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Doof's 2018 Half Way Jamboree

Welcome back to the weird and wonderful world of Doof, a land where only 6 (8 at most) genres are officially recognised and your Earth attained musical reputation and celebrity count for nothing. Josh Tillman go slip on a dIck, your latest album blows. Kanye, swivel for it mate, you haven't released a good track in two albums now. If this isn't a world you can understand or identify with don't be scared, all are welcome to visit, I'm not a threat to your way of lyfe. I cum in pisces. Try and enjoy!
1Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

1st Place: 'Rock' music

Ooh rock is dead, rock is not what it was, etc. This is true, instead of being the actual ‘pop’ of the masses that used to unite people in huge numbers it’s now...just another genre, like folk or pop itself. Which is to say there’s no overarching trend or movement, it’s all far more disparate and distanced now - and yet here I am, the Doof, telling you it’s a great year for rock. Well, first up you had the grizzly Tropical Fuck Storm gnashing their way out of the fresh corpse of The Drones and providing a razor sharp guitar masterclass and showing the rest how a rock act can still sound current and angry at the same time in 2018. Other beloved outsiders return in the welcome many-headed shape of Evil Blizzard, who have finally shaken the ‘pub band’ sound on album number three, the irresistible ‘Worst Show on Earth’. Spin it, live it, try and better thyselves.
2Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

The prevailing trend, if indeed there is one for rock in 2018, is still '90s fetishising. This year the particular fashion is for female fronted bands or ‘girly one man bands ’ as I call them (and why not)...some of which are good, little are outstanding. In fact it’s an old master in the form of Stephen Malkmus who delivered the best album in this style, a return to form no less. No Age also weighed in with a meaty opus of their own to claim a close second placed finish behind our Steve. Post punk and punky punky punk (punk that isn’t post anything? Ask Uni about the differences) faves are the new Parquet Courts which was unsurprisingly solid and the lively new releases from Ed Schrader’s monkey phonics band (sic), Hot Snakes, Hookworms and (KT) Turnstile. For something more ‘out there’ look no further than ‘Bon Voyage’ by Melody’s Echo Chamber - a sweet trip to a land of loveless avalanches if you catch my snowdrift.
3Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

A few low key disappointments in the new Ought and Yo La Tengo albums but nothing to go postal over. The ‘embarrassing 90s survivors comeback’ spot is this year claimed by (dum dum dum)...Ash who’ve decided 2018 is the perfect time to start copying Arcade Fire, just when Arcade Fire themselves have got to the stage they’d rather sound like anyone other than the 2018 edition of Arcade Fire. So in summary, rock is still the daddy, kind of. What next?
4Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

1st for rock [4.4/5]
5Evil Blizzard
The Worst Show on Earth

6Melody's Echo Chamber
Bon Voyage

7Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Sparkle Hard

8No Age
Snares Like A Haircut

9Ed Schrader's Music Beat

10Amen Dunes

11Parquet Courts
Wide Awake

Time and Space

13Jukka Nousiainen
Ei enaa kylmaa eika pimeaa

14Hot Snakes
Jericho Sirens


16The Voidz

17Frog Eyes
Violet Psalms

18City Calm Down
Echoes In Blue

19Buffalo Tom
Quiet and Peace


21Paddy Hanna
Frankly, I Mutate

2nd Place: 'Pop' music

You read that right, a great year for ‘pop’ or ‘popular song’ that doesn’t qualify as rock or folk etc to be more precise. Trends that have worked well are the unexpected update to a kind of retro chamber pop as showcased by artists like Paddy Hanna and Matt Maltese, with humorous/witty lyrics and knowing crooner style deliveries. Arctic Monkeys went somewhere close too but made an absolute balls up of it sounding like a braindead/low rent Bowie pastiche. Anna Von Hausswolf, Eleanor Friedberger and Beach House showed there’s still life in the ‘still on trend’ more dreamy/abstract branches of pop, the latter of whom even drifting close to a powerful rock-ish sound in places this time.
22Paddy Hanna
Frankly, I Mutate

Not many old hands out there delivering anything particularly memorable, esp compared to recent memory where there’s been a glut, but David Byrne’s ‘Utopia’ found him sounding at home and in his element, so worth anyone’s time. The big disappointment was Pops J Misty phoning in album numero 4 and effectively having his pants pulled down by others besting him at his own (or a similar) game - along with the aforementioned Matt Maltese who outdid him for witticisms you also have Damien Jurado bruising his eye for soul searching and romanticism.
23Paddy Hanna
Frankly, I Mutate

There were other minor disappointments, in particular a second serving of (ham and) Rhye wasn’t all that revelatory and the John Grant and Shearwater side projects were both only sporadically inspired. The stuff that turned me off (beyond the usual depressing state of chart pop natch) were the awful pandering soundbite-y projects epitomised by Janelle Monae’s ‘Dirty Computer’ (ooh matron) and the influx of bland fem fronted country pop records that I sadly find harmless at best, cloying at worst. That’s yer pop (save your questions until AOB at the end of the list).
24Paddy Hanna
Frankly, I Mutate

1st for pop [4.7/5]
25Eleanor Friedberger

26Matt Maltese
Bad Contestant

27Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

28Beach House

29Damien Jurado
The Horizon Just Laughed

30David Byrne
American Utopia

31Essaie Pas
New Path

Something Left Behind

33The Sea And Cake
Any Day

34Shakey Graves
Can't Wake Up

35La Luz
Floating Features


37Creep Show
Mr Dynamite


39Meshell Ndegeocello

40Totally Mild

41Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

3rd Place: 'Folk' music

Folk IS quite popular these days to the degree most folk here is damn close to pop - so don’t ask me exactly where one starts and the other begins. Relax into this. Some is indie folk/indie pop, whatever that may be? Some is country or alt country-ish stuff that also gets lumped in here for being folk-y. Clear? Good. A steady year for folk indeed, with excellent low key and gorgeously understated releases from Ben Howard, Jennifer Castle, Aiden Mo-ffat (who-that?) and SsssCarey. Americana was serviced through an unexpected all-instrumental soundtrack comeback from Richmond Fontaine and an impressive debut from the ‘not dissimilar to prime-RF’ Dogwood Tales.
42Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

More experimental fare was to be found in among the hidden gem discovery Rosehall, courtesy of Lucid’s review, an album that combines spoken word, field recordings, and the sort of folk passages Grizzly Bear or Sufjan Stevens would be proud to call ‘my sort of folk passages’. In terms of an ‘oldie but a goodie’ we had John Prine whose voice now makes Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ deliverin’ latter career croak sound positively sprightly by comparison. Whelp. Eels collect their near-annual ‘slightly disappointing’ here, and I can’t think of a major folk disappointment - does folk ever disappoint in any seismic way? Probably not but hey that’s yer 2018 folk summary.
43Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

1st for folk [4.4/5]
The First Requisite Is Life

45Jennifer Castle
Angels of Death

46Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert
Here Lies The Body

47Dogwood Tales
Too Hard to Tell

48Richmond Fontaine
Don’t Skip Out on Me

49Angelique Kidjo
Remain in Light

50Stick In The Wheel
Follow Them True

51S. Carey
Hundred Acres

52John Prine
The Tree Of Forgiveness

53Jim McCarty
Walking in the Wild Land

54Simone Felice
The Projector

55Trampled By Turtles
Life Is Good On The Open Road

56A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

4th Place: 'Electronic' gubbins

The Doof doesn’t specialise in any particular genre of electronic and similar to metal it’s usually the crossover/majorly hyped stuff that gets a listen. Saying that, my AOTY so far (if it qualifies) is Jaar’s incredibly solid A.A.L comp. Oneohtrix Point Never returned with another excellent album...that sadly isn't quite good enough to end up claiming another Doof AOTY after 'Garden of Delete' did just that a couple of years ago. Beyond that I’ve been enjoying the mellow delights of E Ruscha V and Yu Su (the 'Preparations for Departure’ EP) as well as dipping a toe into ambient waters with the evergreen Gas, Grouper and Pendant (they sound like a collective listed like that). Some solid comebacks from Mr. Fingers and DJ Koze round out my 2018 for electronic, nothing has majorly disappointed me from this genre...but I (clearly) haven’t delved too deep either.
57A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

1st for electronic [4.8/5]
58Oneohtrix Point Never
Age Of

59Protus Opus
Screaming Eagle

60Jon Hopkins


62E Ruscha V
Who Are You

63Nils Frahm
All Melody

64DJ Koze
knock knock

65Mr. Fingers
Cerebral Hemispheres

66Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

5th Place: The 'Metal'

Grrr, Doof Metal lives...or does he? Is he asleep out of boredom. Rock is near-dead as we’ve already discussed but does ‘Doof Metal’ even have a pulse? Yes, I don’t really dabble too much in the most extreme sub genres of metal - unless there’s a huge degree of hype or consensus. So what have I found? Some crossover albums in Mol’s ‘Jord’ (great for some sunbather-ing) and Rolo Tomassi’s constantly hopping ‘Time Will Die and bla’. Sleep woke up and did a sleep - a great sleep as it happens, but sleep is sleep if you follow. So sleep. Drudkh took me closer to the ‘black’ side with an album that starts like a house on fire but loses a little of that power as it progresses.
67Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

Mainstream metal had no ‘big release’ as such but COC and Tribulation released unspectacular but steady albums, while nu metaller era acts Skindred and Sevendust dropped passable discs. Lordi stomped on the comedy metal competition with the ‘me horni horni horni’ ‘Sexorcism’ - honestly pretty hilarious. Other than Sleep stoner metal saw Monster Magnet phone in yet another decent enough offering. Flops? It’s metal, there were innumerable bad albums - take your pick from Machine Head, Ministry and an out of his depth Jonny Davis. Other than that...the album about slugs wasn’t all that chaps.
68Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

1st for metal [3.8/5]

They Often See Dreams About The Spring

71Corrosion of Conformity
No Cross No Crown

Down Below


74Monster Magnet

Esoteric Malacology

76Nickelus F

6th Place (aka last place): 'Rap' music

Yes, I’m calling it ‘rap’ because I’m including some electronic stuff with rapping to make up the numbers. Plus I’m including EPs for this genre. If you’re picking up the subtle clues you can probably surmise I’m not blown away by the quality of hip hop in 2018. ‘Conscious’ and ‘trap’ still dominate as the trends du jour...other than the other major M~AJOR trend that is 10% of the world’s population constantly feeding into Kanye’s inflated ego. Yes, Ye Ye Ye projects have dominated and because they’re so short in terms of runtimes this year I’ve checked most of them out. ‘Ye’ itself, not for me, we all know this, let's not go there. ‘Daytona’ and ‘Ghosts’ are an improvement but the moment phrases like AOTY are bandied about the eyes glaze over. Still, he’s been involved in some good-ish stuff here and there, I'll concede.
77Nickelus F

Showing that trap or ‘near-trap’ isn’t an impossible Doof jump is my boy Nickelus F who really came up with the goods on the equally hard hitting and catchy ‘Stuck’. A couple of super EPs have caught my ear, Shygirl’s ‘Cruel Practice’ is closer to dubstep but I’m putting it up here and then Black Thought’s debut EP brings some of that on-trend ‘conscious’ Roots magic. Veterans are mainly responsible for some mild disappointments like Doom’s above ok ‘czarface’ and Doc Oc’s ‘not quite the same past magic’ ‘Moosebumps’. Obviously a lot of ‘lil’ and cloud artists out there doing a lot of nothing, with Drake clogging up mainstream radio to make sure there’s no escape - I couldn’t sound older right now if I tried. Onwards!
78Nickelus F

1st for rap [3.9/5]
79Black Thought
Streams of Thought, Vol. 1

Cruel Practice

Czarface Meets Metal Face

82Pusha T

83Dr. Octagon


85Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts

86Idris Ackamoor and The Pyramids
An Angel Fell

Other shit

Yes, my favourite genre. From jazz to whatever the hell ‘The Drink’ are it’s all here. A middling year for ‘other shit’ all told.

1st for other shit: [4.3/5] JAZZ
The Drink

88Sons of Kemet
Your Queen Is a Reptile

[3.7] JAZZ
89Hailu Mergia
Lala Belu

[3.6/5] JAZZ
90Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet

[3.5/5] MNNNSNSNAYM....
91Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace


Yup, these are songs. The ones I liked best so far from 2018.

92Evil Blizzard
The Worst Show on Earth


94A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

95City Calm Down
Echoes In Blue

96Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet

97Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

98Eleanor Friedberger

99John Prine
The Tree Of Forgiveness

The Drink

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