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Doof's Top 100 Albums: Update 2

It's been a year...and that can only mean one thing. 1-75 on the list are set in stone 100% 5's. 76-90 are currently 5's. 91-100 are some my current favourite 4.5's.
1The The

1 [1]

A non mover at 1, we all know what I think of this. Just checking my LastFM account and apparently I still jam this regularly too. Will this ever be toppled?

Favourite Track: Out of the Blue (into the fire)

Full review:

2 [2]

Was thinking of dropping this below 'Is a Woman' but then I spun it again and it is just a perfect listen. As transportive as you can get with music, I can't see Bejar topping this with his new one but hey, if he does....

Favourite Track: Chinatown
Is a Woman

3 [7]

This album keeps on climbing. I've now digested all the Lambchop discog and for me this remains the absolute pinnacle. Majestic understated genius through and through.

Favourite Track: My Blue Wave

Full Review:
4The National
Trouble Will Find Me

4 [4]

Ok, I'm a little disappointed the new one didn't carry on the progression of the band getting better and better but then this album carries a lot of really heartfelt associations now and you just can't replicate that sort of thing. I still believe this is their most consistent and it'll certainly remain my favourite now.

Favourite Track: Slipped
OK Computer

5 [3]

Despite listening to this a great deal this year (thanks to the B-Sides reissue) this has fallen a couple of spots. I don't think there's a danger of this album ever dropping out of my top 10 (band of me youth and that) but I can see it continuing to fall a few more places over the next few years. Still their best album and still my top album of the 90s.

Favourite Track: Let Down

6 [8]

Another steady climber, the Tindersticks are just one of those bands who put down strong roots. The debut is the album which has a little bit of everything they do well and still an easy pick for my favourite of theirs.

Favourite Track: Blood
In Utero

7 [9]

My appreciation of this album is reaffirming over time again now, probably as I've started listening to more rock and punk being on this site. This album whoops so much of the competition, Cobain (like him or loath him) just had this natural touch to his song writing. He's one of those rare freaks with a birth given knack, you can't deny it (well you can try but eh).

Favourite Track: Frances Farmer
8The National

8 [6]

Urgh, I don't really like having two albums from the same band in my top 10, my inner Rain Man starts triggering, but I'd be lying to myself not putting this here. Especially now 'Slow Show' was my first dance song at my wedding (sentimental fool I know).

Favourite Track: Slow Show
9Talking Heads
Remain in Light

9 [14]

It's a climber after falling last year. This is still my second favourite album of the 80's and I need to honour that. The album is possibly the most consistent from start to finish you'll ever encounter.

Favourite Track: Born Under Punches
10Mercury Rev
Deserter's Songs

10 [17]

I returned to this last week thinking I'd drop this further down the list..but I absolutely fell for it again. This has so many memories attached to it now and it contains about five or six absolutely perfect songs. Welcome to the top 10.

Favourite Track: Holes
I Could Live in Hope

11 [new entry]

The first new entry and oh so close to gatecrashing the top 10. This is the very most depressing of all the slowcore type albums I've listened to from the era, but it's also got the most immersive atmosphere and the most consistent flow. The last three tunes (before 'Sunshine') are the point where a 4-4.5 album reveals itself as a certified mutha. An undeniable classic.

Favourite Track: Down
12Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

12 [20]

This I'd underrated on the previous list, I'm not entirely sure why (I probably just hadn't listened to it recently). Another album without a single wasted note or misstep.

Favourite Track: New Grass
13John Fahey
Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier's Choice)

13 [new entry]

Another new entry and probably the first real surprise. I've been dipping a toe in some American primitivism and this is my favourite album of the style so far, if you enjoy guitar playing in any capacity at all you should probably listen to this at least the once.

Favourite Track: Fare Forward Voyagers
14The Residents
Not Available

14 [15]

This album is such an odd bod it really is. The weirdest release I've heard from one of the most eccentric bands I've ever encountered, but it was never a struggle to connect because there's something really natural to this music.

Favourite Track: Part Four: Never Known Questions
15Billy Corgan


15 [10]

My favourite list feature glitch on Sputnik :D Yes I fear to put up 'Siamese Dream' for fear it will vanish. Poor old Billy has lost it now but by golly he had it back in 1993.

Favourite Track: Hummer
Crazy on the Weekend

16 [5]

A faller...but not too far. This still has a chance of rising again over the years but right now perhaps I over listened to this. Again, we all know what I think about this album...

Favourite Track: Hard Sun

Full Review:
Tindersticks II

17 [39]

A climber because Zak keeps on going on and on about how great this is and I'm inclined to agree. A lot of string drenched ballads, maybe too many to make this an album for every occasion, but when in the mood it's hard to beat.

Favourite Track: She's Gone

Full Review:
18The National
High Violet

18 [16]

A tough choice as to whether to drop this below the new album...but after returning to this I just had to acknowledge the strength of that run from 'Bloodbuzz' to the end of the disc. Some of their best work here for sure.

Favourite Track: Sorrow
19David Bowie

19 [13]

Ol' Dave, bit sad to see this fall so (erm) low. I've just got to be honest here...I don't spin this as much as most of the albums higher up the list and some new albums that impressed me since the last list needed their moment in the sun. Still easily my top Bowie album, his best side of 'pop' and easily easily easily his most successful side of 'experimental' music.

Favourite Track: Always Crashing in the Same Car

20 [30]

Look at the albums above this...not a barrel of laughs. This is the first time we get close to a 'happy' or 'upbeat' album. 'Nevermind' was my life aged 13, and it still makes me happy in 2017. Top 20.

Favourite Track: Lounge Act
21Prefab Sprout
Jordan: The Comeback

21 [new entry]

Hahahhahahaha, this album is one of my finds of the year, I absolutely love it but I'm still not sure if should be classed as a guilty pleasure. It's fluffy, it's a bit pompous, it's patently ridiculous on many occasions - but the ambition is incredible and it's addictive as you like. Pop albums have to pull out all the stops to impress the Doof - this pulls out. all. the. stops. (Props to Fripp for pointing me in this direction).

Favourite Track: Jordan (the comeback)
Soundtracks for the Blind

22 [new entry]

God I hate Swans. God I hate having to respect an absolute monster of an album by a band who I find otherwise such an unattractive proposition (meandering standoffish arty farts basically). 'White Light' is a decent enough album too, but this one. This one. This is something else.

Favourite Track: Animus
23Bob Dylan
Blonde on Blonde

23 [new entry]

It's taken a long time to get here, but I've finally found a Bob album that truly satisfies. Strange it took a double album...but then I do appear to have a predilection for double disc'ers for whatever reason. This might even contain my favourite five songs by Dylan, I hold my hands up and admit - this is legendary stuff.

Favourite Track: One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)
24Palace Music
Lost Blues and Other Songs

24 [new entry]

Is this a legitimate pick? Strictly speaking it's a compilation but as it's a mix of EP and single material I'm thinking what the heck. Now I really respect 'I See a Darkness' but for me this has a bit more to it and some more warmth and looseness to it. Again, another release that possibly contains four or five of a prolific artist's top 10 songs.

Favourite Track: Gulf Shores
25Glenn Branca
The Ascension

25 [12]

Ok this has dropped a little, and yes it's not an everyday listen. Still I'm never less than stunned by the power of this album whenever I spin it. One of the top 10 most influential guitar albums of all time? I'd think so.

Favourite Track: The Spectacular Commodity
It's a Wonderful Life

26 [34]

This keeps climbing with every year, the nostalgia is too strong. The influence of Linkous is still out there, he is missed. I've realised I particularly enjoy albums like this with a consistent tone throughout (see also 'Kaputt' and 'Is a Woman').

Favourite Track: King of Nails
27Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica

27 [27]

I do prefer the ambition and grandeur of this one compared to 'Lonesome' (which is the more cool album I guess). I like Brock's mystical/existential mumbo jumbo lyrics on this, they add another dimension that I think is only hinted at on 'Lonesome'.

Favourite Track: Lives
28The Blue Nile

28 [88]

This album probably arrived a little late in my considerations for the last list. The greatest nighttime listen of all time for me. Again, there's a gushing review for this one.

Favourite Track: Let's Go Out Tonight

Full Review:
Forever Changes

29 [26]

The definitive 60s album, I was apprehensive approaching this one for some reason but it lived up to the hype. Ok, the first half is stronger than the second...but the last song is incredible so the 5 is cemented.

Favourite Track: The Red Telephone
30Joni Mitchell

30 [new entry]

In the battle of the folkies this new entry trumps Nick Drake and Elliott Smith. That could change in the future but right now I'm really impressed with the consistency of this one. Not a major fan of any of her other releases which was a bit of a surprise though.

Favourite Track: Carey
31American Music Club

31 [re entry]

Jeepers, I got a little over excited last time replacing this with the 'United Kingdom' album. This returns to its rightful place in the top 100 and its position as the best set of Eitzel songs on the one release.

Favourite Track: Blue & Grey Shirt

Full Review:
32Elliott Smith

32 [23]

The perfect mood, something quite hard to quantify or define, but this album has it.

Favourite Track: Angeles
Automatic for the People

33 [25]

You can tell me early R.E.M is superior as much as you like but this will always be their album that speaks to me the most. Stipe seems at his most natural here, nothing try hard, but revelling in a certain sort of confidence you only get at the peak of your career.

Favourite Track: Find the River
34The National
Sleep Well Beast

34 [new entry]

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for - the first 2017 release to break the top 100. It hasn't quite kept pace with the preceding three albums but it remains the strongest of the albums I've listened to this year. It's their most 'headphone-y' album so far and I like that about it.

Favourite Track: The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness

Full Review:
35Thomas Feiner & Anywhen
The Opiates Revised

35 [11]

It couldn't last, not at 11 ye gods, but this is still a really solid uncelebrated/forgotten album (props again to Clover for the rec).

Favourite Track: Dinah and the Beautiful Blue

36 [35]

One of those 'one off' albums by an artist that just hits the spot in a way that none of their later material ever recaptured. Nothing else quite sounds like this album, Massive Attack were too polite to let loose the larger than life personality Tricky unleashes here.

Favourite Track: Aftermath
Tago Mago

37 [new entry]

This could yet rise but I'm only feeling like I have some sort of a grip on this wriggly eel of an album. A slippery customer, this has a groove though and it confounds the listener at every turn. I need not say how influential this sound has proven.

Favourite Track: Mushroom
38Dr. John

38 [new entry]

Another album all about the atmosphere, the good doctor was a bit unlucky in a way because he hit that perfect magic note on his very first release and it has been a case of slowly diminishing returns ever since. This has that swampy late evening drug fuelled vibe down to a tee.

Favourite Track: I Walk On Guilded Splinters
39Magnolia Electric Co
Magnolia Electric Co

39 [18]

Hmmm, maybe this has dropped slightly too far. Molina's most accessible release but also his best imo - it's good to hear him 'rock' as well as open his soul in trad country inflected folky mode. This'll always be a Songs: Ohia album for me too, Magnolia Electric Co just isn't the name I first associate with Molina :/

Favourite Track: I've Been Riding with the Ghost
40Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

40 [19]

Still a great album but one I didn't return to enough this year. One of the most intimate sounding recordings out there and Wyatt is unapologetically himself; he may be using the english words (for the most part) but in effect it's his own language he's communicating in here. You get the same exact feeling with the music he present here too.

Favourite Track: Alife
41Nick Drake
Five Leaves Left

41 [22]

Haven't spun a lot of Nick this year, so this falls a bit. I still see why most people prefer 'Pink Moon', and I can come to peace with a few misguided fools preferring 'Bryter Layter' to this too, but this will forever be my favourite Nick Drake album. 'Pink' is slightly too bare and 'Bryter' slightly too embellished for either to be top dog, this gets the balance dead on.

Favourite Track: Fruit Tree
Master of Puppets

42 [47]

DoofMetal is born.

Favourite Track: Master of Poppets

43 [61]

This got the 5 bump, I guess I was being a bit stubborn refusing to properly acknowledge this. 'Good Morning Captain' is a top 5 tune of all time and really the rest of the album isn't all that far behind that sort of level so...I was being silly.

Favourite Track: Good Morning Captain

44 [new entry]

Minimal Slowdive is my favourite Slowdive, this plays out close to a companion piece to 'Laughing Stock' and the like. Again, that consistent atmosphere/tone works wonders.

Favourite Track: J's Heaven
45Pink Floyd

45 [21]

Animals flanimals. I still respect this album a great deal but it isn't one that's on steady rotation at the moment. In a strange turn of events it could even get usurped by 'Piper' at some stage down the line as my last spin of that album was revelatory. Watch this space.

Favourite Track: Dogs
46Sleaford Mods
The Mekon

46 [new entry]

...and now for something completely different. Is this the first 'punk' album on the list? This is a classic 'one man band' project and near enough every lyric here is comedy dynamite. In the world of song it takes skill to be so antisocial and yet remain so engaging and likeable all at the same time. Don't knock it.

Favourite Track: The Mekon
47Jim O'Rourke
Bad Timing

47 [new entry]

O'Rourke's masterpiece this, so in other words the slyest of the sly. The easiest album on this entire list to underestimate I'd predict.

Favourite Track: 94 the Long Way
48Sandy Bull
Fantasias For Guitar & Banjo

48 [new entry]

Ahhh, this was in a mini battle with the O'Rourke. Jim got the nod as this one is more front loaded - effectively the first 22 minute song accounts for 90% of the appeal of this release. that's enough to get top 50 billing. Believe it.

Favourite Track: Blend (doh)
Electro-Shock Blues

49 [36]

Mr E's beautiful blues drops a shade but clings to top 50. Still no one's jam of the summer but you have to be a right cynical bitch to disrespect this.

Favourite Track: Efil's God
50The Flaming Lips
The Soft Bulletin

50 [24]

Ooh, 'Soft'-y has fallen hard, as have this band in general for me. Mercury Rev have continued to work that spell on me where their buddies the Flips haven't quite. Saying all that, this is an undeniable beast of an album.

Favourite Track: A Spoonful Weighs A Ton

51 [29]

Old dependable, this has a full review.

Favourite Track: Hellbelly

Full Review:
52Led Zeppelin
Physical Graffiti

52 [31]

More variety, the most top quality material = the best Zeppelin. It may not be their most consistent track for track but it matters not, deal.

Favourite Track: Cash Meer
53Brian Eno
Before and After Science

53 [66]

Steady climbing from our Brian and given time this one might be joined by some of his other releases. For now, this is the one that connected deepest and is overall the most satisfying mix of all the styles he dabbled in during the era. I see it as 'Low's baby brother right now.

Favourite Track: By This River
54David Sylvian
Secrets of the Beehive

54 [28]

I guess listening to so much Sylvian has 'spread the love' a bit thinner now - that can happen people. Still my favourite of his releases...but others are growing.

Favourite Track: Orpheus
How I Quit Smoking

55 [new entry]

My second favourite Lambchop and as is usually the case with this band, this has that incredible consistency of atmosphere. 'Theone' is drop dead incredible, one of the songs of the 90s.

Favourite Track: Theone
Kid A

56 [33]

This album is on a bit of a placings rollercoaster but could it be settling here, around the 50/60 position and finally ahead of that pesky 'Bends' album? I think so.

Favourite Track: How to Disappear Completely.

57 [40]

An album with an obvious appeal I'd have thought, everyone knows and loves this right? We'll move on.

Favourite Track: Gouge Away
58Sun Kil Moon

58 [46]

There have to be a couple of Marky Mark albums in this top 100, feels half my life has been spent listening to the dude. I maintain, this is his best. The most personal, the most thoughtful, the most ambitious, the most unexpected (at the time). I'll not hear a bad word against.

Favourite Track: Micheline
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

59 [37]

Do I listen to a hell of a lot of Pavement in recent years? Not really, but maybe I should.

Favourite Track: Range Life
60Fleetwood Mac

60 [63]

Been checking more of Lindsey Buckingham's solo stuff this year and it has reaffirmed it's his influence I dig the most when it comes to the Mac. 70% of this album is his testing site truth be told...and that's a very cool thing.

Favourite Track: What Makes You Think You're The One
61David Bowie
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars

61 [new entry]

Yeah yeah, this shouldn't be a new entry. 'Five Years' followed by 'Soul Love' - doesn't get much better.

Favourite Track: Five Years
62Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation

62 [56]

Hugely influential and the most satisfying Youth release, this treads water.

Favourite Track: Teen Age Riot
The Bends

63 [32]

I feel sorry for 'The Bends' - can I start this again? Painful but it's falling.

Favourite Track: Street Spirit (fade out)
64Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex

64 [new entry]

Another one. Also, a terrible terrible band name. The most consistent album of 2017 and get this...not. to. its. detriment. Glad we cleared that up.

Favourite Track: Apocalypse
65Sufjan Stevens
Carrie and Lowell

65 [59]

So this beat 'Garden of Delete' in the long game. Well done Sufjan, now stop playing with Uranus and get back to recording stuff along the lines of this.

Favourite Track: 4th of July
I Hope You're Sitting Down

66 [new entry]

Best album cover on the list. That is all.

Favourite Track: Soaky in the Pooper
In Rainbows

67 [80]

This finally got the 5 bump when it suddenly dawned on me 'House of Cards' is the most damn evocative thing on the album and not a weak point.

Favourite Track: Nude
68Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

68 [62]

It was downhill all the way after this for Trent but on this one he got the balance between production polish and performance bile perfect.

Favourite Track: Ruiner
69Wu-Tang Clan
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

69 [41]

Apologies that this is the only hip hop release on the list but this is still the only one with a real place in my heart to this degree. Not saying that can't change one day.

Favourite Track: Protect Ya Neck
70Red House Painters
Red House Painters

70 [re entry]

Surprised this had to leap frog so many other Kozelek releases but this is definitely my second favourite, not sure what was up with that.

Favourite Track: Things Mean a Lot

71 [new entry]

The best album of 2016 finally makes its Top 100 Doof list debut, and yes, the fourth Lambchop album on the list. I can only apologise.

Favourite Track: The Hustle

Full Review:
72The Tiger Lillies
Either Or

72 [new entry]

Surprised it took so long? Here they are. There will be more.

Favourite Track: Boredom

Full Review:
73Doc Corbin Dart

73 [new entry]

The ultimate hidden gem of the 90s.

Favourite Track: Fear of Abandoment

Full Review:
74Flotation Toy Warning
Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck

74 [new entry]

Yet another new entry, and another album that slipped below the radar (well, everywhere other than shitty RYM...)

Favourite Track: Donald Pleasance
75Guided by Voices
Bee Thousand

75 [38]

And so here ends the guaranteed 5s in Doof perpetuity. Scrappy perfection this.

Favourite Track: Tractor Rape Chain
76And Also The Trees
(Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man

76 [new entry]

Too early to know just how high this might climb (props to Unique for this rec).

Favourite Track: Rive Droite
77Grant Lee Buffalo

77 [new entry]

Another recent 5 bump, this should be safe with that rating. 90s >

Favourite Track: Fuzzy
78The Raincoats

78 [new entry]

Early days with this one too.

Favourite Track: Shouting Out Loud
The Clock Comes Down the Stairs

79 [new entry]

A very strange 80s pop album indeed, so I reviewed it.

Favourite Track: Past

Full Review:
80Tom Waits
Rain Dogs

80 [89]

I think this will remain my favourite Waits album but it's not 100% a done deal.

Favourite Track: Downtown Train
81Lindsey Buckingham
Out of the Cradle

81 [new entry]

Could this be the ultimate pop rock album? It beats out 'Full Moon fever' as of now and has earned an optimistic 5 in the process. Could review this.

Favourite Track: Wrong
82Oneohtrix Point Never
Garden of Delete

82 [42]

Still love this, the placing might be overly harsh.

Favourite Track: Sticky Drama
83The Tiger Lillies
Lulu: A Murder Ballad

83 [new entry]

Said there'd be more.

Favourite Track: Daddy

Full Review:
84Silver Apples
Silver Apples

84 [new entry]

Listened to this yesterday and now thinking this might be too low. People say it sounds like a bunch of blueprints for Portishead's 'We Carry On' - this is not a bad thing.

Favourite Track: Misty Mountain
85Robert Wyatt

85 [new entry]

A second Wyatt 5 and this is a very different listen to 'Rock Bottom'. Over time and I can see this album's more agreeable nature moving it up the list and closer to RB.

Favourite Track: A Sunday in Madrid
86Lisa Germano
Geek The Girl

86 [new entry]

A dark fairytale sort of affair, for now this remains a 5 and a solid top 100 inclusion (and helps bump up the number of female artists on this list).

Favourite Track: Cry Wolf

Full Review:
87The Tiger Lillies
The Brothel to the Cemetery

87 [new entry]

Their most consistent album and I think it's earned that 5, time will tell.

Favourite Track: Tiger Lillie Line
88Haruomi Hosono

88 [new entry]

Ok, this is only just - just - clinging to that 5 but it's such a likeable album I'm happy with it sitting here for now. Intrigued to find out if I prefer any of his other releases to this.

Favourite Track: Sports Men
89The Tiger Lillies
Circus Songs

89 [new entry]

The Lillies most atmospheric jam, I'm not 100% convinced I need four 5/5 rated Lillies albums but what can you do.

Favourite Track: Pall Bearers

Full Review:
90John Maus
We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves

90 [new entry]

Ok, I've only listened to this album six times so it's a near instant 5. Call it a risk...but I'm really enjoying this. The new Ariel Pink is really strong but this has impressed me even more. One to look out for in next year's list I guess (and thank you Toad for the rec).

Favourite Track: Quantum Leap
91The The
Soul Mining

91 [78]

We now enter the 4.5s. So close to a 5/5 but it is a fair bit weaker than 'Infected' for me. It'll be a sad day when this does drop out of my top 100 though.

Favourite Track: This is The Day
92Roxy Music
For Your Pleasure

92 [48]

This was in with a solid shout of earning a 5, only now I really rate the debut almost as much...I think my top 100 needs a Roxy Music album though, of that I'm sure, and this is probably my favourite.

Favourite Track: In Every Dream Home A Heartache
Everybody Is Fantastic

93 [new entry]

Sometimes I fear I've 5'd the wrong Microdisney album, this is the more experimental of the two...there's not a lot in it.

Favourite Track: Dreaming Drains
94Joanna Newsom

94 [new entry]

I worshipped this album in 2006 but since then it'd become a bit of a dust gatherer. Revisited and I couldn't deny it's quality. She's probably a horrific luvvie but whatever.

Favourite Track: Only Skin
95Jane's Addiction
Ritual De Lo Habitual

95 [re entry]

Another album that's still flirting with the 5 bump - and it has a Doof review.

Favourite Track: Then She Did

Full Review:
96Animal Collective
Strawberry Jam

96 [44]

Going, going...gone. Next stop - a list without any AnCo? Are these the days we're living in?

Favourite Track: Cuckoo Cuckoo
97Talking Heads
Fear of Music

97 [58]

The second best Heads album is nearly gone? Rightfully hailed a classic...but the competition is getting tougher.

Favourite Track: Cities
98Sigur Ros

98 [45]

Confession - I've probably listened to less than five hours worth of Siggy Ros since the last list. Maybe a nostalgic pick at this stage, strong album but it won't be in the top 100 next time. Just can't see it.

Favourite Track: Svo Hljótt
99The Psychedelic Furs
Talk Talk Talk

99 [86]

A late new entry in last year's list, it just isn't quite strong enough to get that all important 5 bump. Still, easily their strongest release for me and the closer is an absolute beaut.

Favourite Track: She is Mine
100Tom Petty
Full Moon Fever

100 [new entry]

This position is a free swing of the bat really, a bit of a wild card. The ultimate nostalgia pick.

Favourite Track: A Face in the Crowd
101The Stranglers
Greatest Hits 1977-1990

I bumped this to a 5 but it still can't qualify for the list, including 'Best Of's isn't something I could live with.

Below is a list of the fallen:
Cass McCombs, Mangy Love / Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, I See a Darkness / Animal Collective, Feels / DJ Shadow, Endtroducing / Megadeth, Rusty Piece / AMC, United Kingdom / Manics, Holy Bible / Bon Iver, Bon Iver / Niechec , Niechec / Sun Kil Moon, Ghosts of the Great Highway / MBV, Loveless / Deerhunter, Halcyon Digest / Yes, Close to the Edge / Modest Mouse, Lonesome Crowded West / Destroyer, Poison Season / Pavement, Slanted & Enchanted / Pumpkins, Mellon Collie / Sun Kil Moon, April / Destroyer, Streethawk / Fishmans, Long Season / The Knife, Silent Shout / Bowie, Station to Station / Radiohead, Moon Shaped Pool / Gas, Pop / David Sylvian, Gone to Earth / Portishead, Portishead / R.E.M, Murmur / Pearl Jam, Vitalogy / Gavin Clark, Beautiful Skeletons / Bark Psychosis, Hex / The Residents, Meet the Residents / Portishead, Third
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