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Things I Dislike About Sputnikmusic

Just as the title says.
1 Elitism

If you're not a high profile member, then you're nothing here. It doesn't matter how good your review, soundoff, list, journal entry, or anything else is; if no one knows you, no one cares. This also goes with the band you review too. If you write a mediocre 16th review for a high profile album that basically repeats the same thing every other review for it has already said, you'll still get plenty of feedback and praise for it, but if you write a review for some obscure band, no one will care, no matter the caliber of the review. However, don?t confuse this with bias toward staff reviewers, as they deserve the credit they receive. This only applies to idiots that consistently contribute low quality reviews and boring lists, yet continue to take the light from others more deserving.
2 Double Standards

"Everyone's entitled to his opinion." People say this all the time, but how many people actually put this philosophy to practice? Any time there's a negative review about an album that is overwhelmingly loved by the rest of the site, people start throwing accusations about how the author is too biased against the album to properly review it, and that his claims are not backed up very well. What's amazing is that, no matter how well the author actually does support his position, there will always be idiots who say he needs to back his opinions up. When someone writes a positive review for a loved album, however, he can put as little detail into it as possible, and everyone loves it.
3 Boring Lists

Alice in Chains starts with "A". Bad Brains starts with "B". Children of Bodom starts with "C". I get the point. It's not necessary to make a new list every two days telling me about it. I know you might have just discovered the alphabet, but as a rule of thumb, if your list is going to be based off of it, it's going to suck. I also understand that people on this site like Metallica, At The Drive-In, Radiohead, Opeth, Megadeth, Slayer, Pink Floyd, and a bunch of other bands that have been on a million and three lists about the same thing. I get it already. It wouldn't hurt to put a little effort into a list once in a while. Deions exist for a reason and they make a list much more helpful and interesting than it otherwise would be as just a string of band names.
4 Unnecessary Reviews

As of right now there are ten reviews for Metallica's ...And Justice for All. Not to pick on the guy who just added this review, but when metallicaman8, Sputnikmusic's very own Metallica superfanboy, says that the review wasn't needed, then you know the review truly wasn't needed. There are tons of albums submitted to the Sputnik database that don't have reviews attached to them, and even more albums that haven't even been submitted, let alone reviewed. If Sputnikmusic wants to become a more established review site, then the community needs to branch out instead of bulk up. However, with this said, there is nothing wrong with an album having multiple reviews attached to it, granted that the reviews contribute something that hasn't already been brought up ten times already.
5 Misunderstanding of Objectiveness and Subjectiveness

Don't confuse this with the objectivity rating that's attached to a user's album rating. When I say objectiveness and subjectivity, I'm talking about the way people review. A review reflects the opinions of the reviewer, and however he chooses to review, be it in an objective or subjective way, is up to him. Neither one is exclusively better than the other, depending on how the review is written. Many users don't understand this, and stereotype objectiveness and subjectiveness in the following way: (1) if the rating is the inversion of that album's reputation (i.e. a negative review for Master of Puppets), the review is subjective (2) if the album's reputation is mediocre and the review rating is either very high or very low, the review is subjective (3) if the reputation of the album is high (such as with Relationship of Command) or very low (such as with Back to Bedlam), and the review rating is moderate, the review is objective. This is very wrong and harmful for the community, as subjective reviews are typically regarded as inferior and taken less seriously than a supposedly objective review. And since people stereotype reviews in this way, some reviews, whose intent is objectiveness, are misunderstood, and not taken seriously.
6 Inflated and Deflated Album Ratings

Come on now, be reasonable. Not every Iron Maiden album is a 5, and not every pop album ever made is a 1. Some people seriously need to think about an album for more than two seconds before they rate it, and some people need to actually listen to an album before they even think about rating it. A lot of this comes from narrow minded genre elitists who hate anything outside of the genre, weather or not they actually know anything about anything outside of the genre to begin with.
7 Overly Sensitive Users

Some people have a huge hissy fit when their review gets a negative vote and they get bumped from being the 843rd ranked reviewer to the 844th. It's not like your site ranking actually means anything outside of Sputnikmusic anyway, and besides, if you're so sure that your reviewing is so great, why are you concerned with what other people think anyway? Getting a "no" vote is not the end of the world. Even the staff reviewers have less than a 100% approval rating. It is not a big deal. What may be worse than this, though, is the way some users patronize others, even when their reviews are bad. If a review is bad, tell the reviewer it is! But tell him what he needs to work on as well. Don't just say "THIS REVEIW SUX BALLS LOL!!1." This isn't just a review site, but this a community as well, and if people are willing to help others then both aspects of the site are only going to improve.
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