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February 2024 … Jan was great we did death metal we did 80s hardcore we did loads of Bossa Nova and Jazz, with a sliver of MBP for good measure. Interesting to have a real time recording of my natural drifting listening habit patterns, looping back and forth between the light and the heavy. What will February be I do not know maybe electronic probably more jazz I had a nosey around the RYM charts and realised I have a lot of the big bois still unrated unjamed unloved let’s do the thing.
1Have a Nice Life

1st February 2024

Post-Punk / Shoegaze / Post-Industrial / etc [2008] #68rym

I don’t have coherent words for this yet but it stirred something in me. [4.5]

Update (02.02.24): okay I’ve calmed down a bit this is like noisy shoegaze but played from pews of church echos of steeple melts your goddamn window down. It’s long airy textural patient pleasant not as SADNESS as the hype implied (often expressly) that it would be. On a good day [5] on a inpatient day [3] today was somewhere in the between [4].
2Thelonious Monk
Genius of Modern Music: Volume 1

1st February 2024

Bebop [recorded 1947-1948, released 1956]

Technically I’ve been picking away at this for a few days now but, despite its simplicity (kinda) it’s taking me ages to form commentary. Spindly pre 50s piano plink plonks that sound like hands slammed into ivory with delicacy and fever. Apparently most of these became standards / at least Monk classics that he iterated on throughout his career. Great jazz history lesson, but also deceptively engrossing tunes for all their dialled back to basics modesty. Kinda detest the gaudy self-proclaimed-genius marketing (Ellington’s Masterpieces is similarly irksome) but I appreciate that’s a symptom of the time not artist, whose work here is so modest in its loveliness. [4]

Update (04.01.24): Far weirder than I first realised influence of the Dolphy school ig. Got me intrigued to check more Monk but tentative about returning to this one too often. [3.5]
3Lil Ugly Mane
Mista Thug Isolation

1st February 2024

Memphis [2012] #349rym

Started and despite loving the Memphis scene this homages in the direction of and enjoying LUM’s famous singles and first of the bootleg tapes this wasn’t immediately clicking so I turned it off but will return. [tbc]

Update (later that day): I’ve still not finished but am distressingly underwhelmed. Love the prod love the beats but the lyricism and general structural choices are meh - by which I meant flat bare lacking curves - compared to Uneven Compromise especially. Will keep jamming currently [3.5].
4Dead Can Dance
Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

2nd February 2024

Neoclassical Darkwave [1987] #675rym

Best / worst genre name ever? Least Australian Australian music ever? Makes all dungeon synth entirely redundant? Completely otherworldly yet steeped in tradition. Closer is transcendental. I thought this and 1 are the same album but they are not. [4]
5Pig Destroyer
Prowler in the Yard

3rd February 2024

Grindcore [2001]

Our fucking car has broken again our fucking car has broken again time for riff. I Terrifier stan something fierce but never clicked with this. Rejam reveals I enjoy the thrill of the filth more than I remember [3.5] to [4].

Update (24.03.24): NEW HEADPHONES ARE GOOD [4.5].
6Brutal Truth
Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

3rd February 2024

Deathgrind [1992]

Has the rhythmic girth of the thrash oldies (Anthrax person involved, I’m told) with the bassy groove and supple production to find them pockets. All round terrific romp for those who don’t mind the heavily dm leaning limb of the genre. [4] may actually be underrating this is savage.
World Downfall

3rd February 2024

Deathgrind [1989]

Ignore everything focus on the drumming expire in bliss. [4] originally had at a [3] pfft.
8Napalm Death

3rd February 2024

Grindcore [1987]

Used to hate this gave it tentative rejam and holy shit I clearly never made it to the B side before this gets fullshitpushedin bananas doesn’t it?! Took nosediving into noisecore and coming back again for the dissonance and aggression to make more sense. All in 1987. Man. Sound of choking on own blood and laughter. [4] seeing them live in 2 months *looks at calendar and sees it’s February* oh shit 1 month
9Napalm Death
From Enslavement to Obliteration

4th February 2024

Grindcore [1988]

More of the same but more dm flavour? [3.5] too much in one go I think will return

4th February 2024

Grindcore [recorded 1986, released 1989]

Still bubbling with thrash influence, with some early dm flavour, a year before Scream Bloody Gore, but sounds like caveman sister record. Coated in puss and piss, perfect prod for the style. Demos as early as 1984 jfc pioneering etc. [4]
Pablo Honey

5th February 2024

Alt Rock / Brit Pop [1993]

So our car is fucked I’m stranded in France trying to get home via a series of trains meaning have lots of musical air to fill, means doing some due diligence. One of the two (I think) Radiohead LPs I’ve still not heard - pleasant surprises throughout this. Tom was an essential vocalist even then, and Johnny Greenwood deserves a Nobel prize for everything. [3.5] some filler but otherwise class
12King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Float Along. Fill Your Lungs

5th February 2024

Psych Rock [2013]

Acid fuelled nonsense except opener and closer both classic classic classic. [3.5] filling in the blanks of this silly discog
13King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
I'm In Your Mind Fuzz

5th February 2024

Psych Rock [2014]

Surprisingly shallow feeling. In one ear doing very little to brain vestibule and back out again. Live gizz ups the ante of these tunes to the point where the studio feels soft? [3]
14King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Live In San Francisco ‘16

5th February 2024

Psych Rock [2016, released 2020]

Great fun post nonagon performance marred only by weird mixing (the audience members yelling “dickhead” are louder than some of the instruments lol) with minimal crowd participation and low energy compared to Red Rocks ‘22 which is now my bar for everything. Best part of this is the sheer volume of nonagon stuff which plays super duper live. Closer also feels like wasted potential - they do a 20min rendition of Head On/Pill with loads of dead air (encore teasing mostly) and nods to some of their other tunes (reprise of Cellophane etc.) that just kinda fizzle out, got me all excited and them pfffff. [3.5]
When Forever Comes Crashing

5th February 2024

Metalcore / Mathcore [1998]

Another oldie I’m playing catch up with. Knotty shrapnel. Too chaotic for its own good a la No Heroes (weird ass pacing and album structure) but excellent early Bannon sound is good. More death metal / grind influence that I caught in previous listener years ago. [3.5]
Caring and Killing

5th February 2024

Metalcore [1991 to 1994, released 1995]

Hard to be too mad when this was recorded effectively by a bunch of twelve year olds with sticks and strings. Closest Converge ever were to hardcore kids plus leftover Slayer riffs. Sloppy hardcore with dm influence. Fun that this occasionally goes in a post hardcore kinda direction. Scrappy. [3]
17Kanye West
The College Dropout

5th February 2024

Pop Rap / Hip Hop [2004] #39rym

So fucking charming fuck. Had me chuckling, dancing, musing over wordsmithery, laughing over wordsmithery, ye as underdog, bridge between underground and overground, old school and new, banging prod, great features, I have slept on old ye for too long. [4]
18Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

5th February 2024

Hip Hop [2010] #25rym

Whole lot of expectation on this (25th highest rated album of all time on rym oh lord) and the highlights hit that hype - Power I already knew, but Dark Fantasy, Runaway, Blame Game and Lost in the World do everything I wanted them to and more - however, there’s a lot of fluff here, no? A lot of the other cuts bore me. I am fucking exhausted though, so there’s that. Will plonk a [3.5] and come back later.

Update (18.02.24): [3.5] is correct the best moments are [5] and the worst moments are [2.5] bloated inconsistent classic thing.
A Moon Shaped Pool

5th February 2024

Art Rock / Pop [2016] #104rym

Ticking off my final RH in a nice rounding out of the travel woof from hell. I’ve given this a few quick jams over the years, sense there was something sweet and special baked into its layers, that a intimate focused listen would be the way to coax them out, and then promptly forgot it existed and never rejammed. This was hardly a focused listen I am dead but it was so soft and cuddly I needed it I’m sure I will form an actual grown up opinion but right now this is like a negative Polaroid of the band’s career in the best way and a lovely lovely time. Until the closer rips your heart out. [4]
20King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

6th February 2024

Psych Rock [2015]

The River is classic gizz, but the rest of this is not. Live renditions of The River are also better. Cool concept though: 4 tracks each 10:10 long very high person things. [3]
21The Caretaker
An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

8th February 2024

Ambient [2011]

All the reviews of this on rym are great and you should go read those if you are reading this.

Correct words: vivid, eerie, loose, sepia, anachronistic, static, damp, wood, butterscotch, bioshock, decay, rejoice, hell, perfect. [4]
22King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Omnium Gatherum

9th February 2024

Psych Rock [2022]

Has some bangers and a lot of fluff. [3.5]
Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version

10th February 2024

Drone / Drone Metal [1993]

Vomir for Sabbath fans? Meditation via fuzz and feedback? Idk it’s tectonic and big and dumb and relaxing. [4]
24Black Sabbath
Vol. 4

11th February 2024

Traditional Doom / Heavy Metal [1972]

Mopping up the last of the first 4 Sabbath’s, after EARTH gave me faster doomy cravings. It’s nice! It’s inconsistent! The highs are HIGH. The lows are SHIT. [3.5]
25Harold Budd and Brian Eno
Ambient 2 - The Plateaux of Mirror

11th February 2024

Ambient [1980]

Tried listening to Bjork after 24 and that confused my Brian (brain) so went for a palate cleanser and phew that was the right call this is serenity. [4] ambient 1 is better looser ambient-er this feels more like music which it kinda is given the improv method of creation I digress
Ambient 3: Day of Radiance

11th February 2024

Ambient [1980]

Great in principle - the tone of whatever instrument is being played on The Dance is brilliant - but does this weird thing where it feels too much like a melody literally repeated over and over whereas ambient 1 (and 2) never do, 1 because of clever looping and 2 because it’s more actual improv than this seems to be. This is all harsh relative criticism, as if it wasn’t part of the legendary ambient quartet I don’t think I would have been this harsh. [3] probably underrating

Update (16.02.24): Bump [3.5] I feel like this gets a hard time because Eno’s name isn’t on it maybe???

11th February 2024

Future Garage [2012]

Just soulful maaaaaan. [4]
28Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign
Vultures 1

13th February 2024

Hip Hop [2024]

Best thread. [2]
29Jan Jelinek

14th February 2024

Glitch / Ambient Techno / Microhouse [2001]

Not at all what I expected = first listen sucked. I thought it was like a sample heavy ambient piece like The Caretaker et al but this was way more subtle, and un-melodic, assertively. Very little by way of JAZZ here all these sneaky little percussive gremlins pop and squeak, fooling me into thinking it was just record static, as opposed to record static weaponised and purposeful. Has a weird duality of high natural soft vibes, because of everything being cut from the same cloth, and jarring headachy things (the frequencies of some of the glitches HURT my EARS) so all in all mixed bag but very i n t e r e s t i n g. [3]
30Aphex Twin

14th February 2024

Drill and Bass [2001]

Completely fucked. Too long, terrible pacing, complete fustercluck of sounds that don’t work together, and I LOVE every FUCKING second of IT!!! Well not every second this is 100 minutes so like 6000 seconds but the K:D ratio is admirable considering. Love the classically/chorally inspired ballads / interludes, working as great pockets between snare deth, and how the terrible pacing lends it this unpredictability but also charm - the variety and the girth work well, like, feels like a career epitome or victory lap idk. Legend behind its hodgepodge creation is daft and cute and there is no reason why this is as coherent as it is considering. [4.5]
31Brian Eno
Ambient 4: On Land

15th February 2024

Ambient [1982]

I really don’t want to trawl out the ‘ambient is boring’ argument because that argument is stupid but also damn this album was boring. Did not POP like instalments 1, 2 or 3 tbh (need to bump that rating for 3 tbh) and tbh this just tbh did not tbh float my boat tbh. It goes to a much darker emotive place compared to the bright popping of the other ones and that felt like a led down which itself is an unfair criticism probably but. [3]
32Nero's Day at Disneyland
From Rotting Fantasylands

15th February 2024

Drill and Bass / Breakcore [2009]

Just. Whole. Lot. Fun.

Doesn’t have the nuance of a 30 but has the fun nonsense factor that makes it a damn fine boogie. Flat as a pancake but pancakes are still pancakes. [3.5] jammed almost entirely for the sick art tbf good call
33Aphex Twin
Richard D. James Album

18th February 2024

Drill and Bass / IDM [1996]

Fuck man I’m really letting the ball down with the constant consistent jams everyday plan but also fuck man life is busy and it’s real easy just to jam Live at Red Rocks ‘22 for like 3 days straight because it takes that long to listen to. Spent a bit of time rejamming drugs (30) and just love it so much the jank the contours the everything, so tried this, which is worse, lighter, less textured, but more concise and sensitive, which is kinda nice??? It’s like a [3.5] but I’m hyped re how much I’m digging this good fine sir and his music so we slapping a [4] and running.
Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage...

18th February 2024

Brutal DM / Deathgrind [2003]

Ngl I heard this ages ago and liked it but put on for a run and loved it. Great implementation of meaty grooves in this breakneck space. [3.5] bump to [4].

19th February 2024

Melodic DM [1993]

Heard before had a recap it’s still great. [4] to [4.5] bumping
36Napalm Death
Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism

19th February 2024

Deathgrind [2020]

Simple effective deth. Kinda if Slipknot were actual heavy? Idk. [4]

Update (20.02.24): I think I got overexcited because I’m seeing them live soon. [3.5]

Update (08.03.24): I think having seen them live that I am a dumb silly silly. They play so tight the man with the pipes is palpably deranged best live harsh vox I’ve heard. [4]
37The Avalanches
Since I Left You

20th February 2024

EDM / Plunderphonics / Instrumental Hip Hop [2000] #102rym

Kinda perfect probably a [5] idk the bitchyness in the thread for this album over the last few pages is petty and hilarious. [4.5] for now just such a nice collage
American Nervoso

20th February 2024

Mathcore / Metalcore [1998]

Seeing these people live soon gotta do my homework [3.5].
39Pig Destroyer
Phantom Limb

21st February 2024

Deathgrind [2009]

Seeing these fine gentlemen soon live doing more homework. [4]
An Anthology of Dead Ends

21st February 2024

Mathcore / Metalcore / Post-Hardcore [2002]

Pre-concert jams continued. [3] the slow track on this is everything with several exclamation marks but the rest I could leave.
41Napalm Death
Apex Predator - Easy Meat

24th February 2024

Grind / Metalcore [2015]

Fuck a duck life got busy. More pre-gig jams. [3.5]

24th February 2024

Shibuya-kei [1997]

Endearing jank. All of the jank. 60s psych pop with a box of frogs bumping inside of it. [4]
Neo Wax Bloom

25th February 2024

UK Bass / Wonky [2017]

ADHD THE ALBUM. God my head. Fun but could have been more fun if it just played around with space a little more freely? The tootie fruity fruits on top of the lemongrass and fried omelette gets a little confused and stoned. [4]
44Job for a Cowboy
Moon Healer

25th February 2024

Prog/Tech DM [2024]

Soulless. [2]
45Oneohtrix Point Never

25th February 2024

Ambient / Plunderphonics [2011] #834rym

Soulful. [4]
46Darkest Hour
Perpetual | Terminal

26th February 2024

Melodic DM / Metalcore [2024]

I have nothing mean or complimentary to say about this. It exists and is by an band that I like but does nothing new novel nor anything technically wrong. [3]
Liminal Space

26th February 2024

IDM / Breakcore [2002]

Headrush. Trying to ingest cubes. Flesh from the bone. Blood from the skull. Help me. [4]
48Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works Volume II

27th February 2024

Ambient [1994]

So unlike vol 1 this is properly ambient it is simultaneously brilliant and meh, in the sense that for borderline sinister stroke sleepy lethargic stroke weighty stroke bliss ambient I mean damn I’ve not experienced much that does it this good but also I’m not often in the mood for something this BIG and DREARY though I think the light is beginning to show between the cracks only 2 listens in feels like a lifetime long grower. [3.5]
49Aphex Twin

27th February 2024

IDM / Acid Techno? [2014]

Twenty years later where are we now? Got a woof and a boing and a bass to it, feels career retrospective-y, even more than drugs, with more of that late career pit pat wub structure, but great melodic synth ooooooooo noises beneath it and great sense of coherent atmos that reminds me of SAW1. [4] god I love this discog one still to go
50Aphex Twin

28th/29th February 2024

IDM [2018]

My least fave AT so far, quite cold? Rhythms not hitting my soul bone as hard as usual. Brevity is not a good thing. [3]
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