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03.21.17 Getaway Pt. 2: Portland03.11.17 Getaway Pt. 1: Seattle
02.28.17 Boreal02.26.17 More snow this morning

Getaway Pt. 1: Seattle

Abandoning all my obligations this weekend and driving
1Savath y Savalas

it's spanish and i like it
2Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp a Butterfly

World Music

groovin and bombastic and kinda in your face which I dig
4Frank Ocean

the k.dot of r&b. or maybe k.dot is the frank.o of hip hop

but no yeah really I'm just glad to have been able to witness the ascent of these two artists as they're among those our kids will ask us about
5Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
Until The Hunter

obliged because I dig it immensely and just grabbed the LP from sonic boom in ballard. thought I was out of luck but found it in the mazzy section
6Massive Attack

it's raining and has been for a long time and probably will for the forseeable future. I just took a shit at caffe vita in fremont (yeah spelled with two f's)
7Carina Round
The Disconnection

it's hard to ever nail down one particular favorite album but this is regularly in my thought process. Incredibly emotive and pairs well with the freedom of movement that comes with travel. makes any moment a highlight
8Catherine Wheel

this album really doesn't need to exist but it does and it's really not half bad so why not. also it sounds like some of the grungy bros that came from Seattle back in the day. I swear man, every other person on the street in fremont looks like either eddie vedder or macklemore
9Chelsea Wolfe
Pain Is Beauty

a throwback to a previous road trip a couple years ago where i played the warden so much my friends were like DUDEE
10Martina Topley-Bird
Some Place Simple

quick, boppy songs that make merging in traffic during rush hour at 70mph while it's fucking monsooning somewhat exciting
11Julia Holter
Loud City Song

I'm not from the city but I dig this album, so I've always wanted to compare it to the real thing. Compare vibes and the like. I plugged this on while I made my way down the ave in the U district and it felt quite suitable. also seatown has some dank sushi (but Vancouver BC still reigns)
12Lupa J
My Right Name

you never listened to lupa J?
13Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

but I bet you listen to Kanye West

Great album though and weirdly sentimental for me
West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

to be honest I was shuffling my entire library and it happened upon this. I dig it alright though. in terms of psychedelia, it rings more to the tune of early Floyd records (mostly piper). Catchy, groovy, but through a kaleidoscope. None of the psych-prog or *gasp* psybient suites of heavenly horse shit, shit
15The Dismemberment Plan
Emergency & I

I keep being like, "dude you keep putting this on playlists and shit man" but then part of me is like, "yeah, because it's the best".

"I mean, yeah..."
16Disco Inferno
D.I. Go Pop

no, that's not what they mean by "pop"

yes, it's more, you know, "they go pop"
Fantastic Planet

Still Life

Ehhh... how to talk about Opeth without setting everyone aflame. Well, I like this album and Heritage equally an-


throwback to early seattle visit shortly after high school. buddy clayton and I were ogling over the OZONE 5 vst and the then-astounding clarity and sheen it gave our fairly poor and muddles mixes. oh how ignorance can be so blissful...
20Julien Baker
Sprained Ankle

Listening because it hilariously irritates the friend I'm staying with while she claims I'm juvenille and have shallow taste (probably true)

also it's pretty good
21Kate Bush
The Dreaming

Tried to remedy the situation but it seems apartment-master doesn't like extremities :/
22 Spiritual Front
Rotten Roma Casino

a good friend on last.fm, this is her most played album. I'm trying to get the appeal but I really amn't sure wht. it's alright but I dunno about the replay value ya know

yeah, good band. album is pretty good too. not really sure, like... I guess I just like them because I like them. no real specific reason. just good shit.

that being said, they do really shine like on Kroppar. the climactic bit is a brooding, bombastic groove sesh that rivals stuff like the sinister, heavy riff-blasting epic that occupies the latter half of "white cluster" on Still Life. good shit

a heady, hazy amalgamation of crackling sampled beats, ghastly guitar/synths, and musty reverb and effects that is then coated in the syrupy sweet vox of Martina Topley-Bird, and, if you can find him through the smoke, Tricky who mumbles a quick verse or two before receding to the clouded perimeter
25Brian Eno
Ambient 1: Music For Airports

night playas
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