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01.02.11 True Pioneers In Metal

True Pioneers In Metal

I'm taking here about artists that basically followed no distinct trail in their music and brought something totally brand new to the table - their own unique sound that isn't just some mini-genre
10Blut Aus Nord

BAN's music excerts the same emotions as watching those dark french
corridors in Irreversible shot through the shaky twisted-angled camera.
Making black metal darker than ever.

No other band managed to unify hardcore and metal to such a tight formula
and kept sounding this fresh to this day. When each riff is oozing with
passion and power.

Taking melodic metal and folk to their own canadian setting. Romanticism
with grace.

Pretty much the band who defined post-metal, but in no way is their
material genre-tied as their followers. Agression in the form of art.

Their music is the most visual and timeless in the genre. Few bands gave
the keyboards such a definitive front part and still managed to sound metal.

This band looked at thrash metal through 3d glasses and played with many
motives of other genres without thinking about the silly confines bands
stood too. Shrieks, new-wave sounds, ballads, orchestra, and always
kicking ass.

A space theatre show in extreme metal? these guys had the balls to sound
completly bizarre even through their demos.

Making technology scarier than ever, meshuggah took industrial music and
added 250% depth and made headbanging a more challenging chore than

Mystriis, GDoW, Ordo Ad Chao managed to push forward black metal in a
daring and atmospheric way in which no other single band ever managed
to. Mayhen never hesitated to dissapoint their fanatic narrow-minded
audience base.

Rightly being notorious as one of the pompous metal bands nowadays,
Opeth may not so fresh anymore, but through it's golden-classic days, From
Orchid all through Blackwater Park it broadened the song writing formula in
extreme music and gathered fresh influences never sounded before in
death metal. AND THE RIFFS, OH THE RIFFS, opeth has brought a whole
new set of a colorful riffs plate which no band managed to emulate.
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