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Recent Acquires/digs/listens

Stuff I've recently gotten from record stores, the radio station I work for, downloads and the local library.
1Pearl Jam

My dad's friend once gave a copy of this to me when I was younger for my
birthday, but I kind of ignored it and I don't know what happened to it. I hadn't paid
attention to the whole thing back then, so I picked this up from the library...I mean
I knew all the singles by heart already, but wow, this whole album deserves its
classic status. Grunge m/
2How to Dress Well
What Is This Heart?

I've only sampled the first three tracks, but I was loving what I was hearing. One
of my most anticipated records of this year, definitely need to give it some love
and attention
Break the Cycle

Lol Staind. No, but really, I love most things nu-metal and thought I'd grab this
from the thrift shop (shit, it was literally 99 cents!). Of course I've heard "It's Been
Awhile" but I like the "classics" of the genre so to speak, and anything engineer
Andy Wallace touches usually is gold for me, so there's that to factor in.
4Devil You Know
The Beauty of Destruction

The first track, "A New Beginning", is actually pretty great, the second track "My
Own" is pretty good, and then this just gets worse from there. I'm not the biggest
fan of Howard Jones/Killswitch, but this still remains a fairly generic modern metal
5Judas Priest
Redeemer of Souls

Maybe I'm just not into 80's heavy glam metal, but I couldn't find
anything...redeeming about this at all. (c wut i did thar?)
6Novembers Doom
Bled White

Lead singer's vocals are pretty great, but the songs aren't interesting enough and
drag on for too long. Dan Swano's production is very smooth... too smooth, in fact,
for an album like this.
7Suicide Silence
You Can't Stop Me

You can't stop them from churning out a lame deathcore album, with or without
Mitch Lucker. Speaking of deathcore...
8Chelsea Grin
Ashes to Ashes

I think another commenter on the thread already said this, but it's telling when the
best tracks here are instrumental. Which is like 5% of the album. Ridiculously bad.
9Matt Kivel
Days of Being Wild

Thanks for the review, Sowing! That part in "Blonde Boy" where he whistles with an
echo effect on his voice is the epitome of loneliness. Sadly, the rest of the album
can't quite live up to that moment.
Like a Virgin

Going through my need-to-hear classic albums list, this has some really great
tracks, but also some filler. Best track here is the one that helped create the
Parental Advisory sticker. GONNA DRESS U UP IN MY LOOOVE. All over, all over
Noise vs. Beauty

At least it's more varied than Va Va Voom, amirite, Deviant? No really, this
fluctuates between semi-groovy electro jams and the most annoying crap ever.
12 Foxes

More generic dance-pop for the masses. Great voice, just needs much better
13The Hell

GIVE A FUCK CAUSE EVERYBODY FUCKIN' DIES. Also, dat Death Grips jab on their
14 Death Grips
The Powers That B

I was one of the few who liked the majority of Government Plates (though I will
admit it had its fair share of duds), but this is just boring to me. I'm kind of glad
they broke up, they haven't really had it in them since The Money Store.

Sounds great on paper, just fairly bland in execution.
16The Antlers

Man, I wish I knew what you guys saw in this. Can't even get past the first two
tracks, this is so boring to me. And yes, I've heard this more than once.

Lol this band. Actually, tbqh, I really enjoy these guys, they have generic
metalcore parts mixed with generic R&B, but when you mix them together, it's
greater than the sum of their parts. Really dug Black Diamonds, think I'll enjoy this.
Django Unchained

No matter what you think of the movie (personally, I think Tarantino's done better),
Quentin sure knows how to make a soundtrack. DJANGOOOOOOO djangooooo :]
19 Soundtrack
Mission: Impossible

Saw this movie a while back. Wasn't the best thing ever, but was nonetheless very
enjoyable (at least it's better than 2, shudder). Cool mix of artists/genres on this
one, some of my favorites. MY HEADPHOOOOONES
20 Soundtrack
Blue Velvet

Although I'm one of the few who sides with Roger Ebert in my opinion on this movie
(e.g. Lynch has done better before and since), the soundtrack is one of the coolest
ever. Great score by Badalamenti, and the artist/band songs just add to the

I know what you're thinking, "the worst U2 album". Personally, I enjoyed the crap
out of Zooropa, loved the direction they were going in with that, and I love
electronic beats with my rock n roll, so I think I'll dig this more than most.
22Alexandre Desplat

Didn't bother to see this movie after reading reviews of fairly poor characterization,
I'll probably rent it or watch on Netflix when it comes out. But I was totally intrigued
when Desplat of all people was hired to do the score, expecting great things from
23 Alexandre Desplat
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Speaking of Desplat, this is turning out to be one of my favorite scores of his. Great
themes and instrumentation. In terms of Anderson's filmography, this isn't quite as
good as Moonrise Kingdom, but it's still Wes Anderson, so you know you're in a for
a quality adventure. Best moment in the movie (SPOILERS): "Did... did you just
throw my cat out the window?"
24Sufjan Stevens
Enjoy Your Rabbit

Grabbed this when he offered it for free for a week on NoiseTrade. Sufjan Stevens
+ electronic has to be golden, just look at my rating for The Age of Adz.

Guy has gotten a lot of hype, haven't heard Flowers for My Father, but dude seems
like a really sensitive soul. Dem feels man.
White Devil Armory

Wasn't expecting to like this as much as I have been, modern thrash metal done
Kaleidoscope Dream

Heard Channel Orange, but haven't heard the other popular R&B album of the past
2 years. Some guy at the station loaded this into the database, figured I'd give it a
28Lana Del Rey

As much as I bag on her for not being that great of a role model (yeah, yeah, I
know), I think I should at least give her music a chance.
In the Nightside Eclipse

Got the files for the 20th Anniversary Edition with the alternate mix/master on disc
2. Will actually be my first trve black metal experience if all goes well, I'm excited.
30Closure in Moscow
Pink Lemonade

My heart went through the roof of my chest when I found out the radio promoter
was promoting this. Been waiting to hear this for forever. Especially excited for (of
all things) the chiptune track. :3
31My Ticket Home
Strangers Only

I usually like nu-metal in its first incarnation, not this new hybrid of it and
metalcore. The new style tends to be watered down with overly poppy choruses,
which IMO, defeats the point of original nu-metal. However, this band has gotten a
fair amount of praise for blending the two styles well, so I'll give this a chance.

I also love electronicore (not all kinds), so that with a Japanese flavor intrigues me
to no end.
33Rolo Tomassi

Anyone that manages to merge deathcore with some electronics coherently and
with some semblance of songwriting prowess gets a major plus in my book.
34Faith No More
Angel Dust

You haven't heard this, Ryan?!?! Well, The Real Thing is one of my favorite albums,
so calm yourself.
35Slough Feg
Digital Resistance

Great freakin' concept, awesome that they avoid the loudness war, old school
metal riffs, this has it all, I'm excited to hear this.
36 From First to Last
Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count

Back when Sonny Moore was good (or at least tolerable). Throne to the Wolves is
my favorite FFtL record, but Heroine was really solid, so I thought I'd explore the
beginnings of this off-kilter band.
37Black Light Burns
The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall

Love anything Wes Borland touches (yes, even the Bizkit), need to hear this and
Lotus Island.
38Nothing More
Nothing More

Picked this up on sale on a whim after reading great reviews, read in the album
credits that they sample "Money for Nothing"? That's interesting, wonder what that's
about "goes to listen to album"
39Mr. Bungle

Only heard the self-titled, loved everything but the interludes, hoping this is more
consistent. Judging by this site's ratings, I think I'll be proven right :)
40 Soundtrack
The Rugrats Movie

Rugrats 4Ever. This is a great freakin' soundtrack, especially for a kids' movie.
Favorite track is probably Rakim and Danny Saber's "Take the Train", with Busta
Rhymes close behind. I AM REPTARRRRRRRRRRR
41 Hans Zimmer
The Simpsons Movie

Kind of sad that they didn't get Danny Elfman or series composer Alf Clausen to do
score duties on the movie, but Zimmer actually does a pretty good job of
conveying the series' tone and themes. Choral version of "Spider Pig" makes me
giggle every time. The movie, I thought, was the best thing to happen to our
favorite animated family since the golden era. Then they made more seasons after
the movie, and... yeah, we all know how that turned out. Stahp it, Groening. Do
what Dave Grohl says and let it die.

Nostalgia album for a lot of people, and I like nostalgia albums, even if I didn't
actually grow up with it in the first place. 90's maaaaaaan
Wonder What's Next

Figured I'd go through their discog given the praise for La Gargola, chose to start
44Rise Against
The Black Market

Just got this in the station mail today. Wasn't planning on listening to this, don't
really care for the band's newer stuff, but since it's free, I'll give it a spin.
45(hed) PE

Haven't heard this band since Broke (love that album), but this can't be too bad,
right? Right?
Once More 'Round the Sun

So happy these guys are coming here in October. Along with Gojira and Kvelertak,
it's going to be one epic night of bearded m///////// (even tho I don't have a beard)

Yeah, this is pretty much the definition of a classic.
48The Flaming Lips
The Soft Bulletin

Wayne Coyne is concerned about your spider bite. Plz don't die, OK?
49Jeff Buckley

His high notes give me a tingly feeling in my nether regions every time... which
means, after I finish listening to this album, I absolutely must fap.
Pale Communion

I refuse to listen to this until it is properly released. You damn kids and your
internet leaks :shakes fist:
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