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long awaited by nobody, prepared half-assedly, here's another addition to the tentatively dubbed 'emotional list series'. this week: a playlist for when you feel like you wanna overdose on sleep. have a good day.
McLusky Do Dallas

Fuck This Band

probably the most jaded, tired song ever written. the self-awareness of it all is a stapled tongue on the inside of a cheek. or, really, it’s the band putting themselves in the tattered shoes of a ‘hater’ (coincidentally, a word I’m sure they’d hate) and then kicking that person in the face.
2Fox Academy
luxury beverage

Lavender Blood

this thing almost sounds improvised, borne from a rough sketch of chord progressions and disconnected lyrics. once performed, it lazily wafts out some bedroom window left ajar, briefly illuminated as it moves slowly under streetlights. i bet this song – and most of this album – was written on a single Sunday afternoon.
How Are You?

Intro (Thinking)

i gave my homeboy the D and now he's a homebody.
4Holy Other

Love Some1

a paradox: a machine scrambling to save itself from shutting off, as it approaches 0% battery power.
5Carissa's Wierd
Songs About Leaving

Ignorant Piece of Shit

mid-afternoon, tracking vocals at the same time as you're digging the sleep out of your eyes.
6The National
Trouble Will Find Me

This Is The Last Time

two people holding on by the skin of their teeth, I guess, or by a heartstring. Berninger is so tired, so flattened, he’s seeing double.
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

We've All Gone To Sleep

a song for staring at the ceiling to. this wasn’t actually written, it was breathed into existence on a cold morning.
8Pedro the Lion


caught between a rock and a wall of feelings impossible to come to terms with. transience, et cetera.
9Hymie's Basement
Hymie's Basement

American Won/Too

if you're lonely, get a lobotomy.
10Trespassers William
Different Stars

Let You Down

make no mistake, this is a dark, dark song; it’s a black-swansong for an emotional arc, lamenting the effort it takes to keep a fire burning. the plaintive acoustic strums almost seem to succumb to the background ambience as it swirls and swells with violent whimsy.
Leaves Turn Inside You

Who Cares

i like this a lot because it evokes lethargy in a very meta, self-referential way. it’s as though, by the end of the album, Unwound are so exhausted by the whole process that they decide the best way to sign off is to undercut everything they’ve worked towards. like deliberately tripping over the finish line.
The Long Dark Blue

Never Clean My Room

this is the perfect song for this list. it was borne out of lethargy. not sadness, not discontent, not anger. lethargy.
Of Life

Of Life

[see review] but also [be patient with this song, it wakes up eventually].
I Hope They're Praying For Me

Kids Need Jesus

gutterbrained, lonely, and pinned like an insect against a wall of sound.
Exquisite Corpse

Billie Holliday

by way of hypnosis
16Julianna Barwick


dear stranded astronaut, we come bearing gifts.
17King Krule
6 Feet Beneath the Moon

Easy Easy

this sandwich i bought has been off for a week.
18Seth Sentry
This Was Tomorrow

Strange Lot

every face looks as plain as an empty frame.
19Q and Not U
No Kill No Beep Beep

Kiss Distinctly American

i'd turn the lights off but i can't be bothered getting out of bed and there's a fly buzzing around the place somewhere that i can't find and it is time to take a break from taking a break because i can't form proper sentences anymore but at least the harmonics are nice.
20The Cure


appreciating the good weather from the wrong side of the window.

Good Friday

thanks ryus

sendin sexy SMSes to my ex's new man, because i can.
22Planning for Burial


thanks ephemeraleternity

a slow-moving tessellation of things both alive and not alive, as though accompanied by a time-lapse of a city trampling over a forest.
23The Beatles

I'm Only Sleeping

thanks dewinged

the dog-in-a-car-with-the-windows-up conundrum. there is a theme-park in australia called dreamworld but it's not at all as lovely as the one in this song sounds.
Build A Rocket Boys!

The Night Will Always Win

thanks unique

last legs buckle under the weight of the breeze. that steady, single-note progression lays out a subtle foundation, like a metronome that no one is really listening to. the vocal melody is desperate, but the lyrics are submissive -- an interesting dichotomy that succinctly delineates a mind feeling its way around a last resort.

(see unique's description in the comments :])
25The Microphones
The Glow Pt. 2

Headless Horseman

thanks asleep

fret-buzz as a symbol for dust as a symbol for apathy as a symbol for lethargy. this song is a skeleton crashing on the couch after -- and as a result of -- a hard day at work.
26Windy and Carl
We Will Always Be


thanks wolfe

one of those records, it seems, where conjectures will always go unanswered by the time it is finished. but (and this is a conjecture in itself) once you realise this, you will find elegance in the unfinished, as though this album is the first ray of gold breaking through the canopy.
27Bluetile Lounge


thanks chortles

this seems to wander around in the meaninglessness (more like everything-is-futile lounge ha ha [kill me]), running its hands slowly across the walls, feeling for a light switch. there is a sense of patience to the song that feels like it's derived from resignation. bluetile lounge meander around limbo, looking to make the most of their time.
28Horse Jumper of Love
Horse Jumper Of Love


thanks conman

chords so tired they collapse onto the ground before they have the chance to resonate. this one takes one drunken step at a time before the matchsticks are forced between the eyelids.
29Earl Sweatshirt


thanks ian

i hate shit, i've never been outside.
Secret Name


thanks wren

a somnambulist wearing headphones goes for a walk at 3am.
32The Jesus Lizard


thanks butcher

very very very drunk and very very very very bored. that instrumentation - it lashes out against the tedium like an enfant terrible. pastoral was probably once something quite elegant, but the final product is frayed and torn apart and mixed into shit and dirt and debris.
33Kevin Morby
City Music

Come To Me Now

thanks friv

this song finds an actual corner of the world, then it lies down on the cold hard ground, tucks its knees into its chest and prays it won't wake up.
34Stone Temple Pilots


thanks rogue

grunge was always this way: disaffected, detached, course to the touch; it broke away from cultural conventions only to sink into its own (gravelly vocals, candid lyricism, et al). and then it couldn't find the energy to make its way back out.
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