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Music Progression

My musical progression over the course of my life.
Middle Of Nowhere

This was the first album I ever got. I asked for it for Christmas when I was nine or so. Laugh if you want, but I was really young and they were really big. Only listened to the singles on it, though. It was just the first time I ever listened to my own music recreationally.
If I were to draw a parallel between my music evolution and human evolution, this would be the invention of the cutting utensil. It was rustic and just barely effective, but it was a start.
2Sum 41
All Killer No Filler

I got this album when I was in seventh grade, which was back in 2002. This album was probably the first album that I listened to from front to back. Not the greatest band ever, but it laid down a good foundation. At least it wasn't Linkin Park, right?
3Linkin Park

WRONG. My brother burned this for me in 2003, shortly after it was released. I was obsessed, and probably listened to it fifteen times in the first week I had it. Again, it's not that great, but most people started out on stuff like this.
The Artist in the Ambulance

I met a friend in 2003 who remains one of my closest friends to this day. He introduced me to Thrice as I was finishing eighth grade. At the time, I thought Thrice was the heaviest, most badass band ever. Anyways, I still listen to this gem today. Additionally, Thrice remains the band I've liked for longer than any other band.
5The Blood Brothers
Burn Piano Island, Burn

I remember hearing the screams of Johnny Whitney when I was a freshman back in late 2003 and thinking that there was nothing better. I remember thinking the lyrics were especially brutal and violent. I still love the band to this day, and cry daily over their split up.
6 Coheed and Cambria
In Keep Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

I listened to Coheed at around the same time I was listening to 4 and 5. I remember that the scope of the first two Coheed albums astounded me. Coheed also gets a nod for being the first band I ever saw live, which was at the Warped Tour of Summer, 2004.
7The Bled
Pass the Flask

The Bled was the heaviest thing I listened to probably until late into my sphomore year. I remember absolutely loving this album. It just crushed me. In retrospect, it wasn't as crazy as I remember, but this one was instrumental in getting me into heavy music.
8Avenged Sevenfold
Waking the Fallen

I listened to this album in the second half of my sophomore year of high school. I felt so bad after listening to it because I was raised in a Catholic household and I thought the lyrics were anti-God. I felt bad, but not bad enough to stop listening. Anyways, I know A7X sucks, I think I knew even back then, but this was an important album because it allowed me to get over that hump of feeling bad that the music you listen to might make your parents upset. Whatever.
9The Clash
London Calling

Also late sophomore year, I wanted to get into something old. I remember hearing that the Clash were pretty cool from some friends, so I bought London Calling. Funny enough, it was the first album I ever owned that was made before I was born.
10Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast

WOW. Album blew my mind. The Bled may have been "heavy" and A7X may have been "evil," but this is where FreePizza met metal. This is summer between Sophomore and Junior year of high school.
11Between the Buried and Me

Remember my awesome friend who got me into Thrice? Well, while I was screwing around with the Clash and other odds and ends, he was getting into all sorts of stuff, the first of which he introduced me to was Between the Buried and Me. It took me at least ten listens to get used to Tommy and the less melodic portions, but in retrospect, this was the perfect album to get me into inaccessible music. It was hard getting into tracks like Alaska and All Bodies, but the beautiful parts of Selkies and Backwards Marathon kept me patient. This was pretty much the start of my junior year. Less than a month after this album, I purchased...
You Fail Me

Converge is my favorite band even these days. I can't even describe the degree to which this impacted my musical taste. All doors were instantly launched open, and music became less of a pasttime and conversation starter and more of a way of life. I feel like many people never actually reach this stage with music, but mostly everyone here has, and I know you all know what I'm talking about. I remember thinking that Eagles Become Vulture and Black Cloud were the most badass thing ever, but for the first time, that feeling never faded. Those songs are still badass, as is the band who wrote them.
The Ugly Organ

So Converge pretty much cemented my love of heavy music deep into my brain, but heavy music makes up only a portion (albeit a very large one) of what I listened to. At around the same time, that is, junior year of high school, indie rock was exploding. Everyone was listening to The Shins, Of Montreal, etc. I remember hearing the Ugly Organ in the car with a friend and loving in. I bought it, and it started me down the path of Indie and post-rock and folk that I dabble in these days.
14Bright Eyes
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

After a year of not doing much else but Converge, Mastodon and Between the Buried and Me, I decided to expand my tastes some more early in my senior year. It was through Cursive that I stumbled across their labelmate Conor Oberst. Bright Eyes taught me that music sometimes required nothing more but a guitar and a voice to be awesome. This may have been obvious for many, but I think if it weren't for Conor, I would never have tried out some artists like Bon Iver or Bob Dylan.
15Protest the Hero

To be honest, I don't think this album changed my views of music at all, I think it just deserves a spot because between senior year and freshman year of college, I listened to this album at least 30 times front-to-back. I was obsessed.
Blackwater Park

My next door neighbor in the dorms freshman year, in early 2007, got me into Opeth, which in turn got me into death metal. I probably would have gotten their sooner or later, but this ensured it was sooner rather than later.
17Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

Perhaps the weirdest entry on this list, considering I never really got into it that much. From the end of my freshman year of college (mid-2008) to about halfway through my sophomore year (early 2009) I kind of stopped listening to music. I'd listen to the tried and true CDs I loved, like Cursive's Domestica or Converge's Jane Doe, but I stipped buying albums. I started going to sputnik more frequently after the holidays, and I happened to notice this album getting great ratings. I found it at Best Buy for 8 dollars and bought it... and never got into it. But it was the first sputnik suggestion I ever took, and things have worked out much better since.
Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest

Shortly after 17, I got this on some random Sputnik users suggestion. This was the first sputnik suggestion to go extremely well, and soon after, many followed. This is significant because your guys' opinions have guided most of my purchases over the last 6 months.
19Trapped Under Ice
Stay Cold

I got this over the summer, and ever since listening to it, I've been hardcore binging. At around this time, I was checking out Deathwish's catalogue, but this is what tipped the scales.
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

Also purchased at Sputnik's rec, this album has shown me a side of black metal I never thought I'd see. I really loved it, gave it a 5, and I've been trying to uncover as much black metal as I can these days.
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