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06.19.07 Top 10 Albums I've Been Listening To La

Top 10 Albums I've Been Listening To Lately....

In order, but judged only on amount of time I've been spending on them recently.
1Dream Theater
Systematic Chaos

Album just came out, and is pretty good. I'm particulary fond of Constant Motion (who isn't?) and the Presence of Enemies chapters.
United Abominations

Their new album that just came out, is really political which means I really like it. Lyrics suck as always but instrumental breaks just kick-ass.
The Crusade

I hated Trivium up until I started listening to this, even if it is generic ripped-off Metallica metal, they do it then Metallica ever will.
Far Beyond Driven

Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills is the meaning of life.
5 Metallica
Kill 'Em All

This is Metallica's best. This is their most Cliff Burton-influenced album. It's just so--for lack of a better verse, I'll make my own--Cliffish.
6Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Tension Experiment

This album was alot better than the second. In this album, even though it was all instrumental, was never boring. Kindred Spirits was the obvious high point, in fact the first three songs are probably the best on the album, though there are songs on the second album better than Osmosis, Paradigm Shift and Kindred Spirits are their two best songs to date.
Ghost Opera

Woah! Just amazing all around, ESPECIALLY THE TITLE TRACK. Great Great Great chorus.

I'm a bassist but it doesn't seem like I know a thing listening to this album. Even though I'm a total prog/thrash metal guy, my bass playing is not solely but rather heavily influenced from Fran Sheenan, he is all over the fretboard with triplets and 32nd notes barely fitting into the 16ths. Him, Myung of Dream Theater, and Cliff Burton (at times) are the largest influential figure in my bassin' style.
9Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

I will always love this album and always listen to it. Unlike many albums in today's music world, they are completely and utterly consistent. They don't have "ballads" or "fillers". They have heavy, gut-chuggin' bluesy METAL.
10 10,000 Days

It's been my most listened to album since it came out until about two weeks ago, just because really. Everything is amazing and the bass would no doubt be my biggest influence if I was good enough to use it. =) My favorite part is in the beginning of Jambi, where the riff is 9/8 but they play 6 notes a measure so it's 6 inside 9, then the bass drum is hit every three beats, thus making the intro of Jambi 3 inside 6 inside 9. Saweetness.
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