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bgillesp's 2018 Albums-OTY pt. 2

My top 101! Lotta work and listening went into this, but it was all a ton of fun, so no ragrets. Ranked for the most part but looser the farther you get from 1 or the fewer listens I gave it. ***Format*** rating.score (description) number-of-listens
101Inferi (USA)

3.9 (that poor, poor monster on the cover) 2
100The Armed
Only Love

3.9 (not quite my cup of tea, but it's easy to see this as pretty innovative and important for the metalcore genre) 2
99Bog Wraith

3.9 (riffage all around) 1
98Tierra Whack
Whack World

3.9 (late find for me and while I don’t think this is a *super* enjoyable listen, I definitely deserves a ton of respect for its innovation in style) 1
97Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

3.9 (took a bit to grow on me and it still might) 2
96High on Fire
Electric Messiah

3.9 (some good ol' sludge-y stoner rock) 1
95Mouse On The Keys

3.9 (jazzy, mathy, trip-hop type stuff, really neat sound and well done too, thanks Dewi) 2

3.9 (super smooth instru-prog math metal wonder from AAL does it again with his best work since the debut EP) 2
El Mal Querer

3.9 (right on par with LA imo, she went deeper into both the pop and flamenco realms with a really effective blend) 1
92Dr. Dog
Critical Equation

3.9 (this one really surprised me, super fun little psyched out indie piece that wont really will blow you away with innovation, but that’s not what they’re going for when they just want to make something fun) 4
91Kali Uchis

3.9 (one of the best pop-RnB releases of the year, a few tracks really miss the mark but most are dead on) 2
90Trampled By Turtles
Life Is Good On The Open Road

3.9 (bluegrass>>>whatever you're listening to now, thanks Lefty) 3

3.9 (man this is some good post-rock/metal, it's heavy and entrancing, thanks Dewi and Sniff) 2
88Idris Ackamoor and The Pyramids
An Angel Fell

3.9 (groovy jazz that you can sing along to, what else do you want?, thanks Sniff) 2

3.9 (I like the proggy direction they took this but the moments of post rock are still their best) 2
86Arc Iris
Icon of Ego

3.95 (still super weird and more consistent than the last one, just without any super high standouts) 2
85Yves Tumor
Safe in the Hands of Love

3.95 (deep and haunting for the most part and the production is pretty great) 2
84Hail the Sun
Mental Knife

3.95 (best Circa Survive/Swancore imitation I've ever heard) 1
83Dead Can Dance

3.95 (grew on me a lot this one, just a very unique sound, thanks Dewi) 2
82Sons of Kemet
Your Queen Is a Reptile

3.95 (fresh jazz with some hip/trip-hop elements that make for a very nice listen, thanks Sniff) 2
81Lil Peep
Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2

3.95 ("Why's everybody act like they care? Why does everybody f***** act like they care? I was dying and nobody was there.") 5

3.95 (definitely less inspired than Akroasis but still pretty great and it still has that tasty bass) 2
Devouring Radiant Light

3.95 (tbh I thought this was gonna be some cringey cheese fest but it actually slayed pretty hard) 1

3.95 (some sort of fusiony jazz that is real nice, thanks Sniff) 1
77Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Hope Downs

3.95 (good guitar music with surprisingly intricate guitar work) 2
76Maxo Kream

3.95 (dare I say greatest trap album of all time? probably not but for me it could at least be in the convo, awesome storytelling, worthwhile beats, still trap but it's darn good) 2
75At The Gates
To Drink from the Night Itself

4.0 (pushing top three ATG, cool to hear they went back to some of their earliest sounds) 2
74The Home Team
Better Off

4.0 (where all my pop-punk fans at?) 2
73Sulphur Aeon
The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos

4.0 (exhibit A as to why you should wait until the year ends for these lists) 1
72Rich Shapero and Elsiane
Rin, Tongue, and Dorner

4.0 (production-wise, this is slower and a bit more bland than the work Elsiane normally do, likely due to Shapero's direction, but it is still quite entrancing and Elsieanne Caplett's voice still blows my mind) 2
71Tomb Mold
Manor of Infinite Forms

4.0 (good crushing death) 1
70Hop Along
Bark Your Head Off, Dog

4.0 (cool vibing indie from a super talented voice that really grits the emotions into it) 3

4.0 (well crafted blackened metal for the ears) 1

4.0 (please don't be sex offenders, please don't be sex offenders) 2
67Frog Eyes
Violet Psalms

4.0 (a Bowie-esque rocker that's just really nice and smooth, but also a little jerky and weird, thanks sammich) 2
The Wake

4.0 (these guys just keep killing it, one of the greatest careers in metal) 2
65Florence and the Machine
High as Hope

4.0 (songwriting wasn't perfect all the way through, but that voice, ughhh, some of her most passionate work over the course of an entire album, thanks Sowing) 4
64Melody's Echo Chamber
Bon Voyage

4.0 (super sweet French dream pop, nice and chilled out without being sickly, thanks Con) 2
63Emma Ruth Rundle
On Dark Horses

4.0 (good and dark stuff but I prefer Marked for Death) 2
Abyss Between the Stars

4.0 (was a low 4 until the last track The Mountain blew me absolutely away) 2
61Wout Gooris Trio and Chisholm/Vann
Some Time

4.0 (unexpectedly awesome jazz album, thanks Sniff) 1
60Steep Canyon Rangers
Out in the Open

4.0 (great country with a lot of strings, country-OTY) 2
59Szun Waves
New Hymn to Freedom

4.0 (some subdued and mellowed out electro-jazz stuff, really cool and unique, thanks Sniff) 3
Queen of Time

4.0 (crazy they've been this good for this long) 3
57Rivers of Nihil
Where Owls Know My Name

4.05 (such a frustrating album, normally I have a strong respect for death metal vocalists who can growl in an intelligible manner, but if you can, you need to make sure your lyrics are up to par and these can get cringey, awesome music behind it for the most part too, the jazzy bits are everything White Ward's 2017 debut should have been) 2
56Sangre de Muerdago

4.05 (spanish-celtic(?) dark folk) 2
55Dream Wife
Dream Wife

4.05 (grrrl punk with great lyrics, attitude, and energy, thanks Dewi) 2
54KEN mode

4.05 (did not expect this at all from a band named like this, I oughta check more from them it seems) 2
53Mid-Air Thief

4.05 (electro-dream folk is a sound that is a whole lot more unique than most of what’s been put out this year, so this is really neat) 2
52Denzel Curry

4.05 (some killer tracks for sure but just not quite all of them) 2
51Black Tongue

4.05 (sludge x dxc x blackened djent? idk bob, but I am confused) 2
50The Necks

4.05 (The Necks do The Necks, thanks Tacos) 1
49The Wonder Years
Sister Cities

4.05 (pretty awesome return for this legendary band I knew nothing about until last year's EP) 2
Our Raw Heart

4.05 (really awesome doom album from long time veterans) 4
Room 25

4.05 (flows like Jean Grae but different soundscapes to match with the more playful vibe) 2
Suspended in Reflections

4.05 (production may not be perfect, but gosh darn the writing an execution darn near are, this is flippin' good) 3
45Burial Invocation

4.05 (some really well done death metal here) 3
44Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

4.1 (absolutely hated this on first listen but now I realize that was dumb, don't be a me, jam this and think it's good) 2
43Wild Hunt
Afterdream of the Reveller

4.1 (black metal out of nowhere with some really interesting elements in their overall sound, thanks Papi) 2

4.1 (some really good blackgaze that I wish I got gotten around to more than twice) 2
41Tiny Moving Parts

4.1 (some of their best work yet in terms of consistency, especially great songs in Caution, It's Too Cold Tonight, etc.) 6

4.1 (sounds to me like early In Flames crossed with Voivod and some OSDM band and I really dig it, not that heavy but the progressive tones are just so smooth) 3
39The Ocean
Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic

4.1 (is this the vocalist from Gemini Syndrome? jk but this is very good and had a really nice album structure, super jealous of how nice that box set vinyl package was) 2
38Gang Gang Dance

4.1 (wild and crazy psych indie rock dream stuff, more genreless than anything really, check it cuz the crazies who gave it low ratings are Gang Gang Dunces, just picked up this CD yesterday) 5
37Jean Grae/Quelle Chris
Everything's Fine

4.1 (as an enjoyable listen this album does really well, but where it truly excels is as as artistic statement with its theme superbly developed over the course of the album, this deserves a higher ranking than 37 but there were just too many other great releases this year) 2
Joy as an Act of Resistance

4.1 (all of this is amazing musically and lyrically except when it isn't, this sticks in my head like crazy in a good and bad way, all this leans more heavily on the good though) 3
35The Slow Readers Club
Build A Tower

4.1 (holy crap is this post-punkish stuff catchy and fun and good, please get on these guys Sput, thanks Papi) 5
Cenotaph Obscure

4.1 (back at it again finally with killer riffs and vibes) 2
33Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

4.1 (post-punk straight from the looney bin) 3
32The Necromancers
Of Blood and Wine

4.1 (an amazing follow up to last year's debut that had a SOTY contender but wasn't quite consistent enough, this on the other hand continues the sound they had down well and adds some progressive elements while beefing up their consistency, nice work fellas) 5

4.15 (instrumental sludge is underrated, this rumbles around in your head like a monster, a real experience of an album, thanks Dewi) 2
30Jon Hopkins

4.15 (so pretty) 2

4.15 (dis dat good melo-black, like a fusion of Insomnium, Kalmah, and Nokturnal Mortum, been on this band since they blew up on youtube with their 2014 debut) 3
28Ill Considered
Ill Considered 3

4.15 (super smooth avant jazz pieces in here, apparently they released some other stuff I didn't get around to sadly, thanks Sniff) 3
27Nils Frahm
All Melody

4.15 (aahhhhh, it's almost like Ray Lynch got transported back to his heyday) 2
26Spectral Wound
Infernal Decadence

4.15 (some really freakin good black metal, this thing is big, epic, in your face, and gloriously powerful, thanks Papi) 2
25L.A. Salami
The City Of Bootmakers

4.15 (pure fun politically driven indie with a punk flair, just found this on CD too, thanks Papi) 4
24Sectioned (Metalcore)

4.2 (crazy stuff) 3
23Ambrose Akinmusire
Origami Harvest

4.2 (classical, jazz, funk, hip-hop, spoken word beat poetry, this thing has it all with a beautifully contemplative amalgamation of styles, thanks NPR) 1
The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness

4.2 (awesome blend of the folky-bluegrass type sounds I hadn't experienced before with black metal, part 2 was a little better than 1 imo) 2ea
21Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

4.2 (no highlights quite as good as IFWWW, but still a ton of great songwriting to be found here) 4
20Mournful Congregation
The Incubus of Karma

4.2 (funeral doom that isn't boring with a lot of prog metal-style guitar tones) 5

4.25 (up near their best, and it took a while to grow on me to the level of the EP but they're equal to me now) 5
Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

4.25 (doing just enough different to avoid becoming stale, they really just made this a more into a dream pop album and for the most part did very well with that) 5
17Birds in Row
We Already Lost The World

4.25 (one of the best metalcore/emo/hardcore/posthardcore/whatever-on-this-spectrum albums I've heard in a long while due to the killer basslines, thanks Papi) 3
16Son Lux
Brighter Wounds

4.25 (my most listened to artist of 2018 on Spotify, some of their most subdued work to date, but the compositions are still incredible, such an underrated artist/group, thanks Papi) 8
Empty Black

4.25 (sort of like ETID but fresher and cool in its own ways, SOTY contender in Echoes and Dust pt 1, _-core-OTY) 2
14Soccer Mommy

4.3 (soundtrack to something familiar and homey, quite comforting and dreamy while still remaining grounded, Scorpio Rising is near SOTY, thanks Dylan620) 3
13Beach House

4.3 (fuzzy gorgeousness that honestly seems like what they've been working towards their whole career, their crown jewel so far) 5
12Flying Horseman

4.3 (really interesting dark post-punk blues, etc. genre blend stuff that's pretty hard to describe but well worth your time, thanks Papi) 3
11Murder by Death
The Other Shore

4.3 (my review:, one of the most unique releases from the year with a folk heavy base and tons of other influences piled on, the atmosphere and subtlety is great on this) 5

4.35 (best I've heard from em that's for sure, although I'm now inclined to give their other stuff a more proper chance now since I'm not confident I have) 3

4.35 (equally great work from the classic soundings epic doomers who put out Hunted, love these guys) 4
8Shakey Graves
Can't Wake Up

4.4 (a huge improvement from his earlier work, not so much in songwriting or originality, but in cohesiveness and production, this album works together in a way that makes it his best flowing output yet with several SOTY contenders, Album Art-OTY, folk-OTY) 5
7Pusha T

4.4 (real good, great production, awesome lyrics, and the perfect length to beg you to put it on replay, hip-hop-OTY) 6
6The Bamboos
Night Time People

4.4 (holy funk this is good stuff, like a modern EWF a la Spirit, ahhhhhh more people need to jam thisssss, admittedly the songwriting here is predictable and not the strongest suit of the album, but if this isn't the most fun vibing album of the year idk what is, several SOTY contenders, funkepop-OTY) 10
5Makaya McCraven
Universal Beings

4.45 (some jazz albums make you want to move, some make you feel, still others make you think, this however is one of those rare gems that, through its extensive journey, takes you through each of those, jazz-OTY, actually picked this up on CD yesterday too, thanks NPR) 4
Welcome to Bonkers

4.45 (2018 was the year for self-aware metal it seems, not quite as musically amazing as Slugdge but maybe more conceptually entertaining and much funnier, Darkness is near SOTY, thanks BallsToTheWall) 9
3Rainbow Kitten Surprise
How to: Friend, Love, Freefall

4.55 (my review:, several SOTY contenders here but mainly It's Called: Freefall) 10
Esoteric Malacology

4.65 (prog death that knows how to not be too serious and really own their cheesiness, some really talented writing and playing, some SOTY contenders for sure, metal-OTY) 6
1Typhoon (USA-OR)

4.95 (my review:, AOTY, Ariadne is my SOTY) 16
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