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final destination movies ranked

happy one-week-until-halloween. here's a ranking of a film series I love way more than I probably should.
The Sound of Madness


original take, I know. horribly lacking in terms of interesting characters, especially coming off of FD3 - seriously, Nick is just about the blandest horror protagonist I can think of. the speedway disaster is easily the worst of the premonitions, too, even if we're throwing the subway crash in there. there's a few neat death scenes, most notably Hunt, but it's not even close to enough to save this one. lame ending, too.
Point of Know Return


I should clarify, I think every FD film other than the fourth one is, at a baseline level, A Good Horror Movie. that being said, I've never understood why people heap praise on 5 specifically. it has some cool things going on with it - the new lore tidbit of killing someone to take their remaining lifespan is extremely intriguing - but I think a lot of the love for this one boils down to it being a course correction after TFD more than anything. good deaths, great premonition and ending, but probably the blandest cast of any of the films (again, aside from TFD).
3John Denver
Rocky Mountain High


going back to this one after seeing how the rest of the series played out is kind of weird, honestly. the atmosphere is way different - it's a lot moodier, more restrained, and the vast majority of it takes place at night. the Flight 180 explosion, and most of the deaths (hi Ms. Lewton, hi Carter), feel a lot more grounded in reality, which I think adds an extra layer of "oh, shit, could that happen to me?" to it all. the FBI subplot running throughout is a neat touch, too. also, bonus points for Billy's sweet-ass Rangers jersey.
2The Lettermen
All-Time Greatest Hits


there's a very good reason this is the most popular FD film. several, actually. easily the most memorable cast of any of them - Wendy, Ian, and Erin are among my favorite characters in the entire series. almost all of the deaths are great, and even the only one that really isn't, Perry's, works in context because you're supposed to forget she was one of the survivors before she dies. and, yes, the Devil's Flight derailment is completely illogical when you consider how roller coasters actually work, but it's also sick as hell, so who cares?
Highway To Hell


yeah, I fucking adore this one. first off, the pile-up. holy shit. when you still have people two whole-ass decades later bringing up your movie every single time they see a log truck, you did something right. it doesn't stop there, either, because every death scene is cool as shit - even the ones that might come off as "lesser," like Kat's, have a certain kick to them that's hard to really place, but really makes them stick in the memory. on that note, the cast might not be as memorable as 3's, but I'd be willing to call them the most well-rounded and genuinely likeable, or at the very least endearing, out of all of the films. the only real issue with it, I think, is also its greatest strength - it really requires knowledge of the first film to fully appreciate, since it really takes what the first film left it with and builds on it. plus, the protagonists actually survive and there's an actual happy ending! kind of.
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