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sup. rec me ONE (1) album you think i will like that isn't in my ratings. i am taking 30 recs for 30 days. winner gets internet glory
1Ian Pooley

izakaya – this was cool. i'm like 65% sure i've heard "disco love" before and it's a great cut. "what's your number" is also excellent. honestly more than anything else, this is just super pleasant. this maybe isn't my favorite style of house music–it may be too laid back for that–but not a bad jam at all. [3.4] is about right for this. not something i'm particularly interested in hearing again in full, but definitely some nice individual tracks and a breezy listen overall.

protokute – most of the trance that i've dug is not nearly as high-BPM as this monstrosity. and i don't mean monstrosity in a negative way–this is just a beast in terms of its sound. definitely enjoying this more than i did when i first heard this a while ago, back when i considered trance one of my least favorite subgenres of electronic.

so how do i feel about this? it's a lot of fun. i love basically all psychedelic music and this is one of the most frantic takes on psychedelia out there. still not convinced this style of trance will become one of my favorites, but this is def a trip worth taking. [3.6]

SlothcoreSam – i wanted to like this one. i dont have much experience with throat singing except for "divine music from a jail" which is gorgeous. this is a lot more pastoral and expansive, but honestly, beyond the throat singing, there wasnt too much that i enjoyed here. for the most part i found this pretty dull, unfortunately. luckily towards the end, there was some pretty stuff–"setgeliin egshig" in particular caught my ear. i needed more of that stuff here. instead, relatively static tracks like "haramgui" were sorta a slog for me. [2.6] for the nice throat singing
4Linda Perhacs

Ars Moriendi – the joni influence is suuper apparent on her voice - high pitched, clear, and lovely. i really like the mysterious folky vibe here. the opener and "hey who really cares" are super gorgeous. will need a few more listens to really see if there's anything else that i can really grab on to here, but i think i like this a lot.

edit: yeah there's a lot to like here for me. love this style/era of folk music. [3.8] is the verdict.
5The Cleaners From Venus
Number Thirteen

Sinternet – for the most part, this doesn't jangle like "midnight cleaners" but it has some interesting and unique sounds. wasn't expecting anything like "no go (for louis macniece)" here lol. on first listen, "the jangling man" stood tall above anything else here with its excellent lyrics and familiar jangle that i know and love from their debut. cool and good. will re-listen

after three listens i'm digging the weirdness and new elements that are present here that weren't on the debut. really cool band with great lyrics [3.9]
Mechanical Royalty

widowslaugh123 – "the clock song" is pretty bangin. there's nothing really wrong with this, but i haven't been as interested in this kind of hip hop lately. if i heard this 5 years ago i probably would be diggin it more. that being said, it's still solid af overall. good rec [3.5]
7The Levellers
Levelling The Land

Zac124 – this is my first experience with celtic rock. i think if i were a 40-year-old british man who listened to this growing up then i would kind of understand the appeal, but my being a 22-year-old yank makes me feel out of the loop on this one. despite the somewhat interesting celtic influences, it still mostly seems to be working in the confines of rather standard rock music. on occasion those influences take center stage, and things can get rather pretty and nice at those points, like "the boatman." but for the most part this is not rly my thing unfortunately. maybe the first rec here that makes me wonder why you thought i'd like it lmao [2.2].
Rise of the Common Woodpile

porcupinetheater – yeah this may need a few dozen relistens before i can properly rate it

UPDATE: alright i think its time i finally get some words down on this one. i think i've heard this maybe 7 times now? rating this somehow still feels kind of wrong to me but it must be done for the sake of closing this damn competition. those vocals on track one definitely threw me off, big time. actually there are a lot of things that threw me off here. aesthetically, this is basically perfect. love the description on bandcamp. there's something just wonderfully batshit about this album. the woozy country stuff is hella fun too, like on track 2. insane, unique, and damn good. [4.2]
94 Bonjour's Parties
Okapi Horn

Pangea – this is cute and pleasant but didn't really grab me beyond that. in fact it may be too much of those two things. i still liked it a decent bit though! there's some cool instrumentation here. [3.3]
10Above and Beyond
Tri State

Hyperion1001 – vocals in dance music like this are often very hit or miss for me, but they were mostly great. super danceable, very dreamy, yeah i like this a lot. still has room to grow i feel, but a tentative [3.8] for me
11Mandrake (JPN)
Unreleased Materials Vol. 1

JohnnyoftheWell – obviously the recording quality is not quite up to par, but there's some cool instrumentation here for sure. i like that stringy bass in track 2, as well as those cheesy 70s keyboard soundz. this def isn't your light canterbury-scene 70s prog fare; it's pretty heavy and raucous at times. i like the sound, maybe not connecting fully with the songs though. i'll throw a solid [3.5] on this one
12Hiroshi Yoshimura
Music For Nine Post Cards

calmrose – this is lovely...possibly very lovely...thoughts pending

yeah i can dig this. it does a very simple thing very well. extremely pretty, if maybe a bit too light at times. will definitely be putting this on to chill out in the future. quite nice stuff [3.8]
13Zelma Stone
The Best

budgie – i really like the opener, but unfortunately the rest didn't grab me. "come back" is aight, and the closer is solid, but the three tracks following the opener were basically non-factors here. i could see her blowing up though, i like her voice and she's clearly talented. [3.1]
New Ouija

DadKungFu – yoooo this fucking rules. a good portion of this of mostly just really good super atmospheric super ethereal dnb. the more IDM-y parts eschew a lot of annoying 90s IDM-isms that I often don't dig. "vanishing point" is groovy as hell. love the percussion all over this thing. [4.1] for now
15Blaque Spurm
Spurmicidal Tendencies

PotsyTater – god damn it i might have to do a round 2 just like you pots. this is tight. boom bap with a southern sensibility. this is mostly very fun. diggin it. another album that i have to regrettably give a [3.8] so we're looking at a 3-way tie for the bronze currently
16Larry Heard
Sceneries Not Songs Vol. 1

Drifter – this is helllaa sexy. just in terms of sound/style this is probably my favorite thing here. im familiar with a lot of larry's stuff but not this. this dials up those dreamy nocturnal house vibes to 11. incredibly gorgeous sound but unfortunately i didnt love this like i wanted to. maybe it will grow on me but i dont think this is his strongest work. larry still the goat tho, this was just a little disappointing [3.6]

Sniff – this is pretty fucking evil stuff. im a big fan of 80s hardcore and this is a fun slice of it. love the vocals and production style, its just about has hateful as you could hope for. maybe not as good as anti cimex, but damn do these swedes know how to riff. [3.7]
18River-Side Click
Runnin In Da Wind

ffs – that opener is outstanding. tommy wright is a legend and these beats are mostly excellent across the board. i know it's the style but the very lengthy posse cuts get a bit much sometimes here. it's a shame because the production is terrific. still really enjoyed this though, great stuff. basically any memphis shit is almost a guaranteed 3.5+ for me. [3.6]

cylinder – as we established im kind of weary of the idm tag, but this is actually pretty damn fun. the beats are actually fun and sticky. "in dust" was a highlight–surprisingly gorgeous stuff for the genre, and some fun drums. maybe not something i'd listen to every day, but this is definitely cool stuff. [3.6]
Mr. Brubaker's Strawberry Alarm Clock

Jasdevi087 – hmmmmm...thoughts pending

UPDATE: idk man. i thought i just wasnt in the right mood for this one on first pass, but ive listened to it thrice now and idk. im not smart nor a good writer or anything but i just dont vibe with this. everything about this seems like something i should dig–vaguely psychedelic, big heavy drums, lots of weird samples, but more than anything i just found this pretty tedious. conceptually there's a lot about it that's interesting to me, but in terms of enjoyment, this one isn't for me. [2.6]
21dj smokey
Legalize Nuclear Bombs

Avagantamos – love his production work, but hasn't heard any music released under this name. as expected, we have all those great ridiculous DJ tags all over. beyond that, it's actually really interesting and unique production. there are a lot of different genres found here, which keeps it entertaining. fun release and i hate to put another one in this range but [3.8]. definitely gonna check out more of his material under this name. in fact this reminded me that pizza and codeine by chris travis exists. amazing tape
22David Kauffman and Eric Caboor
Songs From Suicide Bridge

AsleepInTheBack – this is extremely good and depressing. the a-side in particular was hit after hit, as well as the gorgeous closer. the rest of it may need some time to grow or it may just not be as good as the aforementioned parts. time will tell. but in the meantime, i'm comfortable with putting this on top with a [4.2]. this is a perfect match for my love of depressing folk music
23Jim O'Rourke
Bad Timing

theBoneyKing – the opener is kinda slow-going, and i definitely hear the fahey worship, but the second track's instrumentation and gorgeous melodies really opened this up for me and took this out of the "fahey-worship" zone. obviously indebted to him and his contemporaries, but jim definitely puts his own spin on it. he's a great musician and songwriter. love that uptempo horn jam at the end of the album. super enjoyable stuff [4.0]
24George Lewis
Homage To Charles Parker

robertsona – i couldn't connect with the A-side at all really, which is a shame because damn, that b-side is gorgeous stuff–really, really enjoyed it. if the A-side clicked w me then this would be a frontrunner for sure, instead i must bestow upon it a tentative [3.5]. will definitely be re-jamming since the B-side was so great.
25The Gentle People
Soundtracks For Living

rabidfish – this one gets imaginary points for carrying me to the finals of the pots rec competition before i had heard more than3 tracks from it lol. so how is the music? quite good, actually! incredibly sensual, lush, and quirky all at the same time. this definitely wasn't consistently holding my attention, and it's pretty long, but the good stuff here is quite good. the opening few tracks in particular are quite fun. very enjoyable! [3.5]

Snake. – hooooly shit i need some more time with this. i was expecting some soft midwestern emo based on the album cover but that is not at all what i got lmao. the intros may be a bit much, but when these tracks get going they are an absolute assault. this is how i tend to like my screamo-related music, so i have a feeling this one will grow on me, but this was definitely a surprise lol. thoughts pending

UPDATE: i wish these tracks didn't take so long to get going. i love the sheer brutality, but i also kinda don't want to listen to it ever again lol. this is super exhausting to me, definitely need to be in the right frame of mind for it. definitely glad to have heard it though. [3.3]
Without Your Love

unclereich – i have a lot of love for early 2010s witch house, but i'd never heard this one before. opener was not so great tbh, but this really heated up with the second track. love the drums and cool autotune vocals on that song. actually most of the songs have great drum programming and nice vocals. tracks 2-4 are all great. i also like how "the south" is basically a drill beat lol. i find that the best witch house releases are brief, because as much as i enjoy this sound, it does kind of wear thin after a while. unfortunately that's kinda true here. if this were an EP consisting of maybe 5 songs i'd probably like this a lot more. still though, this is nice, def enjoyed. [3.4]
28Frankie Knuckles
Boiler Room London DJ Set

z00sh – as a rec for me, this was probably the safest bet. the godfather of house coming through with a slamming DJ set? yeah whos surprised not me. maaaybe a bit too much disco/not enough pure house for it to truly break through into 4.5 territory. "hot stuff" isn't my favorite disco track but that moment when it came in was sheer joy. "live at the ministry of sound" is still my favorite set i've heard from him but obviously really good, incredibly talented DJ rip so hard. [4.2]
29Last Days of Humanity
Putrefaction in Progress

Ghandhilion – i have a sneaking suspicion i've heard this one before. adorable song titles of course. i like the drumming and snare sound. obviously this is an absurd album in basically every way possible and i respect it a lot for that. i usually like this type of insanity so maybe i need to sit with it a bit more, but i didnt rly love this. definitely have a lot of respect for it, but yeah, idk. im a pussy ig [3.1]

Klekticist – coming off the heels of 29 this is basically a bubblegum pop album lol. im usually skeptical about clean vocals in albums like this, but i like the ones here. not just a standard grindcore album–some interesting influences crop up here, yielding mostly good results. i dont think it's just because i listened to 29 right before this, but this is a liiittle too clean for my taste. probably like this a bit less than "dirge". i know people were shitting themselves about the closer here, and yeah it is probably the best track. not bad at all, but not exactly what i look for in my grindcore. [3.4]
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