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Asleep's Decade Retrospective Extravaganza

I was planning on putting in some real nerd hours and writing up a fully ranked 'best of the decade' type thing, before realising that I couldn't be fucked. List is instead an unranked assortment of records from the last decade, accompanied by me rambling about music. Will update as and when.
1The Tallest Man on Earth
The Wild Hunt

Folk (2010) - This and 'Shallow Grave' easily make Kristian one of the best folk artists of all time in my book. Whilst I've not been as keen on his recent output, this certainly wasn't a bad way to start the decade.
Abandon All Life

Hardcore (2013) - I adore all 3 of Nail's full length efforts, but to me this has been their best so far - abrasive and catchy, not leaning too far in either direction

Noise Rock (2016) - This record is huge. Check it.
An Awesome Wave

Indie Rock (2012) - Artsy tosh, but the good kind
5Drei Affen
Drei Affen

Screamo (2016) - Probably my favourite straight-up screamo record released this side of 2010, bashed out by a passionate Spanish trio who deserve all the attention they've been getting (and then some).
6The Front Bottoms
The Front Bottoms

Indie Folk (2011) - Hard to believe that it was only 2011 that these lads came in, took over the indie folk scene, spawned half-a-dozen copycats and pissed-off the rest of the music scene. Regardless, this still slaps.
7Death Grips
Bottomless Pit

Death Grips (2016) - Crazy the impact these guys have had over such a short period of time. BP is probably my fave of their varied discog. - unashamedly straightforward and a blast from start to finish.
Orange Mathematics

Hardcore/Mathcore (2015) - A hypnotic wall of noise. Probably gave me tinnitus. Unloved is also a jam.
Home Alone

Math Rock (2014) - One of the records that got me into reviewing in the first place (not that I've done that in a lil bit). Carefree and easy listening math rock - the kind you'd introduce to your parents.
10The Dear Hunter
The Color Spectrum (Complete Collection)

Indie Rock (2011) - Easily the most ambitious and ridiculous project on this list, the Complete Colour Spectrum triumphs about as frequently as it falls flat. It's a gorgeous musical achievement certainly worth remembering, even if it is a bloated mess.
11Linkin Park
The Hunting Party

Alternative Rock (2014) - It fucking sucked when Chester died. The lads put out some bangers this past decade, topping off their already solid discog and only really losing the plot with 'One More Light'. The Hunting Party would be my top pick of that bunch, bringing back a heavier sound without regressing into the 90s.

Post-Punk (2017) - 'Heel / Heal' through to 'Mother' is easily one of the best 3-song stretches of the decade and 'Brutalism' is easily one of its best records. Shits on 'Joy...' imho.
13Iron And Wine
Weed Garden

Folk (2018) - Soundtracks to resting weary feet by the fire. In other news, 'Time After Time' fucking soars and 'Our Endless Numbered Days' turned 15.
14Ghost (SWE)

AOR/Doom/idk (2015) - Ghost smashed it this decade; Meloria is their pinnacle (not their pit).
15American Football
American Football (LP3)

Emo (2019) - LP2's seemingly lazy attempt to recreate what made LP1 such a classic fell flat, but LP3's more ambient and (dare I say) mature direction is one I've certainly enjoyed dabbling in.
16Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts

Hip-Hop (2018) - As much Kanye tires me, the 'Wyoming' series was undoubtedly one of the most exciting musical 'events' in recent memory. 'Kids See Ghosts' and 'DAYTONA' are two absolute gems and worth a return trip.
17Haley Heynderickx
I Need to Start a Garden

Indie Folk (2018) - Easily the most musically interesting and innovative of the wave of female indie-folkers that exploded in the last 5 years or so, seemingly post-Julien. Sepia-tinged, airy tunes.
18Ghost Mice
All We Got Is Each Other

Folk (2012) - A triumphant statement on death, still as potent today as when it dropped.
19Streetlight Manifesto
The Hands That Thieve

Third-Wave Ska (2013) - If this is the last things these guy do under the Streetlight moniker, I guess it ain't a bad way to go out. Ska mixed with everything and the kitchen sink plus yo mama. It slaps.
The Dusk in Us

Hardcore (2017) - The boys have put out a fair bit of music over the last 10 years, though mostly not by way of new Converge LPs. AWLWLB and this both are both worthy additions to a legendary mountain of riffs. Here's to 10 more years; hopefully we'll get at least 1 new record out of it.
21The Story So Far
Under Soil and Dirt

Pop Punk (2011) - When I first started collecting records, this was the first one on my list. Whilst I've fallen out of favour with a few of my earliest purchases, I still find myself returning to this one. And 'Clairvoyant' was a fucking banger.
22Frank Turner
Tape Deck Heart

Folk (2013) - This is still easily one of my favourite efforts of the decade, even if Frank has fallen off a bit as of late. A whole host of anthems, mixed in with some slow-burners well worth your while if you have the patience.
Thanks. Sorry. Sure.

Indie Folk (2017) - Speaking of 'The Front Bottoms' clones, enter the best in the business: McCafferty. 17 solid minutes of bitter relief.
24Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp a Butterfly

Hip-Hop (2015) - Another artist whose absolutely smashed it for the last 10 years. Poetic bangers.
25Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
High Visceral Pt. 1

Psych-Rock (2016) - Up there with King Gizzard as one of the most exciting rock acts of the last decade. Fantastic live act, too.
26Julien Baker
Sprained Ankle

Indie Folk (2016) - The artist and album that kicked off the female indie folk frenzy, at least on sput. Still holds up.
27Say Anything
Oliver Appropriate

Indie Rock (2019) - It hasn't really been Max's decade, but I think it's fair to say that he's saved it with Oliver Appropriate. Easy listening, mildly-interesting indie rock with hooks for days.

Hip-Hop (2018) - Mr Shady has had an inconsistent decade and Kamikaze is an inconsistent mess. However, at its best its pretty unmatched in its ability to dizzy and dazzle with its lyrical acrobatics and classic Slim attitude. More like this pls.
29Left Behind
Blessed by the Burn

Hardcore (2017) - Southern-fried, sad-boi riffage.
30The World Is a Beautiful Place...

Emo / Indie Rock (2015) - Sensational emo-revival turned indie rock. I actually find myself returning to this more often than the band's earlier, more coveted releases. The polished, softer sound found on Harmlessness is to their benefit.
Hold Me Forever (In memory of my mom)

riffs (2014) - I've not heard much of buckethead's discog. (relatively speaking), but this is my fave of the bunch so far. Lightening fast without skimping out on emotional resonance.
32Clever Girl
No Drum And Bass in the Jazz Room

Math Rock (2010) - Joy. Pure and unfiltered. Funny how these guys didn't even last a year, releasing one tiny EP that only blew up as a genre classic years later. Hoping to get this on wax one of these days.
33Gay For Johnny Depp
What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You

Hardcore (2011) - Dumb, fun hardcore. The kind you'd most certainly not introduce to your parents.
34Knocked Loose
Laugh Tracks

Hardcore (2016) - Loosely structured meltdowns, catchy as fuck but cutting surprisingly deep.

Grindcore (2016) - Murky and visceral grindcore for the masses.
36Sufjan Stevens
Carrie and Lowell

Folk (2015) - Another decade defining statement on death and grief. In stripping away all flair and theatrics, Sufjan released one of the defining pillars of modern folk.
37Racing Glaciers
Caught in the Strange

Indie Rock (2016) - One of the greatest indie rock records of all time. The immaculate album flow on this is absurd, as is quite how hard the closer hits.
38Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno
Finding Shore

Ambient / Neo-Classical (2017) - Such a charming little record that it propelled me into a whole new genre. Just the right blend of tasteful experimentation and tried-and-true formulas.
39Jeff Rosenstock

Pop Punk (2016) - a glorious, anthemic meltdown
Versace Summer

Pop Punk / Math Rock (2016) - silly mathy tunes that hold up despite whatever dumb shit Lou did
41The Smith Street Band
No One Gets Lost Anymore

Folk Rock (2011) - Anthemic self-deprecation; the perfect soundtrack to being left behind.
42KOAN Sound
Funk Blaster

Dubstep (2011) - The t/t on this is easily one of the most entertaining songs of the decade, with bass so phat that it even eclipses yo mama.
43Stuck Out Here
Until We're Each Someone Else

Pop Punk / Americana (2019) - Probably my AOTY. A 'The Menzingers' ripoff it may be, but god the hooks on this thing will melt your face.
44Angelo De Augustine
Swim Inside the Moon

Folk (2017) - A fuzzy, humble, intimate little record that bumbles along absentmindedly without a fuss and (seemingly) without much of an audience. If you need a hug, check this.
45Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

Post Hardcore (2015) - 'A Flash Flood of Colour', 'The Mindsweep' and 'The Spark' are Enter Shikari's three best records, despite what others may tell you. Hooks, passion and charm for days.
46END (NJ)
From the Unforgiving Arms of God

Hardcore (2017) - Here's to hoping that these lads team up again and put out more music, 'cause this EP is huge.
47Old Gray
Slow Burn

Screamo (2016) - For all its melodrama, clumsy similes and rough edges, 'Like Blood From a Stone' may just be one of the most potent songs of the decade. Keep on keeping on.
48Infected Mushroom
Converting Vegetarians II

Psychedelic Electronica (2015) - With some decent headphones and nothing better to do, this record is an absolute trip. Better than the record that it purports to be the sequel of, imho.
49Horse Lords

Experimental (2016) - Otherworldly. Incredibly tiring if you're not in the mood, but when you find the patience to put this on and give it your full attention it really is something else.
50Sun Kil Moon

Folk (2014) - Yet another colossal landmark folk record with death at its core.
51Against Me!
Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Punk Rock (2014) - One of the best and (arguably) most important rock records of the last decade. Despite missing the band's folk-punk days, even I have to admit that this is some of the best written material the band has ever put out.
52Car Seat Headrest
Teens of Denial

Indie Rock (2016) - "I've got a right to be depressed / I've given every inch I had to fight it" was relatable as anything back in 2016. Now - thankfully - it's not, but 'Teens of Denial' still remains a towering achievement in indie rock in my book, chocked full of epic refrains and charming turns of phrase.
53The Hotelier
Home, Like NoPlace Is There

Emo (2014) - Since its release, Home has stood pretty much uncontested as my favourite record of all time. While slowly being edged out by other gems as of late (I'm looking at you Kristian), I think this will always be one of the greats to me.
54Direct Hit!
Brainless God

Pop Punk (2013) - The best concept album that the pop punk genre has to offer as far as I'm concerned (primarily because its the only concept album I'm aware of the scene producing). Apocalyptic anthems.
The Snaking Path

Dungeon Synth (2018) - I never listened to dungeon synth before this record and I've not listened to any more since. I should, 'cause this is a beaut; a soundtrack to our own gallant iron-clad knight fumbling his way through the thicket.

Country / Emo / Indie Rock (2016) - Who'da thunk that country and emo would blend with such ease? Well, I say country ... other than Evan's vocal twang and the occasional background banjo, this doesn't smack that much of country, but that's how it was praised in 2016 and it's a first impression which has broadly stuck with me. Whatever label you stick it with, Cardinal still shines with a wonderful worn hue, oozing tentative optimism through carefully crafted stanza and a smattering of restrained refrains.
Terminal Redux

Blackened Thrash (2016) - Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. That is all.
58Thank You Scientist
Stranger Heads Prevail

Prog Rock (2016) - These guys really seem to have a handle on easily-listening, non-wanky prog. Sure, I have my gripes with the vox and the squeaky clean production, but the end product is too fun for me to get too hung up on a couple of flaws that (as I understand it) broadly pervade the genre as a whole anyway. I really need to check 'Maps...' and 'Terraformer'.
59Car Bomb

Mathcore / Djent (2016) - Looking back, I can't believe how much of this list is from 2016. Not sure whether I was just more engaged with new music back then or whether it was a particularly strong year. Either way, I'm not complaining. This shit slaps. I don't find it quite as mind-boggling as its predecessor or sequel, which is a good thing. The song structures here actually contain a semblance of structure, with the album as a whole maintaining a feel of cohesion rather than slipping into a disjointed melting-pot of odd-ball riffs.
60The Armed
Only Love

Hardcore / Electronic (2018) - LOUD NOISES.
61Novo Amor
Bathing Beach

Folk (2017) - The best 'For Emma...' tribute act out there.
62Mount Eerie
A Crow Looked At Me

Folk (2017) - Yet another landmark folk record with death at its core, and yet unlike any other record I've ever heard. The hardest hitting listen of the decade.
63Phoebe Bridgers
Stranger In The Alps

Indie Folk (2017) - Not my favourite of the new guard of female indie-rockers by any means, but a great release nonetheless, full of lush, warm instrumentation and sweet (albeit clumsy) lyricism.
64The National
Sleep Well Beast

Indie Rock (2017) - Songs this slow and sunken tend not to sound so huge, and yet these do. Each track has such a presence, in no small part due to Berninger captivating baritone and rich, understated lyricism. It's hard not to be drawn in.
65The Menzingers
On the Impossible Past

Pop Punk / Americana (2012) - Probably quite a ways up there on my list of my most played records of all time, 'On the Impossible Past' feels like an old friend. For those overly fixated on their own failures and struggling with modernity, these straight-shooting 4 chord bangers can act a powerful palliate. Just scream along and wait for the sun to rise.
66Toh Kay
Streetlight Lullabies

Folk (2011) - In stripping away all the swirling chaos that usually comes with a Streetlight track, what you're left with are some incredibly intimate campfire folk tunes whose lyrics are able to take centre stage. If only Tomas had gone beyond companion pieces and launched completely into his solo project; I have a feeling something very special would have come of it.
67You Slut!
Medium Bastard

Math Rock (2012) - Math rock rarely riffs like this. Noodley headbangers.
We Stand to Fight

Heavy Metal (2013) - Classic old school heavy metal, remastered and rereleased in a stunning little EP.
69Sectioned (Metalcore)

Hardcore (2018) - Take what Frontierer are doing, add in some variety and pacing and you get 'Annihilated'. Don't get things twisted; I think I actually prefer the uncompromising mess that is Frontierer. However, the taste and restraint (and I mean 'restraint' in the loosest sense of the word) that Sectioned bring to a usually directionless genre gives me the impression that they could go far.
70The Most
At Once

Math Rock / Emo (2016) - Gorgeous, easy-going math rock jams; non-frenetic and comforting. Think 'Clever Girl' with lyrics and more than 4 songs.
71The Tiger Lillies
Cold Night in Soho

Circus Rock (2017) - Remember when Doof had a near meltdown over these guys? Tongue and cheek whilst deadly serious, the Lillies know a thing or two about crafting atmosphere and getting in your noodle. 'Lets Drink' still gives me chills.
The Dream Is Over

Pop Punk (2016) - I've not managed to really get into 'Morbid Things' yet, and perhaps it won't be my bag. This, however, contains the song 'Sleep in the Heat', which automatically rockets it to one of the best records in the history of the universe. Tense, restless bangers.
73GoGo Penguin
A Humdrum Star

Nu-Jazz (2018) - da musik go 'thumpaty thump' and 'cha cha cha' and 'ts ts ts, ts ts ts' and is good and gives me happiness. Very percussive, very cohesive and very tasteful.
74Gang of Youths
Go Farther in Lightness

Indie Rock (2017) - This easy-listening slow-burner captivated me in 2017, with its rampant positivity and gorgeous instrumentation. It doesn't feature as heavily in my rotation these days, but I do still check in with it now and then.
75Flotation Toy Warning
The Machine That Made Us

Indie Rock (2017) - Sepia-tinged indie rock that jerks and shudders and splutters and soars.
76Royal Blood
Royal Blood

Rock (2014) - Good fun. Nothing more, nothing less. And that's okay.
Savage Sinusoid

Electronic metal operatic thing (2017) - I've heard nothing like this before or since, which isn't enough to earn it a place as one of the best of the decade, but it certainly goes a long way.
78Pkew Pkew Pkew
Pkew Pkew Pkew

Pop Punk (2016) - Old school pop punk vibes on this one, with everything from the pizza and skateboard lyricism to the wafer-thin production. Tis good.
79King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Nonagon Infinity

Psych Rock (2016) - tisgoodtis
80Adrianne Lenker
Hours Were the Birds

Folk (2014) - I had no idea Andrianne was the lead singer of Big Thief, nor did I know she released a second album. I need to check both of those things, 'cause this is some lovely tender folk goodness right here.
81Sons Of Granville
Sons Of Granville

Folk (2011) - DIY folky goodness that's basically gone unnoticed for the last 10 years and really shouldn't have. It's not innovative in any sense of the word, but it is beautiful.
i clung to you hoping we'd both drown

Emo (2011) - I have not listened to this is a long time, but my now-largely-useless-ancient ratings indicate that this is a good album and so I must put it upon this pedestal. Very oddball, very moving, very emo.
83While She Sleeps
This Is the Six

Metalcore (2012) - One of Sheffield's countless prolific metal titans. This is the Six shows the lads at their least anthemic and most raw (albeit still not that raw). Slaps for days and reeks of sincerity.
84Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2

Rap (2014) - Not jammed this in a lil bit and I'm not convinced that I enjoyed it all that much the last time I did. However, RTJ are somewhat of a gateway drug; I still listen to rap in no small part because of this record, and that's something.
Dust and Disquiet

Post Rock (2015) - The distinct lack of post rock on this list so far is probably a good indication of how the genre has faired in recent years, but Dust and Disquiet is the exception that proves the rule. Delicate, engagingly-paced and payoff-heavy - balanced, as all things should be.
86The Wonder Years
The Greatest Generation

Pop Punk (2013) - Quotable lyric after quotable lyric after quotable lyric after quotable lyric. A pop punk monolith.
87Captain, We're Sinking
The Future Is Cancelled

Pop Punk (2013) - Quotable lyric after quotable lyric after quotable lyric after quotable lyric. A pop punk monolith. [2]
88Killer Mike
R.A.P. Music

Rap (2012) - If RTJ reaffirmed my interest in the genre, R.A.P Music made sure that it was there to stay.
89Hyperion (SWE)
Seraphical Euphony

Melodic Black/Death Metal (2016) - I don't find that I enjoy or listen to much "proper" modern metal, but this is pretty cool. Wonderfully melodic and riveting and rousing.
Knife Man

Folk Punk / Indie Rock (2011) - The record that made AJJ more than just a folk punk band. I mean, I much prefer the bands earlier stylings, but I have to admit the extra elements that the guys brought to their sound on Knife Man really do suit Sean's absolutely off the wall lyricism and awkward honestly.
91Bon Iver
Bon Iver, Bon Iver

Indie Folk (2011) - It took Justin's foray into a continually more touched up and dolled up sound for me to finally come around to his s/t. A 'For Emma...' it is not, but it is still a wonderful listen.
92Laura Stevenson
Sit Resist

Indie Folk (2011) - The only record of Laura's intimidating discography that I've actually gotten around to listening to. She deserves more of my attention.
I Was Here For a Moment, Then I Was Gone

Post Rock (2011) - Post rock without post-rockian song structures and (so it turns out) its usual shortcomings. Straight to the point and oh so pretty.
94Glocca Morra
Just Married

Emo (2012) - Frenetic and hyper and fidgety and unstable and joyous. A nervous breakdown with a smile.
Metrics of Affection

Indie Rock (2013) - At its best, Metrics of Affection is the sweetest, most endearing record I've ever come across. At its worst, it's a steaming pile of cheese. Whether Bombadil's soppy tales of love and loss land depends very much so on the listener's mood. However, when they get you they really do get you.
96Kishi Bashi

Kitchen Sink Folk (2014) - This sounds like everything and nothing and I love it.
97Mongol Horde
Mongol Horde

Hardcore (2014) - Frank at his most fierce and fun. Better than A Million Dead imho.
98Alpha Male Tea Party

Math Rock (2014) - Riffs.
We Are Not Your Kind

Nu-Metal (2019) - One of my childhood favourites actually releases a record to moderate critical acclaim for once? Cool.
Last Day

Post Rock (2016) - A charming little sput project that warrants all the love in the world and then some. Pls check.
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