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Awesome, Growing On Me, Needs Another Listen, Meh

These are most of the albums I heard in 2010 that came out this year. The first group (1-10) are ones I liked best in no particular order. The next (10-26) are albums that are growing on me and the following group (27-42) consists of albums that I need to give another listen to before I decide if I like them or not. Finally, the last group (43-52) is albums I found disappointing. Please recommend stuff from this year that I should check out.
Diamond Eyes

This is probably my all around favorite this year. I've loved this band since high school when Around The Fur came out and this is my favorite album of theirs since then.
Axioma Ethica Odini

Enslaved never disappoints. It took a couple listens but eventually it all clicked. Not as great as Vertebrae but damn good nonetheless. The opening and closing songs are in my top 10 songs of the year.
Valley Of Smoke

I've tried for a few years to get into this band. I could never do it until this year and this album helped a lot. The bassist and drummer are some of the most original I've ever heard.
Marrow Of The Spirit

Saw them last week at the Great American Music Hall and it helped me appreciate this album more. Not too big on Aesop as the new drummer but I'm not sure if it is his style or the analog recording that doesn't seem right. Whatever...The Ghost Of Midwinter Fires is the shit.
Exhibit B: The Human Condition

This is their best album with Rob Dukes. He's quite a presence live and sounds great on these songs. Downfall!!!!!!!!
6The Pineapple Thief
Someone Here Is Missing

I had never heard of this band until several months ago (thanks Sputnik!) and after checking out their new album, I couldn't get enough.
Asleep Next To Science

I shouldn't like this. The vocals are whiny, the drumming isn't that original and I don't like any of the bands that the members come from but for some reason I keep coming back to this one. It sounds like prog rock for adolescents and I can't explain why I like it. I saw them play live to like 30 people on a Sunday night a few months back. It was kinda weird.
8Fear Factory

This is an awesome return from an old favorite. Despite all the drama, this album delivered some of the best Fear Factory songs in years. Oh, and Gene Hoglan. Gene Hoglan!
9Judgement Day
Peacocks/Pink Monsters

This is my friend's band but I can honestly say that he and his bandmates released one of my favorites of the year, no question. I saw them live probably 8 times this year and they put on a great show. Check them out when they come through your town and check out this album NOW!
10Bison B.C.
Dark Ages

I never gave this band much of a chance before this year but I'm glad I did finally. Two Day Booze for song of the year?
Spiral Shadow

This is where we get to the albums that are growing on me. I like most of this album but can't quite get over the gimmicky aspects of this band. I like what I'm hearing but the second drummer seems like a waste. Also, a lackluster live show didn't help much either.

A party album for metalheads! Sweet! Needs a few more listens but it's pretty cool already.
Eparistera Daimones

This album is a monster. A Thousand Lies might be my second favorite song this year.
14Decrepit Birth

I finally checked them out this year and am really liking what I'm hearing.

For being just a one man band, this is pretty damn good. Not as big on it as some but I still enjoy it quite a bit. Think I'm gonna check out his older stuff.
16East Of The Wall

This is a great release from the Postman Syndrome boys. There's a lot going on so I think I need to listen more to really get it.
Ecailles De Lune

Pretty good so far. Should I check out the first album?

Soulfly is another old favorite and I can't ignore a Max album no matter what. Not as good as some of his other Soulfly stuff but worth listening to.

Not too big on this genre or Jonny Davy but this is tech death done right.
Full Of Hell

It's been a long time since I bought an album based on the cover art but I'm gald I did with this one. Sorry I missed them when they came through The Bay a few months back.
21The Dillinger Escape Plan
Option Paralysis

Each time I give this a listen, I like it more. I was never a big DEP fan but this is cool. Better than Ire Works, that's for sure.
22Mike Patton
Mondo Cane

A highlight of this year was seeing Faith No More 3 times in as many months. Anything Mike put out was bound to find it's way into my ears. This is a weird but awesome album that really highlights his voice. What else could you ask for?
23In Mourning

Not as good as Shrouded Divine but pretty good anyway.
The Tenant

I kept hearing about them and finally listened to their new album. Pretty killer so far.
25Tub Ring
Secret Handshakes

Another old favorite here that released an album that really surprised me. I wasn't expecting much but they always come up with interesting and original material.
26The Ocean

Not as good as people keep saying but pretty good and definitely better than Heliocentric.
27The Ocean

Now we've arrived at the group of albums that need some more listens to decide. Not as bad as people keep saying but definitely not better than Anthropocentric.
28Shining (Nor)

This is a pretty batshit album. I'm really trying to get into this one but it's hard.
29 Local H
Local H's Awesome Mix Tape #1

I've loved this band even longer than the Deftones and I would probably have this higher but I just got it and need to listen to it more. Usually covers albums suck but so far so good. TV On the Radio is an interesting choice. Pink Floyd is an unoriginal choice.
30Deathspell Omega

Like Blackjazz, I'm trying but it's not clicking yet.
31Julie Christmas
The Bad Wife

I also just got this one and after only one listen, I'm not feeling it yet but I bet I will come around like I did with Made Out Of Babies.
Quietly, Undramatically

Cool so far but I haven't had much time for it yet.
33Death Angel
Relentless Retribution

I really liked Truce and couple other songs. As far as old school thrash goes, it was hard to beat Exodus this year.
34James LaBrie
Static Impulse

Better than I thought it would be.
A Determinism of Morality

Never got into them before but so far so good. This obviously needs more listens.
The Trouble With Angels

Yet another old favorite from high school releases an album. I like most of it but the autotune bullshit on the opening track pissed me off. Please never do that again, Pat.
Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up

I loved their first two albums but had a hard time getting into Frames. Hopefully this one will click with me soon.
The Obsidian Conspiracy

I was never that big on Nevermore. I like what I hear usually but it's never enough for me to have a strong opinion one way or the other. This album is good but not as good as their last.

I had never heard of this band until this year and decided to check it out based on the reumes of the musicians involved. Pretty cool so far.
40The Postman Syndrome
God Relieve Our Grief: A Mausoleum Of Stillborn De

This is a compilation of old stuff from a great band that is now East Of The Wall. Haven't spent too much time with this one but it had some cool moments.
41 Kataklysm
Heaven's Venom

This band is very reliable. Fun live show, pretty decent albums and strong worth ethic. I liked it better than Prevail and hopefully it will get better as I listen more.
Shadows Between The Sky

I love Bucket but normally enjoy his heavy stuff more. Need to listen to this more. There is definitely good shit to be found.

Starting with Daath, we now reach the albums I found disappointing this year. I really wanted to like this album but after 3 full listens, I'm not finding much to praise. Kevin Talley is usually one of the most original drummers but I was unimpressed by his performance on this one. I liked both their other albums but they've lost some attributes that made them interesting as they've evolved.
At Night We Live

There were a few comeback albums this year and this one failed the most out of the ones I heard. The title track is great but otherwise I'm not feeling it.

I heard all the hype surrounding this album and gave it a listen. I liked the first two songs but the rest was kinda meh.
46Return To Earth

I liked what I head on their myspace so I decided to get the album. So far, I'm not too impressed despite liking a few songs here and there. This album just seems to take forever to get through.
47Street Sweeper Social Club
Ghetto Blaster

Tom, what the fuck? The LL Cool J and MIA covers make me want to cover my ears.
Songs For Singles

I like Meanderthal a lot but something just doens't seem fresh on this one. Maybe it's the flow (4 short songs followed by two longer ones).

I've tried several times to get through this one and it's still not clicking.
Death To False Metal

Not sure why I bothered. Maybe cuz of the title?
51The Absence
Enemy Unbound

I really loved Riders Of The Plague but this is a pretty huge step backwards. It's very predictable and unoriginal. However, there are a few gems here and there on the album.
52(hed) p.e.
Truth Rising

Better than their last two but really, what did I expect?
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