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roast me

ive never made a comprehensive fav albums list so here take it
1david bowie

listened for the first time ever during the month of his death last year. only ever listened to ziggy stardust before that point. ambient wasnt new to me, neither was brian eno, but they were magic together. granted, the ambiance was mostly eno, but the aesthetic and the personality, the significance behind the wordlessness and the otherworldliness was all bowie. such a beautiful and significant album to me and many others im sure. you can feel the isolation in the tracks whether bowie's belting over them over more traditional instruments or simply humming over eno's canvases. the one album i'll never get tired of.
2cocteau twins
heaven or las vegas

i get so crazy with lust when i listen to this album. lust for life, lust for beauty, lust for fulfillment. truly such a beautiful thing. frasier's gibberish has brought me to tears numerous times. love that woman.
3john fahey
The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick

i was skeptical of this when first listening. i never found or imagined the acoustic guitar to be a very multidimensional instrument. fahey proved me very wrong. besides opening the door of american primitivism for me, he showed me beauty can come from anything. just kidding thats gay but this album is something else. another wordless beauty, except for the charmingly awkward interludes from fahey which are beautiful in their own right.
4galaxie 500
on fire

to this day i dont know what i found so appealing about this album, or what caused it to stick to me. im sure a bit of emotional turbulence had something to do with it, but the whiny wails and the subtle, improv esque solos, along with moments of brilliance such as the sax in decomposing trees make this much more than just another shoegaze album.
a i a

liz harris was my first love when venturing into more obscure music. none of the drone folk i listened to after this ever truly stood up to it, except the odd side project from the woman herself (and the rest of her discography of course). this definitely was the stand out album from her though. it's more droney and less folk than her other works. utterly out of this world. ive never listened to something so massive yet so intimate and soft at the same time. come softly for daniel d is life changing in the early hours of the morning. so is the rest of the album.
6have a nice life

i listened to this around the same time i discovered grouper. i still remember the first time i listened to this album. i promise you'll remember the first time too. sitting in a dimly lit living room with the house to myself and my headphones on. god i was so awestruck. one of the few times i needed no stimulation or anything else to occupy me except for the music for over an hour. the closer terrified me and sent chills down all my limbs. i didnt even know what to do with myself after i finished the album, i just sat there and stared at the wall.
7frank ocean
channel ORANGE

soundtrack to happiness. i rode the bus home one august afternoon after school after i asked a girl i'd crushed on for months on a date and i completely butchered my delivery. i stuttered everything. she said yes. i couldnt wipe the smile off my face. i listened to frank harmonize and wail over the dreamy, beautiful, warbly backdrop of sierra leone. "I'll sing a lennon lullaby, she can have a pretty dream,
baby girl if you knew what I know"
leaves turn inside you

my first time listening to this in full was spent staring at the ceiling in a pitch black room. the music isn't colourful or vivid. it wont light up the room or take you someplace else. i was in this stunned, mesmerized trance. i lost myself in every chord progression, every melody, every cryptic lyric. i felt like my soul had left my body by the time terminus was over.
9the weeknd
House of Balloons

my go to album for any kind of hedonistic debauchery i find myself indulging in. sexual awakenings, drug experimentation, self pity and wallowing, narcissism. I wouldn't have any other album soundtrack degeneracy. nothing could compare anyways.

ive had innumerable experiences with this album. the most notable would probably be when i was on vacation and i went down to the hotel pool. i'd learned to swim here as a kid. i had a summertime playlist ready and i closed my eyes and listened to it by the poolside. i remembered spinning this a couple times in the past and thought it'd accompany the moment nicely. man lol shit was life changing. i'll never forget opening my eyes as dream house climaxed. the image of the giant tree hanging over the pool gently swaying in the breeze will forever be crystallized in my mind. the sun glanced through every leaf, every opening onto me. the water looked like liquid sapphire. i cant even describe the feeling i got, it was greater than any chill or moment of awe ive ever experienced. its cliche but i think i felt god.
11modest mouse
the lonesome crowded west

this album made my summer last year. so liberating and beautiful in so many ways.
12the velvet underground
White Light/White Heat

funny, dark, exhilarating, dirty, fucking awesome
13brian eno
another green world

so simplistic and bare bones at times but it conveys so much.
14natural snow buildings
The Dance of the Moon and the Sun

i havent listened to this in much too long, but it deserves a spot. honestly could be a solid contender for the best album of all time. massive drone pieces, folk improvisations, post-rock flirtations, and a few gems with vocals.
15the stooges
fun house

funny, dark, exhilarating, dirty, fucking awesome[2]
(but with jazz)
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