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Kanye West: Ranked by Encomium

Yet another ranking of the greatest musician alive.
12Kanye West
Jesus Is King

Do I even need to say anything? A shitstain on what is an otherwise flawless (and I mean FLAWLESS) discography. Few sparse moments of greatness. Let's hope this is a one-off.
11GOOD Music
Cruel Summer

I mean, do I really need to say anything? It has some nice ideas, but it's just a compilation!
10Kanye West

Sure, it has some good bars but HOLLLY FUCK is this SHIT DATED!!! Even the singles...it's so disappointing to see Ye embrace a sound that he was supposed to be the alternative to. But of course, it's the greatest musician alive, so it isn't completely wasted. There's stuff like Everything I Am, Flashing Lights, Good Morning, and Champion. I don't even think Drunk and Hot Girls or Barry Bonds are that bad. It's the stuff like I Wonder and Can't Tell Me Nothing that I hate. They just sound like alarm clock music.
9Jay-Z and Kanye West
Watch the Throne

I know this one is basically at the bottom, but I still find it a little underrated. The beats are a little gimmicky, but still loads of fun. Ye also has some pretty good verses. I just find that people sometimes act like this is so forgettable, when it has tons of bangers. Obviously not as good as it could've been, but I guess since I didn't anticipate this when it came out, I liked it. Best songs are Buddies in Paris, Made in America, That's My Bitch, and No Church in the Wild. Worst track is Why I Love You (ugh).
8Kanye West
The Life of Pablo

I am constantly surprised at the amount of hip hop heads who considers this on the same level as LR, MBDTF or TCD. It's just so...rough and not in a good way at all. This album is such a mixed bag...highs like Ultralight Beam and No More Parties in LA are all timers, but then we have shit like Freestyle 4 or Facts. It might just be a personal thing for me, but I seriously just do not like this one as much as his other records. It's like a 7 at best.
7Kanye West

I would've put this higher than LR because I spin it more often, but I don't think it'll have the influence of LR. Once again, another Ye album that I feel gets too much hate. Perhaps it is because of his recent antics? I know the album is a little rough around the edges, but it doesn't come off to me as incomplete or as a first draft. It is simply a short update on The Life of Ye. While all the songs are good, none quite stand toe to toe with Ghost Town, which is a top 5 Kanye song for me.
6Kanye West
Late Registration

I'm just gonna come right out and say that I've always found this one to be a little overrated. While it is great, I just feel like it's The College Dropout Vol. 2 but with weaker beats and just overall, less compelling. Even "classic Ye" tracks like Diamonds from Sierra Leone fail to resonate with me. All that being said, I seriously cannot deny this album's influence and consistency. It isn't as good as The College Dropout but it still manages to keep good song after good song. And of course, Hey Mama, We Major, Roses, Heard Em Say etc etc are all great songs.
5Kanye West

I know it's controversial to put this above LR, but I seriously do not get the hate for this? Sure, it's Ye's rendition of the industrial rap movement, but IN MY OPINION it does not come off as gimmicky or inauthentic. The production is amazing and while the lyrics are undeniably terrible, it becomes easier to disregard with repeated listens. Not only that, but I think it's seriously consistent. Banger after banger after banger. In fact, I'm not sure there's a track on here that I can say is the worst? All of it is at least enjoyable. Only reason it isn't higher is because I don't think it'll have quite the influence of the above records.
4Kanye West
808s and Heartbreak

While I think this album basically falls apart in the back half, 808s is full of 10/10 songs. You all surely know the impact this had on the industry and on Ye's career, and I just remember being 9 and listening to Heartless and Love Lockdown on MTV...those were better days. I am also surprised at how well this album has aged. Sure there are some moments that sound dated as hell, but most of it still sounds fresh and inventive. Paranoid is SUCH a fucking banger, man. My favorite tracks are Street Lights, Welcome to Heartbreak, and Say You Will. The worst track is easily See You in My Nightmares.
3Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

It is difficult to deny that this is Kanye's magnum opus. It is no doubt a culmination of all the sounds he had been toying with before and arguably, they are executed the best here. That being said, I haaaaaate the skit at the end of Blame Game with a burning passion and I don't think the beat fits all that well with the sad subject matter. Also, Hell of a Life is kind of just...whatever? It's not a bad song by any means but it does not stand toe to toe with any of the other songs on here. Luckily, the album picks back up with the final two tracks. My favorite track is of course Runaway...I know it's a fan favorite, but seriously man...if someone denied Ye's genius, I would play this song for them.
2Kanye West
The College Dropout

God, this album is seriously flawless. I do not trust anyone who doesn't have this in their top 3 Ye albums...not only does it have the impact, it has probably the best consistency of any of his albums. Not even Ye himself could pull off a thoroughly engaging 20-track album several years later with The Life of Pablo. I'm not even sure what else I could add to the discussion, but if someone said they hated Kanye, this is definitely the first album I would give them to listen to. Even the skits are likable and I sort of hate the skits on Late Registration. If I'm being honest though, I think Jesus Walks is a liiiittle overrated. Something about the beat just doesn't sit right with me.
1Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts

Look...I know this has been out for less than a year, but I can guarantee this is gonna age like wine and be revered as a classic within the next ten years. And simply...it's the Kanye album I revisit the most. I know it might be wrong to have a collab album as #1, but...I just seriously have a hard time denying this album's brilliance (even above MBDTF). Even when Kanye isn't the center of the show (like on Reborn or the t/t), he still delivers some of the best bars he's laid down in for-fucking-ever. I don't even take away from this album because it's so short - it is completely satisfying in its brief run time. My least favorite track, however, is Kids See Ghosts if only because the hook is kind of annoying (I like when Cudi sings it though). Similarly, the sample on 4th Dimension kind of annoys me. But that's it for complaints.
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