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April 2019 resumé

Finishing up April listening took longer than expected. Score guide: 10/9 - 5; 8 - 4.5; 7 - 4; 6 - 3.5/3; 5 - 2.5; 4 - 2; 3 - 1.5; 2/1 - 1
1Fontaines D.C.

Just from the countless singles alone I expected this to be my favourite record of the year and, well, the result is...

Big, Too Real, Television Screens, Roy's Tune, Chaqueless Reckless, Liberty Belle, Boys in the Better Land, Dublim City Sky
Morbid Stuff

Well, we've asked for it, we've got it now. We had high hopes, we are satisfied, it would seem. 8/10

Morbid Stuff, Free At Last, See You at Your Funeral, Scorpion Hill, Sibling Rivalry, Bare Hands, City
Periphery IV: Hail Stan

I tried nad I tried, even after being given an informal training by fellow Sputniks on one of the Periphery-related news threads, I still cannot say that this sounds like anything to me. It is music for the nitpicker, who listens in to the detail I am not engaged enough to care about and only then says that yes, this is different than the other cut and so on; those, who listen purely for the technicality of it all. In the end, no matter how different the tracks try to sound, the grand total becomes utterly unremarkable and oh so boring. The mathematically calculated song-writing and the stale execution end up sounding obnoxious after just a couple of songs. It is an exhausting record for all the wrong reasons. No amount of variety this band seems to bring can ever truly make me appreciate them. I am sorry, but this might be my final attempt at caring about Periphery. 4/10
4Damien Jurado
In the Shape of the Storm

Damien Jurado manages to up the ante and deliver even more stripped-down record than Horizon. This time it's just guitar and his minimalistic voice. Don't really expect any melodic ingenuity or impressive musicianship. Thisis really short and really sweet and it might bear the risk of being unlikeable to people not already into Damien's music. 7/10

Lincoln, Oh Weather, South, Throw Me Now Your Arms, Silver Ball, The Shape of a Storm, Hands on the Table
The Return

That odd moment, when both the remastered, renewed versions and the old demo tapes both sound fantastic. I suppose you could count it off as ordinary by-the-numbers symphonic black metal, but why hate on it, if it does its job so damn well? 8/10

The Return, The Prophecy, Upon a Throne of Ice, The Prophecy (Demo), My Kingdom of Cold (Demo)
High Command

I really did not like the production on this. I guess it is really old-school, but that does not mean that listening to a lot of old-school records that are repetitive and never-ending are a joy to experience either. 3/10
Of Rot And Ruin

Nothing particularly unusual, just some fantastically slapping blackened death metal that I loved through and through. 8/10
8Remete (AUS)
Into Endless Night

shoutout to TheSpirit
D. from Woods of Desolation is a prolific guy (WoD, Remete, Unfelled, Forest Mysticism, he does it all) and with Remete being the more epic and atmospheric project of his, it stands to reason that he'd also release one of the most epic and atmospheric projects this year. 8/10
Ghost Condensate

For as epic and gargantuan Mesarthim always sound, this felt rather somewhat overdragged. 7/10
Shem Ha Mephorash

The production on the drums could have gone a little harder and the song-writing often stretches the music out into exaggerated lengths, but it is what it is and as such, I am satisfied. Even though I'd prefer it to be shorter. 6/10

Epitome I Bottomless Infinite, Sanguinem, Relics of Elohim, 777 Third Woe
11Weyes Blood
Titanic Rising

So the old guy senses are tingling again and I have surprisingly found myself in enjoyment of some pop record. Man, I feel all used up and like a whore trying to appeal to the youths. This is what Robert Christgau must feel like daily. 9/10

A Lot's Gonna Change, Andromeda, Something to Believe, Movies, Mirror Forever, Wild Time, Picture Me Better
The Seduction of Kansas

Priests release another record that is just just this close to actually impressing me. They still sound a little too safe, a little too pop-y and a little too middle-of-the-road. 6/10

Jesus' Son, I'm Clean, Good Time Charlie, Control Freak
13All Your Sisters
Trust Ruins

Going even deeper into industrial influences and rawer song-writing has truly helped this project grow. It still feels a little all-over-the-place, especially with the somewhat samey instrumentation, but it's going in the right direction. 6/10

Power Abuse, Dividing Lines, Window, The Deceiver
14Inter Arma
Sulphur English

Once again Inter Arma present potentially great music and drag it out into excruciating lengths. Perhaps that is the point, but that has completely missed me. 6/10
The Carpathian Summit

shoutout to Hawks
What we have here is a pretty decent atmospheric black metal with a lot of post-rock tendencies and often bordering on a little bit of metalcore (or emo, at this level of metal heaviness it's hard to tell). However, the album has this one unfortunate characteristic. It's too long. It pushes its limits of tedius a little too far. Certainly, the instrumentation and the production are top-notch, but at over an hour of material it ends up being rather tiring. 6/10

Echo Flower Pt. 2, The Second Day of Spring, Kenopsia, The Final Bastion
16Inferi (USA)
The End of an Era | Rebirth

By-the-numbers tech death. 6/10
17After the Burial

By-the-numbers...i wanna say... deathcore...? Whatever it is, it was rather repetitive. 5/10

German folk-black metal powerhouse is back at it again and this time they are... well, playing into their strengths, certainly, and not a lot beyond that. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoyed the record, but in no way is it anything mindblowing. Then again, I didn't exactly expect a genre-defining output here, the band know what they're doing and they're doing it well. 7/10

Gipfelstürmer, Rotgoldene Novemberwälder, Von Winterwäldern und Mondscheinsonaten

One has to be in a specific mood and with a certain level of endurance to enjoy this, but all-in-all, not a bad stoner psych record. 6/10

shoutout to Dewinged
If you are more into the shorter, more concise old-school black metal, then look no further. The pen-drawn cover already indicates the level of charming authenticity this record posesses. It's a gloomy, noisy, almost lo-fi and messy album, but in all the best traditions of Swedish metal. I just wish they used more of that high-pithed guitar tone they did on the title track. 8/10

Ur Myren, Berget, Renhet, Altaret, Stjärnan
21Cage The Elephant
Social Cues

The melodies are too sweet on the ears and easy to get into for me to hate the albun, but man, half the time it felt like a live show they were too tired to play. 6/10

Broken Boy, Social Cues, Black Madonna, Skin and Bone, House of Glass, The War is Over
22The Drums

...this, on the other hand, is a trainwreck. 3/10
I Don't Want to Know You

idk, its aight, i guess. 6/10
24Ceremony Of Silence

I suppose it could use a little more melodic dept, but that'd go on the crutch of those more into relentless music. It's by all accounts great, so maybe it'll grow on me in time. 6/10
25Cosmic Putrefaction
At the Threshold of the Greatest Chasm

shoutout to Hawks

Cosmic speed-death metal. Yeah, alright. Doesn't necessarily leave a lot after, but is a great effort still. 6/10
26Deus Mortem

I'm getting tired of enjoying new black metal. 8/10
27Ashen Chalice
Ljubiš li i dalje istinski?

A little too noisy and too, way, way, way too low fidelity for my taste, but I guess someone might enjoy it. 5/10

Their second record since the comeback and it pretty much follows every trope in goth you could imagine. I suppose this newfound semi-fame will make people more interested in their 1983 album, which was fantastic, so there's that. But this new material is rather timid and samey. 5/10
Dreams of Quiet Places

I loved it when it went fast and turbulent, I was somewat lukewarm when it went doom-y and slow. I am sensing Entropia vibes. 7/10

Spirit Into Cristal, Void Within, Into Soil
Cloud Collider

A step-up from their last album, this is much more structured and the vocals don't induce as much of an earache. It's still more-or-less nremarkable in the grander scheme of things, but I am sure it has its admirers. 6/10

Cloud Collider, Forever Death, This Knife Won't Stay Clean Today
31Ibex Angel Order
I​.​Õ. Creatõr / I​.​Õ. Destrõyer

Couldn't get any simpler: two tracks, both slaying it. 8/10
32Blood Command
Return of the Arsonist

As much as I like them, boy oh boy does Silje's voice crack down here. 6/10
Heaven that Dwells Within

Man, those are some juicily produced drums. 8/10

Not quite the roaring third installment I was hoping for. Their previous album experimented with genres like punk, goth, deathrock, doom metal and a lot more and the result was a dynamic and powerful breath of fresh air. On Sables, the band reaches more towards darkwave and some odd avant-garde song-writing. The result is much slower and much, much more disjointed. It feels structureless and I couldn't really quite find anything to hold on to in terms of memorability here. I suppose some might find this more disjoined approach more enjoyable, but to me it was rather disappointing. 6/10

The Lightless Ones, No Guardians
35Blessed (CAN)

There is something idiosyncratic about the sporatic instrumentation Blessed implement. It almost feels progressive or math-y. Perhaps at the expense of any distinct melodic component, but very much memorable in its own right. 7/10

Rolled in Glass, Thought, Pill, Disease, Caribou
36The Howling Void
Bleak and Everlasting

Maybe, just maybe, it's a little too dragged out. But what am I complaining about that for, it's funeral doom. 6/10
Your Church On My Bonfire

Rather a step-down from their bombatic and hard-hitting previous album, No Grace. Here we find the band going more into the sappy shoegazy heaviness, if at all. It's more formulaic and less exciting. More personal, I suppose, but at the expense of memorability. 6/10

shoutout to teamster
Somehow it feels like this is definitely not the best introduction to the band. In what I can only assume is a typical move for post-metal, it takes a while for things to take flight here, as well as you often can't really tell that the flight actually even began. I cannot tell if this is middle-of-the-road or just a typical post-metal record. Also, their Bandcamp tags are somewhat misleading 6/10
Black Arts and Alchemy

shoutout to Dewinged
So old-school, it's probably played by 50 year olds. 8/10

All Hail the Goat, Black Arts and Alchemy, Headless Angels
40Yes We Mystic
Ten Seated Figures

shoutout to Dewinged

I feel like Coldplay, Flying Horseman and City Calm Down had a baby that is not bloated, too subtle or overly long. I like the intricacy of instumental palette, it never goes too bloated with its usage, but rather leaves a pleasant engrossing vibe of variety and richness, while simultaneously reaching for some of that nowadays popular electropop production. Somehow it comes together into a pretty and gentle potluck of influences and song-writing softness. 8/10

Young Evil, Italics, Win Ben Stein's Money, Vanitas Waltz, Last Known Sighting
41Lee Fields and the Expressions
It Rains Love

A little typical, a little samey, but with that nostalgic twang production I just cannot get enough of. 7/10

Balancing well between atmospheric and pure, this is a neat little black metal album, but by no means a twist in the genre. Can't say there is all that much unusual here. 6/10
43Glen Hansard
This Wild Willing

shoutout to neekafat
There is something mildly unsettling here, song after song. Can't quite put my finger on it, but it is oddly haunting. It's like Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave and Sting morphed into one person. 8/10

Don't Settle, Race to the Bottom, The Closing Door, Weight of the World, Who's Gonna Be Your Baby Now, Good Life of Song
44Anderson .Paak

Anderson certainly knows how to make summer seem bearable. And I hate summer. 7/10
45The Chemical Brothers
No Geography

I am going to assume that this is one of those albums that sounds decent to otherwise uninvolved listeners like myself, but to long-time fans of the band probably come off as either mediocre or not up to par. 7/10
46The Tallest Man on Earth
I Love You. It's a Fever Dream.

An easy 8/10 for an easy album.

The Running Styles of New York, My Dear, What I've Been Kicking Around, I'm a Stranger Now, Waiting For My Ghost, I'll Be a Sky, I Love You. It's a Fever Dream
Laughing Matter

48Jaws (UK)
The Ceiling

49King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Fishing For Fishies

50Spanish Love Songs

51Ages and Ages
Me You They We

52Lady Lamb
Even in the Tremor

53Anna Tivel
The Question

shoutout to budgie
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