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2013 > 2012

A look forward to some of my most anticipated albums of 2013. If this list is anything to go by, 2013 is going to be yet another strong year for music, and I am pumped.
1Laura Stevenson and the Cans
Sit Resist

Just as sputnik belonged to Laura and her Cans in 2011, expect 2013 to be eerily
familiar. For those that were angered by this hype-train, my only advice is to start
running now and not look back, because the 2013 edition is going to be bigger,
better, and more banging in ever damn way. Sit Resist easily climbed to my #8
favourite album of all-time, and I see no reason to expect LSatC to do anything but
continue to improve. As they become more popular and begin to tour more
extensively, this groups reach and grasp of indie/folk/pop/whatever it is, will only
increase. After April 28th, Laura Stevenson and the Cans' "Wheels" is all that
matters. Videos of some new material have surfaced on youtube, and if this video
is anything to go by, I already love the new album:
The Invisible Way

Also slated for a late April release date, though this one has, unfortunately, already
leaked. Over the past year, ever since listening to 2011's C'Mon, Low have slowly
been becoming one of my favourite bands. Their unique brand of calming indie-rock
has become an integral part of the scene, with many bands now trying to emulate
their sound. Their discography is one of the most consistent (in terms of quality)
that I have ever come across, and this is the first time that I, as a fan, get to
anticipate a new album. I'm hoping that they can continue to improve on C'Mon,
which was a huge step-up from Drums and Guns (though I seem to be alone in
feeling this way). PS, let's hope that the sputnik db has the wrong album cover
because wow, that's just awful.
3Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

Title TBD, but Win and Co. are back at it, according to sources, and should be
releasing an LP in 2013. Our young decade so far lacks a real "statement album"
from the indie-rock realm, but my money is on these guys to deliver. Everyone's
favourite Canadians have been honing their craft since they took the world by
storm with Funeral, and while the jury is ultimately out on what their best album
actually is, many would argue that they have been improving since then. I have
this strange feeling that Arcade Fire have a real classic within their reach, and 2013
could be the year that sees it finally arrive, after coming desperately close with
both Funeral and The Suburbs.
4And So I Watch You From Afar
All Hail Bright Futures

Can everyone's favourite Northern-Irish post-rockers extend their streak of winning
LPs to 3/3 in 2013? It'd be silly to think that they won't. My face is prepared for
the onslaught of sharp, happy, guitar-riffing and jubilant gang vocals.
5Trophy Scars
Never Born, Never Dead

"Holy Vancats" was supposed to have surfaced in 2012, so hopefully Jerry Jones
and co. can resist the urge to go all Kevin Shields on us and just get this record
out in 2013. Their last two EPs were stone-cold classics in my eyes, and I
desparetely wished that they somehow existed as full-lengths. Well, Holy Vacants
is intending to be exactly that: their new sound refined and perfected into full-
length form, and I could not be more excited. From this list, only the new Laura
album matches Holy Vacants in terms of how much I am anticipating their releases.
6Yo La Tengo

One of the most prolific and consistent indie-rock bands of all time returns in 2013
with yet another solid addition (it leaked) to their stunning discography. At the
moment, I feel like I enjoy Popular Songs more, but their records always grow on
me, so time will tell.
7More Then Life
Love Let Me Go

Everyone's favourite UK melodic hardcore punkers More Than Life are back from the
dead! After disbanding some time last year, they've decided to give it one more
go. Do they have another monster of an album of their sleeves? One can only
hope. Feels will be felt, I can't wait.
8Frightened Rabbit
Pedestrian Verse

Scottish indie-rockers Frightened Rabbit are known by most as "the guys that made
The Midnight Organ Fight" by most, and for good reason. That album, released in
2008, was the perfect companion to a lonely, cold breakup with a lover. Their other
work has all been met with praise, but there are a large group of Frightened Rabbit
fans, myself included, who are only waiting for The Midnight Organ Fight pt. 2. I'm
very skeptical about this one, but here's to hoping that they can make magic once
9Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

2003's "Everything Goes Numb": A landmark of crossover-ska music, a modern day
classic, and of of the best albums ever made. --- 2007's "Somewhere in the
Between": A worthy follow-up, ie, another beast of an album by a band that is
showing incredible consistency, albeit at a slower than preferable pace. --- 2013
??? Are they capable of producing another classic? I've got no reason to believe
otherwise. Let's hope this thing finally comes out in 2013
10Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It's Blitz! was, retroactively, one of my most enjoyable albums from 2009. Few
bands can make me groove as hard as YYYs do with their deliciously unique brand
of forward-thinking indie-pop. Karen O is one of my musical idols. I love the way
that she approaches music and lyrics, not to mention performance. I love the way
she thinks and what she tries to give to her fans with her music, and I'm hoping
that my love-affair with this kitschy NY group continues in 2013. (ps say what you
want about this band, but you can't deny that they create album covers which
The Woods

Josh "Jash" Fraser was a busy little cunt in 2012, finally finishing his glorious debut
LP in late November. After pushing through all the final phases of production, Josh
assured me that me was going to take a break from making music, as he had spent
the better part of a year pouring his soul into The Woods. Well, that promise
lasted about a week, and he's still a busy little cunt. Josh Fraser has been
participating in remix contests, as well as expanding his musical styles. A deep
house iNTRiKeT track now exists, and it's easily as powerful as the deep dubstep
that we came to love on The Woods. As this young producer continues to discover
new tricks, new sounds, and new scenes, his craft is only improving. Something
tells me that 2013 won't be a dormant year for iNTRiKeT releases. Keep your eyes
and ears on the radar ladies and gents, because I have a sneaky feeling that
iNTRiKet, won't be slipping under it for much longer.
12Brian Eno

World renowned producer/musician/writer/visual artist/superhuman Brian Eno does
not have anything officially announced for 2013 (as far as music is concerned
anyway) but I have no doubt that he will randomly swoop in and drop another solid
piece of ambient music on us some time this year (see: every year since 2009). It
will undoubtedly rule, and Brian Eno will further his legacy and a modern day genius.
PS my ex-gf works for this guy (and didn't understand why I thought that was such
a big deal), fuck you Holly!
13Frank Turner
Love, Ire & Song

I'm very skeptical about a new Frank Turner album. I've heard one of the new
songs (something about Gene Simmons) and it was really good, but I also heard
another of the new songs and it was damn awful. I want him to return to his 07-08
form (when he was producing his top-tier work) and avoid the slide into mediocracy
that he is currently experiencing.
14My Bloody Valentine

ugh, someone wake me when (if) this follow-up gets released. Kevin, it's been 22
years bro, enough fucking around. I'm done paying attention to the rumour mills on
this one, someone just wake a nigga up if it actually ends up happening.
15Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye probably has some music in the works for 2013, but I don't really care and
that's not why he's on this list. He is here because 2013 will see the release of
Kanye Jr.: sure to be an absolutely despicable human being. Let us watch his birth
and tweet as it happens! Let us "like" his facebook page and share his thousands
of infant photos. Let us judge his every step and roll our eyes at every PR
disaster! Let us pre-judge him in every way, even though he is still a zygote! (and
also, let us assume it's a boy just to make this whole twisted fantasy make
grammatical sense and also it's easier to just imagine an infant version of Kanye)
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