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Yazz_40 2014

In which I present my arbitrary opinion on things: 2014 edition.
40Major Parkinson
Twilight Cinema

Reminds me of a pop-oriented Sleepytime Gorilla Museum or a less metal Arcturus.
Pretty creative and theatrical dark cabaret rock music.. Track picks: Black River, The Wheelbarrow, Heart
39Leonardo Rosado

Artsy and picturesque ambient music.
38Dirty Beaches

Slightly unsettling, but relaxing drone/ambient.
37Submotion Orchestra

Alium feels a bit long to me, especially when compared to their wonderful debut
album, but these guys have always delivered on the trip-hop/soul side of things for
the past few years so there's still strong material to be found. Track picks: Victim of
Order, Rust
When Last We Met

Solid instrumental post-rock/metal in the vein of Cloudkicker. Track pick: Wake

I like Boris. Track picks: Melody, Angel
34Aphex Twin

Remember him? Track picks: Minipops 67, S950tx16wasr10 (Earth Portal Mix)

Maybe a slight disappointment, but still solid, moody post-rock. Track picks:
Emergent, Resolve
Earth Diver

It's no Dwellings, but these guys are still unique enough in the metal scene for this to
be one of my too metal albums of the year. Track picks: Sold as a Crow, Waking

I've been following Nic Chapel's solo project since his first release in 2008, and it's
been interesting seeing him progress from a sprawling, unhinged prog/rock fan into
something more concise and radio-friendly. Mercury is certainly his easiest
album to digest, but it's also his most consistent, and is quite well-varied in its
brisk 45-minute length. Track picks: Water and a Sigh, Spellbound Lily, Nislands
30Downfall of Gaia
Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay

About on par with their last released, but with more of an emphasis on black metal.
Track picks: Darkness Inflames These Sapphire Eyes
29Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

Goddamn Trophy Scars finally released Holy Vacants this year and it's really good.
Track picks: Qeres, Every City, Vacant, Burning Mirror
28Have a Nice Life
The Unnatural World

Maybe a bit of a disappointment following the monolithic Deathconsciousness, but still
a fine piece of work in itself. Track picks: Guggenheim Wax, Burial Society, Emptiness
Will Eat the Witch
27Innercity Ensemble

A largely improvisatory double album that really makes me think of .O.Rang or
Tortoise but two decades in the future. Very immersive atmosphere. Track picks:
White 2, Black 6
Pale Communion

I went back and forth several times with this album before ultimately deciding that I
really enjoy it. I definitely miss the heavy Opeth, but classic prog-nerd Opeth is pretty
good still. Track picks: Moon Above Sun Below, Elysian Woes
More Than Any Other Day

While Ought mostly just make me want to listen to the Talking Heads, More Than Any
Other Day is a remarkably solid post-punk/art rock record in 2014. Track pick: Gemini
24Secret Chiefs 3

It's obviously not as varied as a full conglomerate SC3 release, what with Perichoresis
only focusing on the "Ishraqiyun" iteration of the group. That said, the Arabic and
middle-eastern musical stylings have always been one of the most compelling parts of
the group's music, so this album ended up working very well for me. Track picks:
Perichoresis, Saptarshi
Everything Will Be Alright in the End

I'm so happy that this is a good album. Probably my most played album of the year.
Track picks: Eulogy For a Rock Band, Da Vinci, Cleopatra
22The Smith Street Band
Throw Me in the River

THROW ME IN THE FUCKING RIVEEEER Track Picks: Throw Me in the River, Calgary
Girls, It's Alright I Understand
21Casualties of Cool
Casualties of Cool

It may be a bit long for its own good, but this is surprisingly my favorite thing Devin
Townsend has done in a long time, probably since "Addicted" in 2009. Really unique
spacey country/folk rock. Top tracks: The Code, Moon, Forgive Me
Digital Dream Sequence

I ended up enjoying this quite a bit more than their crazy jazz fusion debut a few
years back. It's almost overly-technical at times, but at the moments where the
instrumentalists let their compositions breathe, the music really shines. Track picks:
From the Earth to the Moon, The Jungle
19Dog Fashion Disco
Sweet Nothings

A great comeback album of sorts after the phenomenal Adultery. Some really fun
quirky metal tracks here. Track picks: Doctor's Orders, Pale Horse, Sweet Nothings
18Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2

I don't listen to as much hip hop as I probably should, but I've been very much into
RTJ since their inception and the sequel to their debut certainly didn't disappoint.
Track picks: Lie Cheat Steal, Angel Duster, Oh My Darling Don't Cry

This album makes me nostalgic for Discordance Axis. Very melodic grindcore. Track
picks: Constant autumn, Chalk Maple

Probably my favorite release of theirs yet. Instrumental hip-hop/jazz. Track picks:
Triangle, Kaleidoscope, Sustain
Behind the Sun

Goddamn this album jams so much. Quirky psychedelic/prog/stoner rock album.
Track picks: Cloudwalker, Kvastor, Hell Parts 4-6
14Emma Ruth Rundle
Some Heavy Ocean

Female-led ambient/drone/dream pop from the guitarist of post-metal act, The Red
Sparrowes. Track picks: Shadows of My Name, Run Forever, Living With the Black
13Low Roar

Blissful and dreamy ambient/indie pop. Feels like floating peacefully off into sleep.
Track picks: Easy Way Out, Nobody Loves Me Like You, Phantoms
Living as Ghosts With Buildings as Teeth

They've certainly come a long way since there days of Tool-replication. LAGWBAT isn't
quite as arty or experimental as Feathergun was, but it's more accessible with its
focus on building each track towards an emotional climax. It's a bit redundant in that
overall songwriting sense, but the performance of each individual member is strong
enough that it doesn't really bother me. Possibly my favorite album of theirs. Track
picks: Landmines, Dark Charade, Winslow, Dark Charade, Dark Charade (Ridiculously
good track)
The Road of Bones

Tasteful neo-prog with some interesting and memorable percussion/synthesized
arrangements. Track picks: The Road of Bones, Without Walls
10Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything

Probably my favorite release of theirs since Born Into Trouble. Track picks: Fuck Off
Get Free, Austerity Blues
9Merkabah (PL)

Really dark avant-garde jazz/rock fusion from Poland. Track picks: Hilasteron, The
Grapes are Filling and Growing Heavy
8Kayo Dot
Coffins on Io

After the massive prog/death opera of Hubardo in 2013, Coffins on Io is a weird little
nugget, but certainly an immersive and interesting listen. Track picks: The Mortality of
Doves, Offramp Cycle Pattern 22
7 Flying Lotus
You're Dead!

This might actually be my favorite FlyLo release, even if I wish there were more cuts
like the brilliant "Never Catch Me". Track pick: Never Catch Me
6Dir En Grey

This is Dir En Grey at possibly their most pop-sensible. There are some absolutely
massive hooks here, and while it never really reaches the zeniths of Uroboros, Arche
is remarkably consistent and passes by relatively quickly given its 16-count track list.
Track picks: Tousei, Rinkaku, Kaishun
5Damien Rice
My Favourite Faded Fantasy

Incredibly sentimental and moving folk rock/pop album that would hit me even harder
if I were still as mopey relationship-wise as I was a few years ago. Still likely the most
emotionally-moving record I've frequented this year. Track picks: My Favourite Faded
Fantasy, It Takes a Lot to Know a Man, The Greatest Bastard, Colour Me In
To Be Kind

As is typical of Michael Gira's Project, To Be Kind is ultimately a bit too long and
repetitive in certain sections, otherwise I would have given it stronger consideration
as my number 1 album of the year. Ignoring the massive length, several of the
strongest songs Swans have churned out in their entire career are present, and this is
really probably as accessible as they've ever been. Track picks: Screen Shot, A Little
God in My Hands, Oxygen
3Kenn Nardi
Dancing With the Past

The man behind one of my all time favorite progressive thrash band in the late
80's/early 90's releases a double album which is ridiculously devoid of any filler
despite being approximately two and a half hours long. Soundly my top metal album
of 2014. Track picks: Armies of One, Dead Letters, Blinding Lies, Dancing With the
Past, Untouchable
2Kairon IRSE!

Shoegaze/math/post-rock with saxophone and dreamy vocals. Very overlooked here.
Track picks: Tzar Morei, Rulons
1Musk Ox

Neofolk/Chamber Folk. A bit long to be really actively listened to for its hour+
duration, but there hasn't been any other album this year that has really immersed
me in its sheer beauty quite like this one has. Woodfall is meditative and invigorating
all at once, and in a year in which there was no clear number 1 choice, it fell in
snugly. Track picks: Above the Clouds, Serenade the Constellations
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