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My High School

Brace yourselves this won't be easy for me, or anyone else. But my high school, and you can ask Restrikted, is filled with slimy cunt-heads who have about as much taste in music as my ass does with Selena Gomez when I recieve my LSD. But seriously, im not trying to bash anyone for their musical tastes, really. As contradictory as what i just stated previously that is, really, im not pissed at anyone, im just saying, why dont people recognize music that "shapes" something, instead of following a crowd? hmmmm, ill ponder while i put together some examples, both bad and good.
1Justin Bieber
My World 2.0

This is the fucking first thing that comes to my mind. I suppose it was god's will that brought tweenage girls to this person, but not all is lost. I saw one chick wearing a "Dark Side of the Moon" t-shirt. I am bound and fucking determined (Mudvayne) to make her my wife someday. That is glorious, but Mr. Bieber? well, i dont need it, and neither do you.
2Lil Wayne

A prrrrrrime example of what i can't stand about a huge portion of my school, and friends as a whole. It doesnt matter who you are, how you were raised, and how in the hell you surived "on the streets" (lost cell phone, same thing) but this man didnt revolutionize anything, AND, his music is so generic it hurts. The uninspired, trite, and just plain "get out" scenes i get from him are unbearable. I used to hold a guilty pleasure suit in opne of his records, but no longer. I refuse to be a cow.

Oh my sweet jesus, god save the queen, lord have mercy on our souls. This man. doesnt. fucking. get it. Jesus, god, wtf? this man has no clue what evolution is, if you heard one song, you've basically heard them all. Couple of my buddies dig this shit hard, and i cant seem to shake their interest. Oh well, like i said, im not here to bash them, i just sorely disagree with their tastes.

Stop, wait, dont go no further. This isnt actually that bad. Another "aquaintance" of mine enjoys tool. This isnt that bad, except he makes like a Converge fan, and rapes you if you dont consider every record a 5/5 (in sputnik terms) so this kinda pisses me off, this a huge case with a lot of people.

God fucking dammit Restrikted, YOU INTRODUCED ME TO THESE GUYS! NOW YOU HATE THEM? GET OUT! I cant believe you left me in the world of metal, for electronica. w.t.f.?
6The Grateful Dead

I knew a couple of twin dudes back in my seventh grade who were the coolest sons of two bitches i ever met. Their taste was superb, in every aspect. Just met up with one of them in my freshman year, and he still rapes ass (in music taste)
7The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

Holy shit, maybe all is not lost. This is actually a heavy dig for some of the stoner friends i have (of course, only drugaddicts WOULD enjoy good music)
8Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II

Skin head in our school loves this more than his 13 girlfriends. Bought a hitler-knife once from him, it was pretty interesting. Nevertheless, very good taste.
9Five Finger Death Punch
War Is the Answer

Perhaps im being a too cynical, oh wait, no im not. This a disgrace to metal, i hate these guys. they are so generic, i had to listen to this in the absnece of my ipod with one of my best friends in science once, and hated it. But since hes a good friend, and i know he hates my music, i said nothing.
10Erase Errata

So the rest of this list is composed of heavy diggs i have that i am absolutely certain nobody in my entire would recognize at all. Hell, this site alone only has about 3 rating for this groups entire discography combined, and it is a damn shame.
L.D. 50

OK, maybe a couple of people will recognize this one. But the post-modern metal "fans" wont have one damn clue, and try to understand, that is 99% of my school.

I honestly dont expect anyone to sit and listen through the harshets vocals in the universe, along with 10,000 decibles of pure riffing disasterous destruction to the human ears.
13Venetian Snares
Songs About My Cats

Restrikted, i will fucking kill you if you put this on anywhere near my house, or if im anywhere near your house. Sorry, had to get that last little rant in there :)
Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits

This has shown up in nearly all of my lists in nearly all of my alts and mains. This is the single best thing i believe ive ever heard to sleep to, so peaceful, calm, and quite. Boy, what a journey, that i guess ill be the only one to take.
For Lack of a Better Name

Oh sure, kiss Sonny's ass all the damn fucking day long. But when it comes to actual decency employed in house, whenever Skrillex attempts to do this, especially that failed attempt in Bangarang!, you have no clue who in the hell this is!
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