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11.01.16 Weezer's 15 Best Post Pinkerton Tracks

Weezer's 15 Best Post Pinkerton Tracks - Deep Cuts

Stay tuned for the Top 15 Post Pinkerton Singles. Some songs that didn't make it that I'd like to mention: O Girlfriend, Slob, Slave, Peace, Hold Me, Hang On, Where's My Sex?, Cleopatra, Ain't Got Nobody, Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter, Friend of a Friend, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori and Jacked Up.
15 Weezer
Don't Let Go/The British Are Coming

Green Album - 2001/Everything Will Be Alright In The End - 2014
Green Album has plenty of flaws as a formulaic album, and though its deep cuts aren't as strong as their other albums, opening track "Don't Let Go" doesn't adhere to that. On its own, is a happy song, though when listened with the whole album, it gets lost in the similar sounding songs. TBAC is a great track about the American Revolution and Paul Revere with a fun chorus "Punk ass redcoats trying to run the show" and a great guitar solo.
14 Weezer
Haunt You Every Day

Make Believe - 2005
Make Believe is a terrible album. It's a mess, such as 2009's Raditude, but unlike Raditude, it's an authentic mess. Though the album has hints of pandering, it's still more personal than Raditude and HYED is a prime example of this. Its guitar solo is the best thing one can find on Make Believe and track as a whole is great on an otherwise weak album.
13 Weezer

Red Album - 2008.
Perhaps a surprise to some, but drummer Pat Wilson had his opportunity to sing lead vocals on this track and knocked it out of the park. Automatic is an ode to Wilson's family and how much he loves his family. A sweet song with great guitar work by Wilson plus a solid percussion performance by Rivers creates Red's best deep cut from its original release.
12 Weezer

Red Album (Deluxe) - 2008
These tracks couldn't be separated, although King is far superior. These tracks make up two of three tracks worthy of being recognized as "Weezer's Holy Trinity" a title also worthy of belonging to White's final three tacks. In the case of these two tracks off Red Album's deluxe edition, these tracks are far better than anything on the final release of the album. King is tough love song with bassist Scott Shriner calling upon is inner power pop Scott Weiland accompanied with an acoustic guitar and little else. It's commanding, powerful, tough for a band not known for being tough, and it's fantastic. It's worthy of being much higher if not for being accompanied with Pig. That's not a knock on Pig. Pig is a beautiful song, one of their most beautiful songs ever. It tells the story of a boy and a girl (familiar territory for the band) but follows the two through their life together. It's wonderful, beautiful lyrically and hauntingly beautiful musically.
11 Weezer
American Gigolo

Maladroit - 2002
Maladroit's opening track incorporates a power pop-esque chorus plus harder rock driven verses is one of Weezer's best opening tracks ever.
10 Weezer

Hurley - 2010. Hurley is a really weird, confusing yet fun album that may not be their best work, but is underrated to an extent. Trainwrecks is an example of the potential the album had and, in hindsight, hinted that Weezer still had magic left. The track is comparable to Beverly Hills except it's more complex musically and more optimistic with a commanding chorus shouted by Rivers Cuomo creates a great track.
9 Weezer
Lonely Girl

Everything Will Be Alright In The End - 2014
A track that is a tad underappreciated by fans, Lonely Girl is the hidden gem of EWBAITE. It's catchy chorus accompanied by catchy verses and bridge are great, but what elevates is when everything stops except for a single guitar and Rivers' voice "I know you're scared/I know you're sad/ I needed help to realize it's not so bad" completes one of EWBAITE's best tracks.
8 Weezer

Hurley - 2010
As awkward as Hurley is/was, it had some special tracks. Unspoken joins the aforementioned trainwrecks and feels like a true Weezer track from any era. It's crescendo from soft rock into a loud guitar driven finale is incredible and if someone claims Hurley is awful, show them this track.
7 Weezer
Foolish Father

Everything Will Be Alright - 2014
Foolish Father is too good to not acknowledge. It's use of a children's choir and it's fantastic chorus make for another wonderful track.
6 Weezer
The Futurescope Trilogy

Everything Will Be Alright In The End - 2014
The final three tracks of Weezer's 2014 comeback album, composed of "I. The Wasteland" "II. Anonymous" and "III. Return to Ithaka," is some of the band's most overlooked songs to date. The Waste Land is a great instrumental track with wonderful guitar work along with some of drummer Pat Wilson's best performances in years. Anonymous isn't outstanding lyrically, but, again, musically it's wonderful. The final track Return to Ithaka, also an instrumental, has great guitar work and firmly seals the envelope that is another classic album by Weezer.
5 Weezer
Endless Bummer

White Album - 2016
The great closing track for a great album. Endless Bummer is in the same sentence as "Only In Dreams" in regards to the band's best closing tracks. The White Album takes the listener through the experience of summer and ends on a melancholic tone with the realization that summer is ending, but because of love lost, the narrator is yearning for it to end.
4 Weezer
Miss Sweeney

Red Album (Deluxe) - 2008
Miss Sweeney. The pinnacle of Deluxe Red's holy trinity of songs. Nothing compares to the tortured emotion of Rivers' character who is head over heels in love with his secretary. This song is an instant classic and is up there among the band's best work to date.
3 Weezer
Burndt Jamb

Maladroit - 2002.
A short and soft, yet commanding tune off Weezer's album that dabbled into hard rock is one of their most memorable songs to date and is well loved by fans of the group. It's simple lyrics "Gothic flavor, how I miss you/If I only, once could kiss you" paint a beautiful, albeit rather cloudy, portrait of a song that may have no meaning, but is one of their best songs in recent memory.
2 Weezer
California Kids

White Album - 2016
With the soft introduction to the opening track of their incredible White Album, accompanied by seagulls and waves, Weezer introduces the listener to what the album will entail; summer fun with awesome rock. The chorus shows obvious influence from The Beach Boys are creates one of Weezer's greatest songs. Ever.
1 Weezer
L.A. Girlz

White Album - 2016.
The golden piece of evidence that proves Weezer is back and ready to go. L.A. Girlz's simplistic yet thoughtful lyrics paired with the Blue era music creates not only Weezer's best post pinkerton deep track but one of their best tracks ever, even when compared with tracks off Pinkerton and Blue. It's a fantastic song and arguably the most overlooked rock song of the year.
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