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My top 10 albums
1John Zorn
Naked City

Generally my ?favorite album? changes constantly due to me checking out new music all the time. However, no album has blown me away as much as Naked City has. The first 9 tracks are catchy and somewhat mellow tunes (for the most part), however, as soon as Igneous Ejaculation starts, all hell breaks loose. Out goes the mellow and in comes hardcore-inspired spastic jazz, with Boredoms frontman Yatmasuka Eye. And while I?ve never been much of a Boredoms fan, Eye has always caught my attention.
Recommended tracks: None. All tracks are just too damn good.
Jane Doe

So what Converge have basically done here is create an album that is heavy, spastic, emotional, and basically beats the hell out of you for 45 minutes. While many bands have claimed to do the same, Converge truly have delivered. Oh yeah, and the lyrics are pretty awesome too.
Recommended tracks: ?Concubine?, ?Homewrecker?, ?Jane Doe?
3The Cure

The Cure has shown that an ?emotional? album doesn?t have to be depressing? well, at least for a few tracks. Even then, the eyeliner-sporting Robert Smith?s voice still has some angst in it. The Cure delivered an album with a dark aura, yet showed silver linings of hope, and while Robert Smith may not be the world?s greatest vocalist, his signature angst-tinged voice compliments the music greatly. Of course, Robert and co. just couldn?t stray too far away from their poppy roots, as is shown in Pictures of You.
Recommended tracks: ?Last Dance?, ?Prayers For Rain?, ?Disintegration?
4Circle Takes The Square
As The Roots Undo

In case you couldn?t tell, I really like my music to be emotional? yet I?m only into a few emo bands? hmmm?. Anyways, I don?t really think I need to explain why this album is so damn awesome, but I will anyways. CTTS took emotional hardcore to the next level. They added more technicality than I?ve heard in any other emo band, plus the songs brought an epic quality to them. The ending result is a? well, great album.
Recommended tracks: ?Same Shade As Concrete?, ?Interview At The Ruins?, ?Non Objective Portrait of Karma?
5Talking Heads
Fear of Music

This is the album where Talking Heads really had a perfect balance between pop and ambience. The songs are catchy as hell, yet also keep the Eno-esque quality to them. (This makes sense seeing as how Brian Eno produced the album). Plus ?Life During Wartime? was the best single TH ever released.
Recommended tracks: ?Life During Wartime?, ?I Zimbra?, ?Drugs?
6My Bloody Valentine

This is probably one of the few albums that I don?t understand why I like it so much. Maybe it?s the beautiful vocals that trap me; maybe it?s the slow, yet catchy music that pulls me in. Maybe it?s the feel of the album as a whole. I don?t know. All I know is that I pretty much love this album.
Recommended tracks: ?Only Shallow?, ?When You Sleep?, ?Come In Alone"
7Butch Walker
Left of Self-Centered

This album is fun. That?s all there is to it. Super-catchy and lyrics that don?t feel the need to be super-metaphoric and come from everyday things. So their?s no odd time signatures, no strange song structures (although it does refrain from getting repetitive), and no pretentious lyrics. Its just pure fun.
Recommended tracks: ?My Way?, ?Suburbia?, ?Sober?
8Wu-Tang Clan
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

?Wu-Tang Ain?t Nuthin To F? Wit?. Damn right. Quite possibly the best hip-hop album ever, 36 Chambers consist of an all-star cast including GZA and Ghostface Killah among others (albeit they weren?t ?stars? until this album). Every member contributes greatly, whether it be sweet beats, slick production, or them mad rhymes yo.
Recommended tracks: ?Shame on a Nigga?, ?Da Mystery of Chessboxin??, ?Tearz?
Imaginary Sonicscape

Sigh have created a highly imaginative album full of metal hooks, haunting (albeit a bit cheesy) synthesizers, and jazzy interludes. And that?s just the beginning. While the vocals may turn some people away, the music is very much worth it.
Recommended tracks: ?Scarlet Dream?, ?Bring Back The Dead?, ?Nietzchean Conspiracy?
10King Crimson
In The Court of The Crimson King

So if you can pretend the 8 minutes of boring noise in ?Moonchild? actually serves a purpose, this album is pretty flawless. The album?s opener is the hard rocker while the rest remains mellow, but refrains from becoming boring. Oh yeah and it kinda pioneered the progressive genre and stuff.
Recommended tracks: ?21st Century Schizoid Man?, ?I Talk To The Wind?, ?The Court of The Crimson King?
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