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Fast, Raw, Thrashy; No Pussy Sh1t!

In an attempt to continue building my, thus far, atrocious reputation on this site i figured i would throw my hat into that ever so contentious Black Metal ring. I am focusing on Black Metal, new and old, that has the old school raw and primitive motif. There are a few on here that are going to raise a few yawns from the BM adepts that already know their stuff. Any recs in the same vein are appreciated. Notable omissions: Venom, Von, Most of the early Norwegian Scene.
1 Sarcofago

Ahh, Sarcofago. an undeniable pioneer of harsh, sonic blasphemy. No explanation needed. If you do not know this album already step to it.

Any Bathory album up to, and including, Blood Fire Death could be here but I chose this one for its iconic cover art. Another Classic.
3Anaal Nathrakh
The Codex Necro

I know a lot of people on here seem to hate this band, but I like them. They are fast and raw and they are not for pussies. Not an originator by any means but still worth checking out.
4Bestial Mockery
Evoke the Desecrator

Awesome under-appreciated album. Check out my review for a full rundown.

Again, an absolute gem. Newer stuff from Canada. This album will rip your face off and feed it to you. Check it out now if you can get a hold of it. One of the great modern-day bastions of the anti-trend.
6 Deiphago
Satanik Eon

This one has limited appeal I think, but it is a harsh, blasphemous wall of sound that qualifies it for this list. From the Phillipines.
7 Taake
Over Bjoergvin Graater Hammerink

Not as dirty as some of the other releases on here but still a great modern Black Metal album. More melodic for those who don?t like to be buried in filth all the time.
Through Thick Fog Till Death

Another long-standing Norwegian band that is usually overlooked. Again, not really original but they are technically proficient and write no BS black metal. Not the best thing on this list, but still a good band to check out if you haven?t heard of them.
Strength and Anger

Needs no introduction. Raw and primitive. Sure to cause controversy as a lot of people debate his actual musical talent. I like this album best but any of this Norse Trilogy releases capture the same feeling of hateful rawness.
By the Wing of Black

Oh my god an NSBM band. I must think im totally tr00. I hate kvltsters and this album owns. It is hateful and aggressive with a great vocal performance. If you can get around the politics you?re in for a treat.
11 Carpathian Forest
We're All Going to Hell for this...

Gets an inclusion primarily for the track Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell. Awesome burst of old-school thrashing. There are some other good tracks on this compilation but I know no one reads these lists to find Carpathian Forest on them. If interested though I also would recommend Black Shining Leather. I am sure some of you just had a ?no shit? moment.

Yeah I know. You all know this one already. Worth the price of admission for Maaneskyggens Slave alone.
Fallen Angel of Doom

Great Canadian originator. If you like the sheer harshness of outfits like Sarcofago then you will probably dig this too.
Drawing Down the Moon

A muddy, primitive mess. Lots of people are already very familiar with this record but it is essential. Creepy vibe all the way through it.
Satanic Rites

Gets an inclusion because if I didn?t put it on here someone would have said: "You forgot Hellhammer lolz. Thtaz jus lolz failz. Lolz". Go Die.
16Celtic Frost
Morbid Tales

I like the early Celtic Frost years more than Hellhammer. Less raw, but the songwriting is better. To Mega Therion could work here too but this one has Procreation of the Wicked. Great Track!
17Grand Belial's Key
Judeobeast Assassination

I think I picked this one up off a Meatplow List. Very cool modern black metal that shows a real knowledge of its intended target. They clearly are more versed in biblical history than most of their fan base. A hidden gem for sure.
Anno Domini

Another classic. They kind of cheesed up in their later years but this release is essential I do not see it come up very often on these lists. Recommended.
19Pagan Hellfire

I pimp this band as often as I can. Another great, modern Canadian band that still know how black metal should be played. Again, check my review on this one if you are interested.
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