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10k comments!!! - to celebrate I did a list thing that I was planning to do for 7 years on sput but was lazy and sort of actually only got to finishing it today. Idea stolen from Ethos (2014) because for some reason I always remembered the list and liked '...Fuk' as a way to describe those moments in music where you get chills n are like ...Fuk // this is the closest I will ever come to a top songs list // Love you all.
This Is a Pinback CD


This is the perfect example of a tiny little musical moment that appear first either missable or unremarkable, but weaves its way into your skin in eager anticipation. The lil tiny moment transcends the song into my favourite pinback track as ridiculous as that sounds.

That moment be the cartoony 'real good' before the last chorus at 3:19...Fuk
The Sophtware Slump

Miner At The Dial-A-View

This is the song I always think about when talking about those lil' unremarkable remarkable moments in a song.

Despite being a fucking tiny part of the song, every-single time I listen to Miner I wait in anticipation for the simple crooned ‘yeaheeyeah’ at 4:43…Fuk.... It fuk's me up every time. It’s like an easter egg that only comes to the forefront after multiple listens. The song itself crescendo’s instrumentally and lyrically (and conceptually in relation to the album). For me this comes to it's crash in this tiny release of desperation. Whether on purpose or not, I don't know, but it sends me those wicked chills.
3Arab Strap

New Birds

The toppest of top tier spoken word. A perfect drunk and defeated midnight listen (as with most of Arab Strap's stuff tbf). New Birds is the story of near-infedelity conveyed in a way only Aidan Moffat could, with the strange bonus of never growing old on repeat listens despite telling the same story (as much as one might try to urge Aiden the other way). The slowcore centred post-rock build up to the crescendo'd climax of the story lingers beautifully AND just before the moment of decision, the instrumental slows to a thick near-stop, somehow loud in silence as Moffat mutters - 'you can see her breath in the air between your faces', and you are hooked...Fuk

An (unspoiled) decision later and the spoken word section of the story ends in a great crash - but - not before a signal, the '1...2...3' of the drums at 3:44...Fukkk

Listen to this.
4The Feelies
Crazy Rhythms

Moscow Nights

If an apocalypse ever actually came to fruition i would hope it'd take form in something a little cooler (more poetic / more fire) than the current COVID crisis. More-so, if this firey, poetic apocalypse came to fruition and someones passed me the world's aux, with like 4 minutes left on the world clock, this would be the song I put on. It's so deceivingly destructive that you might trick yourself into thinking that it isn't the heaviest fucking song of all time. But it is!

This is one of my all time favourites, so there are a number of …Fuk moments throughout - the initial build into the vocals (‘All you really wanted’…Fuk) and then the subsequent perfection of the oncoming crescendo, building up desperation through every angular guitar line and disorienting drum, leading to the final voice break of ‘OOOoooOooOohhh’…Fuk (one of the most …Fuk moments in music, for real.) Even the little drum segment half way through is …Fuk inducing on a feel the feelies kinda day.
5The Veils
Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica

If the loud-quiet dynamic was an A-Level maths test the veils would have passed with 100/100 on this t.t; if the loud-quiet dynamic was a hard sudoko, the veils have completed it ez; if the loud-quiet dynamic had absent parents who fled the country and had another kid whom they raised with more love and care, this one song would be that kid. All im saying is when this song BURSTS oh boy it's so good.

The three bursting ...Fuk's explode at 1:55 (‘AND I FEEL IT…’), 2:55 (‘AND I RAISE YOU…’) and 4:30 (‘ITS NOT FAR AT ALL)…Fuk …Fuk …Fuk. It’s so beautifully chaotic fuck mid 80s alt rock sensation 'pixies' this song is the best pixies to ever pixie

One Less Year

The intro to this song gives me that ‘…Fuk’ feeling in in a sort of weirdly melancholic but uplifting way. Tbf the ...Fuk kinda carries me through the 5 min runtime. However, the seminal …Fuk moment of this song is the ‘I’m okay’s’ and ‘I’m just fine’s’ which croon and drift through the chorus. The desperate (but kinda monotonous in a 90s indie way) vocals and weightless instrumentals make the listen ethereal af. It's the sorta track that'd make you feel nostalgic of something, but you can't place what.
7Built To Spill
Keep It Like a Secret

Broken Chairs

Broken Chairs is kind of the blueprint for closing out an album with a monster track. Equal parts depressing and epic, the song is a combnination of a poem from the bands recently passed friend set to intense, intoxicating guitar tones - this adds up to a point where the emotion of the song is almost overwhelming, in the best possible way.

The whistles at 2:45 prior to the second verse are the notable ‘…Fuk’ moment in this song. Pure transcendence as you get caught in the chaos - wish they could swallow me forever tbqh …Fuk.

Also a special s/o to the minor croon at 4:28 and the perfect chorus to ‘Time Trap’ on the same album – two big …Fuk moments


‘HEY! Been. Trying. To. Meet. You’...Fuk. Sounds like every word is falling down the stairs, one. after. the. other. Golly, Pixies are so impressively fresh sounding 30 years later. They had that velvet underground kinda care-free cool and innovation which translated into their music effortlessly. Emphasis on had. Hey is my pick for their most emotional song, particularly when that last chorus comes in. It brought me close to tears live and im pre dead inside so.

It’s those little steps between the words which Frank Black Black Francis sings –

‘we're ch-ained we're cha-aiEEee -nd, we're ch-ained, we're ch-ained’… and then the guitar come in…Fuk
9Sonic Youth

Tunic (Song for Karen)

Tunic is sonic youth slacked down to a slump - skewed to a point where someting feels off. It's a heartbreaking track about the anorexia of Karen from the Carpenter's, from her perspective. The vocals stumble behind the mix, fading away lyrically and sonically. The song folds me to be honest. Should be held higher in the sonic youth canon!

In the perfect monotone delivery… ‘I feel like i’m disappearing, getting smaller everyday; but I look in your eyes and I’m bigger in every way… you ain’t ever going anywhere’…Fuk.

'You are never going anywhere'...Fuk
10 Mineral
The Power of Falling

Parking Lot

When I first heard this I used to want this song to stop its development on the beautiful intro; to repeat it constantly, build on it, scream it - a four-minute repetition of those few lines. However, now I’m a real man and have grown to realise what makes that introduction so perfect - it’s the gentle, delicate longing which the lines carry. You don't wanna get bored of that feeling. The song develops into an emotive Midwest emo classic and, still, the introduction shines and is one of my favourites ever.

‘I wouldn't mind if you took me in my sleep tonight, I wouldn't even put up a fight, I wouldn't care if you took it all away today, I'm sure i wouldn't even miss the pain’…Fuk
11Mercury Rev
Yerself Is Steam

Chasing a Bee

For some reason there was a long period where Deserter's was the only Mercury album I had really dug. Thankfully, I listened to this one again on a whim during Christmas break of my first term at Uni, where I was having a bit of a hard time, and Chasin' a Bee blew me the fuck away. The song helped me a shit ton when I came back. Nothing fills me so instantly with confidence than blasting this through my earphones. As well as that, the song became the soundtrack for my favourite LSD experience ever and honestly, if someone (for some reason idk) put a gun to my head and asked for my favourite song (maybe in a Tenacious D Tribute kinda way), it'd probably be this one.

Honestly when the chorus hits - ‘AND OF COURSE I DON’T MINDDDDDDD’…Fuk - it transports me

Dig Me Out


Sleater-Kinney have an insane collection of punk-rock ‘holy shit’ moments to choose from (Turn It On), but also beautiful, soul destroying moments (Good Things). Jenny is a nice mix of both.

From 1:50 onwards it feels like you're being swallowed by the surrounding instrumentation and repeating vocals, growing in desperation – ‘Didn’t we almost have it almost have it almost have it almost have it’…Fuk... Carrie’s vocals FUKKK me. The intensity of the entire moment is 'damn just want it to go on forever tbqh'
13Carissa's Wierd
Songs About Leaving

So You Wanna Be A Superhero

It is 8:19 in the morning on Christmas eve and I am trying to finish this list last minute because, well, of course I am. Anyway, this has resulted to me listening to Carissa's Wierd before I've even eaten breakfast and I feel like this goes against a certain rule I've set myself or something. Something along the lines of 'don't listen to Carissa's Wierd before breakfast'. The Rapgenius explanation for the meaning of this song is as follows - 'The song is about dealing with suicidal thoughts and feeling your life is utterly worthless.' - I can't say whether or not this is why I like this song so much, because it is simply 8:19 in the morning and my brain doesn't need to dwell on those sorts of things, not before breakfast. I love this band and I adore this song.

It's that tiny gap at 2:00 where she sings 'a long look in the mirror, just ...(fuk) look so blankly'. It's these minor details that ...Fuk me hard (and good). This is one of those songs I masoch
14Danny Brown


The heartbreaking desperation of this song is unmatched by any of my other favourite Hip Hop tracks. It’s this Danny moment which hits me harder than any other – as 30 reaches its crescendo to an an intensity unmatched, building up emotion as Danny’s voice weaves between the squeeling highs and with-his-chest lows. This comes to its apex when Danny's voice fluctuates and almost breaks as he roars ‘THE LAST TEN YEARS IVE BEEN SO FUCKING STRESSED, TEARS IN MY EYES LET ME GET THIS OFF MY CHEST, DOING ALL THESE DRUGS IN HOPE I OD NEXT, TRIPLE X’…Fuk

I’m so glad Danny is doing successfully because if he ever faded into obscurity after XXX than these lines would be damning.

Plus, only Danny could start a song this sad with 'Sent ya bitch a dick pic and now she need glasses'

Party Police

I’m a sucker for that 'float-away-in-space' brand of indie pop; weightless, drifting. Mix this with a catchy, haunting hook and the entire song nails that niche hard.

The absolute ...Fuk moment comes at 3:20 when the singers voice breaks, that entire last hook is perfection but that voice break melts my heart.
16Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

St. Ides Heaven

Favourite song from my favourite artist. Those dual vocals.

high on amphetamines... the moon is a light bulb breaking... Fuk... beautiful
17Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight

Fast Blood

The first 35 seconds of this one are bliss. That lone guitar tone bursting to life - into - 'goooooodnight, it's showtime'...Fuk (there's a pun here somewhere). The song and its meaning sound oddly seductive given in its place on the album, an album with a consistent theme of sex for company - this song tackles the theme in a more romantic, optimistic light than the others here - Fuk Those 'OoooOOooo' at 1:45...fuk - until, it gets to the end - 'this is the longest kiss goodnight'...'it's over, she says, she says goodnight'... FUK
18The Twilight Sad
Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters

I'm Taking The Train Home

The Twilight Sad mastered the art of drowning out each ambiguous, cathartic line under layers of messy guitar and feedback further distorting the meaning - basically, a bit low key, The Twilight Sad shoegaze fuk hard. On this song we are offered sparse breaths of air in between the chaos, but when the chaos comes in, oh boy -

SO WHY CANT YOU COME AROUND [every single time]...Fuk
19Throwing Muses
Throwing Muses


This is one of the few songs on this album where Tanya Donelly took writing credit and I wonder out loud (in writing) if that's why I prefer this so significantly to all other Throwing Muses. Green is an insanely refreshing listen, even today, and is a really weird personal favourite song of mine given I'm not the biggest fan of Throwing Muses. Guess I'm lucky I checked the album.

There are a few notable …Fuk moments on this; one is the hnnnng vocals on the chorus where she sings ‘I got no moreeEeE what are you for’ and her voice breaks, big …Fuk, and then perhaps the best bit of the entire song is the delivery of ‘Ishouldn'tbesmokingthislastcigarette, Ifeelsicknowtherearewordsinmyhead’…Fuk. In reality, there’s such an enchanting '...Fuk' atmosphere surrounding this entire song, it’s dark and brooding but painfully gorgeous.
Slanted and Enchanted

In The Mouth a Desert

The greatest of the 90s messy jam-out Indie Rock tracks, the entire song is such a fun fucking listen. The perfect song for summer. There are a multitude of pinnacle moments here


‘It’s what I want (It’s what I want)’ …Fuk

And finally, that SQUEELING guitar at 1:45…Fuk
21Black Eyes
Black Eyes


Post-hardcore post-punk song about rape but oh boy i cant help but jig a jig to this one every time it comes on. Never thought that sentence would ever grace these fingertips. OH, the art of music. Song is INTENSE, as that beautiful description makes clear. Black Eyes rock in every single way; their politics are *chefs kiss*, their post-punk influenced brand of hardcore is even more *chefs kiss* - all this combined with 2 bass, a guitar, 2 drummers and 2 vocalists in a messy shouty concoxion is *chef snog*. Good stuff. Like a freight train going fast over rusted tracks.

My favourite ...Fuk is when the vocals form an independent chant as the familiar starting sentence ends differently (you're gonna have to listen to this one because what the fuck does that even mean) - 'And all I can feel anymore and all I can see anymore... I'm 16, driving south from Baltimore'...Fuk
22Colin Newman

Life on Deck

Life on Deck on its surface is a juxtaposition between two styles of post-punk which could easily conflict with oneanother, but when done well it's possible to create an atmosphere so dense and original. Cheesy to some degree but it has and will continue to stand the test of time. Life on Deck is on one hand zaney and cartoony - springy synths scream out through the song, robotic in nature - and on the other incredibly brooding. Think something like the Evil Dead franchise but it's 3 minutes long and not scary. Instead it's more cathartic and urgent, slowly breaking down as the song progresses and Newman's vocals get noticeably more intense and skewed as the same chorus repeats and repeats and repeats.

'Not mind we jolly jack tars, I'm in disgrace, the cat sat on the carpet, I just lay here like a lump' ...Fuk
23My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Cemetary Drive

My Chemical Romance were one of the first bands I was super into and this was one of my first albums I bought when I was in primary school. However, unlike some of those early years phero superfan bands, My Chem found themselves completely out of rotation. I really never listened to them from the ages of about 15-20. UNTIL... I started going to the gym. Nostalgia do kinda be good for the gains. Then the nostalgia turned into a genuine appreciation - Three Cheers is a great album, it's sugary, catchy, energetic with buckets of passion. It makes for a darn good listen. Cemetary Drive in particular blows my balls off it's so good.

2.27 - that voice crack as the chorus rides for the last time - 'I miss you, I miss you, Sooo FaAar' - ...Fuk
24Iggy Pop
The Idiot

China Girl

I'm all for everyone being entitled to their own opinion, but if you prefer Bowie's version of China Girl then you're a crazy deserving of the institutiton. Iggy's China Girl is perverted, contorted and HEAVY as the prophecy requires - just like his dancing on the cover. Two parts ...Fuk hard here;

'I'd stumble into town, just like a sacred cow, VISIONS OF SWASTIKAS IN MY HEAD AND PLANS FOR EVERYONE, ITS IN THE WHIIIIIITEE OF MY EYESSS'...FUK. Bowie could never.

Also at the end, the exact opposite becomes a nice Fuk moment - the softness of giving in... 'she says shhhhhhhh' before it explodes again into the funky collapse of the instrumental... Fuk
25Leonard Cohen
Songs of Love and Hate

Famous Blue Raincoat

The opening 30 seconds of this, from the morbid seduction of the soft guitar into Cohen's harsh but gentle 'it's four in the morning, the end of december, im writing you now just to see if you're better'...FUK... so chilling.

secondary shout out to the verse 'yes, and thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes, I thought it was there for good, so I never tried'...Fuk - Cohen sounds so defeated here
26Bedhead (USA-TX)


Release of ...Fuk in a way only slowcore could.

For me the first verse contains one of the most-perfect lyricial couplets; 'and I had no idea I had any ideas, sometimes I think I've never thought about anything'...Fuk - subsequent to this, the introduction of the drums along with the most low-key example of a beaut instrumental crescendo... Fuk
27Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

...As A Result Of Signals Being Crossed AND My (Fucking) Deer Hunter

Shoutout to Mort for begging me to listen to this in 2014. I like. BUT, even though I wanted to try and avoid double ...Fuk's for some artists (due to the amount I'd have to do for some), because these are next to eachother on the album and I can hardly choose between the two, it will slide.

On the first, the crescedo of 'SPIDERS, MONSTERS, FEED US TAPEWORMS'...Fuk - honestly maybe the goat gym song, gets me HYPED. THE. FUCK. UP.

Kind of similar moments in both songs i.e. the anticipation building towards those heavier moments. Equally good in both, and heads n shoulders above the rest of the album (though good)
Wild Love

Prince Alone in the Studio

Smog, enamoured by Prince's tedious and exact approach to music, decided to make a tribute as such - one would imagine, crafted equally as tediously and exact. This is meant as a compliment. The obsession passion to strive for personal perfection is one of the best aspects of art. Especially when it sounds this good. Wild Love is Smog at his most Lo-Fi and carefree, with glimpses of an artist with promise - but - also - it contains this perfect song. So unique.

That 'wee woo' guitar throughout the entire first half of the song ...Fuk
4:08 when that guitar comes in oh god ...Fuk
29The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up
It's Winter Here

Breakdown Championship

Probably the most underrated emo band of all time. I honestly could have slotted 3 different songs from this album into this spot as all are pretty equal on the ...Fuk-a-metre but Breakdown Championship wins this round of pointless appreciation, not least because it also mentions Prince. The ...Fuk strikes best when each elongated guitar tone, melody and lyric sound so familiar; where the inevitable crash is practically built into your ears-expectation. Further, the crescendo bursts with such conviction that you’d be forgiven for getting lost in the emotion, even where the lyrics sound so personal to the singer and so foreign to you.

‘often when I'm sitting in my room, I stare at my poster of Prince, and sometimes I think of you and I spit when I do’ – ... Fuk
30Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

You Won't Know

Any song that has been able to produce an ultimate ...Fuk moment consistently for 10 years straight whilst always on rotation is a top tier fuk moment. Is simple maths.

1. 2. 3. 4. 1....1. 2. 3. 4 SO PRAYYYYYYYY LITLE KAY.... fuk
31Silver Jews
The Natural Bridge

Pretty Eyes

Not much could convince me that David Berman isn't the absolute best at articulating a certain kind of empathy, one which I often can't process letalone put into words. Over a multitude of albums and a couple poetry anthologies, Berman mastered the art of having every line count; whether through his witty non-sequiturs or his painfully poignant reflections on life - every single line could tug at your heart with enough time. Pretty Eyes is one example of this, amongst many, balancing this empathetic poetry with americana perfection.

'the elephants are ashamed of their size but I tell them they got pretty (pretty) eyes' ...Fuk David's harmonizing with himself sends shivers down my spine every time.
32The Hotelier
Home, Like NoPlace Is There

An Introduction to the Album

One of my favourite crescendos in music. I've always adored the concept of having every line fall into one-another and here it’s utilization is more successful than anything I’ve heard before, serving a purpose as it lays the path for THAT moment. The lyrics and vocals are infectiously singable throughout the entire song and screaming every word has helped me through a lot, but it’s ~that~ moment. The moment which the entire song builds too; the pace quickens and Christian Holden sings iat 2x speed -

‘the pills that you gave didn’t do anything, I just slept for years on end’ – and then, as the tension reaches it's peak – ‘FUCK!’ …Fuk
Penis Envy

Health Surface

It's kind of a meme that I pick the softest track on the entire album seperate from the satirical closer. I promise I do m/ sometimes. This moment is just too haunting to not include and also matches succeeds in matching what this list was originally meant to be i.e. the teeny tiny tinny little moments - here,

Regressive smile, a baby's laugh (laughhhhhhhhhhh) ...Fuk
I Could Live in Hope


no words needed, because, put simply

too many words... too many words
and i can hear them...
and i can hear them...
and i can hear them... (i can hear them)...Fuk
and i can hear them
Ridin' Dirty

One Day

The introductory smooth mix of the Isley Brothers sample sets the scene nicely. My favourite hip hop song ever, and one of my favourite winter songs ever. The song can be summed up pretty nicely with the sampled hook 'one day you're here baby, and then you're gone'. The song's a hard listen when you realise only 1 of these 3 guys are still alive. RIP.

One Day start to finish is pure poetry, however the line that always resonated most with me, from Pimp C - 'I'm up early cause ain't enough light in the daytime' ...Fuk
36The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream


Sometimes I wonder how Billy Corgan grew such a frustrating ego and then I realise that, to be fair, he did make this song. Despite being pretty much 100% perfection, there are still standout ...Fuk moments on the Pumpkins' opus.

The guitar tone right at the start pulls my heart strings; They caress n twinkle for the first 45 seconds - then at 55' it all comes crashing down ...Fuk

Corgan said this song is just a collection of random lyrical phrases thrown together. To me, it means so much more than that.

'mother, weep the years I’m missing, all our time can’t be given... back, shut my mouth and strike the demons that curse you and your reasons outofhandandoutofseason outofloveandoutoffeeling SOOOO BADDD'...Fuk

and finally, the closing 'no more promise, no more sorrow, no longer will I follow, can anybody hear me? I just want to beeeee meeee'...Fuk

Like a Fool AND The First Part

As these are together in opening the album I really couldn't pick between the two. It's honestly among my favourite opening couple tracks ever, despite rating the album only like a 3/5 (fax). They also balance eachother out nicely so have to be played in succession.

On the first, it has to be when it comes in...Fuk what a way to introduce yourself - AND the whiney but amazing 'like a fooooooool'...Fuk

On the second, the track is like a triple-shot of espresso injected straight into my veins - this is what 90s Indie was about hell yeah head banging messy mess - 'SO THIS IS THE FIRST PARTTT'...Fuk 'WITH ALL THE CLOCKS WOUND DOWN'...Fuk 'Well its a delicate LINNEEE DRAWN IN PINK, DRAWN IN WHITE'...Fuk

maybe the second is better than the first but they're a lovely couple hope they marry.
38Two Gallants
The Throes

Crow Jane

A folk rock lyrical masterpiece; a tale of addiction that keeps you captivated through it's 8 minute runtime, despite maintaining a similar pace and rythm throughout. This is one I don't oft-return to, but when I do it never fails to hit. The moment that gets me, often on every single chorus but most consistently on the final cry for help, in a semi-yelled state -

It's within the lines 'but who’s gonna save me from myself, boutta lay the blame on someone else'. It's that little croacked extended pronunciation of 'el-l-l-se' ...Fuk
39Murder by Death
Red Of Tooth And Claw

Spring Break 1899

The song sounds like an empty old country dive bar reminsicing about better times; a drunkard pressed asleep against a table in the corner, unable to reminisce.

'The sun is coming up over the hill, or maybe it's not I can't even tell'...Fuk


It's a Wonderful Life

Gold Day

It's those wistfull introductory lines sung alongside a distorted, beatles-inspired carnival-like melody that come together into an angelic transcendence of a song. Lovely, powerful, painful; ethereal pefection. No adjective will truly describe how this song makes me feel - it's so unique in its soft spoken fragility, it feels almost as if one pull of string could fold the song apart.

‘Good morning, my child, stay with me a while’…Fuk
41Have a Nice Life

Deep, Deep

I was going to put Earthmover on here for *THAT* moment, but it'd be disingenous of me to not choose my favourite HANL song for this list. Especially when this chorus is so concretely exactly what this list is about. The CRASHING drums, the bursting synth, the pure desperation in those last lines...Fuk

'We will sleep in these hollows and rivers
Exalt the righteous and drown the sinners
Jesus Christ, oh, Jesus Christ, why is love so lonely?
Why is love so lonely?'...Fuk
42Junior Boys
Last Exit

Teach Me How To Fight

There's a fan made video for this on youtube of someone driving through a city street at night, dark blue hue, to the ambience of this song. I've always thought it was the perfect setting; a passengers journey through the evil glow of the city lights, surrounded by the sonics of a glitchy subtle soft croon. This sound and setting formula create a strange sense of ease, like falling asleep in the back seat of a car. It's a personal favourite of mine from an album I never return too and it has kept me warm through every winter since it first appeared.

The synths throughout...Fuk
The chorus...Fuk especially the crackled croon between 'show me what it's like to give back pain, show me how to fight, throw him down'...Fuk
The instrumental outro ...Fuk
43The National

City Middle

'I have weird memories of you wearing long red socks and red shoes, I have weird memories
I have weird memories of you pissing in a sink, I think'...Fuk

A sort of funny set of lyrics to single out but there's something about them which resonates withinin the context of the song. A perfect hangover-cure, attempting to piece together the facts of the night before. Melancholic and touching in a way sink pissing is usually not. The silky, quick delivery of the line adds that extra punch of hnngg to it as well. Cheers North for getting me to recheck this one.

'You said "I think I'm like Tennessee Williams", I wait for the click. I wait, but it doesn't kick in'...Fuk
44Bad Astronaut
Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment

The "F" Word

Their opus ends up being fundamentally their last song as a group. Furthered in emotion by the fact the album is somewhat posthumously completed after the suicide of the drummer - a drummer which singer Joey Cape shared two bands with. It's a hard, cathartic listen.

The guitar tone in the bridge prior to 'intrincis to your world...' is gorgeous ...Fuk The chorus ... Fuk and, finally, after the delayed crescendo towards the end the repeated cries of 'and you won't call me now'...Fuk
45Archers of Loaf
Icky Mettle

You and Me

I sort of wanted to avoid those massive moments of CRASHING PERFECTION on this list because I wanted to highlight the more subtle, blink-and-you-might-miss-them moments. I guess a 50/50 split is fine. Basically, I couldn't not put this song on here. A seminal ...Fuk moment. It opens as the softest, most delicate thread of the Loaf's career; gentle vocals, a desperate hum - followed by the quick pull of the euphoric crash -

'ive been so down lately, you've been so lately... nothing seems to work out for you and me...
for you and me...
OK Computer

Let Down

Everyone's favourite low key underground kings. This Radiohead track is one of the only songs that I vividly remember being able to make me bawl back in the day. Equal parts inspirational and heartbreaking, let down stands as my personal favourite radiohead track (other than Creep of course). Perfect 3am listening.

When it all comes together - 'and one day I am gonna grow wings, a chemical reaction (you know where you are), hysterical and useless (you know where you are) hysterical and' ...Fuk...Fuk

special s/o also to the line 'don't get sentimental, it always ends up drivel'... Fuk I dont know why that one resonates with me so much
47The Weakerthans
Live at Burton Cummings Theatre

Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure

How can The Weakerthans make what is surely one of their saddest songs even sadder? Play it live, kill it live and add a whailed 'no' at the end. Perfect. I wont delve into the concept too much as it is kind of a spoiler for a character you grew to love on Reconstruction Site, an update on our favourite considerate feline.

But now I can't remember the sound that you found for me
I can't remember the sound that you found for me
Can't remember the sound.... Nooooo.... Noooo....FUK
Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Imaginary Folklore

The vocals in this song are perfection start to finish. It's probably nujabes' most beautiful works but he's somehow not the star of the show; the vocalist of clammbon is. The song is transformative and floaty and i have no idea what's being said but im sure it's equally as transformative and floaty.

The moments which reeeaaaally transports me is that little crackled, higher note at 1:10 ... hngg...Fuk
49The Sound


A rhythm fit for a dance in a wasteland buried under low, still vocals is post-punk summed up poorly in a sentence. You can try that next time you get '80s british post punk' on a card in Tabboo. Missiles more than any other track on Jeopardy is truly centred around suspense and shock; so when it peaks and crashes at every chorus - with Borland's scream practically yelping - that's a ...Fuk


But, but, but, this is made even more ...fuk upon the later hooks where they simply add a little 'MISSILE' ad-lib behind the second repeated 'who the hell makes those missiles'... damn...Fuk
50Eric's Trip
Love Tara

Behind the Garage

I dont know how old Eric or his Trip were when crafting Love Tara but the album works as an almost perfect glimpse into the young-adult demographic range of emotion. This, along with a masterful control of the benefits of Lo-fi and you have one of the most interesting and influential Indie Rock albums of the early 90s. Behind the Garage is among the more monotonous, folk-like tracks on the album which fight to stand out among the grunge-inspired hard-to-listen-with-bad-earphones tracks which frequent the album. But Behind the Garage is my favourite through its soft, simple melody, the gentle vocals and lyrics which mean so much despite coded resistance.

'what would you like to talk about then, when everything i say doesn't make sense'...Fuk
51The Zombies
Odessey and Oracle

Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914)

Butcher's Tale doesn't get enough credit on Odessey. It's obviously talked about and the entire album is massive but fucking hell, The Zombies really got away with slipping one of the darkest, gritty and most political songs of the decade onto an otherwise delightful listen.

And I...
And I can't stop shaking my hands won't stop shaking
My arms won't stop shaking, my mind won't stop shaking
I want to go home...
Please let me go home... Fuk
52The Chameleons
Strange Times

Soul In Isolation

As with most of The Chameleons stuff, Burgess conveys dissasociation better than his equally depressive contemporaries. One of the more underrated lyricists out there, maybe due to his love of child-poetry rhyme schemes. Can't please everybody. So so many ...Fuks to give. A top 10er for me.

That first (YUHUU) to kick us off and change the pace...1:32...FUk

That first chorus at 2:30 - 'when you think on it, when you think on it, we're all souls in isolation'... Fuk (the vocals hngggg)

When it breaks back into the verse structure - 'DID MY MOTHER BEAT ME TO THIS PLACE' (4:45) : (

Then the most powerful one - floors me every time - 5:22 - 'IM ALIVEEEEEE TURN ON THE LIGHTS'...Fuk
53The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses

I Am The Resurrection

This is another one of those obvious, but for a good reason, aditions to this list. Especially special because I was able to catch this live as the closer of one of their Manchester return tour dates with an old pal of mine and it might be one of the greatest moments of my life ~no hyperbole~ That chorus is eternal, Browns vocals are eternal, the song is eternal - it's honestly a bit of a spiritual experience.

The Problem With Me

Dust and Turpentine

Sooyoung Park could never catch a break. Desipite laying the foundation of post-hardcore with Bitch Magnet and then going on to front one of the greatest of the early 90s indie groups, he is rarely ever spoken about. Damn shame. Granted, you feel kinda special being part of a select few who low-key worship the dude and his contribution to music. Dust and Turpentine is my favourite song he has his name on. Situated on a chappel hill album that oft-walked the line between indie and post hardcore, this tracks melodic divergence is more emo than anything surrounding it. It really is the classic 90s sadboi twinkly, drifty indie captured into one song.

When the guitar comes in at 2:25 after the delicate, heartbreaking verse HNGG ...Fuk

55Mission of Burma

That's How I Escape My Certain Fate

A bit of a change from the rest of the list really. The intensity of this song is almost unmatched. Pure BLISS (in a heavier, less ~~ way) from start to finish.

The little yell before that last verse and then into the 'IF I FALL A IF I FALL APARRRrrT'...Fuk
56The Notwist
Neon Golden


This is one of those rare songs which is able to sink into your skin on first listen thus it is a good one to rec out to pals. Key for this is the transcendent seven note melody which repeats almost entirely throughout changing in tone and tiny fragments ~ floating effortlessly. Truly hypnotic.

But when it gets back into it at 3:30 this is where the real ...Fuk moment is. The glitchy, monotonous sound somehow melts my heart.
57The Wrens

Jane Fakes a Hug

I could have picked any moment in the meadowlands but I didn't wanna be too much of an open book. Jane Fakes a Hug is the most-meadowlands song on Secaucus however, so I'm probably like a half-open half-closed kinda book. Jane Fakes a Hug is the second song on this list about infidelity so if anyone wants to swing me some rec's hmu. Honestly a heart-tearer of a track, a low-key release of tension which unfurls with every listen as per The Wrens usual formula. Muddied behind the messy 90s production and you got yourself a ...Fuker

'I made a pass'...Fuk

'A Husband? A has been, christ jane im not' ...Fuk

'WERE DONE GET OUT - DRUMS IN - I WANNA SAY GOOD LUCK (the vocals here hngggg) ...Fuk
58Jeremy Enigk
Return of the Frog Queen

Shade and the Black Hat

From the years of about 2016 into early 2020, I probably had listened to Shade and the Black Hat about three times at most. I dont know what the reason for this is. Ever since I first heard it, the song became a personal favourite - it just so happens to fall out of rotation a lot. Maybe this is for the best though, because the way this song makes me feel in the present day is exactly the same as when I first heard it all those years ago, which is a rare enough feat in music. I prefer this to any Sunny Day Real Estate, but then again I prefer this to most music. Enigk's vocals are at an all time-level of destruction here, practically roaring with all might at times.

2-25 - 2:35 hnngg 2:35 - WONT YOU STAY TONIGHT!!!...Fuk
59The Names

The Fire

One of Martin Hannett's best production jobs, on one of the smaller post-punk bands he worked with. Those Belgian english vocals are a delight.

The chorus on this is the highlight of the album in it's mastering of the muddy, sunken sound found throughout the album - 'the fire, the fireee' whilst the synth behind wails...Fuk

Should be wider known
60Team Dresch
Personal Best

Fake Fight

Given the time of the albums release, the context surrounding it, the musicians and the vocal performance, Personal Best is some of the most honest, raw punk you will ever hear. A gem of the queercore / riotgrrrl movement but so much more than reducing them to a subgenre or movement. Fake Fight is the perfect example of their ability. A catchy pop vocal melody transitions into pure intensity seamelessly - the lyrics throughout the entire album are heartbreaking motivation. It hits the gut in all ways.

That tempo switch before the first 'this one's for this girl I know, tree-bound bug-locked stare I know, a hundred and forty-one days no rest, lest I miss one single kiss'...Fuk

'Got my picture taken twice today, when are you coming back'...Fuk
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