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May 2019 resumé

I have never been this late with a monthly resumé before, but I more or less missed out on a lot of the releases in May, so I had to take some time to listen. Score guide: 10/9 - 5; 8 - 4.5; 7 - 4; 6 - 3.5/3; 5 - 2.5; 4 - 2; 3 - 1.5; 2/1 - 1
1Decem Maleficivm
La Fin de Satán

Their Bandcamp says they're going to drop this album in October, but here it is nonetheless, so I don't know. Either way, the record is pretty spectacular, it works fantastically with its atmosphere and borrows from both old-school black metal, as well as modern day trends. So all you fans of black metal, do not miss out. 8/10

The Ceremony, La Fin de Satan, Before the Chaos
Return to Nothing

You're not going to believe this. This is an actually decent listenable blackened death metal album by a band based on an anime character. That's not something that should be a thing. 7/10
Ensomhedens Kolde Kald

Sludge and punk come together for an absolute atrocity of a record. 7/10
Maha Kali

Yo, this year has a shit tonne of blasting beastial black metal that rips your ears apart. And I keep coming back to it. A ghastly effort that just keeps on giving. Perhaps lacking any engrossing melodic component, but making up for that in its completely off-the-rails shamanistic atmosphere and relentless instrumentation. Not for beginners, perhaps, but if you like black metal (or more like blackened death metal), then you'll lose your shiny iron balls over this. 9/10
5Skaldic Curse

shoutout to Hawks
An ugly and dissonant little fucker this is. 7/10
6Time Lurker/Cepheide

The better kind of more-or-less samey blackened death. 8/10

No One is Real, Lucide
7 Heaume Mortal

Pretty much what you'd expect from a folky blackended death metal record, though it does sometimes overstay its welcome. 7/10

A solid post-hardcore release that often manages to actually bring me to some emotional ravages. 7/10

List and Heel, Atheists in Foxholes, All Roads, Stale Smoke, No Guilt
Revelations of Oblivion

I suppose it is the nostalgia or perhaps this record really is good, because I actually enjoyed it to a certain extent. I do believe that had it not been for the name recognition, this album probably would have gone largely unnoticed and lumped into that huge pile of throwback metal records nobody is all that interested in. Sometimes it comes off as samey, but mostly I am just quite happy that Possessed are making music again. 6/10

No More Room in Hell, Demon, Omen, Ritual

no idea what to say here. it does stumble a little in the latter half, but Rammstein on a weak day is still better than your favourite band on a good day, so fuck it. 8/10
11Black Usurper
Shadows Of The World

It's raw in that amateurish, low-budget way, which oddly enough doesn't make it sound like garbage (as many other albums in similar situation tend to do). The guitars are piercing and the drums are blasting, I just wish the song-writing was more consistent, cause the slower and ambient moments sometimes feel like a drag. 6/10

Ich Werde Nicht, Hallo Morgensonne, Verurteilen
Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum

The band behind one of the most engrossing and grandiose black metal album last year is back with a short and tight EP that just proves their mastery. 8/10
13Saint Vitus
Saint Vitus (2019)

A little stoner-y and a little doomy. I guess, fans of the band will love it, but since I've never been one, this felt pretty boring to me. 5/10
14Insanity Cult
All Shall Return to Chaos

A little over-reliant on the bombastic grandiosity and atmospheric exaggeration and with vocals that felt a little repetitive, but still as enjoyable an atmo-bm as it gets. 7/10
15October Tide
In Splendor Below

More an attempt at recreating that old-school traditional death metal sound, but as per usual in October Tide's fashion, the album is pretty underwritten and lacks a lot of memorable or standout moments. It just happens and you are left wondering, what was it that you just listened to, cause you cannot remember. 6/10

Stars Starve Me, Seconds
Spotted Horse

Post-sludge fans, rejoice. I ain't one of them, turns out. 5/10
17Vale of Pnath

The tech death magicians are back with another ridiculous offering. I like the more atmospheric song-writing, it certainly makes this less samey than a lot of their contemporaries, but it still faults at that a little. 6/10

The Darkest Gate, Obsidian Realm
18Full of Hell
Weeping Choir

Can you find beauty in chaos? No, you can't. Not this one, at least. It's a fucked up album, I say. 7/10
A Fine Mess

Certainly more cohesive and interesting than Marauder. That might be due to the short runtime, but it still stuck to me more than that album. 6/10

Fine Mess, No Big Deal

After all the crisis, drama and telenovela level of twists, I think we all deserve a little break and relief in listening to the real Krys' Batushka. And it's samey and a little forgettable, unfortunately. I reviewed it too, if anyone's interested. 6/10

You know I cannot resist some good noisy non-ambient atmospheric black metal. 8/10
De Val

Unfortunately, Verwoed's newest is a little too repetitive and a little too directionless. Where it's supposed to be atmospheric, it drags; where it's supposed to be oppressive and detructive, it's muddy and messy. 6/10

De Kwelling Van Het Bestaan
The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods

I bet you these guys were fantasy-obseessed geeks as children. 6/10
24Deathspell Omega
The Furnaces of Palingenesia

I have to be honest, I never really much cared for Deathspell Omega. They were always in the same category as Portal or Imperial Triumphant (or that new Krys' Batushka record) or black metal that is only distinct in its viciousness. It's an album you put on to experience pure cosmic weight and disorder, but by no means is it memorable or filled with any truly captivating song-writing. And it's not like I am some kind of a sissy atmospheric bm only lover, I like it disorganised. However, there needs to be structure, but Deathspell Omega only present chaos and nothing much else. 6/10

The Fires of Frustration, Standing on the Work of Slaves
The Chosen One

Oh good, another actually decent deathcore, you don't get something of the sort much often. 7/10

The Chosen One, At the Cost of Pleasure, Mr. Bugman, Th Gifted One
26Plastic Mermaids
Suddenly Everyone Explodes

Sowing effect strikes again, as I've been able to enjoy something that strikes of summer. But that is mostly because this album's been ridiculously catchy. It reminds me of a more tasteful Temples and a more consistent Unknown Mortal Orchestra, if it were also produced by Tame Impala. 8/10

1996, Floating in a Vacuum, 10000 Violins Playing Inside an Otherwise Empty Head, Yoyo, I Still Like Kelis, Throwing Stones at the Moon, Taxonomy
Act Surprised

Roses are red
Violets are boring
I rhyme like Sebadoh
Sebadoh are boring
28Hornwood Fell
Damno Lumina Nocte

As massive as this feels, Hornwood Fell, unfortunately, failed to evoke any sense of cohesiveness. It is all so grandiose and colossal, sure, but at the same time it feels empty and forgettable. Like the atmosphere and heaviness was all that interested them. The song-writing here is just vague, somehow. 6/10
Vulnera Pt. III, Vulnera Pt. V, Vulnera Pt. VII

A decent enough stoner doom, but I feel like I'm not nearly high enough to appreciate it fully. 6/10
30The Burkharts
Lazy Dazing

shoutout to Brabiz
Fun and simple surfy pop record with the good kind of summer vibes (the warm and pleasant ones, not the sweaty and uncomfortable ones). 6/10
31Gaahls Wyrd
Ghosts Invited

If there is anything Gaahls Wyrd do wrong, it's that they have an average sense of consistency. Some ambient interludes drag out and some heavier moments are a little too repetitive, but when they get it right, boy oh boy is it grandiose. 8/10
32Griffon / Darkenhold
Atra Musica

It's another great bm split, nothing unusual. However, Darkenhold's half was rather timid. I understand the gimmick of acoustic black metal, but it probably just isn't my thing. 6/10

Si Rome vient a perir, Souviens toi Karbala, Jerusalem

Dense, screaming electronica for fans of Street Sects or putting your head in a microwave. 7/10

Wwitch, Spiritual Execution, Nailed

Getting even more drawn out than previously and a little more boring at that. 6/10
Green and Grey

A vibrant new release from Pile that certainly fills the hole there's been since Dripping. I like this softer kind of Pile, where it lets you notice the subtlety of instrumentation and composition. 7/10

Firewood, Your Performance, On a Bigger Screen, A Labyrinth With No Center, Bruxist Grin, A Bug on Its Back, Hiding Places
36Big Thief

Big Thief have always been anything if not a sweet band and their song-writing has always been captivating because of that, but once again what ends up happening is that I am simply bored to tears by this band. 5/10

On this record, Flamingods are a little more pop-y than one would expect or appreciate. Maybe it was just a matter of time before they went full King Gizzard, but then again, King Gizzard are great and so is this record. It's the more exotic King Gizzard. 7/10

Marigold, Astral Plane, Olympia, Club Coco, Mantra East
Useless Coordinates

I like it when bands try on this kind of sound. This rash, coarse, ironic, late 70s/early 80s snark-fuelled disapproving-of-everything sound. 7/10

Gilded Cloud, Serenity, React/Revolt, Serotonin Level, Unwound
39The Dream Syndicate
These Times

Only makes sense that they would go further into the Noel Gallagher-ian psych direction, but it only makes sense that I will like it even less. 6/10

The Way In, Still Here Now
40Vampire Weekend
Father Of The Bride

And here, ladies and gentlemen, you can see Vampire Weekend become indistinguishable. 5/10
Inverted Realm

Bare bones and by-the-numbers, even if enjoyable. 6/10
42Dury Dava
Dury Dava

This is just instrumental wilderness. 7/10
43Veil Of Light

Veil of Light are an extremely unimpressive band, however they did start to get on a track of improvement lately and while this mini-album is more or less generic, its dense electronic beats might just indicate that the band is willing to evolve and change for the better. 6/10
Age Hasn't Spoiled You

Greys certainly have a certain appeal and their own original style of song-writing, but they have always been just, just a hand's reach away from releasing something actually incredible. I am sad to report that that is still the case, but I am happy to inform you that they are moving in the right direction. This album isn't their usual drawn out mess and actually features a lot of variety. It's like a display of various styles, out of which they will commit to one or two in the future and release something truly outstanding, which I know they are capable of. 6/10

Arc Light, Constant Pose, These Things Happen, Burning Chrome
45Spirit Adrift
Divided by Darkness

Spirit Adrift are an incredibly consistent band and they have been releasing new stuff almost every year and are yet to release a dud. It's a pure quality stoner doom that isn't stretched to excruciating lengths, but rather works swiftly and with catchy song-writing. 7/10

We Will Not Die, Angel and Abyss, Tortured by Time, Living Light
Any Random Kindness

Haelos are back with more of downtempo-ish chilly pop. I was previously left rather cold with their music, but now it seems like they've learned from their mistakes and put together a more varieted album that combines chillwave, shoegaze, RnB and a myriad of other influences. Quite an unexpected turn of events. 7/10

End of World Party, Kyoto, ARK, Empty Skies, Happy Sad, So Long Goodbye
47The Get Up Kids

I'm sure that the Get Up Kids realise full well that they are far from their once mighty prime, so they're not even really trying to wow you with anything larger than life and just enjoy their time in the recording booth. 6/10
Wheeltappers and Shunters

Clinic doing Clinic again, jumping from bore to quality track by track. 6/10

Laughing Cavalier, Ferryboat of the Mind, Rejoice!
49Jamila Woods
Legacy! Legacy!

This album is filled with some truly outstanding moments, but it also sometimes feels samey and repetitive and for the life of me I cannot tell Jamila apart from a pile of other such RnB/pop performers. She doesn't have a distinct enough song-writing to make her music stand out and she is not strong enough a singer to make me immediately view her as something exceptional. It's not a good sign, when the most stand out performances on your album are the few features you have. 6/10

Betty, Giovanni, Miles, Muddy, Sun Ra
50Injury Reserve
Injury Reserve

Their appeal has long escaped me, but not anymore. If this is not the most banging and the wildest hip-hop album of the year... 8/10

Jawbreaker, GTFU, Jailbreak the Tesla, Gravy n' Biscuits, Wax On, What a Year It's Been, Three Man Weave
51Holding Patterns

The cover made me think this'll be some by-the-numbers post-punk, the instrumentation at first made me associate this with some stuff like Hot Snakes, the whole album as it is made me fall asleep... like, immediately. 5/10
52The National
I Am Easy to Find

I'm all for melancholic slow-burners, but at 16 tracks, The National overstay their welcome way too quickly. 5/10
53Com Truise
Persuasion System

oh look, Com Truise are doing background music now. 6/10
54Crooked Colours

And here we have what I wanted that Com Truise album to sound, though also far from perfection. More of a Com Truise meets RJD2. 6/10
55Institute (USA-TX)
Readjusting The Locks

A vicious, dirty, vulgar old-school dose of punk, bitch! 7/10
Horror Vacui

Two things that I wish had happened: 1. that the music featured some song-writing depth and wasn't so repetitive, and 2. that the album cover was an actual horror vacui. 6/10
The Falling Man

This is way too short to be an album and way too sharp to end up being this short. It's quite a shame that Duckwrth's eventual downfall on this album is that he just doesn't have enough material and that for as tight and great some of the cuts are, every single one of them feels like they are just, just this close to actually being finished. 6/10

Fall Back, Nobody Falls, A Wildfire
58Artificial Language
Now We Sleep

In short: a step-down from their previous album, flatter instrumentation, more forgettable song-writing, but still one of the better prog projects and one of the better post-hardcore projects too. 6/10

Endless Naught, There's No Bottom to This, Keep Yourself Hidden
No Keys

A decent slap of atmospheric southern stoner blues rock. 6/10
Valley of Shadows

...the same as Dommengang, but heavier. 6/10
61Haunted (UK)
The Marcid Sky That Glistens

Atmospheric DSBM that is a little short, but ultimately worthwhile. Besides, how often do you encounter a one-woman bm project? 7/10
62Pleasure Symbols
Closer and Closer Apart

One of the most surface-level, boring and indistinguishable coldwave releases in recent years, hands down. 4/10
63The Amazons
Future Dust

Amazons have taken me by surprise the last time, because instead of the expected washed out two-note tasteless mainstream The Drums-like pop, their self-titled album was heavy and raunchy, more reminiscent of Oasis, actually. Maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much and maybe that is why I now feel slightly more lukewarm on their follow-up. Honestly, I just didn't enjoy it as much and now I'm simply looking for words to explain why. 6/10

Mother, 25, Doubt It, Warning Sign
64Kishi Bashi

I do not think that Kishi Bashi can get any more enchanting and whimsical, expecially given the fact that all his previous records seem to have been leading him up to this. It's like Andrew Bird started collaborating with The Divine Comedy. 8/10

F Delano, Marigolds, Angeline, Summer of '42, Theme from Jerome (Forgotten Worlds), Violin Tsunami
65Black Mountain

Black Mountain just do their thing at this point and they don't care much for change and we don't care much if they never change either. 6/10
Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow

The Katy Perry-s of the world meet borderline rock-like instrumentation. 5/10
67Death Angel

This really brings back a lot of memories to that one week in my twenties, when I was mildly intrigued by Metallica and Megadeth and the like. 6/10
Old Star

This really brings back a lot of memories to that one week in my thirties, when I was mildly intrigued by Darkthrone and the like. 6/10
69Denzel Curry

This really brings back a lot of memories to that one week in my fourties, when I was mildly intrigued by Denzel Curry and the like. 6/10
70Remo Drive
Natural, Everyday Degradation

This really brings back a lot of memories to that one day maybe a year or so ago, when I heard their previous album. 5/10

Catchy, charismatic and pleasant bluesy pop-rock. I suppose, the album more or less consists of mildly throwaway track and you can pretty much take them or leave them. I can see many people disliking it, because it in no way feels like something actually significant, but rather as "well, I don't have a lot to do right now, might as well record something" kind of situation. 6/10

Everyone, Dépaysé, Be Here Now, The Searching
72D Aphelium
Profetian om Dygdgen och Plikten

I know that a lot of black metal is repetitive (heck, it's one of its key characteristics a lot of the time), but this record just feels the same song after song. 6/10
Trope House

SandwichBubble-core. 7/10

90s called, said hi. 5/10
The Dots

What a sweet summery pop album and unexpected sax. Seriously, that occasional saxophone probably makes this record much better than it had any right to be. Why doesn't everyone just use saxophone all the time? 7/10

The Dots, Moon, Tough Love, Monster, Heaven
The Sun​,​The Moon​,​The Stars

Raw and crusty. Crude and harsh. Ugly and diabolical. 7/10
77Ares Kingdom
By The Light Of Their Destruction

It takes some talent to be this samey. 5/10
Thy Messenger

Ride the waves of cliché and cheese. 6/10
Cowardice | Grst

I don't know what is this need both bands had to make a longer hard-hitting track and a shorter more ambient-oriented one. Well, Cowardice overstayed its welcome with the longer one and the shorter was a dud, while Grst did a great job with the longer and a decent job in the latter half of the shorter. 6/10

None Shall Bear Them Away
80Minuit Machine

An okay dark pop album with a handful of duds, but also a handful of decent tunes. 6/10

DRGS, Empty Shell, Forgive Me For My Sins
81Rosetta Stone
Seems Like Forever

A band nobody listened to in their active years makes a comeback to nobody listening to them now. 5/10
82Palais Ideal
Pressure Points

For fans of Editors' electropop fling. 6/10

It's not tasteless, but it's not tasteful either. Run-of-the-mill pop, that's it. 5/10
84Flower Crown

A summery, breezy jangle pop that doesn't churn your stomach with sugar. That's an unusual feat, so go get on it. 6/10
85The Sex Geckos
The Static Tapes

Just a sonic nightmare. 6/10

I don't know what was I thinking this was going to be, but it is a punky, crusty heavy metal with that southern US twang (even though the band is Swedish). It's pretty good at that. 6/10

Hexhammaren, War on Peace, Den Sista Striden, Judgement Day
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