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Camp Bisco 2013 - A 420 Aficionado's Guide

On a whim, I went to the most drugged out electro festival I've ever been to. Some of the most talented artists are forgotten about amidst hoardes of totems (ironic logos on a poll that festival organizers want to be called 'rage sticks') and overzealous teenagers and 20somethings, many proclaiming "you wish I was on the drugs I was on". More intimate than Bonnaroo or Coachella, there was plenty of good food, security is always so overwhelmed by determined experimentation that there's little they can do. Semi-anonymously posted for semi-obvious reasons
1 Thursday
July 11

Rolling in at 3am, successfully hiding 22g of weed (a misdemeanor in the state of
New York). We set up camp and met the neighbors. A miscreant named Zach,
who seemed to be on Ketamine and Cocaine, buying Ketamine and Cocaine and
selling Cocaine and Ketamine (only the best stuff - totally fire). Thankfully, in
helping set up a more level-headed neighbor's tent. He and his girlfriend joined our
group of miscreants in our quest at bisco.
2 Nick Thayer
Worlds Collide EP

* A young dj with intrigue from both Pretty Lights and Skrillex. A solid act who is
unfortunately likely to never escape Pretty Lights' shadow. His remix of Bell Biv
Devoe's "Poison" was ace, while his version of "Strawberry Fields Forever" left
something to be desired
3Koan Sound
The Adventures of Mr. Fox

** Awesome beached out stoned vibes
4Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
The Heist

* "I got $20 in my pocket, this is fucking awesome". Admit it. It's still super catchy.
5KJ Sawka
Cyclonic Steel

Great introduction to the Label Tent -- awesome spires create a cool aesthetic.
Unfortunately, this guy was not so hot.
6Seven Lions
Days to Come

* Not quite as excellent as my new neighbor friend had hoped, this standout dj still
put on a solid show.
7 RL Grime
Grapes EP

** Henry Steinway aka Clockwork aka RL Grime (somehow not in the sputnik db)
played an overcrowded tent, but justified it with quality trap. Flosstradamus was
even more crowded later on and while that seemed bumping it was just too much.
8Flux Pavilion
Lines in Wax

* 'Let the bass cannon kick it'. Steele is not as fantastic as some claim, but he still
gets things bumpin quite nicely
9Sound Tribe Sector 9

* Cool lights. Similarly veined to the Disco Biscuits but more to my liking
10Umphrey's McGee
Death by Stereo

Proof that I don't like country
11Dillon Francis

** When he was on, he was so on. The best set of the day at times, he ruined it
a little towards the end by telling the crowd how to party (the last thing all the
coked and molly'd out crowd wanted to hear), but one of the kings of moombahton
still brought it
12Boys Noize
Out Of The Black

* Always good. It was just a little too late to fully enjoy
13 Friday
July 12

A sketchy dude comes by to sell Opium, K and Coke, before the legit tradesmen
come by. An acid guy came by with a test kit ("That man knows his acid" said a
neighbor), another with some sour d (can't fake that smell), then came a couple
guys with opium (sampled by some neighbors who became very relaxed), a guy with
some coke ("my names mateo, and i'm selling yay-o"), another with chocolates
("wait we got chocolates already" "dude that's not what he's selling ..." "ohhh"),
and then a slightly sketchy guy with shrooms and coke, before someone came by
with some molly ("dude, you have pizza? Pepperoni pizza is what I really want right
now, where do we get that delivered?"), more mushrooms (30 an 8th, 60 a
quarter). So much came by that one of my friends jokingly asked to no one in
particular, "yo where's the crystal meth at?" to which someone within earshot
unhelpfully replied "nah yo but I got coke in my car". Someone then came by with
some very artistic metal / gemwork ("Can I get high off that?" said a stupid stoned
neighbor to little avail). With the crowd now moaning that they were being given a
cursory check upon entering the venue ("they already checked us when we came
to the parking lot -- they're not gonna find our drugs"). And just like that, day 2
was on the way
14Toro y Moi
Causers of This

I feel like I should like chill wave, but then I just never quite do. As an aside, the
very intelligent crowd's pronunciations were rather hilarious -- all weekend, potable
water was now pahtable water and toro y moi was toro y moy. (sigh)
15Dan Deacon

*** I only just was convinced to not see Killer Mike a 2nd time and was so glad I
was because this man was the surprise of the festival. He used the crowd as
props, getting them to organize and making anyone who didn't play along feel
isolated until they left. He fiddled around with the audience, getting us to form a
huge tunnel, splitting off into 2 dancing teams, forcing people into the middle of a
dance circle and doing so with so much gusto and likability it was palpable. If I was
a multi-millionaire and my kid needed a dj for his bar mitzvah -- there's no one
better for the task than the Deekster.
Just Us

Unfortunately, these 2 youngsters did not show up, just as Animal Collective was
canceled and Break Science was moved around. The Disco Biscuits run things with
an iron fist, notoriously cutting Amon Tobin short, placing themselves on either side
of Bassnectar and changing the set last minute.
17Animal Collective
Centipede Hz

Further bemoaning what could have been. Thievery Corporation was a big enough
name to take their place, but the whole planning element and "that schedule is
wrong" really through everything for a loop.
18 Chris Malinchak
So Good to Me

* Solid trance act amidst the chaos
Mesmerizing The Ultra

** Playing his 7th bisco and the driving force behind turning the jam-bandy biscuits
onto hosting primarily bassy electronic bands, Bassnectar's shows at bisco create
more hoopla than anywhere else. Every 5th person is brandishing their own totem,
everyone's jostling for position and the crowd going nuts. Musically, it wasn't quite
what I fully hoped, but the experience was more than worthwhile
Silent World

* Perhaps it was just too much eletro. Excision, Donwlink and KJ Sawka brought
the filth, but I just wasn't on quite enough drugs to enjoy them. Still, I was glad to
have seen it.
21 Aeroplane
We Can't Fly

* I was only half awake, but I was chilllinn.
22 Saturday
July 13

Waking up to some Gummy vites (not a euphemism, that stuff's delicious and
nutritious), someone came by with more Ketamine ("Ugh, do you have like Anything
else?"), before we considered buying hash oil pills (we were so stoned, we decided
that at best they would be bunk). Then we reminisced back on what we've seen.
The perfect pre-bisco encounter (the man at wall mart, already zonked, staring at
neon glow goldfish asking "whoa will they like glow in regular light?" and intent on
buying them), . Neighbors both touted a new-ish drug, MDA, very heavily then
wondered if it actually did anything (by looking at the guy, it did). And the regular
stupid things -- answering queries like can I pour my molly in my gatorade with "is
that Red gatorade?" Hanging around all these awesome crazy people was just what
I needed and even though I was too zonked (almost all the weed was somehow
already gone), smelly (no showers) and exhausted (refusal to take hard drugs
meant a lack of superhuman energy) to truly enjoy the last day of music, it was a
good day nonetheless
23Break Science
Monolith Code

This duo wound up hiding off in the small tent, due to scheduling conflict of a
sinking main stage in the morning. Not that the biscuits would miss one of their 7
sets but force others to move around instead
24Danny Brown

* Can't stand the guy's voice, but he played "terrorist threats" (originally by Ab-
Soul), so he gets a star. Also it was hilarious to hear electro heads say incorrect
thing after incorrect thing about him
25 Heroes and Villains
Examples of the Cataclysmic

Not for me
26Zeds Dead
Rude Boy

** What my friends called simple, unoriginal and boring, I thought was a perfect
mellow set. Playing others music and seamlessly blending on their own, this duo
could do no wrong as far as I was concerned, though I was certainly in the minority
with this thinking.
27 Tommy Trash
(nothing original)

Ugh. I guess people actually like this music?
28The Disco Biscuits
Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens

****** Can't decide whether to give these guys 0 or 6 stars but these were the
guys behind the festival, having put it on with an every growing group of friends /
talented musicians.
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