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My Favorite Bass Players

My Favorite Bass Players
1 Andy Flag

Yeah, he was only on a few releases (Die for the Government, North America Sucks, The System Doesn't Work For You) and he great. I only have Die for The Government, but some of the bass lines are fantastic. My favorites riffs of his are 'You'd Do the Same' and 'Summer Squatter Go Home'. What makes him even more impressive, is he sang many of the songs as well.
2 Chris #2

Yeah..... I put down both of Anti-Flag's bass players... But they're both really great. Like Andy Flag, Chris #2 takes the spotlight on vocals as well as his awesome bass lines. My favorites are 'The Press Corpse' and 'Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime'.
3 Steve Foote
Big D and the Kids Table

Some of his bass lines, well are outrageous. Bass lines that cover the fret board are like normal for him. I would say that his best work is the majority of songs on 'Strictly Rude', and a few selective songs off of 'Good Luck' my favorite being '51 Gardner'.
4 Ma Jiliang
Brain Failure

My favorite Chinese Punk Rock Band.... Well the only one I really listen to religously, but still they rock. 'Ma' produces some really great bass lines. My favorites are from his ska songs, like 'Second Hand Pogo', 'Holy Bullshit' and 'Fall In Love 2008.'
5 Rick
The Casualties

First off let me state that The Casualties really bug me sometimes, like when they can't stop screaming 'Punx' and 'OI!' in every song. That being said, Rick has some insane bass lines, I can not take that away from them. Basically every song off of 'On the Frontline' has a crazy riff in it, and songs like 'On City Streets' and 'System Failed Us Again' show off his talent.
6 Josh Ansley
Catch 22/Streetlight Manifesto

Ok. I play bass, and I am not to bad, and I can play some pretty hard stuff. But trying to play Josh's stuff is just pointless. Pretty Much all of his riffs are downright amazing. Period.
7 Alec Baillie
Crack Rock Steady

Basically I listen to most of his work, which is most Crack Rock Steady (Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, etc...) He makes some great bass riffs, especially ones that compliment the ska songs nicely. I can't choose his best songs, because any of the songs that contain a ska feel have a hell of a great bass line.
8 Karl Alvarez

I only have two Descendents CD's, 'Milo Goes To College', and 'Cool To Be You'. I have heard some of their other stuff through mp3's, but without a doubt his best CD musically wise is 'Milo Goes to College.' 'Myage' and 'Bikeage' make for great songs on his part as well as the band, and are equally as fun to play.
9 Mike Dirnt
Green Day

I am not a huge fan of Green Day, but Dookie is a great CD. There later releases weren't bad, regardless of what insecure "punks" think, but Dookie has some great bass lines. 'I can't get enough of 'Longview', 'Welcome to Paradise', 'She' and 'When I Come Around'.
10 Kat (aka Noe)
Left Alone

Of all of the Rancid "wannabees" so to say, Left Alone is the definetly the best of them. His bass lines are equally good on both of the releases I have of theirs, 'Dead American Radio' and 'Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts.' Songs like 'City to City', '4 Weeks', 'Justino' and 'Another Feeling' are the ones that standout the most.
11 Matt Freeman
Operation Ivy/Rancid

Yeah, when you opened this list, you knew this man would be named sooner or later, didn't you? Well it's for a good reason you would think that. Rarely does he produce a riff that is just root chords. Some people say he over does it, and that it gets annoying, but how is that possible? How you can get sick of his lines is beyond me... To name his best lines is pointless, seriously just listen to him.
12 Johnny Rioux
Street Dogs

Out of everyone on this list, he is the least head-turning. He does however produce a cool line here and there. His lines are most impressive on 'Fading American Dream', the best being 'Fatty' and 'Not Without a Purpose'.
13 Royce Nunley
Suicide Machines

Like Josh Ansley, this mans bass parts are ridiculous. 'New Girl', and 'No Face' prove that. They are ridiculously fast in all of the songs, and are very bouncy. Skacore bassist at its best.
14Geoff Kresge
Tiger Army

This man is by far my favorite psychobilly bassist, although I only listen to Hellcat-psychobilly, I haven't reached the Meteors yet. From what I have heard most hellcat-psychobilly bands play moderate-speed bass lines, but Geoff plays some hard stuff. His lines keep you hooked and make you want more.
15 !!!TOO MANY!!!
Toxic Narcotic

Even after long research I haven't been able to find the bassist on any particular release from Toxic. All I found out is that it is a revolving door at bass for them. Their hardcore-influenced songs aren't anything to talk about musical wise, but the ska songs are rather good. 'Cockroach' is my favorite, and it is fun to play as well.
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