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Concerts I've Attended

Over the past four years or so I've been to dozens of show; some good some bad. The list below is probably about half the shows I've attened, along with a few shows I plan on going to in the future. They're not in any order, if they were out touring for an album I tried to put the album art along with it. So please give me some feedback on what your favorite bands live have been and any bands you think I need to go see.
1 Rush
Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland

The show I attended was not in Cleveland but it was for the Tim Machine Tour. If I have to explain to you that Rush was anything short of incredible live then you should probably go drown yourself right now. The first half of the show they played Moving Pictures from to back, after intermission they came out and played some of their biggest hits over the years, including 2112 overture and finishing the show off with an eargazmic Working Man. This is up there with the best live performance I have and probably will ever witness.
2Theory of a Deadman
Scars and Souvenirs

I wanted to swallow a grenade to escape for the hell that this show was. Why I went I still don't know. Openers consisted of the incredibly generic, Adiletas Way and some other band I can't remember the name of.
3John Butler Trio
April Uprising

I've seen John Butler twice. The first and better of the two shows the opener was State Radio, who also put on a great show. If you ever get that chance to see John Butler live please do. This man knows how to put on a show, and Oceans sent shivers up my spine like no other. The second time I saw the Trio Brandon Flowers of The Killers opened and was regrettably forgettable if you ask me.
4Alice in Chains
Black Gives Way to Blue

I was a little tentative buying my ticket before the album actually came out and not knowing whether William DuVall could do Layne justice but the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands of all time in a venue as great as 1st Avenue in Minneapolis was just too good to pass up. About half way through the show I wasn't completely sold on DuVall, then they played Man in the Box and it blew me away. Also, Acid Bubble was a real trip live.

You may notice that I've seen quite a few 'Radio Rock' bands. This one I believe was worth it though. Tickets were $5 and there was maybe 80 people in the venue and Lzzy Hale truly has an incredible voice. The drummer also is just a true showman, and was a lot of fun to watch play. Most drummers are hidden and rather uninspiring on stage. Halestorm's drummer though sat higher on the riser and really put on a fun show, and a drum solo with four foot sticks and a drum circle are always fun (don't get me wrong though, this man is by no means Neil Peart...). Overall just a fun show. The opener was some local band that I can't remember the name of.
The Dethalbum II

Technically the show was co-headlined by Dethklok and Mastodon but I thought Dethklok put on a better show and they were the last band on stage. Two things brought this show down from the level of epicness I was preparing for (seeing as the openers were High on Fire and Converge!!!) The fist was the venue, while not terrible, the sound at the Roy Wilkens Auditorium in St. Paul just isn't that good. The second was the fact that Mastodon truly does not have a lead singer and you could tell, instrumentally they were orgasmic but when they started singing it was just too difficult to overcome it's dullness... Dethklok however, rock out harder then any 'cartoon' band should be able to.
7Richard Thompson
Sweet Warrior

No opener for this show and Richard Thompson does not need one, especially when he's got Peter Zorn and I believe Danny Thompson up there with him. Also, if you have not heard of Richard Thompson you need to, and now. This may very well be the only performance I've seen that I can honestly say out did Rush. Watching this man play it becomes clear as day he was put on this earth to play music, and if he ever stops everybody that never got a chance to see this man perform will probably have an emptiness with in themselves that they will never be able to fill. Walking out of 1st Ave that night I could of died happy. Alright I'm done, just go see this man play if you ever get the chance.
The Path of Totality

Growing up back when Nu-Metal was actually popular, I figured I owed it to myself to see Jonathan Davis at least once. Afterward I realized I could have went without it... The openers were a couple a generic metal bands that nobody will ever remember and the show was ultimately forgettable. In fact, if I didn't have the ticket stub still I probably wouldn't of remembered to put it in this list.
9Five Finger Death Punch
War Is the Answer

Maybe it's just me, but I think this band has a larger then average following in Minnesota. I attended the 1st of two sold out shows at (the now closed Rock Nightclub :(...). This much like Korn though was rather forgettable. The openers, Otep and All That Remains were nothing to write home about, and other then the lead singer busting into tears (and this man was actually crying, I guess he was in the middle of getting a divorce) at the end of the show, there was nothing very special about it.
The Sound Of Madness

Back in 08' I was actually really excited to go to this show. I shouldn't have been. While I still consider them to be one of the better 'Radio Rock' bands, if any band makes it more obvious that they are playing to a click track it's Disturbed. The openers, 12 Stones and Black Stone Cherry were just boring and the crowd was just dead. However, some one did have a seizure during Shinedown's set...

I've seen these guys twice, the fist time they were touring for Indestructible, and the sold out crown in Rochester, MN was the only thing that made that show worth the drive. The second time I saw them I went more for Killswitch Engage, who I did think put on a pretty good show, and the wall of death with a sold out floor at the Target Center was rather epic.
No Regrets

These guys haven't been relevant in any way in a while but this was a fun show. They sounded sharp live and the half naked chicks running around on stage was rather amusing. Opener was Soil, they sucked.
Brother, Sister

Aaron Weiss is truly one of a kind. This was one of the better shows I've been to. mewithoutYou sounded amazing live and Murder by Death was no let down either.
14Green Day
21st Century Breakdown

They were indeed touring for 21st Century Breakdown when I saw them. When I purchased my ticket I was almost regretting spending the money on it since they have released nothing but garbage over the past 15 years. When the Bravery came out and sucked about a mile of dick I thought my worries where coming true but Green Day came out and put on the show of a life time. The intensity that they played with throughout the 2 1/2 hour set was just amazing, they sounded sharp and even the stuff from their newer albums didn't even sound THAT bad live. While Green Day may not be able to produce anything good in the studio any more don't let that stop you from seeing them live if you never have before, cause at the end of the night I was very happy I went.
15Three Days Grace
Life Starts Now

I attended this show because Breaking Benjamin, along with Flyleaf, was opening. Once again though, this show was at a rather terrible venue that totally ruined one other show for me. If the audio quality had been better maybe I would have enjoyed this show more but as it is, this show was rather forgettable.
16Black Label Society
Order Of The Black

The line-up for this show consisted of; Mudvayne, Static-X and two others that I don't remember. However, the venue in Mankato (also were I saw TDG) was terrible. Wayne Static ended up slamming his guitar on the stage and walking off after the audio cut out for a full three minutes. Audio also cut out during Zakk Wylde's big guitar solo. Oh, and my laptop was stolen later that morning. So this may be the worst show I have ever attended.

I've seen Mudvayne a few times. The fist time was hands down the best. Openers; Snot (with Tommy Vex) and 10 Years were amazing. The crowd for this show was intense, my friend ended up missing a nose ring after all was said and done. Mudvayne themselves sounded very sharp and whether you like them or not, I was very surprised with how good Chad Gray sounded.
All Hope Is Gone

Was on the floor for the opening night of the All Hope is Gone tour at the Xcel in St. Paul. Openers were Trivium and Coheed & Cabria. Often at big venues and such was the case here, the openers don't sound very good. This made me rather sad as I have not seen Coheed headline a show yet (that is on my list of bands to see headline). Say what you will about Slipknot but they did put on a hell of a show. It also helped that they only played two songs off of All Hope is Gone.

The intimacy of this show helped a lot. The venue, The Cabooze, holds maybe a thousand people and sounded great. The performance in the end was rather forgettable for me though.
20Linkin Park
Minutes to Midnight

Saw them back at the Xcel in St. Paul at the end of 07' or early 08'. If I were to go see this same show today maybe my opinion would be different, since this was my first concert at a large venue. Coheed again was opening and again sounded bad, I'll credit that again to the venue. Linkin Park I thought put on a great show, and growing up listening to them I enjoyed hear stuff from Meteora and Hybrid Theory. Again, if I were to go to this same show today, I'm pretty sure my opinion would be rather different. Wouldn't mind seeing them again just to be sure though.
The Oracle

Before Godsmack went on that big tour a few years ago with Motley Crew they played a hand full of small venues to 'warm up' I guess, this was one of them. The opener, Rev Theory was pretty forgettable, Godsmack on the other had put on a great show I though. From the drum battle between Sully and who ever the drummer is was a little cliche at this point for them but was still enjoyable and they sounded as tight as ever. Having Sully land on me when we went stage diving I guess makes for a good concert memory also.
The Illusion of Progress

Glad to see Staind 'get back to their roots' if you want to put it that way with their latest release, but when I saw them back in 09' they seemed to be content with being just another 'Radio Rock' band. Not to saw they didn't put on a good show though. The encore was by far the most memorable. Aaron Lewis walks out with an acoustic guitar and a stool (no amp, no mic) and tells the whole crown to "shut the fuck up or I'm gonna say thank you and walk away." He proceeded to play Thank You and other then Aaron Lewis' singing and strumming you could have heard a pin drop inside the sold out auditorium of 5,000.
23Bullet for my Valentine
Scream, Aim, Fire

My music tastes have change quite a bit since I saw them back in 08'. Around that time I would put The Poison on repeat. So, that whole four years ago (lol I guess it's not that long ago) this show to me was amazing, the crowd was probably the funnest I've ever been apart of. Most people I imagine hate crowd surfers but when Bullet played Hearts Burst into Fire and half the place went over my head it was rather epic. I don't think I've ever left a venue more physically drained then I did after that show. It was just a good time. Oh, and I still think Michael Paget is a damn good guitarist.
Green Naugahyde

One thing held this show back a bit for me, and that was the fact it was all seated. Otherwise, Primus was amazing. and Les Claypool is a true freak of nature on stage. You may think you know Les is great but until you see him play live you don't know anything. This show gave me a whole new appreciation for him. Oh, and Portugal the Man for an opener wasn't half bad either :)
25The Casualties
We Are All We Have

This was probably the first REAL punk show I ever attended and I left more beat up then after the Slipknot show and there was maybe 100 people at this show. If you ever have a reason to see a show at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis I would suggest you do it. The venue was just a great feel to it and is incredibly intimate. Most in MN would probably say you need to see a show at 1st Ave (and yes I agree) but I would push the Triple Rock a little more.
26 Ben Harper
Give Till It's Gone

Had never really listened to Ben Harper but I had just moved to Sioux City back in June of last year and he was closing the night out at a free concert in a park that had Cee Lo Green headlining (probably the worst thing I've ever seen). Upwards of 40,000 people turned out for this one day free show that included Los Lonely Boys (nothing special) and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (That woman can sing, oh and the legs!!!) and as I said previously, Cee Lo Green headlining. After Cee Lo though, Ben Harper closed that night with an incredible 2 1/2 hour set that left me a big Ben Harper fan. If given that chance to see him play again I will not pass that up. The fireworks right after he finished the set was a great way to cap off the night too.
27 The Reverend Horton Heat
Laughin & Cryin

Jim Heath is a legend of Rockabilly and is a true showman on stage. Not the flashiest by any means but the man just has a presence on stage that can't be ignored. And when he stood up on Jimbo's upright bass during the solo in Devil's Chasin' Me is one of the most memorable moments of any show I've ever been to. I would highly suggest you go see Horton Heat if given the opportunity
The World Is Yours

When I saw Motorhead was gonna be headlining a show at 1st Ave and Horton Heat was gonna be opening I just couldn't pass up the chance to see the one and only Lemmy live and in person. Despite that fact that I most likely suffered irreversible damage to my hearing (my ears rang for three days after this show) it was a great show. Other then Rush, I don't think there is another band made up of members in their sixties that could still kick as much ass as Motorhead did..
The People Or The Gun

Anti-Flag as I remember put on a pretty good show but overall this was just another forgettable show. Don't remember who the openers were.
30Rise Against
Appeal To Reason

Wasn't a huge fan of Appeal to Reason but Rancid was on the ticket also so I figured the show would be worth attending. Rancid was nothing to write home about but did put on a pretty solid show for an aging punk band. Rise Against really surprised me with how good they sounded, and played plenty of older stuff, this made me very happy.
31Dropkick Murphys
Going Out In Style

This was also one of the more fun shows I've been to. The openers; a local band called Off With Their Heads was pretty solid and I look forward to hear from them in the future, and then Against Me!. I almost enjoyed Against Me! more then Dropkick Murphys, only almost though. The Dropkick Murphys know how to give a crowd a good time up to the very end, with a good chunk of the crowd ending up on the stage at 1st Ave.
32Craig Finn
Clear Heart Full Eyes

This show I plan on attending in Omaha on February 3rd. Mount Moriah is the opener, if you have not heard of them place do yourself a favor and check them out.
33Dropkick Murphys
Going Out In Style

While I've actually seen them twice before, I'm going to this one for Frank Turner!!!
34The Black Keys
El Camino

Another show I've got a ticket for. I'll be seeing them at the Target Center in May with the Arctic Monkeys. I have yet to see either of them live so I am very much looking forward to this show.
35Van Halen

As you've probably heard Van Halen is back together with David Lee Roth. I'm debating with or not to go see them this summer, any thoughts???
36 Band

Yup, added too many spaces.
37 Band

My butt itches, I'm sure my grammar is terrible throughout this whole list so I'll apologize here. I've always been more of a math and science person anyways.
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