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Unknown Post-Punk #4

This one came sooner than I expected. But that is mostly due to the fact that I pretty much cheated. You'll understand what I mean once you scroll down and find a mess of compilations. But it is what it is. I'm already working on #5, cause I want to get these out as soon as possible, but it would seem that I'll have to dedicate the rest of it to someone else, who's willing to continue the series, or I'll just release the entries I haven't listened to yet or written anything up for separately as an empty description-less bunch of lists. By my calculations there should be altogether a little over 20 episodes (2057 entires total, minus the 404 already released). Hope I can make it and hope y'all will stick around to see the end of it.
1Rich Kids
Ghosts Of Princes In Towers

ESSENTIAL! (though more for personal reasons)
You don't remember, but this was a bit of a hit back in the day. And even though I was too young to experience its initial success, in my formative years, this record still was a mildly big deal as that former Sex Pistols' bassist new unexpectedly pop project. Those days were fun. Then it went largely forgotten about, until I started doing research for this series and rediscovered it with all of its nostalgia striking like a gut-punch. Still brings a tear to my eye, so go have a taste of that 1978 post-Sex Pistols pop.

Strange One, Ghosts of Princes in Towers, Marching Men, Put You in the Picture, Young Girls, Burning Sounds

It's not entirely clear to me, if this album is minimalistic because it is part of that minimal synth genre or because the band just didn't play it fast/heavy enough. It feels like it has all the starters for an art punk or no wave record, but then it just momentarily turns ambient-ish every now and again.

Leiderschaft, Traum
3Mania D.
Lifve in Düsseldorf & SO

Before these girls went on to create Malaria!, they were all about that semi-improv (or so it seems) live extravaganza. On this album you'll find two presumably live tracks of them just riffing and jamming it on stage with drums, bass and sax.

Live in Dusseldorf
Holidays in Europe

Did you know Bjork had this band before making it big solo? And it sounds just like you'd expect a Bjork punk album to sound, is random and off the wall. She does her usual thing, but with more of a new wave/no wave aesthetic. It's just a question of whether or not that appeals to you.

France (A Mutual Thrill), Gibraltar (Copy Thy Neighbour), Aegean (Vials Of Wrath)
5Tappi Tikarrass

More of Bjork's pre-solo punk, but now even heavier and raunchier.

Skrið, Íþróttir, Drek-Lek
6Uranium Club
Human Exploration

Noisy, crude, rawdy and unruly and yet still trying to present themes of classiness and base their albums around a concept of a (from what I understand) working class artists trying to make it big. They might be a little too kooky for your taste and on some occasions, they might devote too much time to the narrative exposition, but when they hit hard, they hit home.

Black Semen, Rafter Man, The Misadventures of Prissy Krissy, Vanishing Point, Sun Belt
Trope House

Not necessarily post-punk, but more of a noise punk. It's quirky in an aggressive way, it's kooky in a creepy way and it's catchy in an obnoxious way.

Rumshpringa, Hair So Big, Style, Trapped on Planet, Spy in the House of Love, Star of David
8The Actor
Exploded View

A forgotten relic of the past that sounds exactly like a forgotten relic of the past, repetitive minimal coldwave.

Covergirl, UCX-S, Picture 210
9Negative Space
Gestalt LP

Surprisingly enough, in spite of its imagery, titles and themes, this project is not a low-brow, depressed darkwave redundancy. This is actually a very raw, shouty art-punk slaughter.

Zero Hour Contract, Negative Reinforcement in Dogs, Top 5 Rooftop Bars, Payday Loan, Without Jealousy
10In Mitra Medusa Inri
Long Forgotten World

Cold and distant with mellow, low-tone vocals and minimal production. Everything to show that this is goth past its prime.

Pleasure Garden, Golden Angel, Emotion
11Scars (SCO)
Author! Author!

Scars are partially plunging into new wave-ish pop territories and partially putting together slightly eerie noir-punk. They remind me a little of The Twilight Sad, but probably just because of the frontman's accent that keeps slipping out every now and again.

Leave Me in Autumn, David, The Lady in the Car With Glasses On and a Gun, Je T'aime C'est La Mort, All About You
12Black Midi

ESSENTIAL (and anything but unknown, I wrote this before over ten people rated the album and was too lazy to change anything)
A recent release and by no means unknown, but since these folks are still relatively underground, their place on this list is warranted (sorry, zak). In their background and in sound somewhat similar to Life Without Buildings. They are a bunch of art students from a prestigious school that have applied their knowledge of perfectly calculated weird-punk to practice. It's noisy, dance-y, zany and all-over-the-place in a good way with countless influences to pick from.

953, Speedway, Reggae, Western, Of Schlagenheim, bmbmbm, Years Ago, Ducter
13Modern Eon
Fiction Tales

Fiction Tales feels like if someone didn't play punk music, but whispered it into your ears gently. From the echoic production to the echoic vocals, this is quite a relaxed and relaxing album, not to mention ridiculously catchy. No wonder it became a sort of cult classic.

The Grass Still Grows, Playwrite, Real Hymn, Waiting for the Cavalry, High Noon, Child's Play, Mechanic
14Blessed (CAN)

shoutout to clavier for introducing me to this band
There is something idiosyncratic about the sporatic instrumentation Blessed implement. It almost feels progressive or math-y. Perhaps at the expense of any distinct melodic component, but very much memorable in its own right.

Rolled in Glass, Thought, Pill, Disease, Caribou
15Sex Act
Sext Act

A largely calm, but ever so increasingly uncomfortable piece of art-noise, with such a low fidelity that at times it almost sounds like some industrial machinery screeching. And if you want to further the lo-fi production, then listen to their demo, which comes off almost as a raw black metal release.

You're Never Enough, Change, Spiral
16Sex Park

This record more or less flip flops its genres, but that is understandable, considering how closely similar the genres are. It's a sort of new wave-turns-electropop and it's really catchy and pleasant.

Dignity, Olympic Pause, Atrium, Monogamy
17Total Control
Typical System

What is the moderately successful band trying to bring minimal wave back and put punk back into post-punk? Total Control! What is the band that uses synths for kooky song-writing and not to imitate atmosphere it doesn't have? Total Control? What is the band that is catchy and ear-catching without being conventional pop or rock musicians, but simply using oddball instrumentation to their advantage? Total Control!

Glass, Expensive Dog, Liberal Party, The Ferryman, Safety Net
18Rosa Yemen
Rosa Yemen

ESSENTIAL! Lizzie Descloux strikes again. 9 minutes of just simply guitars-only shouty, punky minimalism.

Rosa Vertov, Herpes Simplex, Larousse Baron Bic
19Old Cat's Drama
Come and See

Listen, some things on this list are present just because I am a completionist. This is one of them.

no highlights
20Bay of Pigs
Plastic Pig

A mildly goth-inspired rock'n'roll release (or the other way around, not really sure). Its vocals might be a little irksome and its song-writing sometimes lacking, but it is as solid an alt-rock goth release, as any.

Mary T. More, The Long Black Veil, Plastic Pig, Desert, The Watchful Women, It's All Over
Apologize / Draw

A short and eerie industrial 7'' for the musically perverse.

22John Paul
No Filter

Sleaford Mods collaborator decided to pump out his own attempt at Sleaford Mods-like album. Odd mixing aside, occasionally decent lyrics aside as well, this is a weird, static and repetitive Sleaford copycats. So if Sleafords already seemed off-putting and boring to you (which is a lot of people), this will tenfold.

Quid In, Chin In, This Is England
23Quite Simple
Unknown Stranger

Quite a typical goth rock release from the late 80s, verging on a regular pop-rock album. It has its catchy moments, but mostly can be only recommended to true fans of the style and period.

Unknown Stranger, Visions, Nightmare
24Gold Class

Whatever you think of bands like White Lies or Editors, they actually seem to be having fun with the post-punk hybrid they are playing. Gold Class are quite similar. Maybe not quite as arena-oriented, but still sounding like they're ready to rock crowds upon crowds, if they had the chance.

Twist in the Dark, Get Yours, Thiking of Strangers, We Were Never Too Much
25Veil Vitric
Veil Vitric

Nothing much unusual about this goth/deathrock EP, other than it is actually surprisingly catchy and its riffs are quite thick.

Fog, 526
26Public Interest

For fans of Total Control and the bands that are part electropunk, part synth-led garage rock. Expect some decent guitar riffs and some crunchy soft synth beats.

Lights in the Fog, Epoxy , Not the Same, Design Flaw
27Y Pants
Beat It Down

Minimalism can be one of two things: extremely intriguing and quirky enough to drill intself into my memory OR it can be extremely. Only rarely do I come across an album that is somehow both. Y Pants comes from that 80s wave of female no wave artists. But while its contemporaries like Au Pairs, Lizzie Descloux or Liliput tried to be more noisy, these gals try to be as low-key, as possible. It intrigues with its strangeness, but at the same time your patience can be tested.

Obvious, We Have Everything, Love's a Disease, The Fly
28Mush (UK)
Induction Party

They certainly do try to embrace as much weirdness, as possible. The vocals intentionally jump in their intonation, as if in an attempt to irk you, and the instrumentation seems to follow the same lead, but ever so slightly out of tact. It's certainly an acquired taste.

Jackleg!, Dystopian Maps
Raise the Lights

The production is explosive and the influences obvious, tailor fit for a mid-sized arena… shame their music came stylistically way too late for anyone to take sufficient notice.

Disintegration, I'm Here, Frames
30Hellier Ulysses
Ulysses Hellier

If quirky were a genre, these adorable fools would be the prime example.

Destroy What Destroys You, Sleeping Plant, How to Become a Small Dead Dog
31Shark Toys
Shark Toys

To be honest, this is only here, because their Bandcamp page claimed it is - among other things - post-punk, most likely for those tag clicks. It's not exactly that. This is a lo-fi garage punk with some surfy, post-punky and noisy influences that are featured prominently throughout the mini-album (and certainly more obviously than their equally as captivating follow-up). Imagine if Half Man Half Biscuit turned hardcore-esque-ish-er (though not quite there yet lyrically).

Pot Holes, Who Cares, Library, Downtown, Victorian House

This band apparently turned all out pop after this and also were for a while before, but this EP is the only remotely post-punk-inspired work they've ever put out, and even that is mostly just due to the drums and the bass production on the song My World. SO just for formality's sake, it's on this list.

My World
33The New Sound of Numbers
Liberty Seeds

Remember the late 70s/early 80s phase in underground music called no wave? Well, lo and behold, these folks are here to make that exact sound (granted, this was back in 2006) and make it as odd and as off-putting, as it should be.

The Atmosphere of the Afternoon, Minimal Animal, Gonna Be Okay, Good Things Are Coming, Is Is Was Was
34English Subtitles
Original Dialogue

Do you want to test you patience? Do you want to test your endurance? Do you want to listen to something that is so slow, unprogressing and plain that it pretty much defies any expectation? English Subtitles have got you covered. This album is minimalistic, but not in subtlety of its song-writing, but more in the feeling that there is an instrument or two missing in the mix and that the band is perpetually tired recording it.

The Baby Cries, Activity Spree, Existence

shoutout to spiritualkaedama for introducing me to this band
A little Dead Can Dance, a little ambient, a little Sisters of Mercy and a little creepy.

Treacherous, The All and the Everything, A Glimpse of Heaven, Falling
36Air Hunger
Shooting Down​/​Retreat

You know, this band could have been an actually decent lo-fi goth-ish punk, but those vocals that pretend like they belong in an early 70s Sex Pistols cover band are just too whacky to take their debut EP seriously and still manage to keep this away from any stardom.

37False Figure
False Figure

Dirty, grimy, crass underground deathrock. It's nasty, it's energetic, it's all you can hope for.

Hollow Life, Effigy, Cursed, Cloak
Basic Behaviour

Tongue-in-cheek froggish vocals, sizzling instrumental, slightly throwback song-writing and incredibly off-colour, all-over-the-place execution and all of those aforementioned aspects coming together into something sightly messy.

Doghead, Waste, Heavyweights

shoutout to SlothcoreSam for introducing me to this band
Italy is one of those places that has a lot of good stuff, but it's scattered around through decades. You can't quite pinpoint a specific decade and say that that's when a renaissance of some genre happened in Italy (modern ages is what I'm talking about). Anyway, I'm just trying to come up with good enough intro to this. It's a decent soft-post-hardcore/heavier-post-punk kind of deal. Take it or leave it.

Knives and Wounds, The Bait, Magic Bullet
40The Peep Tempel

shoutout to SlothcoreSam for introducing me to this band
This album (heck, this whole band) is wild. It's like if The Fall got mixed with that early 2000s sweaty psych-noise punk scene.

Gettin' on By, Vicki the Butcher, Edgar's Lament, Untitled, Waystowe Kingston Men's Home, Carol, Don't You Love Me Joan?, The Opera of Lester Moore
41Low Life
Downer Edn

Shoutout to SlothcoreSam for introducing me to this band (and hansoloshotfirst for actually nudging me into listening)
The way they play and the way it is produced really made me feel like I was listening to almost a black metal album at times, oddly enough. They can sometimes fall into the pit of repetition and end up sounding a little tedious, but the raw energy and actually hellish atmosphere save the day. The Pitts, Lad Life, Rave Slave, RBB, Glamour, Crash
Useless Coordinates

I like it when bands try on this kind of sound. This rash, coarse, ironic, late 70s/early 80s snark-fuelled disapproving-of-everything sound.

Gilded Cloud, Serenity, React/Revolt, Serotonin Level, Unwound
43Black Magique
Fashion Kills

A gimmicky dark-pop that resembles early-age synthwave with one track with mediocre vocals and unintentionally silly lyrics. Listen only if you're into synthpop and that old kind of synthwave.

Tahiti Threat, Red Curtain, February FM, Damaged
44Dog Chocolate
Moody Balloon Baby

A nice enough throwback to the good old days, when post-punk and no wave were still relevant. Thank you, Dog Chocolate.

How Can We Destroy the Museum?, Volcano Baby Man, Animals Don't Give a Shit About Your Art, Tesco Flag, Fix Fings
45Ono Scream
Ono Scream

Some of that Belgian pop, darkened and drowned in synthwork.

I'm the Hollow Man, The Endless Walking, No More, This City's a Wasteland
46Xmal Deutschland

At one point the bigger successes of Neue Deutsche Wälle, but now more or less mere relics of the past. So I don't think that there will be too many fanboys around calling me names if I don't put Tocsin here as the band's best album.

Matador, Eisengrau, Morning, Ozean
47Twin Schism
Twin Schism

This could have come out in early 80s and I wouldn't have known. Punk-pop, if you can imagine that (not pop-punk, mind you).

Fatwa, Antibody
48Wax Idols
American Tragic

An actually decent album, although on the surface resembling either a cheesy post-punk album or needlessly downer pop-rock. Either way, with its catchy, lightweight melodies, while admittedly corny, it is still effective. Don't expect Unknown Pleasures or anything, it is just an okay fun album.

Heaven Knows, Too Late, Crashing, Scream, Warning (Had It Good
49RA (SWE)

If you were to listen to only each song individually, you'd find that they are actually pretty good dark and (very) slightly lo-fi goth punk tunes, but as a whole, this album tends to turn repetitive rather quickly.

The Void, Be My Lover, Prism, The South
Positive Energy

Remember when goth wasn't all eyeliner and depression? Diät remember. And Diät also deliver, what with their driving instrumentation and body-moving energy.

Toonie, Nightmare, Schadenfreude, Sinkhole
51Light Asylum
Light Asylum

Yeah, there's more than just that Dark Allies song (it was a mild success a while back, you might not even remember) to this band. It is by no means an actual post-punk album, more of a synthpop of sorts, but it certainly borrows plenty from goth, darkwave and the old-school synthpop minimalism that helped shape post-punk's electronic side.

Pope Will Roll, Heart of Dust, Angel Tongue, A Certain Person
52Death and the Maiden

I like it when new pop artists try to incorporate other genres into their music, especially if those genres are unexpected for pop music. Death and the Maiden don't quite turn in music the likes of Anna von Hausswolff or Chelsea Wolfe, but their post-punk and goth influences are also strongly felt; either in the guitar work, the synth sounds or the noir atmosphere.

Hourglass, Ooooh Baby in the Chorus, Shadows, Everything is Stressful
53Peine Perdue
Nuit Blanche

This sounds like something you'd hear during a sex scene directed by Gaspar Noe or Nicolas Winding Refn. It's just that kind of a slick, sexually-charged (not necessarily sexy, just subtly risqué) and ever so slightly grotesque minimalist pop.

Presqu'ile, Veine de Talc, Le Poete Nubile
54Lost Tribe

Shoutout to teamster for introducing me to this band.
This album, albeit derivative, sounds explosive. Every song is a showstopper at whatever basement venue it is bound to be played.

Disease, Century, Midnight Rain, Dungeon of Stones
55Das Ding
Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement

Minimal synth gets just a notch more atmospheric. People who already find minimalist electronica boring will probably find no pleasure in this, but if you dare try something unconventional, you might find yourselves pleasantly surprised.

Oradour, H.S.T.A., Jazz, Reassurance Ritual
56Cosmic Thoughts
Work Night Out

It is fine, if you think that this album is too repetitive. That is one of its defining traits. Cosmic Thoughts decided to turn their indie rock a little post-punky, a little shoegazy, a little electronic and maybe even a little post-rocky. The songs often work on a simple structure that just seems to merely intensify as the runtime nears the end of each song.

Atom Puncher, Work Night Out, Council, Rotunda, Notifications
57Radio 4

In a year Interpol broke through with their grandiose debut, people largely ignored other post-punk revival acts, even if they were closer to the spirit of old-school post-punk. One such release was Radio 4's Gotham! and its array of distorted, ugly produced rauchiness.

Our Town, Eyes Wide Open, Save Your City, Captain Tragedy, The Movies, End of the Rope, New Disco
Beyond The Pale

An okay installment in the book of modern day goth rock. Perhaps just ever so slightly underperformed instrumentation, murky vocals and somewhat forgettable song-writing.

Sleepwalker, Volkslied, City of Dead
59Talk Normal

Post-punk enough to pass, but mostly delving into noise and slightly post-rock-ish territories. It's certainly nie to hear this odd animosity and increasingly haunting atmosphere displayed through song-writing built on progression and not conventional structures. No real choruses, no real verses, just constantly building and intesifying atmosphere.

Lone General, XO, Hot Water Burns, Baby Your Heart's Too Big
Sanningen För Pojkar

As Swedes have a tendency to, this band came out of nowhere (and disappeared into nowhere). It's a cool 80s pop that nowadays sounds hella punky. It's bass-y and it's danceable. It's really cool.

Minnen, Sanningen För Pojkar, Natten Då Månen Försvann, Maskerad
61Arte No Escuro
Arte No Escuro

Old band from Brazil that never released anything after this. By en large, it is a fun little late-80s pop-rock album with those timely post-punk/goth inlfuences. It's cute and sweet to listen to something of the sort now, so maybe give it a shot on those grounds.

Beije-Me Cowboy, Vencidos, No Fim, As Rosas
62Vox Low
Vox Low

Regular coldwave. Regular synths. Regular everything. Listen, if you so desire, but don't expect it to blow your mind in any way.

Something is Wrong, Trapped on the Moon

By no means revolutionary, but certainly a bright example of what I wish more modern darkwave revival bands attempted. Most of them follow the same formula of dark production, dark instrumentation, dark song-writing and dark low-voice vocals, because they've only heard Sisters of Mercy and those two Joy Division songs that sound something like that. Well, Suir are here to spice it up a little. They do fall into a lot of the cliché, but at least their music is prompted up by a heavy dose of engrossing explosive atmosphere. It's quite chilling.

Calamity, Gewalt, As I Lay Down, Warm Waves, Dissolve, Atonement
64Contre Jour

It happens more often than you think that a band's best output is an EP. It also happens very often that a band goes largely unnoticed throughout their entire career. And it can also happen that in closing of their career (as seems to be the case here), they put out an EP. Abime easily puts all other Contre Jour's work into shade. It is a mature and tight coldwave output that plays well with its atmosphere and gentle female vocals.

Abime, Mascarade, Paris 2052, Illusions
65Brigade Internationale
Regard Extreme

80s minimalism at its most atmospheric. But beware, if you don't like repetition in music, this album is not for you, for it utilises repetitive song-writing on every single track and makes it one of its core gimmicks, among other thing, like subtly imitating horn section.

Arche Tenebre, In Obscurity, Normal Night, Regard Extrême, Alone
66Algebra Suicide
The Secret Like Crazy

Her minimalistic instrumentation, her morbid lyrics and her low-toned voice should technically come together into a regular old, trivial goth release, but there is a strange calm to it all. The vocal delivery here is almost spoken word and the instrumentation mostly comes down to synth and bass and nothing else. It's as minimal and yet as pop as it can get.

Little Dead Bodies, (A Proverbial Explanation for) Why No Action is Taken, Father's By the Door, True Romance at World's Fair, Please Respect Our Decadence, Lethargy, Amusing One's Self, Seasonal Zombies
67War in Youth
Songs from the South

What is this modern trend of poorly-sung Scandinavian art-post-punk madness? And how the hell, in the age of Iceage, did this gem go unnoticed?

Stray Dogs, Last Dance, I'm Not Him
68Cemetery (US)
Wind and Shadows

This one is nasty. This one has blistering high-pitched guitar work and it also remembers the punk roots of the goth rock and deathrock genre, which many of the band's contemporaries seem to forget. If anything can be pointed out as a negative here, it's the vocals that are so sappy, it seems like the singer is at the brink of crying.

Justice, The Fan and the Bellows, Worms, XVVX
69Aube (CAN)

An actually raunchy and shouty basement-dwelling punky post-punk, not that synth-led spinelessness kids spin at you lately. This is legit.

Exil, De guerre lasse, Les enfants due neant, Chaleur
70Boots For Dancing
The Undisco Kidds

Half sounding like it was improvised, half like it is art students finals doctorate project (Life Without Buildings, anyone?). It's safe to say that this record is a monument of class!y wilderness. Rock out your summer suits and dance the night away!

The Pleasure Chant, (Let's All) Hesitate, Get Up, Timeless Tonight, Just the Ticket, Shadows on Stone, Stand, Bend an Elbow Lend an Ear
71Anonymous (US)
Snake Attack/Corporate Food

7 straight minutes of experimental noise and art-punk that on one song doesn't sound like punk at all and more like some shamanistic punk-y ritual and on the other song sounds like an acid-induced live recording.

Corporate Food
72Slow Hollows

Slow Hollows don't delve head first into your typical post-punk, but rather thinly layer their brand of indie rock with the subtle melancholy of post-punk. The result is a catchy and swinging collection of heartfelt ballads.

The Art School Kids, Dark Comedy, All the Time, Nerves, Thrills
Northern Flux

They called themselves representatives of 'elegant wave' and I can certainly see what that might mean. It is a more lavish, melodic kind of darkwave that often breezes by with softness not often seen among darkwave records.

Dansl'entrée, Summer Never Ends, All Alone, Le Châtelet
74Spectres (CAN)

This album's production sounds like it was recorded live in a mid-sized stadium and the rowdy crowd was muted in the mastering process. These lads are all about nostalgia, in both sound and themes. Think of more goth-inspired New Model Army or a less synth-oriented Killing Joke.

Strange Weather, Figures in the Sand, Revisions, Crosses and Wreathes, 16 Years
75Chain Of Command
Some Aspects

Minimal wave strikes again. It's a shame that a collective as adorable as this only managed to score a two-track EP and a feature on a mildly successful 1983 compilation Subtle Hints (see below). They might not be reinventing the wheel, but they certainly have a neck for synth music. And the re-release of the EP from 2007 is nowhere to be found either. Darn shame.

both songs are great
76Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Subtle Hints

So a lot of the time I find new artists to feature here through compilations, here are some of them.

None of these talented minimal synth/new wave/synthpop/electro post-punk bands ever scored anything greater than a few compilation features. That's it, they've tried and they were erased by history. Quite eerie.
77Various Artists (Post-Punk)
New Wave Post Punk - 1977 1981

new wave, post-punk
78Various Artists (Post-Punk)
I Hate The Pop Group

post-punk, art-pop, industrial
79Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Four Stars (****)

just post-punk and a little radio-friendly pop-rock
80Various Artists (Post-Punk)
A Matter Of Concepts

post-punk, some of the -waves
81Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Fruits Of Wrath (12 Lost And Unreleased Tracks...)

Greek 80s post-punk and new wave
82Various Artists (Post-Punk)
The Anna Logue Years - 5th Anniversary Compilation

darkwave, goth, minimal
83Various Artists (Noise)
Weird Noise

70s lo-fi noise punk
84Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Earcom 3

70s experimental punk and synth
85Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Season Of Steel - Minimal Synth Compilation 2.0

minimal synth
86Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Post Punk Diary 1980 - 1982

all sorts of stuff; it's 38 songs, so it's safe to say that they cover a lot of territory
87Various Artists (Post-Punk)
The Bedroom Tapes (A Compilation Of Minimal Wave)

80s minimal wave
88Various Artists (Post-Punk)
33 Goth Bands You Should Know

goth, darkwave
89Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Distant Waves

2 volumes; darkwave, synthpop, post-punk and goth
90Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Can't Stop It! Australian Post-Punk 1978-82

2 volumes (second one 1979-1984); just all forms of post-punk from Oz
91Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Cold Waves Of Color

5 volumes; coldwaves, darkwave, minimal synth
92Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Rough Trade Shops - Post Punk 01

There's a shitload of these Rough Trade Post-Punk albums out there, just go and explore.
93Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Kreaturen Der Nacht (Deutsche Post-Punk Subkultur)

Neue Deutsche Wälle
94Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Life In The Future: Swedish Post-Punk & Synth Wave

Swedish post-punk, new wave, minimal wave, synthpop 1979-1987
95Various Artists
No New York

Probably the most well-known entry on this list (with Black Midi). Absolute insanity that is no wave in its filthiest and paradoxically purest form.
96Various Artists
Neon Maniacs

garage, punk, post-punk, coarse-core, pop-punk
97Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Songs From Under the Floorboard, Vol. 1

post-punk, darkwave and noise
98Various Artists (Post-Punk)
Subnormal Girls: DIY/Post Punk 1979-1983 Vol. 1

Three volumes of girl-led post-punk underground craziness from all over the place.
99Various Artists (Post-Punk)
[Cease & Desist] DIY!

post-punk, minimal, dub, no wave, alternative rock, all from underground and obscure sources
100Various Artists
Our Voltage

Not exclusively post-punk, also punk, hardcore and some other zany pun-derivatives.
101The Local Moon
The Local Moon

Can anyone find this thing in full online? Cause I couldn't.
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