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June 2019 resumé

I was really late with the list last month, but this one is even later. I listened to an unexcusably small amount of new music in June and needed to catch up. Score guide: 10/9 - 5; 8 - 4.5; 7 - 4; 6 - 3.5/3; 5 - 2.5; 4 - 2; 3 - 1.5; 2/1 - 1
1Jimmy Barnes
My Criminal Record

In case you didn't know, this is that screaming guy from Big Enough and he's one of the most popular musicians in Australia. He's a working class Sting and that's what he sounds like too, so if that's what you're into, then hop on. 7/10

My Criminal Record, They're Shutting Down Our Town, Working Class Hero, Belvedere and Cigarettes, Stargazer
2Supernova 1006
Technical Support

I became this band's follower quite accidentally. I listened to them as a part of the research for my Unknown Post-Punk series, but then I noticed that they had a new album out then and then I accidentally stumbled upon them again and now again and because it's a name I recognise, I kept giving them a listen. And now for the actual first time can I say that their music is moving in an intriguing direction. It's a slightly acid-infused noise-pop record with beats that are sometimes so blasting, I am surprised they aren't sampled by every middle-of-the-road dubstep producer. The album is somewhat inconsistent, but it can hit hard. 6/10

Ghost Ghost, Dispute, Fever
3Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks
Agonizing Love

I see what they were trying to do with the quietness and the slightly psyched-out production, but it just came off as boring to me. 5/10
Cold Black Suns

It's... it's alright. It kinda drags, but it's alright... 6/10
The Suns of Perdition - Chapter I: War, Horrid War

Now this is like that Enthroned album, but all the boring parts are cut out. 7/10
6Skaphe and Wormlust
Kosmískur Hryllingur

If that Keiji Haino and Sumac album was more black metal oriented, this is what it'd sound like. 6/10

Vaxvaengir vonar
7False Figure
A Promised End

Those dirty deathrockers have done it again! It's a nasty, ugly EP, this one. 7/10

Morningstar, Cryptophasia

shoutout to Trebor.
A decent enough endeavour, but far from what Trebor. seemingly tried to pass off as a second coming of emo. Just a bunch of dread-describing tunes, often with no real song-writing distinction. They probably kill it live. 6/10
Gold and Grey

Pretty sure I'm the last guy to tell you that the mixing here is awful. And while it didn't annoy me on their previous records, here it just runs the whole thing to the ground. And the song-writing isn't much to show either. At 17 songs, you better make sure it's airtight, but this album just had some of the most non-distinct Baroness writing I've ever heard. By far their weakest output. 5/10
10Black Midi

One of my most anticipated records of the year turned out perhaps one of my favourites. Just read my review, okay? 8/10
11State Faults

The amount of hype surrounding this made me listen. I guess the relentlessness and the pure stream of emotions is what made people love this record, but to me, to a dilettante, this sounded somewhat forgettable. It just wasn't all that memorable. And sure, I can definitely remember the raw energy on this, I can remember exactly how every instrument and ever shout sounded, but the individual songs are barely distinguishable. But despite that, the album has a strange effect, where its forgettability actually makes you want to return to it and re-experience its harshness. 6/10

Planetary, Olive Tree, Funeral Teeth, Cemetery Lights

Really glad Matt is back for more. As for the record, it is not exactly a grandiose comeback slap in the face, but rather a merely enjoyable stoner sludge, tight little fucker. 7/10

Wolves and Prey, Storms of Mars, Omens, Sound of the Grave, The Traveller

shoutout to Sniff
I guess I am beyond hope, when it comes to this kind of music. 5/10

nah. 5/10
15Plague Vendor
By Night

Plague Vendor and their blend of electronic production and harder rock-ish punk-ish mixture is back strong, but unfortunately their lust for loudness led them to drop any memorability in song-writing. The tunes are rather forgettable and afte hearing all ten cuts you realise that you can't quite tell one from the other. Unfortunately, this one is more-or-less a miss. 6/10
16Yellow Eyes
Rare Field Ceiling

Absolute noisy insanity and a must-listen to anyone even vaguely interested in this kind of disgusting, heavy, doomy, deathy, sludgy mud of metal music. I just wish the vocals were layered a little better, cause they sometimes served more as a background distraction. 7/10

No Dust, Light Delusion Curtain, Nutrient Painting
17This Gift Is A Curse
A Throne of Ash

Yellow Eyes blurb: Ctrl+A Ctrl+C
TGisC blurb: Ctrl+V and say the same thing about the vocals, but this time ake it sound positive

Blood is My Harvest, Thresholds, Monuments for Dead Gods, Wolvking, In Your Black Halo (Mass 317)
A Beacon In The Husk

I don't like Bell Witch and I don't like this either. 5/10
19Prince Daddy and The Hyena
Cosmic Thrill Seekers

They mixed the vocals, the absolutely weakest part of this band, louder into the mix and cleaned the production, which took away from the rowdiness and disorientation the first had. Now it's just annoying. 5/10
20Horse Jumper of Love
So Divine

I appreciate the melancholic approach and I like the way they build up the songs, but the album is largely underwhelming anyway. Most of the songs feel like a drag before the band finally picks it up for the final moments of the song, that is if it comes at all anyway. 6/10

Volcano, Ur Real Life
21Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

Leave it to Freddie and Madlib to come through with the chillest and still one of the more serious hip-hop albums of the year. 7/10

Crime Pays, Palmolive, Fake Names, Situations, Giannis, Cataracts, Education

I'mma wait for LIFA 2: Futha now, okay? 6/10
23Thom Yorke

I still am not too much into electronica, but like a proper electro-noob, this I like. 7/10

Last I Heard, Twist, Not the News, Impossible Knots

I wish they didn't go so much into the pit of post-rock so many of their contemporaries have fallen into. They make it sound like emo-black metal. Not that emo-bm is necessarily bad (I actually like it a lot), but here it comes off as sappy in an inadequate and misplaced way. 6/10
Undir Skyggðarhaldi

I don't care for writing up blurbs for BM I like anymore. 7/10
26Fuming Mouth
The Grand Descent

While it is undeniably brutal in a fascinating fashion, it does suffer the same problem as many of its contemporaries. It is samey. 6/10
27Holy Ghost!

A pleasant enough electropop, but I guess I can only accept this band in short format, because on a full length, at 12-songs long tracklist, they just do not keep my interest. 6/10

Anxious, Do This, Escape from Los Angeles
28Hot Chip
A Bath Full of Ecstasy

Hot Chip still don't know how to make a song of bearable length, but at least they are all likeable enough to make you not that mad that they are repetitive. 6/10
29The Odious
Vesica Piscis

Quite an all-over-the-place record, but not without its moments. At least they don't got over-the-top in every style they throw into the mix and become some sort of tech-death Dance Gavin Dance. It's all still within the reach of acceptable, but also very, very bloated. 6/10
30Mannequin Pussy

As boring as they were before, this record is surprisingly catchy and danceable. 7/10

Drunk II, Cream, Drunk I, Who You Are, F.U.C.A.W.
31The Devil and The Universe

A strange, strange occult pseudo-folk musical-concept album. For fans of Father Murphy or Bjornson/Selvik. 6/10
32The Raconteurs
Help Us Stranger

Pretty much an album I'd expect form a band that didn't release new music in over a decade. It would be odd for them to try to come through with some larger-than-life triumphant release, because they're not that kind of a band and it'd be weird for them to suddenly experiment. So they just play into their strengths and deliver an air-tight dozen of head-banging tunes. 6/10

Only Child, Don't Bother Me, Hey Gyp, What's Yours Is Mine
Doom Days

nah. 4/10
34Thank You Scientist

This band I've had a rollercoaster of opinions on. I hated them, loved them, was indifferent and now I am afraid that the cycle continues, because at first listen I was underwhelmed, but now I am certainly enjoying myself with it, even if ever so tired. It's anything but a band for people to listen to a whole album in one sitting. 6/10
35Dr Sure's Unusual Practice
The West

Quirky, oddball and a little obnoxious. It's cute, but too difficult to describe for its own good. 6/10
(Doof might enjoy)
36Bad Books

Manchester Orchestra have always been a hit-or-miss band for me and I don't really see the difference between this album and anything any of the parts of Bad Books do separately, MO or Kevin Devine. It's just a run-of-the-mill bunch of singer-songwriter songs, even if it has that warm and fuzzy vibe to it. 5/10
37Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Black Star Dancing

When you go full pop, while only really knowing how to make bloated arena songs and your production is still stuck on that undercooked pseudo-psych experiment you did on a whim. 4/10
38Silversun Pickups
Widow's Weeds

The band that is the epitomy of faceless 2000s indie scene somehow managed to stay half-relevant and came through with another record of songs ranging in quality from bored to boring. 5/10
39Lust For Youth
Lust For Youth

Their most non-descript and middle-of-the-road record. At least we don't have to fear it'll come anymore. 5/10
Steeping Corporeal Mess

Fart-vocals have never sounded this juicy. 6/10
A Different Kind of Human - Step 2

Lookie-loo who doesn't want to have any originality anymore and be just like those faceless pop-underdogs we have an excess of. Don't go Lykke Li on us like this (or don't go Marina... or don't go St. Vincent... or don't go someone esle like that. you get the idea). 3/10

It's repetitive and forgettable, but at least it's fun while it lasts. 6/10
43Myles Oliver
World Step... Shibuya Acid Test

shoutout to AnimalsAsSummit
I tried, AAS, I really tried, but you will probably have to bark another tree with this. 5/10
44Kaleidoscope (NY)
After The Futures...

Punk as fuck. 7/10
Empyrean Fire

It's another bm release. Where's the automatic 8/10?
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