is as awesome as the cover art. This Italian band has created a
modern masterpiece in the world of melodeath metal. Right from 'Nostalgiaplatz' to 'Tales From A Winter To
Come'. This record won't be out of place in any metal collection.
15Orphaned Land
Mabool (The Story of The Three Sons...)

Middle eastern music? Check. Death metal vocals? Check. Haunting female vocals? Check. Serenity midst
brutality? Check. Few albums truly achieve perfection. This is the first album that comes to my mind that has
come closest to it. It's a pity that their follow up album wasn't this good, but being a young band, they have
plenty of years in the kitty to pull off another knockout punch like this.
14 Green Carnation
The Acoustic Verses

Gorgeous wouldn't be the word for 'Acoustic Verses'. Consisting of purely acoustic driven songs, each song just
shows the sheer passion with each each member of Green Carnation. Few could pull of an Edgar Allen Poe's
finest poem and turn it into a metal classic.
Second Life Syndrome

As a little known Polish band, Riverside surely have come a long way. An album which just oozes with
gorgeous guitars, heart touching vocals and just beautiful lyrics. They just seem like a band that have
matured so fast and have many many decades of quality releases ahead of them.
The Great Cold Distance

Join me in my doom and gloom with this fantastic record. There's something Katatonia does just right with
every record they make. Is it their simplicity? Is it their Swedish touch? Is it their interaction with Opeth?
There's something about their albums that always connects and mirrors my life back to me.
11Edge Of Sanity

Few bands could pull off a single song exceeding 40 minutes in time and hold the listener's attention for its
entire duration. A post apocalyptic and bleak story consisting of action, romance, treachery, misguided hope
and loss of faith. Epic just isn't the right word here.

This could have easily been the album of the decade had Maynard left out the fillers. Lateralus isn't an
album. It's a mystery. A maze that slowly shows its deep and dark secrets with subsequent listens. Fibonacci
sequence inspired songs, songs about the mysteries of the moon and music that helps us find ourselves as
humans. Tool has done a favor to humanity by releasing this behemoth of an album.
9Dark Tranquillity

Better known as one of the three bands who gave birth to the Gothenburg Metal genre, this album is believed
by many as their Opus. Short songs, but each epic in their own right. A true gem in any metal collection.
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

A true Black Metal Classic. Minimalist arrangement, maximum atmosphere. The title song and Tomhet are
downright classics. The vocals are beyond tortured, they're excruciatingly awesome.
7 Anathema
We're Here Because We're Here

Anathema is usually linked to Doom Metal. The kind of metal that makes you pick up the gun and empty the
rounds or probably commit a double homicide/suicide. However, this isn't doom metal. This is 'Hope Metal'.
Anathema has seen the light at the end of the tunnel and they try their best here to share some of it with us.
An absolute classic.
6Porcupine Tree

Good ol' Steve Wilson. Churning out albums after albums.. years after years. Yet, none so perfect as this.
"Arriving Somewhere, Not here" and "Mellotron Scratch" define and push past creative barriers when it comes
to music. Absolutely breathtaking.
The Mantle

Nothing beats a dreary autumn evening like a glass of my favourite scotch and this CD. This is the kind of
album that inspired me to pick up my pen and start writing. Music par excellence. "If this grand panorama
before me is what you call God, then God is not dead" has to be one of the best written lines in the grand
world of Metal. Agalloch is the best at what they do, and this is the best of what they've done.
4In Vain
The Latter Rain

Hailing from Norway, this band has created two of the most exciting albums in the past few years. This is epic
music at it's absolute height. Their arrangement, composition, signatures, vocals, instruments all form a
perfect melody. A dark, brooding, haunting yet serene amalgamation of pure bliss. A strong band to watch
out in the future!
Back To Times Of Splendor

Picturing myself in an epic struggle, fighting an epic battle..only to get the damsel at the end of the day. This
is music for the soul. The epic feeling conveyed by this little known German band transcends mere words. This
is a band to watch out for and an album to treasure.
Axioma Ethica Odini

Finding beauty in dissonance might be a legendary quote from Tool. But it's most appropriate here. Sheer
beauty, heavenly bliss accompanied by heart shrieking vocals. Enslaved's latest is also their absolute best,
easily ousting Ruun and Isa which were benchmarks in the genre of Prog/Black/Viking metal.
Blackwater park

Undoubtedly the highlight of all that's beautiful in the world of metal. From the amazing Leper Affinity to the
enthralling Blackwater Park, this album has it all. It has captivated metalheads all over the world. It's beyond
metal, it's beyond music, it's beyond art. Opeth was meant to create this masterpiece.
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