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Alcest Lyrics (Translated)

wew - that took awhile. Not sure now reliable these translations are but for the most part it's flawless. (skipped instrumentals obviously)
Souvenirs d'un autre monde

1. Emerald Spring

The undergrowth in the spring
Are a celestial vault
Constellated with emeralds
The leaves of the trees dance
With the light breeze
And the sun's rays
For his light
Turn them into jewels.
Souvenirs d'un autre monde

2. Memories Of Another World

Where I come from, the time does not exist,
Seconds become hours,
The years of short moments soaring away
And our misleading words are replaced
By music and colors
Which float like perfumes in the amber air
"Do not worry, now everything is over
Break the chains of your deadly fears
For ever to be released
And find the past quietude.
Do not worry, now everything is over
Let your tears flow one last time
For ever to be released
And join the world where you come from. "
Souvenirs d'un autre monde

4. Wandering Sky

Opening your eyes in the morning
At once the pain fills me
But sometimes I do not feel anything
Or just the strong feeling
Not to be from here ...
I like to contemplate the sky
Feel like flying
to the passing clouds then fade away
In the blue of an endless sea
Souvenirs d'un autre monde

5. On the Other Shore I'll Attend you

On the other side I will wait
For years
With the hope of seeing one day again
Your eternal child's face
Whose weird silver eyes
Betray age and wisdom.
Sail long over the mist
To return to the surroundings of Bright Country
Abandoning the misfortunes of past lives
Shy and painful smiles
On the other side I will wait
Écailles de Lune

1. Moon Scales (Part I)

The light of July is extinguished on strikes and pensive, I let my thoughts be lost on the blazing horizon.

The sound of the waves appeases me, I take advantage of this precious moment, inviting the warm sea breeze to revive me feel languid.

Haunted by the mirage of happy days, I wait until the echoes of the night are born.

My thoughts are drowning on the horizon.
Écailles de Lune

2. Moon Scales (Part II)

The hours go by, the sea sighs under distant stars deposited in a pinch of trembling gold on the waves.

She opens her hypnotic dance, and absorbs my discolored look.

Like a soul in suspension, I wish without fear to disappear under the waves; To hear from the depths their bewitched lament.

They would call me their kingdom of mother-of-pearl and aquamarine scales to take me away from mine, from a world that is foreign to me.

Holding their hand, slowly, I would like to sink into black waters welcoming me silently.

Say goodbye to the morning glow, let the cold currents purify my thoughts, statue my flesh, to sleep at the bottom of the ocean.
Écailles de Lune

3. Breakthroughs of Light

At the edge of the wave
Intense heat
Sun engulfs me.

I drink in his light,
And let his fiery rays
Unleash my numbed limbs
To offer me a second birth.

Up there a sky
Without a cloud,
Stunning blue,
Blends with the sea

Drunk light,
I now have the impression
To stop walking on your floor
And hear the screams
From my non-human soul
To implore his liberation.
Écailles de Lune

6. On the Iron Color Ocean

On the iron-colored ocean
Was crying a huge chorus
And those long cries including dementia
Seems to break through hell.

And then death, and silence
Rising like a black wall.
... Sometimes in the distance let himself be seen
A fire that sways.
Les Voyages de l'Âme

1. Other Time

A distant prayer carried by the evening wind
Anime the leaves in their languid dance.
It's the singing of the old trees sung for you,
For those dark woods now asleep.
Without expecting so many seasons have passed;
The golden leaves going to die on the ground
One day will be born under a radiant sky,
But our eroded world will remain the same
And tomorrow you and I will be gone.
Les Voyages de l'Âme

2. Where New Colors are Born

I have always lived here yet
Like a stranger
On this earth, shemale,
In perpetual detachment,
I hear in me the call of another universe
Who resonates bitterly.

Eyes riveted to the sky,
Bearing the burden of my body,
I perceive my home
Lost in the clouds.
Too much weight here, stubborn arms
Retaining the traveling minds
About to escape.

From here I see my home,
His eternal meadows
Lost in the clouds.
Where new colors are born,
Where my heart and my soul stayed.
Les Voyages de l'Âme

3. The Travels of the Soul

This evening probably my soul,
Servant, worn by low sorrows,
Feel the need to flee his prison of flesh.
Far from us, from our time,
She will go to join the stars.

They will tell him about his own existence
In pure and silent words,
And will show him a way
Leading to unknown harbors
Connecting heaven and earth.

These lontlands,
Where the tall grass in the vermilion fields
Forever waltz with light;
Where can freely roam
All the memories of our lives on Earth
That vengeful time will have wanted to erase.
Les Voyages de l'Âme

4. We Are the Emerald

Look deep inside us: we are Emerald
Eternal, and leafy, and that seems a sea,
Where perfumes roam through the hot night,
Where circulates the flow of great angels of the air.

We are the huge and murmuring forest,
Full of dazzled shade and dark splendor,
Who breathes and lives, where a thousand golden birds sing,
And whose summit breaks out in foam of flowers.

Since the first breath and the first dawn,
With tireless effort and endless desire,
Together, we are assembling the dens of the earth,
Towards this wonderful goal that only you have achieved.

Together, we her voice, we her deep soul,
In this immense foliage, forever reverdi,
We have sheltered all the dreams of the world,
And it's in the sun that we grew up.
Les Voyages de l'Âme

6. World Creators

Your eyes ageless
Are penetrating mirrors
Who shape the world
By their reflections, beautifying it.
The Edge of the Woods in the distance
Become a shifting, iridescent temple
Celebrating the birth of spring.
And these huge mountains,
Like ancient burials
Aspire to join the heavens
Above our heads, whirling.

This reality around us
Is the one you chose
And your dreams dress our sphere
An ideal table that unfolds
In the light of our eyes,
At the sound of your voice
Les Voyages de l'Âme

8. The Glory of Summer

This morning I saw reappear
The immense sun that feeds us.
July is finally coming
As well as your smile.
We slept a whole year,
Now we wake up,
Let's go collect drunkenness
Which is moving in the air of the summer.

July is coming
Our heart thaws
I feel so light.

2. Opal

I know we are never alone
When I hear their serene voice
Spurting from distant seas
And crimes in rising nuances

The old souls fallen from the sky
Reveal in a starry torrent
To populate the living temples
Filled with secret glow

[English translation:]

I know we are never alone
When I hear their serene voices
Rising from distant seas
And peaks of aerial shades

Old souls fallen from the sky
Stream down in a starry flood
To occupy living temples
Filled with secret glimmer

3. The Night Walks With Me

The night walks with the rhythm of the past days
Radiant moments constantly receding
With the footprint of time
So many things fade away
I want to remember
From what we had done together

I'm sailing with my thoughts
And questions that annoy me
Alone with the sea of ​​silence
And the stars to hear me

The Night Walks With Me

The night walks with the rhythm of our memories
Parading in aging hearts
With the weight of years
So many things fade away
And if your laughter stays the same

Part of us flew away

I'm not afraid anymore
More afraid of what will happen to us
When night falls, reassure me
Towards the ocean

The Night Walks With Me

4. Serene Voices

Head back I surrender
And in ecstasy inspires
The light winds of the seaside
Head reversed I let go

And welcome the nascent day
The procession loosed forms
Crystallized in the sky
The blue world
The waves upside down

Ocean and ether face each other
Silently communicating
Without our feet on the ground
Do not really understand them

5. The awakening of the Muses

Will there be a new time
For non-human souls
Their ethereal parcels
Who shout over the winds
Regret the deadly passions
That they could not experience
Will there be a new time
For the children of heaven
Walking in silence
Going to meet their brothers
Who from above protected them

6. Shelter

I'm still waiting for this moment
Where little by little the day fades away
To reach the calm waters
Disappear far from home

My heart belongs to the sea
I would sometimes like to be forgotten
To reach the calm waters

I prefer to the din
From here, the tranquility
What is swimming
In the hollow of the waves
The refuges of the turquoise sea
Purifying us in his arms

My heart belongs to the sea
I would sometimes like to be forgotten
To reach the calm waters
Return where I come from

7. Away

Lying on the sand let my spirit disappear
From this world
Fly away from you

I wished my mind
Could wander without pain

To the gleaming shelters
Hidden somewhere in the sun
Far away from this world
Far away from you

Lying on the sand I hear
The distant singing sea
And stare at lonely clouds
Fading above me
I wished my mind could join them
I wished my mind could wander free

To the gleaming shelters
Hidden somewhere in the sun
Far away from this world
Far away from you

So far away

9. Into The Waves

[Bonus Track]

We want to see
We want to see
Just let us see
We want to see

We never get old
Because we ran
Right into the sea
And tumbled around in the waves
To die with the earth all around

We want to see
We want to see

The sea treated us kind
Poured into our open mouths
And we knew this was the point when we
Would meet for real

The day we die
To see with our new eyes

The day we die
To see with our new eyes

Just let us see
We want to see

Our flesh dissolved
All along with the flow
We held hands through it all
The day we sought the flow

The day we lay down to sleep
To see with our new eyes
The day our bones decayed
To makes us feel more alive
The day we lay down to sleep
To see with our new eyes
To see with our new eyes

The day we lay down to sleep
To see with our new eyes
The day our bones decayed
To makes us feel more alive
The day we lay down to sleep
To make us feel more alive
To make us feel more alive

2. Hatching

Rip the thick skin
Who weighs on my shoulders
Detach it for me
Member by member
Room by room
I want to show you who I am
Beyond my body
Beyond my flesh
Let you see
My limpid states

Look at me
As I am
And accept me
Do not let them
Steal my soul
Do not let them tarnish it

3. I'm From Elsewhere

I take my momentum
To hover above the ground
But falls back without understanding
And cry inwardly
My body does not respond anymore
I forgot the ease
Elapsed days
I'm from elsewhere

In the midst of my fellowmen
I see monsters
I hear screams
The compressed throat
In an austere vise
I feel alien

5. Birds of Prey

Ethereal bodies
Dressed in serpentine
What are the hands
Sharp claws
Hunting monsters mouthed
Primitive rage
Stowed on the feet
Breathing trees

Bruised earth
Sick in it
Rumbling and pouring
His volcanic breath
Birds of prey
In army of children-beasts
Who are preparing to avenge
Their mother in agony
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