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Stuff That Rules

Albums I've been spinning a lot over the past few months. Can't get enough of 'em. First 5 have the most plays by far, and the last 3 are *gasp* not metal. Rest are in no particular order.
Traced In Air

No emotion blah blah blah, overrated blah blah blah, vocals suck, blah blah blah, w/e dudes. Over a thousand plays and counting.
2 The Morningside
The Wind, The Trees, and the Shadows of the Past

Somehow, this is exactly what I want to hear almost every time I'm not listening to Traced in Air. Simply sublime.
Graveforests and their Shadows

Christ I've played this so many times over the past few days I think there's something wrong with me. I'm having serious trouble finding anything wrong with it, everything is just way too awesome. As I listen I descend blissfully into darkness. (f u coke)

This was like my black metal trigger. I've been listening to a lot more bm and enjoying it a lot more since I found this album. Needs more whoring, check it out bitches!!!
5 Coldworld

How the hell do you get that little 2 for the squared? Anyway, this very effectively takes me to another place.
6Forest Stream
Tears of Mortal Solitude

So very dark and beautiful at the same time. Awesome stuff. If the sampler on their myspace is any indicaiton, Crown of Winter will own.
The Second Philosophy

The electronics are hard to get used to and the atmosphere is really weird, but if you let this grow on you, it will give you a very unique and powerful feeling you're unlikely to find elsewhere.
Hollow Crown

There seems to be a pretty clear split between people who think this album is a perfect streamlining and progression of their sound, and people who think it's overly simplified generic averageness. I'm one of the former.
9 Before the Rain
...One Day Less

One of my favorites from Willie's doom list. Was gonna be a 3.5 but then the title track damn near drowns me with it's awesomeness.

Kicking drums, sweet melodies, chilling vocals, this is one of those albums whose greatness I think would have escaped me had I not been so in love with Lantlos.
11Wolves in the Throne Room
Malevolent Grain

This just hit me. Like way harder than most it seems. Hate Crystal is my favorite song from them to date.
Weight of Light

Groovtacular. The rhythms on this thing are so damn catchy and though it took me a while, I really love the lead singer.
13Ablaze In Hatred
The Quietude Plains

Some seriously epic doom here, along the lines of Hanging Garden and Darkflight...speaking of which
Perfectly Calm

Symphonics and Atmospherics abound, which make distract/deter the purists. But dammit, this is just so fantastically sorrowful, so powerful, so well executed, so's Perfectly Perfect. Speaking of epic...
Circadian Rhythm

This ingenious work of art manages to blend intelligent songwriting, precise instrumentation, catchiness, and emotion while still keeping it heavy and intense.
16Daylight Dies
Lost to the Living

For some reason, whenever I didn't listen to this for a while, I kept forgetting how awesome it was, and how easy it is to listen to. Now I can't stop playing it. Great background music for a variety of...activities...
17 Samothrace
Life's Trade

Way slower and heavier than you're expecting, this thing beats your brains in for 47 minutes and you couldn't be happier.

Huge, enormous, titanic, gigantic, colossal...big. It's all been said. This album is a lot to take in, but is so very rewarding when you devote enough time to it.
Ocean of Illusions

All chick doom. Actually good? No. It's fucking awesome. Some of the heaviest, darkest doom out there. Speaking of dark and heavy...
Journey Through Lands Unknown

The first half of the album has some really strange song progressions, and some truly odd instrumentation, but for the most part it works. The more you listen however, you the more you realize that this unfamiliar territory makes the transition into the second half of the album all the more unsettling. And that second half is bleak and foreboding in the most delightful way.
Mirror of Vibrations

I copped this a while back and loved it, but didn't really give it the attention is deserves. Immaculately blending middle-eastern melodies with raw, rancid, raging black metal, this is what Mabool would sound like if they weren't a bunch of faeries. Yeah I said it.
Seediq Bale

Can't seem to get into Japanese metal (X-Japan, Intestine Baalism, Sigh). Korean metal however. Killer vocals, some excellent drumming, sweet keyboards and ambiance...throw in a few solos (that are actually good) and you've got a recipe for kick-assery.
Today We are All Demons

Like half the album is completely disposable, but the other half I could bump for ages. All Pain is Gone, Can't Change the Beat, Sent Us to Destroy, Get Out of My Head, and At the End of it All have some truly addictive beats.
Turn on the Bright Lights

So delectably mellow. Smoke up, spin this, and forget the world.
25 Sade
The Best of Sade

Add together all the rage, passion, sadness, regret, pain, sorrow, and determination from every album I listed before this. That's about how much hope, trust, peacefulness, and love this has by itself. Soothing, sensual, and unforgettable.
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