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Top 30 ranked Favorite Screamo Albums ever (until 2023)

Neil Perry is missing because they did never something like an album. You And I, Hyacinth, Ampere, Joshua Fit For Battle, The Assistant, Welcome To The Plague Year, Who Calls So Loud, Cease Upon The Capital as close followers.
1Suis La Lune

Because it is so varied and has so much emotions, this is my all time favorite. Best vocals ever. I could cry evertime i listen to this songs. Deeply touching music.

Most important screamo record of my life. Saetia were the kings and they started my love for the genre. I especially love their jazzy parts. Sadly no other band after Saetia had done such parts in such a great way again. I am still searching and hoping...
3Buried Inside

Brutal and chaotic post metallish screamo at its very best. Band lived too short. Fascinating record. It was a pleasure live.

My favorite screamo record when it comes to be an screamo genre allrounder. Shadows offers the best of the genre in one album.
The Moon Is a Dead World

Incredible unique progressive screamo record. I think of At The Drive-In playing screamo. Instrumental parts are rocking hard.
6City of Caterpillar
City of Caterpillar

Pioneer-record of emotional screamo, maybe after Portraits Of Past. The Emo genre is crossing screamo here, which influenced the whole scene.
7Birds in Row
Gris Klein

One of the younger records listed here which i think is close to perfection. Of course it has one foot in punk, emo and post hardcore. Gris Klein is a dense listen and an incredible grower. I hope it will become a future classic.
8Majority Rule
Interview With David Frost

Underrated masterpiece. I like its very dark and kind of evil atmosphere.
9Tristan Tzara
Da Ne Zaboravis

Razorsharp screamo. Short and perfect. Production is so tight and timeless.

Classic and no words needed here. Gatefold is the best Orchid album in the end.
11Portraits Of Past

Another pioneer record. This band was kind of ahead of its time. Love the cold production which contrasts the emotional music.
12Jeromes Dream
The Gray In Between

Younger classic for me and it beats the bands previous classic first two records.
13Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe

What a wild and harsh ride. Lovely record. Of course i love that you can hear the Saetia influences.
14State Faults

Incredible comeback album. State Faults went all-in into old school screamo with Clairvoyant and left their previous path with a more modern post hardcore edge. Big surprise back then and until today one of my most favorite younger screamo records.
15Funeral Diner
The Underdark

Classic time again: Funeral Diner screamo with post rock parts. Just greatness and for sure influential for so many bands.
16Life at These Speeds
Life at These Speeds

Hard to list this here because maybe it is more emo. Genre classic for me.

Emotional screamo at its best. First i like Jokes but over the time it grew on me and now i absolute love it. Safe Top20 ever.
18Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket
Det Onda. Det Goda. Det Vackra. Det Fula.

Epic swedish screamo masterpiece which for came out of nowhere. Sometimes it reminds me of Envy without their harsh side.
19La Quiete
La fine non è la fine

Classic italy screamo. The incredible thing here are the totally awesome melodies. If you are looking for melodic screamo, then this shoulb be the best album ever.
20Beau Navire

After an exciting first record Beau Navire released this perfect old school screamo record.
Population Control

Incredible album by Amygdala. Front to back this is a slap-in-the-face DIY screamo.

Classic german hardcorish screamo band which influenced the scene in Germany a lot.
23Reversal Of Man
This Is Medicine

Tight and underrated screamo classic.

Great band with a strong discography but they topped it all with Disaster. Listening to this album is like listening to Ostraca jamming in front of you. Songs are often loose and open just like a jam session.
Document #8

Classic. I especially like its (punk)rockish character. pg.99 did screamo by accident.
Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e que

Best of italian classic Raein. Great and melancolic melodies.
27Circle Takes the Square
Decompositions: Volume Number One

Unique screamo record by a visionary band. Lots of metallish influences. Not only technically it is an excellent listen. I like it a little bit more than their world famous debut record.
All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead

No words needed. Maybe this is too low here but fact is that i am not always wanna listen to this monster. Envy are the godfathers of post screamo. If you wanna call that so.
29Piri Reis

Probably the best screamo band around these days. Ritma may not has the best songs of the band but as an album their music is more tighter than ever here.
30Yaphet Kotto
Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love

Maybe more post hardcore. This record is so down-to-earth-solid that it's pleasure. There is no need or wish by the band to do something special. And that is a good thing here. Great atmosphere.
Separation Anxiety

Unique sounding modern screamo with a lot of clean vocals integrated in a creative way.
32Gillian Carter
Salvation Through Misery

The band did their screamo with a lot more hardcore and distortion on this one. The distorted vocals are pure pain in a good way.
33Loma Prieta

Classic band and I.V. was their last pure and if you want more traditional screamo record. Flawless.
Black Line

Awesome and varied record. If you like black metal or wanna know why screamo and black metal are not so far away, then listen to Black Line.
35Hot Cross

It is the math rocky screamo album of this list. Very influential for many followers but it is still the king after all these years.
36Danse Macabre
Synkopenleben, Nein Danke.

German screamo band which has done all things right on their one and only album.
Anders Leben!?

German screamo classic band. It was their second and last full length. Emotional stuff.
Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes

Atmospheric screamo with a lot of post rock influences. It's a european classic.
Burn Your Bones

Fun and highly entertaining DIY emo punk screamo band.
40Sed Non Satiata
Le Ciel De Notre Enfance

Great band but every following record was a little step downwards in quality. But this debut (ep?) just rips.
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