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rec me: YOU!!! (December 2023: Final Chapter)

Hi. My name is Ben. For the last 11 months I have listened to your recs. I am asking those users who have given up their time to provide said recs to rec just 1 more rec. Please? FULL DETAILS BELOW. Thanks and, as always, kind regards, Ben.
In Excelsior Dayglo


If you have RECd me an album this year in any one of the 11 month list things I have done, please feel free to rec me an album.


You have 3 choices:

(a) your favourite album or
(b) one of your 5s, if you have no one single favourite album, or
(c) an album that you feel represents you/your taste in some way or means something non-trivial to you.

All with the usual caveat that I mustn't have already rated the album. If you think I will like it, that is an added bonus.


Because you are one of 12 users who have provided me with the most recs and there are 12 days of christmas and that seemed to be a cute way to say thank you (thanks).

You made this series worthwhile, and a genuinely important part of my life for this year. I am grateful for your thoughtful recs and helpful discussions re genres, artists and records that has helped me fumble through each.

If you’re not listed, but did participate in this crowdsourcing hodgepodge: thank you also! Over 100 users submitted recs, so thanks be to each of you - you may still rec something, but ACT FAST cause December has a limited number of days…


YES - but only if you have contributed a rec to a previous rec month.
Fabric 55

1st December 2023

On the first day of rec-mas RYUS (8) rec'd to me ...

Piquant popping of ///other/// dub wobbles+warbles+ascension; percussive loops spiralling skyward; vocal giblets weaving whispering. It's the clap n' bongo that catches you out t-a-k-t-a-k-t-a-k! Dense like leaves thick like thieves green but an old green. Spring of shpongle save hue lower in clarity bigger contrast BASS as well. Like raking bare hand through dirt looking for sapphires and cobwebs and raindrops. And let go and let go and let go and.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Ryus says fuck you and your grade 8 guitar diploma you dick music is built from seasons and senses and spinal fluid i.e. human condition plus colours. Starting out this list with album of rhythmic nuance, but whose intrigue lies in that -v-i-b-e-, dancing us into december with the lights off. Other choice recs include World of Echo and Songs of Love and Hate, essential arrows in my quiver I love them both dearly thank you darling.
Grava 4

2nd December 2023

On the second day of rec-mas HYPERION (8) rec'd to me...

Like if you tried to bottle the universe - wait, no - like if the ocean was made of stardust - wait, no - like if dark matter was sentient and wet and really liked IDM. As per my name, I fell asleep on my first listen, which is symptomatic of (a) just how fucking tired I was (16km walk in -2°C up a mountain was STUPID idea STUPID) and (b) how soothing / hypnotic / cohesive this odyssey styled space swim is. HYP i looove your write up it makes me want to get under the hood of the entire drexciya mythos this will do for now as a galaxy-hued-hug of weird (g00d) feelings. Ngl that both you and Ryus have gone for electronic flavoured rec's is a cute throw back to January I'm happy.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: metal understander, electronic enjoyer, other music peruse-r: Hyp you remain an enigma to me, not just because your rates are on rym and i cba to go there, but because your rec's all hop between various flavours of dusty secret sauce, oft obscure, oft miles out of my ballpark, and oft high af. Thanks for getting me stoned on the cheap for 12 months straight.
4Prefab Sprout
Steve McQueen

3rd December 2023

On the third day of rec-mas MORT (8) rec'd to me...

MORT this doesn't skronk why doesn't it skronk FALSE adverTISINg!??!?! Ngl great fucking pop album. I know diddly about pop - if there was a month after December then it'd probably be pop because heck im outgunned - but I know this is a good pop album because it makes my face contract with the happiness. Candy sweet prod elevates these jangle tunes to some special places: yellow-white light catching off bike spokes, romance without cream cheese, there's a fireplace over there, etc. Something I plan on spending alot more time with; shall we see how deep these hooks dig?

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Mort you introduced me to post-hardcore. Thank you. You are also a sweetie. Thank you. You also have too many ongoing rec projects you silly silly. See you in March.
5Lil Ugly Mane
Uneven Compromise

4th December 2023

On the fourth day of rec-mas DEDEX (9) rec'd to me...

Excellent excellent excellent modern Memphis magic the lyrics the prod the silky smooth transitions between each element the cute harsh noise finale I love love love it all!!! Rec-ing an 11 min (effectively) single was a godsend kind move thank you for allowing me to catch up with my laundry and see my gf she hasn’t seen me in months you see.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: essential pillar of the sput canon: dedex is synonymous with soundoffs and (apparently) GOOD RECS that I can hop on near any album, too obscure for a full write up, and see a well articulated and personable mini rundown always prompts a *phew* and a fist pump. Looking at the score cards: your James Ferraro rec in Jan has carved out a special place in my chest cavity; Colin Stetson and Cannibal Ox also DIVINE thank you brother.
6Default Genders
main pop girl 2019

5th December 2023

On the fifth day of rec-mas KOMPYS (9) rec'd to me...

NoStAlGiCfOaMpEaNuTs!!! Gloopy sparkles of breakbeat/dnb/trip-hop squeezed into dream-y pop-y shoes but with aloof sadness bleeding unexpectedly out of these upbeat candy rainbows ... i find my brain going ///ooooooh!///. Reminds me (idk why) of the actual good songs on the Monsters and Sprites EPs plus videogame cartridge sticky couch vibes circa early 10s but with curveballs and eclecticism like a pawn shop for crying with elation. Downcast lyrics over upbeat boogies is a CLASSIC formula and this does it very very very nicely; i have not yet imprinted my soul on it or vice-versa but lord i know i could given time.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Superthief big win John Donne HUGE win Ashenspire quite a hefty win The Roots Steve Roach Source Direct fuck me you have had a good year of recs they are all varied and characterful and i fear i still do not have a coherent grasp on your taste save to say that i trust your judgement and require more jams pls.
7Arvo Part
Tabula Rasa

6th December 2023

On the sixth day of rec-mas DADKUNGFU (9) rec'd to me...

Closest I'm come to insta 5ing anything in idk forever why am i so emotional rn ;_;

FOCUS (ahem) this this THIS may be the classical gateway ive been looking for: minimalism, like listening to light itself, fractal, picking up dust through shutters, flecks of small shimmering and twirling, aurora, angelica. That each composition works so well in isolation AND in succession is a big YES: the skeletal plink plonk magic of Fratres, into emotion explosion in rainbowsCantus, into the more pensive/sinister/patient Fratres, into the vibrant gorgeous beautiful essential 30 min closer live atmospherics unfolding like tulip in spring with longing AHHHHH its good.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Until doing this list, I did not fully realise how absurd/brilliant of a review catalogue you had amassed during your stay at casa de la sput LITERALLY any time there's a dusty forgotten LP of grace or filth where the real things live you can bet your bottom dollar DAD has written on it (and done so with the good words, might i add). One of my favourite writers rn, graciously sharing knowledge without pretension or ego or judgement, just love for music, and whose 5s im afraid i really will have to ransack for more juicy giblets. An honour to have had you on board this year father. This is probs my fave thing you've rec'd, though you also brought the sauce in NOISE/EXPERIMENTAL, and folk (Wovenhand pos pos pos).
8Des Ark
Don't Rock the Boat, Sink the Fucker

7th December 2023

On the seventh day of rec-mas MOM (10) rec'd to me...

Proper Laura Stevenson vibes circa 2011 LOVE - that feels like a generic cop out GURL WITH GUITAR statement but this came out the same year and shares a lot of the same stylistic and prod hallmarks it even does the HAPPY/sad contrast in tone/lyrics it is lovely (plus it has a twee math rock hue to it that adds franticness + cool structures!). Opener is its own lil masterpiece. Clearly recs for a year has revealed my soft spots oopsie.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: I have heard who MoM is (hi!!) I don’t recall us having any interactions pre 2023, but have loved those we’ve had since. Always insightful and enthusiastically given recs, full of variety, signposts the true unjaded love for the medium bubbling beneath your avatar, sans cynicism. Top rec: Eddie fucking Palmieri jfc I have not stanned (and forcefully recd) any album as much as when I first heard this in a long while. Pos pos let’s have more conversations.
9The Drones
Gala Mill

8th December 2023

On the eight day of rec-mas PORC (11) rec'd to me...

Blue balls bust dust bowl blues is how I feel about this album: teases a climax that never cums, fuck off to another wasteland, they say. Dirty rockfolkblues atop spit and the feeling of dejection and tiredness. Progressions have a Pink Floyd-ian ebb and flow that I’m struggling to excavate from the mud; heart beat beating beneath the earth, in fact, thump thump thump. Worked well as companion piece to walking home alone avec streetlamp companions. I don’t yet know my true feelings for it and I like that.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Nothing. Porc is an enigma. They appreciate the weird and the wonderful and are weird and wonderful by proxy. Champion of the murk muck and fuzz - who needs shiny marble flooring when you have blood and piss?!? Particular highlights: Acid Mothers Temple (discog run when), Tourture des Tenebres (art deco when) and Sirom (fade into bliss when). So long and thanks for all the fish.
10The Mothers of Invention
We're Only in It for the Money

9th December 2023

On the ninth day of rec-mas ARS (11) rec'd to me...

The sound of an entire generation falling apart at the seams, set to the soundtrack of that very same generation, satirised and weird-a-fied in a way that honours the best of its source sound while simultaneously kicking the shit out of it. Alcoholism, napalm, hippie bullshit, cop bullshit, absentee parents, cunt corporations, fucking america man; it’s all here, hella catchy, hella fucked, hella hazy, lyrics hilarious/hideous a.k.a. very, very, very Ars. Absurdly disjointed yet entirely (against all odds) coherent. FLOWeR PoWER SUcKs!!

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: I can think of few people whose musical impulses re good vs bad are as at odds with my own, WHICH IS WHY I HEART YOU ars! A partially facetious statement - we both ween harD, bungle hArd, and appreciate other hazy things jointly (haRdly) - I think my point is more that you often lean towards many things that I often lean away from, and that makes receiving recs from you all the more interesting: I don’t know what to expect or if I’ll like it, but when the rec is a HIT I’m all the more pleased as, chances are, I’ve learnt something new about the buttons within myself that music can push. You have been a particular source of enthusiasm throughout this 12 month marathon, as well as inspiration - thank you for FUNK - I am grateful to/for you.
11Fear Not Ourselves Alone

10th December 2023

On the tenth day of rec-mas SLOTH (12) rec'd to me...

The World Is a Beautiful Place and I Swear I Have Heard This Album Before. Influences well and truly unsleeved, janky and flailing, motion blur 100%: this be that 2013 emo revival shit 10 years late to the party but w/o any drop in earnestness, angst or fragrance a.k.a. that anxiety + panic attack musk. It's the exact soundwavepackage that got me to join this crumbling site uh 8 years ago(?) and is damn pleasing / nostalgic / nice to see some kind folk are still fighting that good fight with their own quirky twists and turns.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Sloth doesn't play by the rules because he is a sloth and slept through orientation AgAiN. Main strategy: recing punk or punk adjacent albums in months that are not punk or punk adjacent ... that 41% is starting to make more and more sense. Also, rec'ing some 2023 album with near no rates that you literally just heard yourself for the first time 3 weeks ago on a "pls rec favourite lp EVER" list is the most outrageous slothian chad move ever lol. TBF: I like that you know what you like and like sharing said likes with alike and unalike minded strangers. Such ravenous enthusiasm / positivism is hard to come by within the dark jaded halls of the internet, especially absent literally ANY pomp + pretension, so I'm glad you're around to light the way. Best rec: NOMEANSNO and THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE literally two of my favourite albums of all time which you gave me thank you sincerely and emphatically for these.
An Age Among Them

11th December 2023

On the eleventh day of rec-mas SNIFF (13) rec'd to me...

After 11 months back-to-back of rec-ing me loud emotional music, do we think sniff has thrown me a curveball? oh no no no NO no (and i wouldnt have it any other way) this is right on form post EVERYTHING and i am ready!!!!! Big ol' ENVY skramz fury///sadness with that post metal and that post rock and that (not post) sludge and it is just rather large. Like if American Football could riff? Like if Cult of Luna had the sads? Nah brother this is too much its own thing for trite/silly comparisons (probably) this chuggs it chugga chuggas it pushes my feels buttons and i am pleased about it.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Henlo sniff you have had perhaps the most near flawless streak of any rec-er here Vladislav Delay (4) into Artifacts (4) into Dakhma (4.3) into Daikanjyo (4.3) into Elaine Radigue (4) into Drive Like Jehu (4.5) these are very good albums (there were more) and while that feels like a cold factual compliment I mean it more as a THANK FUCKING CHRIST FOR YOUR RECS they all have the feels the ornate unknownness they fit well into my preexisting taste preferences they challenge my preexisting taste preferences they are unique and make me feel unique and heard and ALIVE they do what the good music should do. Let's have a tea party and talk about our feelings while screaming into void avec smooth jazz and volcanoes.
Homephone TE

12th December 2023

On the twelfth day of rec-mas JOHNNYOFTHEWELL (14) rec'd to me.

This album made me very emotional. Did the sleep deprivation + work crunch stress madness fuCk have something to do with that? uh, Maybeee; but. i want to give this album all of the credit for it is hugs and sublimity and yesness! glitch pop is a genre i know only "so-so", in the sense that i know nothing. i therefore cannot appraise the extent to which this fulfils the archetypal gold standard stroke genre defining status Johnny's excellent fucking write up ascribes to it, BUT the fact that this feels so damn right+seamless+natural is convincing, hewn out of crystal and air, presented at height and angle to obtain condensation and catch light in rainbows, cosy, modest, teeming, all of these are good feelings. a.k.a. i really really really like this. POP hooks sucker punch you with candyfloss out of the dreamy ASMR lusciousness and seem to be a source of longevity. This feels very you. i will return often and gratefully.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Johnny (you) has (have) been for all intents and purposes the co-founder/conspirator in this weird crowdsourcing genrehopping gauntlet, contributing to (i think?) every list, creating your own equivalent series, engaging enthusiastically in discourse and memes, guiding hand giver sense check provider banter enjoyer and all round interesting conversation person. The open arms with which you have received/reflected my mangled attempts at horizon expansion have been supportive encouraging motivating and an all round good vibe. I do not think I would have kept this going for a year, but for your enthusiastic prodding. As with Ars, we often have opposite instincts re where the good sauce is hidden, but that doesn't prevent intermittent moments of consensus: Solar Fields good Burning Orchids good Oxbow excellent Every Third Rec in May sublime(!) Leonard Cohen, Carissa's Wierd, Flaming Lips, the whole Zorn universe, Endo and Oomori have all been sensational wins. You've had the bad (or perhaps good) luck to fall in a period when I've had literally no time to contribute to music/sput, so this is far from my best written THANK YOU, written between blurry eyes and shortness of breath, but it is genuine and sincere. thank! big!
Nordland II

13th December 2023

On the thirteenth day of rec-mas SM0K (1) rec'd to me

EPIC spelled with a capital VIKING DEATH MARCH and uppercase FOLKSCREM: this is, indeed, glorious. Stark contrast to their s/t and Black Mark, being the only other bathory I've slurped, but every bit as charming. Jammed in freezing cold & rain on morning walk to pick up car from garage (it is fixed, yay!) and felt like a nordic GOD until i got lost. Shimmers in blue, white and riffs.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: sm0k likes metal.
15Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

14th December 2023

On the fourteenth day of rec-mas PANGEA (1) rec'd to me

In the world there's a country called england and in england there's a county called yorkshire and in yorkshire there's a seaside town called whitby and in whitby there's a church called st mary's and at st mary's there's a graveyard that overlooks the tangled gothic streets and tastes like salt and cold and magic and that is what this album sounds like. Haunting but comforting (that Kate Bush circa Diamanda Galas thing but also soooooo much just its own characterful kind/weird thing). Organ swirls around it all. Lullaby terrify. Ambient crescendo. Come fly with me.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: pangea if this is the music you like then you are a good sentient being.
16The Hirsch Effekt

15th December 2023

On the fifteenth day of rec-mas ZAC124 (1) rec'd to me

This here slice of firework-juiced German sausage is a fustercluck of cool things: bass presence + PxHxCx very cool, frantic disorganised but in a good way songwriting, grooves boing into non-grooves it's startling, neato mathy prog amidst melodic singsongs, saurkraut between the beat-downs, rubber glue tic tak. Reminding me of Thank You Scientist though last time I heard them was 2016 so idk if that's a valid comparison this doesnt have horns so uh no? I'm probably about 7 years too old for this but I can still get down with the kids.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: zac has done their own iteration of this list series thing and is therefore a cool human egg. their other rec to mine own monthly adventure was also posthardcore-y that is some information right there god im so tired.
17Dinosaur Jr.
You're Living All Over Me

16th December 2023

On the sixteenth day of rec-mas FOXXXY (3) rec'd to me

As essential as everyone says it is i tried to listen to this years ago and hated it but the pieces actually fit together this time. Lazy drawl hazy sprawl it works though with charm and fuzz and feedback. Jangle jangle jangle jangle jangle pop hook jangle jangle jangle the best solo of all time jangle jangle jangle. Carefree effervescence yet meaty rich goodness and detail beneath the sheets. At ease, improbably, forever.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: foxxxy came late to the party all contributions have been in the last few months noise psych and post-hardcore ALL loud ALL fun ALL good (High Rise especially though what a BANG). Always bringing the posi vibes in the threads I've seen; a good cookie.
18Hermit and the Recluse
Orpheus vs. The Sirens

17th December 2023

On the seventeenth day of rec-mas SOMEONE (6) rec'd to me

Drumless + aimfull this fucks. So many quotable bars atop so many elegant/coaxing beats that don’t bang but rather soothe. Mythological overtones not overdone, always in service of narrative rather than tack, raff and window dressing. Somewhere on the billy woods nujabes mf doom spectrum a.k.a. Sublimity.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: This, NOD and Ramleh are all solid gold recs and you are a solid #goals user. Great chats, generous soul, my fave up+coming writer and (much like Dad) a much needed champion of weird underground nuggets (another set of 5s I gotta raid one of these Tuesdays). Large thank you to you to you.
19Neil Young
On the Beach

18th December 2023

On the eighteenth day of rec-mas RABIDFISH (5) rec'd to me

The type of album that doesn’t immediately click yet at the same time does make me want to immediately check out an entire discography lol. There’s a magic bubbling and whizzing beneath these blusey tomes. Maybe it’s as simple as the delicate + rough + airy prod and/or delicate + rough + airy songwriting, idk; there’s gold to be found here, regardless of cause, and despite it being obscured behind the sand of in-immediacy a.k.a. this was not a 1 spin and done kinda love it look time to grow roots. Story behind the mythos of the LP is also cool - pre internet album not really reissued for near 30 years making the privilege of listening an (uh) privilege - though, on reflection, it’s not that, but the ineffable despair-but-not-despair feeling that drew me in, decisively, by the 5th listen. I’ve been very ill today and this has been a charming companion. My first Neil and (apparently) one of many more to come.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Rabid this is your best rec (easily) coming in hot on the 18th of december with the goods (and) completely different to your last slam dunk in Kingpin Skinny Pimp Memphis dopenessness. We are still relative strangers, your taste remains foggy to me, though i have a fever rn so uh ... thank you for your service(!) it has been good to have you aboard HMS Sleepy please collect your tote bag and basket of mini muffins on your way out.
20John Frusciante
To Record Only Water for Ten Days

19th December 2023

On the nineteenth day of rec-mas BUDDHA (2) rec'd to me

This indietronica morsel of rainbow sadness and squishy reverberations is doing weird + unexpected things to my face and chest help. Initially the motions felt shallow, surface level, but (it turns out) was false these are actually rich, teeming with excellent pop sensibilities and subtle innovation sans hamfist. The plip plop of electricity. Catchy in the non-pejorative sense: bone worm: a worm that worms into bone: it is becoming a part of me: help!?!

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: good user. have a cookie.
Nothing Left to Love

20th December 2023

On the twentieth day of rec-mas DEDES (1) rec'd to me

I don’t usually take my metalcore this melodic or my post-hardcore this metallic, but DAYMN this is spicy. I really didn’t like their 2022 LP, but this greases the nips rather nicely. Maybe my stan-ing for END has simply tipped over into their OG bands, but this is so damn cathartic I was bouncing around the kitchen like a maniac reheating dinner and smashing dishes until I realised I still had a fever and collapsed into linoleum like puppet with cut strings.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: whenever we have interacted (briefly) you have been cool pos
22Kind of Like Spitting
Nothing Makes Sense Without It

21st December 2023

On the twenty-first day of rec-mas ARTIFICIALBOX (1) rec'd to me

My theory is that each of us are allocated a designated number of hyper-sad melancholy-bombs in our life, to which we are permitted to relate, cri, laugh, struggle along with and draw respite from. Having hit that quota myself at some point during the first emo revival, the formula has since ceased to hit quite as hard; further albums tend to feel like other peoples' (sad) happy places, not mine; the quality of the albums is not in question, it's just I no longer have the capacity to take them on board. #genuinelycurious can anyone else relate? Idk, the older I grow and more albums I accrue in my noggin the more the "laughing through the tears" posi-vibe music with sombre undertones seems to appeal, more so than overt melancholy - AND i am desperately trying to phrase this in a way that doesn't come across pretentious or as implying that i consider myself ABOVE such albums (far from it, some of my faves wallow in their grief horrendously and I love them) - it goes back to one only being able to experience that kind of bandage ripped clean off RAWNESS so many times before fuck man it hurts! WITH THAT BEING SAID i can totally understand why this would be an important album to many someones - it's earnest, sincere with the sloppiness, explosive, thoughtful, tired, and exudes the haze of a very long, very fucked summer - it's just not my very fucked summer.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: whenever we have interacted (briefly) you have been cool pos [2] apologies it is hard to draw learning points when these are a 1 rec affair

22nd December 2023

On the twenty-second day of rec-mas AVAGANTAMOS (3) rec'd to me

For all LOUD GUITAR MUSIC enjoyers seeking to get into the non-guitar music haven of electronic, a.k.a. me, breaks and breakcore do seem to be that gateway drug that just keeps giving. I know too little of its glitch'd fuck'd hallmarks and history to be able to appraise whether this is a good example of the style but it turned my mind to mulch and I was pleased about it so BIG POINTS from this uniformed numpty. Someone make a guide to breaks list and/or point me in the direction of that good shit thank you!!!

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: avagantamos do always be rec'ing that weird shit, my fave being the mindFUCK that is Luuli jesus christ that was scary and cool. You also like breach which makes you cooler than people that dont like breach. I fell like we would get along would you like an beer?
24Cult of Luna
Somewhere Along the Highway

23rd December 2023

On the twenty-third day of rec-mas MEATSALAD (3) rec'd to me

That atmosludge post-metal THING has always alluded me, slippery gargantuan eel that it is. The LPs that I've tried (i think some CoL, Amenra and Neurosis, though I honestly dont remember) have never ///quite/// hit that HEAVINESS itch i seek from nosier/punkier variants of sludge, nor did the crescendos have the golden shimmer of a straight post-rockian affair; the middle ground between the two confused me. I'm grossly generalising and, tbh, "Dim" is the best case in point I've heard to suggest my under-informed generalisation is probs wrong. Beautiful composition, thoughtful atmos, the heavier chuggas always in service of the broader canvas rather than ends in and of themselves. Closer and "Finland" are also loooovly. I'll keep poking around the genre, and spend some more time with this; I sense it's a grower.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Colour Haze and T2 glorious rec's my fella thank you thank you thank you i require more Colour Haze equivalent recs in particular one of my fave records of the entire list series so damn fucking pretty. fwiw you're presence around the site is always lovely we have not interacted much but i see your posi vibes and i am pleased about them.
Hawk Medicine

24th December 2023

On the twenty-fourth day of rec-mas CYLINDER (4) rec'd to me

Ethereal sadness for Christmas people I think we fucked the sequencing here lol. Terrible celebration album but seems very very promising for a different setting - ace prod, lovely hazy organ tones, eerie melancholic vox, earnest/authentic/intimate in its bones, patient autumnal songcraft. Feels like my kinda folkin’. Ima find a cosy snug in the new year with a cup of tea and a blanket and jam this to heck.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: late joiner to this series circa August but you have rec’d an album each month and have had a pretty banging K:D ratio throughout (Can and Fugazi big bangers). Another cool site presence big hugs cylinder let’s drink eggs and nog each other. Merry Christmas Eve!
26The Smith Street Band
Throw Me in the River

25th December 2023

On the twenty-fifth day of rec-mas BELLOVDDD (1) rec'd to me

Repeating themes of 22: I already get my serious smithie kicks from No One Gets Lost Anymore, and goof smithie kicks from Football, and am therefore not what sure where to put this; it amplifies, seemingly, the authentic unsleeved heart confessionisms of Gets Lost, but with more mature musicianship/songwriting, therefore lacking the awkward fumbling amateurish air of their debut (which I love) and no holds barred honest good fun of their 2022 LP. I’m being picky - I love this band and finally checking their oft lauded BEST album feels like a satisfying conclusion to the story arc, but one that arguably takes itself too seriously for the hair down good vibes I’d want on Christmas Day. Bad timing innit.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: best new user? probs.
27Fair to Midland
Arrows and Anchors

26th December 2023

On the twenty-sixth day of rec-mas DEWI (2) rec'd to me

Ngl, I couldn’t find a slot for this yesterday amongst the bubble and squeak, but actually very fitting aesthetic for Boxing Day: the fairytale dew stroke ye old England stroke big ass riffs make for a magical rocking belated Christmas prezzie. Shamelessly melodic - there’s cheese between these psalms - and I’m down with that. I know it shares little of anything with nu metal, but giving me the same shot of gloopy joy I get from early Linkin Park circa The Dear Hunter (a compliment!). Modern proggy alt rock remains unknown to me but this is nice.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: Papa Dewi is the beating heart and soul of sput, love for the medium, penmanship with the best, unique taste, kind boi, but you all know this already, pos and hugs.
Dots and Loops

27th December 2023

On the twenty-seventh day of rec-mas SPICYBOI junior (5) rec'd to me

There’s a high degree of toe dipping, I’ve found, that I’ve needed, when getting into Stereolab, LPs, due to ungraspability, like trying to grab smoke, tendrils slipping through fingers, basslines and brass evading quick contemplation. I LIKE WHAT I HAVE UNDERSTOOD SO FAR THOUGH! It’s not like it’s a challenging listen - these are warm blankets for fireside reading - mittens for walking on beach in winter - cinnamon sprinkles on latte of chai - BUT there is an intangibility here - the subtext is more important than the text. Every song is the same song but also not. I love on paper and hope it continues to wiggle towards my heart.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: jalapeño is another crazy cat looking to expand horizons with even more ambitious discog run format and has clearly gleaned much given quality of recs. Tree People is my fave that I remember of top, of head, and that Future Sound of London LP.
29Iron Monkey
Our Problem

28th December 2023

On the twenty-eighth day of rec-mas FFS (5) rec'd to me

Slots rather neatly into my existing love for Bongzilla and the like, cruising with the bluesy sludge filth, with a bit of that Admiral Angry shrill screm and drop Z tuning. Reeks of hidden gem and I love the stench. Very little to say: it fucks.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: I’ve admired ffs from behind a shrubbery for years, for their excellent write ups, varied taste and general all round good vibes. Pleasure to have had you involved in the series - thank you for the recs, Soul Makossa especially, as well as Blind Idiot God’s weirdnessness.
It's a Wonderful Life

29th December 2023

On the twenty-ninth day of rec-mas EGARRAN (1) rec'd to me

An artist I have intended to deep dive for years, who seems soooo up my alley, and this is predictably lovely (phew). One of the few albums here I’ve comfortably played in front on my extended family on loud speakers over the festive period - not a criticism of any other album on this list, or of this album, just an observation re how lovely the surface level aesthetics are here, working well in living room. Need to unpack lyrics in my own time but pleased to have finally checked in with this shiny mammal.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: idk who egarran is, budgie in disguise as an aubergine? moving on!
31Red Herring
Faster Moving Forward

30th December 2023

On the thirtieth day of rec-mas SANDWICH (1) rec'd to me

Genuinely unheard music. I can’t find much of a whiff of anything about this online - 5 ratings on rym, 2 on sput - COOL! Jangle chaos folk punk with strong post-punk rhythmic genes. Proper blast of dusty adrenaline into knees; not h e a v y, but super boisterous for how paired-back it is aesthetically, kick and flat bass, cowbell and screm, makes you wanna jump. Great raspy breathy vox, works brilliantly. Touch of bluegrass is that a fucking banjo?! RINGADINGADONGITSPINGPONG!!!!

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: sandwich is as sandwich does. im not sure you’ve ever given me a bad rec. your contribution to this project was modest but I forgive you for the high quality of the jams. your rating of 9 is unforgivable though tut tut.
32The Pax Cecilia
Blessed Are The Bonds

31st December 2023

On the last day of rec-mas HESPERUS (1) rec'd to me

FINAL TRANSMISSION BABY I’m not crying you’re crying … GOOD conclusion album heck I already love Ode and Elegy, and gather this is what they did first … that classical-lite lane of post-rock with the skramz and the post-metal and fuck genre labels it’s just very spiritual music … what they do with space and momentum I love … the last 4 tracks (around 50% of the album) presents as an extended outro to the burns twice as bright opening tetralogy, the big boom sadness opening 4 going going going going going *poof* in epicness and the whole castle burns down and the band are more than happy to spend some quiet time in the ashes thereafter … and you know fucking what it WORKS!! I’ve seen criticisms of the backend being filler but I ain’t buying it … there’s an intention to this structure … and the vision … is well realised for my money.

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNT: hesp we dont interact much but we should! drei affen GOOD! ode and elegy GOOD! i dont remember the other things that we both like but /shrugs/ lets go to a concert and screm or something.

AND WE ARE DONE i dont really know what im gonna do without this rec series in my life. lots to mull over, some of it contained here:

hugs and peace x
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