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04.12.11 The Albums Of Boooommmmm!!!!

The Albums Of Boooommmmm!!!!

Here in no particular order are some of my most influential and favourite albums. if u know of any other bands u think i'd dig, let me know!
Chaos A.D.

Sepultura were my favourite band from ages 10-16 (but only their old stuff with Max), they deserved 2 places, and this is a sweet album.
29 Veil Of Maya

I listened to this album for most of the year. great great album, and contains the song of the year=Mowgli
The Shape of Punk to Come

Self explanatory.....definately the truest and ballsiest album name ever!
27The Eyes Of a Traitor
A Clear Perception

great metal music, using heaps of influences and doing them really well. a meaty bunch of 18 yr olds they were, and still their best album
26Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

actually really good post hardcore or watever people call it. sweet and more technical riffs, heaps of melody and a great clean singer. i think jonny craig is a massive tool, but his voice rules. The other vocalist tho is one of the worst screamers ever tho....but yeh, great album!
25Fear Factory

One of my first metal bands, and this is their best album. they havent done anything original since tho, but i used to love this album
24Killswitch Engage
Alive or Just Breathing

The end of Heartache is a great album, and maybe 7 years ago i would have put them both on here, but i dont really listen to killswitch anymore. Even tho both albums are great, this is slightly better. Mainly cause of JESSE LEACH i think. he was the boss back then! still worth a listen
23Misery Signals

This got me into Signals. a great album from start to finish. probably not quite as consistent as Controller, but definately some of Misery's best tracks on here!
22Versus The Mirror

I dont know why i love this album, but man....i love this album!! almost every song is great on here. there are no breakdowns, almost no distortion in the guitars, and i love it! VTM died too soon.
21Parkway Drive

Probably just as good as Killing With a Smile, but its slightly more metal so it got the nod. The best metalcore band in the world atm (barring Deep Blue, which was super generic). sweet music and i actually enjoy their breakdowns! they r actually originally! almost the only band who can make a breakdown original.....until Deep Blue...
20Within The Ruins

sweet album. amazing riffage and drums! his voice is really forced tho and i dont listen to it for the breakdowns, but the music is so good that it definately makes this list!!
19 Opeth
Morning Rise

I could have pretty much put any other Opeth album in this list, but Morning Rise might be my 2nd fave overall. Opeth are Opeth, buy their stuff!
18The Dillinger Escape Plan
Miss Machine

this album got me into Dillinger. It took me ages to get into, but once i was , i loved it! this opened me up so much musically!!
17 Tool

Tool are awesome, and this is there best album.......everyone should know that..
Vulgar Display Of Power

One of the best metal bands ever! sweet aggressive album. was one of my first metal bands

The band and album that got me into metal! i bought it when i was 10 and loved it. its definately Max's best vocal output aswell. great great album!
14The Dillinger Escape Plan
Ire Works

Dillinger are the BOSS!! i like this album more each time i listen to it. nobody sounds like these guys, and im fine with that. best live show ive ever seen also!
13Darkest Hour
Deliver Us

Sweet album, kind of on par with undoing ruin. Its more melodic then Ruin but is more technical also. awesome album!
12The Black Dahlia Murder

Sweet melodic death metal. This album got me into them, and made the transition to death metal super easy.
11Animals As Leaders
Animals As Leaders

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! everyone should listen to this album and buy it for every member of their family.
10The Contortionist

A really sweet mix of prog, djent and death metal. there is a few breakdowns which even though I like core stuff, i dont really listen to it for breakdowns, i generally just tune it out. But this band is sosososososo sweet. My second favourite album of 2010 after [ID].
9 Veil of Maya
The Common Man's Collapse

This is maybe just slightly ahead of [ID] as far as their best album. VOM were one of the first bands to get me into djent. Sweet tunes, Vocals, the works. Used to listen to this from morning till night.
8Misery Signals

Pretty much a 10/10 album. it was in my cd player for 7 months.
7The Fall of Troy
The Fall of Troy

Unreal! I couldnt get over this completely original sound and brilliant music, and the fact that it was made by three 16yr olds!! Definately in my top 10 ever!
6Circa Survive
On Letting Go

Sweet album, took me ages to get into his voice, but now that i am, i love it
5Coheed and Cambria
From fear through the eyes of madness

The best prog rock album ever! (i am the hype machine!!! ) but yeah, this album still makes me stoked listening to it.
4The Bled
Pass The Flask

In my opinion, the best hardcore album ever created! it is pure aggression, passion, and straight pissed off. I'm not a big breakdown fan, especially slow crappy ones, but their breakdowns on this album don't slow down the entire song and actually get me pumped.
3Darkest Hour
Undoing Ruin

Awesome album, not a bad song on it. I fell in love with DH after hearing this album.
2Between the Buried and Me

Brilliant album, proggy as anything , and just musicianship at it's finest. A more modern metal version of Opeth, BOOM!!
Blackwater Park

THE GREATEST METAL ALBUM OF ALL TIME!!!! it is utterly brilliant throughout, i cant really falt it. It got me into a whole new genre of metal and subsequently opened doors to many other genres aswell.
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