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Bands I Saw At 2000 Trees This Weekend...

I went to 2000 Trees festival in Gloucestershire on rrthe weekend of rthe 15-17th of July, and saw some rseriously good bands, including...
1Yndi Halda

I enjoy most post-rock, but it takes a lot for it to really engage me and result
to me listening again and again. But this band achieved it - their beautiful
timbre additions of a violin (and a strange xylophone like instrument but
stringed???) really made the music that much greater. In addition, the band
were performing to a packed tent full of cider filled men, yet they still
to keep them quiet and engaged. So much so, that we cried for more, resulting
in them being possibly the only band in the entire festival who did an encore.
The performance also held the most impressive exit ever - the drummer got so
into it that on the final blow of the tom crecendo, he collapsed and fell
the back of the set!! I love this band.
2Three Trapped Tigers

Since hearing this band on BBC Berkshire Introducing a few months ago, I've
really loved them. I listened to their 3 EPs excessively. I really adored their
combination of electronica, post-rock, prog, hard rock, and anything else they
felt like throwing in. For some reason though I lost interest when it came to
their album and only gave it a brief listen. Anyway, I ensured that I was right
at the front to watch this band, and my god did the deliver. Not only did they
perform note perfect (something I did not expect from a band as complex as
them), but I have never seen a crowd get so into a band of such a crazy
genre. I didn't get involved as I was gazing jaw-droppingly at the trio, but I
have never seen such intense moshpits. An incredible performance by an
incredible band, shame they only had a 30 minutes set.
3Your Demise

I've always found it surprising that I like Your Demise so much. Normally, I
really can't stand their genre. But I think it's their melodic choruses that I
really love about them. It's just a shame I can't say the same about their
live performance. The vocalist seemed incredibly tone death, which was
really gutting considering the sung vocals are my favourite thing about their
songs. As if this wasn't bad enough, the h4rdc00re HXXcCcC fans of theirs
really wound me up, resulting in a very pissed off Calum. I ended up
walking out of the tent mid-set. Dissapointment.
4And So I Watch You From Afar

I've never listened to this band that much - all I know is they're fucking
amazing, and I simply had to catch them. Luckily they're instrumental
therefore me not knowing their songs wasn't a problem at all. It was just
bone-crushing, talented hard-rock/post rock, and I absolutely loved it. They
had a great atmosphere and everyone loved them to bits. I touched the
guitarists hair, for any fanboys out there. One of the best bands of the
weekend, just a shame I was more familiar with the tunes!
5Devil Sold His Soul

Similarly to ASIWYFA, I really hadn't heard much of this band, but I fucking
loved them. Once again I was right up at the front, and their massive heavy
riffs were absolutely spectacular. Something that I really liked about this
performance was I could tell the fans were there fore the atmospheric
metal-core tunes, not to punch eachothers face in. Yes, there was a pretty
huge circle-pit, but overall there was a really great and enchanting feel
throughout the gig.
6Bo Ningen

I had very high expectations of this band, and the long since fulfilled them.
Bo Ningan were the first real noise act that I have ever seen live, which is
surprising consider I listen to a lot of noise. Bo Ningan are a Japanese
Noise-rock band, the only non-british band at the environmentally friendly
festival...but who cares. It was straight up fuzzy feedback filled rock and
roll, with Melt-Banana esq high pitched squealed vocals and brilliantly harsh
noise interludes. They had great stage presence too, each member with a
long black mane of hair covering their face, with black costumes similar to
that of Sunn O))). Wicked.

This band were playing in the same tent just before Bo Ningan, and I simply
went to see them to kill some time before Bo Ningan. For some reason I
had it in my mind that they were a boring indie band...how wrong was I!?
The second the guitarist burst onto stage wearing nothing but some yellow
y-fronts and a see through clown mask, I knew I would love this band. He
immediately kicked a noisy fuzz pedal blaring feedback into the tent before
going crazy on a china cymbal. Everyone looked as confused and amused
and me, before the other members dressed similarly came onstage. The
two additional members began screaming jibberish to eachother, before
going ahead to melt the faces of the audience with treacle-thick dropped
tunes noise rock. This band paired perfectly with Bo Ningan, and they're
certainly one to watch.
8Cats and Cats and Cats

This band was one of the first acts I watched at the festival. I had listened
to their EP and was very impressed, and this show wasn't a
disappointment. I came in half way through but I don't think they played
any EP material, therefore I didn't know any of the tunes. However, I still
thoroughly enjoyed their performance. The singer offered a lot of
uniqueness to the band - in my opinion he wasn't the best vocalist, yet this
somehow made the music sound even better, creating a very raw and fun-
filled sound.
9The Cape of Good Hope

This band surprised me with their two drummers - it often seemed
unnecessary, but at times essential to their thick sound. The math quintet's
music was scribbled with math riffs and the vocals were very nice too. An
overall very enjoyable performance.
10Oxygen Thief

I'm not normally a fan of acoustic music, but this man really impressed me. I
don't know what the hell he was doing, but it sounded like acoustic metal?
It was basically one man strumming pretty choruses with drop tuned
shredded verses, with some lovely lyrics - sometimes well sang, sometimes
screamed. I dragged my sister and her boyfriend to see this dude as I had
heard he was like Frank Turner. They were not impressed and left. I was
very impressed and didn't budge.
11Feed The Rhino

Feed The Rhino were a very noisy hardcore band, who controlled the whole
tent with a flick of the wrist resulting in some of the greatest gig mayhem I
have ever seen. I'm normally not one to "mosh", but the second the
vocalists harshly shrieked vocals kicked in I just didn't have a care in the
world and ran head first into some brilliant circle pits. I loved this
performance - so much better than the other metal bands around.

The only reason I went to see this band was because my friend's brother is
the bassist of Malefice. I was pretty disappointed with this - there was
almost no crowd, and every fucking song sounded identical to the last.
"Best British metal" my fucking arse.

For some reason I can't remember what this band were like, I just keep
imagine Cape of Good Hope whenever I think of them. Anyway, I think they
were a math-rock band with screamed vocals. Either way they were wicked.

I really, really liked this band. The quintet had some real hipster stage-
presence. They were dressed like sales-assistants in Topman, and were
continously cycling through instruments, the line-up changing every song.
Admittedly, they were very similar to Gang Gang Dance, Animal Collective,
et al. but I didn't really care. The only sad thing was that they were plonked
mid way through the day on the main stage. This meant most of the people
watching them were The King Blues fans, and most of the left. Me and one
other dude seemed to be the only people genuinely enjoying the
performance which was a real shame as it'd have gone great in The Cave
(the tent where Bo Ningen and Kong played). Anyway, me, that guy and
the main vocalist had a good fun dance together - it was all good fun, and
I'd like to see them again in a more appropriate place.
15Chewing On Tinfoil

Quality ska from Dublin that resulted in the whole crowd exploding in one
constant skank. 'Nuff said, I loved it.
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