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Flugmorph: just from your favorite bands section there isn't much overlap but i do like some things like fear factory, swans, opeth, death grips, converge, etc. death grips is probably the one that i am most surprised to see but i love em. pie chart indicates not much overlap too sadly. very sput which is cute 2/5 < 3
2Fela Kuti
Alagbon Close

Trifolium: nice pie chart, actually pretty similar to mine. always love to see some electronic representation that you can dance to. we might disagree on some metal but there's a lot of stuff i like here. love all the fela 4.5s. very cool 4/5 < 3
Leaves Turn Inside You

SteakByrnes: another sputcore dude like flugmorph but with way more of a mxc focus rather than prog metal and the like which is cool. i might not like all of it but theres definitely some stuff i enjoy like the amity affliction, misery signals, early alexisonfire. steak also has some luv for dnb and breaks n shit which i always love. overall not quite to my taste but legendary in its own way 3/5 < 3
4David Bowie
Station to Station

ArsMoriendi: definitely a user who has his own style. if its goofy or strange or (most likely) slightly annoying you can bet that ars digs it. thats not a bad thing at all, i like when a user has well-defined taste. definitely knows what he likes, somehow has just barely cracked 1000 ratings lol. based on his 5s we do enjoy a lot of the same stuff like cocteau twins, CCR, fela, r.e.m. etc. honestly i like most of the stuff he has rated highly, we both like alt rock, psych, boomer stuff, etc. 4.5/5 < 3
5Vladislav Delay

bighubbabuddha: definitely the 5s of a sput user. i need to check those frusciante albums. maybe lacking a bit in definition or novelty but lots of tried and true sput classics here that i can't knock. still, fairly versatile taste, nice to see vlasdislav showing up in the 5s. i like it 3.5/5 < 3
6Gentle Giant

Zac124: that pie chart scares me right off the bat. the 5s scare me even more. in flames, mr bungle, FNM, iron maiden, that levellers album...yeah a lot of this is diametrically opposed to my taste and sensibilities lol. still, bjork, mahavishnu orchestra, gentle giant and some other cool stuff in the 4.5s make those 5s a little easier to swallow for me. 2/5 < 3

robertsona: this man doesn't like modest mouse which is definitely factoring into my final score smh. not considering that though, mostly beautiful list of 5s with bangers like murmur, whole lotta red, laughing stock, heart of the congos, fan-tas-tic vol 1. kind of all over the place, but i am too. very nice, love the bcnr 1s as well lmao 4.5/5 < 3
8Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

JohnnyoftheWell: the remnants of badsputcore may haunt his taste (anathema, thrice, oceansize, coheed) but there is much to be enjoyed here. mostly great pie chart, good electronic music enjoyer, some more hip hop rates would balance out your ratings nicely. 4/5 < 3
9Twilight Force
Heroes Of Mighty Magic

ToSmokMuzyki: The incredibly rare ZERO out of 5, horrible with no redeeming qualities. jk obviously smok likes a lot of garbage and seems to hate a lot of good stuff, his 5s are alright tho, emperor and bathory are good. 2/5 < 3
10Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

SomeCallMeTim: very powerful 5 list with BoC and talk talk, swap out AFTP for murmur and ur rly cooking. probably lacking in some controversial takes in some capacity, but u have the right stuff near the top. i like it 4.5/5 < 3
Lula Divinia

Mort.: hopefully your anti-guitar music crusade yields some non-guitar 5s, they are desperately needed. until that day comes, there are still a lot of cool ratings here. i sorta respect a user with ""narrow"" taste, i feel like my taste is slowly narrowing as i gain more of an understanding of what sort of thing i like. impeccable skronk pie chart. i like shiner 4/5 < 3
12Mobb Deep
The Infamous

artificialbox: i really should check heatmiser. mobb deep, hum, silver jews, and lync all rule, cool 5s. also some good nostalgia 5s that remind me of being a kid (senses fail, rise against). some more hip hop would be cool since u seem to like the good stuff (can ox, clouddead, souls of mischief, etc). good and cool 4/5 < 3
Deep Trouble

granitenotebook: alice deejay 5 right off the bat is a good sign. heres someone who knows their electronic. burial, MJ cole, ana caprix, ag cook, elysia crampton all making an appearance on the first page, is this my rating list? some nice controversial 2010s pop 5s like katy perry and stuff, which i think fits in well with this 5 list. you have achieved the very first 5/5 on this list and you should be very proud. beautiful ratings, too many to name, very good 5/5 < 3

pizzamachine: quite the pie chart. prog metal rubbing shoulders with electronic and pop. its hard to tell where the memes begin and end with this 5 list, which of these are sincere? id like to believe that all of those millionaires 5s are real. idk man this one is hard. i think this transcends the rating scale i give this a pizza/5 < 3

mkmusic1995: "My taste bad so go for it lol" your taste is not bad but it may not be to my personal liking lol. i give u props for doing something different tho, won't find a lot of ppl with elton john, brandi carlisle, lana del rey plus architects and TDWP in their 5s. i like bjork and alice in chains so theres that. seems like almost everyone has a bjork 5 round here. interesting taste actually but yeah not for me 2/5 < 3
16David Kauffman and Eric Caboor
Songs From Suicide Bridge

DoofDoof: stubborn old man taste but not necessarily in a way thats incompatible with my own proclivities. that breathless 5 is interesting, i like their 80s stuff but havent heard that one. some good 80s stuff in the 5s like the go-betweens and the replacements. maybe a little bland/lacking edge, but thats kind of to be expected. solid 3.5/5 < 3
17Burning Spear
Marcus Garvey

SlothcoreSam: here is another user that definitely knows what he likes. a whopping 41% punk in the pie chart with TWELVE THOUSAND ratings jesus christ lmao. and the rest of the pie chart is mostly punk related as well. thats kinda insane and impressive. i do like punk though, theres a lot of the cool 80s stuff here like negative approach and subhumans, but also some more modern poppy stuff which is surprising. interesting, we need users like this around here even if we don't see eye to eye all the time. 3/5 < 3
18Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

MeatSalad: straight outta 2010 sput with this one. BoC, death, gybe, gospel, trophy scars, yeah this 5s list has a lot of the things i remember being hyped back then . these users are the backbone of this site so pay your respects. i may not like all of this stuff but this is sput to the bone m/. 3/5 < 3

Casavir: the perfect metal guy pie chart. this guy knows his thrash and prog metal. i dont like either of those genres sadly. theres a lot of shit i dont know in this 5s list though, respect for the deep cuts. lots of nice 20th century prog classics make an appearance too, and orchid which is quite unexpected and a welcome surprise. by virtue of not enjoying most of the genres you love i dont think i can give this a super high rating but good user and another archetype (deep cut metal guy) that we need around here. 2.5/5 < 3
Youth of America

someone: electronic as the top genre is usually a good sign. something about this 5s list reminds me of scaruffi for some reason. i was expecting some leonard cohen 5s because of the profile pic but alas. somewhat of a mixed bag for me, but BoC and burial is always a winning combo. nice 3.5/5 < 3
21Joni Mitchell

DePlazz: oh yeah this is the good shit. meat-and-potatoes boomer rock/metal user. neil young, joni mitchell, beatles, all that good shit, plus your favorite 80s and 90s metal classics. a cursory glance indicated absolutely zero hip hop or electronic albums-but actually you have some brian eno ambient 4.5ed, and some dnb compilations! thats pretty cool. ill take the boomer stuff and leave most of the metal, and give you props for your expected love of dnb. get some ltj bukem up in there. i think this all balances out to a 2.5/5 < 3
None So Vile

Sniff: sniff is a good user, half of the time when i look up an electronic album that i don't expect to be in the database sniff has added it. as a result, i actually wasn't expecting "hardcore" to be the leading genre in the pie chart. for a dude with a whopping 15k ratings, those 5s are quite lean and seemingly not indicative of what you tend to listen to, which may explain the pie chart strangeness. that massive list of 4s is more of what i was expecting, with floating points, fred p, kangding ray, murat, and many others! this is a massive list of ratings but there's so much electronic i love here, so i'll give this an optimistic 4.5/5 < 3
Define the Great Line

Manatea: there are not many ratings to go off of here but manatea is a good fellow. all of your favorite nu-sput-metalcore classics are here. not my favorite, though. i do like linkin park, buena vista social club, and underoath though. the people demand more ratings. i don't think i can make a judgment as it stands. TBD/5 is my copout answer < 3
24The National

AlexKzillion: those bowie scrobbles are looking good. this is meant with no offense at all, simply an observation: a lot of this is what i was listening to when i was like 13 like jeff rosenstock, the national, dillinger, converge, BoC. definitely a nostalgic list of artists for me, much of whom i still enjoy to this day. there are also some less appealing artists in the mix like periphery and pup but thats how it goes. very sput, mostly in a good way, reminds me of the good old days, not quite in line with my taste anymore but hey. 3/5 < 3
How Tough Are Yah?

Purpl3Spartan: shrek 2 soundtrack, spongebob and spongecore in the 5s is a bold choice. moving down to the 4.5s, there is honestly not very much i recognize but i have a feeling i wouldnt enjoy most of it based on the genres in ur pie chart and some of the stuff i do know lol. that being said, i can get down with stuff like the sawtooth grin and gaza, but most of this is not my bag. i didnt realize how many users there were with this type of taste until this list, which is interesting. i guess you guys all hang out in the metalcore threads. there isn't much compatibility taste-wise, a regrettable 2/5 < 3
26Hank Williams
40 Greatest Hits

PitchforkArms: hank williams batting first in the favorite bands lineup is an excellent choice. prog metal pie chart leader be damned, i appreciate your enjoyment of non-rock pre-60s music that often gets forgotten like country and jazz n shit, even if i dont really like that kind of jazz. regrettably i must also factor in aesop rock, btbam, pup, and all the other stuff that i am not a fan of. more country less prog metal pls but an optimstic 3/5 < 3
27My Bloody Valentine

theBoneyKing: another dude who likes country music which is cool. boney has the good softboi shit on lock, which is a dying archetype around here it seems. he is the first one to show up i believe. we need our sowingcore-adjacent fellas, even though boney is much more than that. good list of 5s, the stuff that i like i really like, and the stuff that i dont like is rather inoffensive. good stuff 4/5 < 3
28Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Vercetti: maybe the most succinct and perfect list of edgy 2005 teenager 5s out there, its beautiful, i wouldnt change a thing about it. 25% nu-metal in the pie chart is a power move. i do not like eminem or metallica but i do like linkin park, deftones, korn and wu-tang. the nu-metal/hip-hop synergy is very real. dont think we have all that much in common but you seem to know what sort of thing you like, which is cool. more east coast hip hop would be nice here. 2.5/5 < 3

Demon of the Fall: this guy has three spaces is his username which should be grounds for disqualification but i'll be merciful. here's a list of 5s that contains all your favorite sput post-metal classics, none of which ever clicked with me all that much. still there's some good stuff to be found, a fair bit of electronic which is always good to see. a fairly uncontroversial set of ratings, all in all, at least on the upper end, so i can't find too much to complain about; i do quite like a lot of the 4.5s and 4.0s. solid 4/5 < 3
30James Ferraro
Live at Primavera Sound 2012

rellik009: you have like no 5.0s or 4.5s wtf. luckily some of them are pretty good, big points for ferraro's primavera sound in the 5.0s. 250 ratings isnt much to go off of, but i feel like i can get a good sense of your taste based on what's here. there's a lot of good electronic here. you seem to like meshuggah quite a bit. get more ratings down homie but i give you a tentative 3.5/5 for ferraro/death grips/electronic love < 3
31The Cure

Squiggly: for some reason i was expecting a metal pie chart, but it's always a breath of fresh air when i see a user an almost entirely non-metal ratings list. we've arrived at softboi #2 after boney it seems. but what of the quality of these non-metal ratings? pretty good, honestly. hard to hate on someone with classics like the cure, slint, burial, wu-tang, and the mircophones in their 5.0s. yeah this is pretty solid, maybe could be less rock-oriented but you cant win em all. i like it! 4/5 < 3
32Willie Nelson
Red Headed Stranger

DadKungFu: nice pie chart. quite a bit of classical in these 5.0s that i dont care about, but the other stuff is very good indeed. fahey, cecil taylor, and willie nelson are all huge wins that i haven't seen much in people's 5.0s so far. also fela of course. i think we have basically entire subsections of our tastes that match up pretty damn well, namely the country, jazz, and honestly most of the rock portions as well. very nice 4.5/5 < 3
33Pig Destroyer

AsleepInTheBack: if i just saw those 5.0s i would be scared and disappointed that i would need a drop a 2.5 on this user and move on. but i think that would be rather uncharitable--asleep likes a lot of good stuff, i think the 5.0s are somewhat misleading. and it's not like they're awful, mostly just homogenous. moving down a bit opens up his taste a lot. perennial and lovable favorites like leonard cohen, talk talk, and husker du are great to see. honestly a pretty interesting mixture of stuff here, i'm sure a lot of it owing to the sput rec competitions which is cool. a user interested in expanding the bounds of his taste continue expanding them away from frank turner please! (joke [not really tho]). 3.5/5 < 3
34Souls of Mischief
93 'til Infinity

flashmobba: another dude with ratings that reminds me of the sput of yore (tool, deftones, radiohead). probably one of the few users i've seen so far where i feel like i've heard 99% of your 5.0s and 4.5s lol. some nice classic east coast hip hop here, but your love of 90s/2000s rock like QOTSA, a perfect circle, green day, and pearl jam is not for me. love these types of sput dudes though, usually they are cool. 3/5 < 3
35The Blue Nile

Icebloom: the third softboi has arrived, maybe the softest of them all. this 5.0s list just makes me want to make a cup of tea and get under my blanket. ISIS is basically the metal softboi band. definitely a fella with very well-defined taste, lots of slowcore/indie. i think the "sad music in general" in the favorite bands section sums it up well. rate murmur please and i will give you a 4.0 but for now 3.5/5 nice and cute < 3
36Cannibal Corpse
Tomb of the Mutilated

Valzentia: i do not know most of this favorite bands section what is all of this. looking at your actual ratings, i feel like i can get a better sense of what type of user you are. MCR/green day/linkin park/weezer are basically already grouped together in my mind so seeing them all show up in your 5.0s makes a lot of sense to me lol. sadly i only really like linkin park out of those four bands. there's some metal that i like in the 4.0+ section like emperor, cannibal corpse, and morbid angel, but this is a bit of a tough sell for me otherwise. we have very different musical affinities i'm afraid. i'm sure u would give the same rating to me 2/5 < 3
37Tim Hecker
Harmony in Ultraviolet

deathschool: BTMI, sweet trip, hecker, converge, mr bungle yeah i think this guy has heard of the website sputnikmusic.com before. i find it a bit hard to get a read of your taste actually, and consequently, its a bit hard to rate it. i guess it's mostly punk oriented, but not exactly the kind i like. the hecker love is nice to see though. i do like a lot of your 5.0s. let's go with a 3.5/5 < 3
38Natural Snow Buildings
Daughter of Darkness

Tb1114: this dude is all over the place, i like it tho. somebody really likes their long atmospheric boring-ass albums (stars of the lid, gybe, natural snow buildings), that NSB album is amazing tho and not actually boring so props for that. this is kind of a who's who of acclaimed sput artists, i do like the variety though. that skee mask - pool 4.5 makes me very happy. despite being somewhat undefined this is a very respectable list of ratings. cool 3.5/5 < 3
We Are the Romans

hesperus: dang 5500 ratings and an entirely rock-oriented pie chart. ive said this too many times now but those 5.0s absolutely scream sput lol. isis, neurosis, botch, converge all show up, and if you asked me to name some sputcore metal bands those would all be some of the first ones that pop into my head. ok theres some good non-metal stuff here like talk talk, joanna newsom, and flylo. still, far too much metal for me, but its definitely not the worst sput-metal out there. it seems like you like the more atmospheric metal stuff which usually doesnt click with me that much. still, not awful. 2.5/5 < 3
40Arthur Russell
Picture of Bunny Rabbit

Cygnatti: hell yeah. cyg likes a lot of the cool 20th century music that often gets forgotten around here that i also happen to love like motown and country and the like. cyg also likes talk talk a lot, as do i. i might not be as high on sweet trip as he is but i still like them a fair bit. he even digs stuff like PC music which i love as well. he also likes DM, jazz, and 60s psychedelia like me. he also likes some of the same electronic music as me. so we basically like all the same stuff. you know what that means! good user 5/5 < 3
41Organ Tapes
Hunger In Me Living

rabidfish: rabidfish has a nice eclectic taste. lots of it is very nice and respectable. i like organ tapes a lot too. he likes stuff like bladee, sicko mobb, yung lean, and rxk nephew too which is always good. i hope that pup 5 isn't real. but mostly i like it 4/5 < 3
No Stunts

Hyperion1001: we both like techno and death metal. this 5.0s list is pretty impeccable really, obviously doesn't cover all the corners of my taste but w.r.t. the techno/dm parts of it, this pretty much hits it head on. always makes me happy to see basic channel, objekt, OPN, pelon, and vladislav delay in the 5.0s. there's even everybody's favorite hip hop classics like madvillainy and illmatic here. so yeah, basically perfect good user 4.5/5 < 3
43Porter Ricks

myri14: "Basic Channe, Shinichi Atobe, Jan Jelinek" lets goooooooooooooo. not enough ratings but house arrest, lolita nation, basic channel, porter ricks and shinichi atobe in the 5.0s is insane, i love all of those so much. even in terms of rock music we're kinda on the same wavelength, stereolab and airiel and the velvet underground are all amazing. more ratings please but this is really very good and might be a 5.0 if i had more to go off of 4.5/5 < 3
44Electric Masada
At the Mountains of Madness

ReefaJones: i dont think ive ever seen someone with jazz fusion in their pie chart. honestly these 5.0s are basically all tried and true classics, basically nothing that i outright hate and a decent number of things that i love a lot (electric masada, MBV, joni mitchell). idk i kind of wish there was more stuff that i could be surprised by here but there's really not much. a nice and tidy ratings list that could use something that makes me go "whoa wtf." 4/5 < 3
45Big Moe
City of Syrup

Drifter: drifter likes hip hop a lot but often not the kind that i like. still its nice for someone to love hip hop so much around here. tbh idk most of these 5s because i just dont rly care about west coast hip hop. i dont like 2pac or biggie but i do like big moe and nas. ill give an optimistic 3.5/5 for being a hip hop fan < 3
46The Stooges
Fun House

ffs: ffs likes metal. but he likes some other stuff too. that 5s list is actually quite pleasing to me, i havent heard that sadus album but i know ive been rec'd it, even though i dont like thrash i think it could be an exception. siouxsie and the banshees, the stooges, koopsta, CoC, terrorizer and demilich are all very acceptable and cool 5s. these 4.5s look oddly similar to mine, i think we actually have a surprising amount of overlap since i thought this was going to be 90% metal that i didnt know. instead we have fela, no trend, elliott smith, manu dibango, leonard cohen, and a bunch of other stuff that i like. very nice! 4.5/5 < 3
Like an Ever Flowing Stream

DaveyMonsoon: this is a difficult one for me lol. i think i dislike almost all of these 5s that ive heard except for dismember, death and fear factory. its very clear what kind of music you like unfortunately its not the same type of music i like. keep on rockin in the free world tho 2/5 < 3
48The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead

Pangea: this is quite the change of pace from davey's taste. there are very few riffs to be found here, although im wald is here which is interesting. otherwise this is very cute with the beach boys, the national, u2, kishi bashi, laura stevenson and others. i think this is a dying user archetype which is a shame. nothing jumps out to me as super terrible, a lot of this doesnt really appeal to me but theres still some great stuff here as usual. we need more pangeas to balance out the metal users i think. nice stimming 5. cool 3.5/5 < 3
49Kate Bush
The Dreaming

Snake.: snake likes emo and post hardcore and indie and shoegaze according to his pie chart. thats all well and good but what do the ratings look like? honestly, mostly pretty cool. i was a little worried but things turned out fairly well. we share the dreaming, loveless, disintegration, spirit of eden, the inalienable dreamless, and probably something else im missing as 5s. some of this may be too twinkly dinkly or sleep-inducing to me but this is a fairly strong showing in terms of the genres that snake likes. this is too narrow for me to drop anything higher than 3.5 but well done < 3
50The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico

Spec: this 5s list is quite the grab bag and not really in the way i was expecting based on the pie chart genres. underoath, jazz liberatorz and the beatles fraternizing with each other is pretty cool. like half of these 5s make me go "cool" and the other half makes me go "nah." you can probably guess which is which based on my taste and the rest of this list. but it's not all bad and i respect the unexpected nature of this 5s list. honestly just going down one rating to 4.5 looks quite different and not really in a way that's good for my taste. less letlive/nofx/rancid etc and more cool eclectic stuff and this would be looking pretty good. until then i have no choice but to drop a 2.5 < 3
51Paysage d'Hiver

Sevengill: let's see how true that favorite bands section is. it's not looking very good tbh. i feel like i'm basically repeating myself in all of these now lol so you can probably guess which part of this 5s list i'm not so fond of. there is some metal i really enjoy here though, paysage and disembowelment will always be a pleasure to see. there is a kind of impressive lack of non-rock music here, moreso than almost any other user here. rock on i suppose 2/5 < 3
52Juicy J
Stay Trippy

Storm In A Teacup: 3000 glorious ratings, let's see how storm fares. jesus fuck man, i think you need some more 5s. these ratings are actually unhinged though. is there anyone else who took the time to 5 like ten different john williams soundtracks? my god. if i were feeling harsh then each coheed 5 would result in a 0.5 point deduction but i'm feeling merciful. if you took the best like...10% of this 5s list then maybe i could work with that but this is kind of a monstrosity. a unique monstrosity nonetheless, so congrats on that. keep listening to hip hop and you will go far. we do not have the same taste in rock music in the slighitest. 2/5 seems right < 3
Catch Thirtythree

Tundra: tundra's taste is so at odds with anything that i like that i think it wraps around to being perfect. it's like if i had the complete opposite music taste, this would basically be the list of ratings that i would come up with. i think meshuggah's catch 33 is my highest rated album in this 5s list, and thats only a 3.5 for me lol. i havent really been looking at the low end of user's ratings but out of curiosity i took a peek and as i expected theres some pretty cool stuff here--actually less than i was expecting though. but anyway like i said, i can't imagine crafting a 5s list more perfect for me to dislike, i think there's nothing i can do except give this another very special 5/5!!!! < 3
Alpe Lusia

Calc: calc's recent ratings are concerning. his pie chart is also slightly concerning. let's hope things get better when we dig into the actual ratings. an interesting 5s list for sure, not too similar to anything i've seen before here. gershwin, stimming, and a bunch of rock/metal that i don't particularly like. lots of high dear hunter ratings. wow there's a lot of phxc here. aside from the random cool jazz/electronic/hip hop album this ratings list is kind of tough for me. lil boat and 05 fuck em 1'ed? wtf man. if you stop listening to rock music then you would probably get a great score lol. 2/5 < 3
55Robbie Basho
Visions of The Country

Butkuiss: this seems to be similar to calc's case. your rock 5s are very not my taste (black sabbath, dredg, iron maiden, judas priest, primus, etc.) but the other stuff here is mostly stellar (basho, burial, el-p, porter ricks, fahey, etc.). actually there's a fair bit of hip hop here that i am not a fan of as well (aesop rock, sadistik, sage francis). this is quite the mixture. i'm going to be charitable because there's a lot of stuff i very much enjoy 3/5 < 3
56Lil Wayne
Da Drought 3

Winesburgohio: beautiful pie chart, very nice. another wonderful arthur russell fanatic. these 5s are basically flawless for what they are, not the perfect representation of my own taste or anything but i enjoy almost all of them. jeff mills, animal collective, burial, joni mitchell, royal trux, sunshine has blown, and astral weeks all make me happy. oh and da drought 3 lol that rules. i've given basically all of your 5s 4+ scores if ive heard them, maybe that's a signal for me to hear the ones that i'm not familiar with (herbert distel, ana hato, agustin barrios, the shadow ring, etc). some surprising picks with high scores here too, like vampire weekend, american football, and bon iver. but this is basically as good as it gets, very cool taste and another very cool 5/5!!!! < 3
57Boards of Canada
Music Has the Right to Children

Jash: dubstep in the pie chart m/m/m/m//m/m/m/mm/. the actual ratings made me slightly less excited, and once again it's mostly because of the rock here lol (brand new, defeater, explosions in the sky, refused, etc.). actually we don't really have that similar taste in hip hop either, not really a fan of nujabes, westside gunn, jpegmafia, etc. there is some stuff here that i like a lot, cool to see jenny hval's viscera in the 5s. also some solid electronic and some good hip hop despite the aforementioned blemishes. let's say this is a respectable 3/5 < 3
58Skee Mask

brainmelter: interesting 5s list, i like most of it! slayer, vashti bunyan, skee mask (fck yeah), joanna newsom, huerco s all good stuff. lots of solid dm/emo. those 1s definitely are 1s lol. very nice, some good diversity and interesting picks, well done 4/5 < 3
59Stevie Wonder

Vinnymcscoop: i feel like its been a while since we've seen a user with this type of pie chart, welcome back sputcorecore user. this also means welcome back sub-3 ratings. jk (but not really). there's some nice stuff here like shiner, yes, stevie wonder and uhh thats kind of all i really like in the 5s. it gets slightly better in the 4.5s, but yeah this is mostly just not really my style. looots of 90s/2000s rock music that i just have no affinity for. but uh keep listening to music that you like and having fun rock on 2/5 < 3
Mental Funeral

evilford: this dude needs some metal in his life smh. so obviously i knew what to expect when i clicked on the legendary evilford's rating list, a bunch of metal, some hip hop, maybe some classic prog, but mostly metal. i like metal too, not as much as ford but we do overlap a decent bit in terms of the metal we like. specifically, i also like death metal. ford knows a lot about that genre. in fact back in the day i probably heard a ton of death metal due to the man himself. his taste in hip hop is good as well. epic iconic user, obviously not the perfect fit for my taste but the dm love is real. 4/5 for the goat < 3
61Hank Williams
40 Greatest Hits

Kompys2000: Kompys was mean to me but ill try to see past that to preserve the integrity of this list. interesting combination of stuff in the 5s, you like psychedelic music which is nice but you also like some sleep-inducing ambient music. i dont think our tastes in rock/metal align too well, not a fan of moon tooth or mastodon or rancid but then again i do enjoy built to spill, modest mouse, and r.e.m. i think this is mostly kind of a mixed bag for me, more good than bad tho i also like hank williams and dj shadow and grouper and others. 3/5 < 3
62Eric Dolphy
Out to Lunch!

DaveTrane: jazz largest pie chart slice woooo. i was expecting a treasure trove of jazz obscurities and oddities but this really isnt that, we have mingus, coltrane, and davis. this isnt a bad thing, i like all those artists a lot. and an "out to lunch" 5 which is very cool. the other side of your taste is metal, and there's not much else apart from those two different sides--some hip hop, some classical, the odd rock/electronic album, but it seems like you stick to those two styles in particular. i like the jazz, i like some of the metal, lots of the usual suspects in your metal 5s as well. also a decent amt of metal that i just dont recognize at all. i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that those are cool and good metal albums 3.5/5 < 3
63Vashti Bunyan
Just Another Diamond Day

porcupinetheater: i also love porcupine tree and dream theater 5/5. really tho porc and i are mostly on the same wavelength w.r.t. the rock music we like--even if i don't really care for nick cave all that much. kayo dot, the microphones, the magnetic fields--wait hold on a minute i see there will be fireworks, we lost the sea, mewithoutyou, fair to midland, wtf is going on here. maybe we are less compatible than i had originally thought. nevertheless there's a lot of weird and interesting stuff in these ratings, i think i can overlook some minor transgressions and christen you a Good Taste Haver 3.5/5
64Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

AffableMartyr: one glance at the favorite bands section and we know exactly what we're getting ourselves into with this user--metal, post-hardcore, maybe the occasional hip-hop album that metalheads enjoy. nice to see some modest mouse 5s. please remove some of those amazing classic lil b mixtapes from your 1s list wtf!!!and chief keef. i think i enjoy more of your 1.5s than your 5s lol. most of the highly rated stuff is just not for me really aside from the odd obvious classic like bowie, pixies, death, and the like. i wouldve gone higher but those low ratings for amazing music made me sad 2/5 < 3
Boris At Last -Feedbacker-

kkarron: "HEALTH RAT WARS 2.0" promising start. and you have a 20% industrial slice so it sure seems like you know what you're doing with that genre. i dont really know anything about it so lets just pretend its not there for the sake of this. you like noisy and wacky stuff. nice badalamenti 5. im not really big on mercyful fate or mr bungle but most of your other 5s are cool. too much rock music but we need our sporkcore-adjacent users and theyre a welcome change of pace from our post-hardcore users (whom i also love dearly). pretty good 3.5/5 < 3
All We Love We Leave Behind

Ectier: oh hell yeah this is a list of sputnikmusic.com 5s. dillinger, the ocean, opeth, oathbreaker, yeah these are def some bands that have some hype around these parts. i am personally not a fan of most of this stuff but if you like these bands then this is the website to be on. 2/5 keep on sputtin m/ < 3
Public Strain

Pheromone: for whatever reason i wasnt expecting such a lean list of 5s, and certainly not those 5s. i did not know you had such gentle ears phero. although you do have black eyes here i guess. some of these 4.5s/5s are too twee for me but some of them are just the right amount of twee. you need to bump "if you're feeling sinister" a whole rating point for me pls i think that would work out well. stuff like brand new and the antlers and the wrens bring this down but otherwise this is quite a pleasant softboi list. 3/5 seems right < 3
68Chief Keef
Almighty So

FREETHEGUYS: torts got banned so i have no ratings to go off of but he usually likes good stuff i think 4/5 < 3
Dead as Dreams

dbizzles: nice anco 5 even though its one of my least favorites by them still gotta respect it. bathory defeated sanity, discordance axis, pestilence, pig destroyer, thou--damn we have basically the same taste in metal. its not often where i open up someone's metal 5s and ive rated most of them 4+. and weakling too damn. not to mention the rigning 5 which is cool to see. there are some things here that make me wince but this is mostly really good in terms of rock music. too little other stuff to get a rating even higher than this but 4/5 for having some very high quality metal 5s < 3
70Big L
Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous

Hawks: hawks likes a lot of metal but is also pretty open minded. some good hip hop 5s here (but also eminem :/). wasn't expecting 2 la dispute 5s lol. obv too much cradle of filth but that can be forgiven. otherwise i like basically all of these 5s. holy shit thats a lot of 4.5s and a lot of metal that i dont know. very good chief keef ratings. so yeah even though i dont know a lot of this stuff and this is obv way too metal-oriented for me, the stuff that i know is mostly really good. 4/5 < 3
71Three 6 Mafia
Mystic Stylez

Avagantamos: autechre sucks lmaooooooo nah theyre ok i used to like them a dece bit but i havent listened to them in quite a while. my exai cd was rather formative for me. but yeah these 5s rule based on what ive heard, spaceghostpurrp, three 6, 'guts, gospel, canox, converge, boris, all rly good. nice skee mask/neph/hecker rates as well. i think we're on the same hip hop wavelength for the most part which is cool. not so much in terms of electronic but im not particularly offended by anything i see here. really good very nice i like it! 4/5 < 3

Relinquished: linq reps the good electronic, appreciate all the dance music label spotlights. still hes mostly a metalbro, im not rly that big on post metal and the like but its alright. the 4.5s have a lot of good shit though. juan atkins, leon vynehall, gang starr, fela, and a bunch of metal. your taste in metal is probably more similar to mine than hawks' so i think a 4.5 is fair especially given the large amount of high quality electronic very good < 3
White Pony

s0nicx: that pie chart does not bode well. i'm scared. lol nice singular 5 i wasnt expecting that, idk that album so i cannot comment. i have a feeling i would not like it based on what i am seeing though. but i do like deftones, kate bush, and the beach boys. otherwise this is a bit of a tough one for me. sry bro keep on being a hedgehog or whatever m/ 2/5 < 3
74Steely Dan

efp123: surprising album to 5 by whirr, but great band. nice DOOM ratings, check some more hip hop bro youll probably find a lot of stuff you like. or maybe you already have and you hated it all. in any case they are doing a lot of heavy lifting here because it is a bit difficult for me to find other stuff that i like here. a lot of stuff i havent heard as well. oh actually nice nothing and steely dan 5s too. i will be optimistic since theres a lot of stuff i dont know here but i dont think i can go any higher due since i rly do not like hammock or eluvium or animals as leaders. 2.5/5 < 3
75Black Wing
...Is Doomed

ConcubinaryCode: its crazy how many metalcore dudes we have around here. i knew they were a plurality but it almost feels like theyre a majority after doing this. but lets not boil down this fella's taste into one genre, we have bjork and the cure and regrettably, run the jewels. love to see that black wing 5 though, my favorite dan barrett project easily. theres actually not all that much sput-metalcore on here despite the pie chart. i sorted by release year to confirm my suspicions and damn bro you need more pre-90s jams in your life. not really my style but nothing too offensive, 2.5/5 seems right < 3
Unquestionable Presence

AeniasGaming: uh oh. i already see some of my all time least favorite artists here in the 5s (devin townsend, moron police). this does not bode well. there is also a lot of stuff that looks like sput-metalcore that i have not heard but i have an sneaking suspicion i would not dig. that smiths 4.5 is doing quite a bit to redeem you. also bowie, fleet foxes, and atheist give me varying levels of enjoyment. seeing all those DGD 1's made me lol i was not expecting that, i actually don't mind them on some occasions. i think we both know what is coming, you probably dont like my taste either. 2/5 < 3
77Silver Jews
American Water

calmrose: there we go, now there's the sput i remember. feels very much like a 5s list i would see upon joining this site 10 yrs ago. the 2014 join date checks out. bunch of gospeed, NMH, botch and boards of canada all 2010s sputcore classics. the 4.5s are such a mixed bag for me, dropping even a few of these bands would go such a long way for me. because theres plenty of stuff i really love here (discordance axis, flylo, jeromes dream, kayo dot, liturgy, modest mouse, many others). i think the ratio is still on the positive side for me, 3.5/5 i like it < 3
Like an Ever Flowing Stream

Kusangii: now thats a set of 5s right there. im assuming a lot of these are memes. i like dissection/sacramentum a decent bit, and lulu is a based 5. dismember rules obv. theres a shit ton of melodic DM here all of which i pretty much hate, and a lot of thrash i dont like either. great twilight force 1 tho, respect. 2/5 < 3
Full Collapse

veninblazer: honestly that favorites band section has a decent hit rate, i like deftones, glassjaw, and underoath. nice 'verge, linkin park, thursday 5s too. the pink floyd 5 is pretty surprising lol. a lot of this is very much not my vibe. those aphex twin rates could be a beautiful gateway into more electronic music. i like this more than i thought overall 2.5/5 < 3
80Talking Heads
Remain in Light

JoyfulPlatypus: nice talking heads 5.0s, get some more pre-90s music up in here boi. oh i guess there's led zeppelin and queen but im not rly a fan of them. honestly i'm pretty unfamiliar with a lot of your 5s, i havent heard a lot of this stuff. i think hybrid theory might be my favorite non-talking heads 5 of yours that ive heard tbh. this is a tough one bc i really dont know a lot of your highly rated albums so uhh lets say 2.5/5? < 3
81The Congos
Heart of the Congos

MiloRuggles: following your instructions not to look at the bottom of your ratings (i may have accidentally seen an upsetting gerogerigegege 0.5 but i'll choose not to factor that in). on the upper end we have stott, bark psychosis, kayo dot, the congos, this heat--yeah i can get down with this for sure. unfortunately kashiwa daisuke and godspeed must be counted against you. but honestly there's not much here i outright dislike, things get slightly spottier in the 4.5 range but pretty good overall. it's kind of hard for me to get a read on your taste overall, i truly have no idea what i would recommend to you if asked. interesting and cool 3.5/5 < 3
82Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

farmerobama: that profile photo and taste absolutely screams stinky acid-tripping hippie, which is not the worst archetype at all. take out the king gizzard and this is looking pretty good. i need to check that hawkwind tbh. love those 60s/70s canon 5s, rock bottom, the stooges, tvu&nico and king crimson are a welcome addition to any 5s list. a little one dimensional perhaps, but at least in a way that's different from most users so far. 3.5/5 would smoke ganga w you < 3

DocSportello: very 2000s hipster (burial, clouddead, anco, avalanches) which is not a bad thing. when i first started seriously listening to music, a lot of this stuff is what first clicked with me. my tastes may have changed a bit but i definitely have a soft spot in my heart for nmh, fever ray, radiohead, etc. even if dont jam em anymore. mbv of course will always be in rotation. nice skee mask rates too. cool! 3.5/5 < 3
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