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Feit Reaches 100.

Well, yep. From way too many spamming of lists, I have 100 now. 50 ralbums. Made this list rrrrearlier for some friends, cause I was bored. So rif you're reading a description and thinking rrrr"duh." That's why. Enjoy, rI guess. Bring some hate too. :)
1Alice In Chains

Easily the best "grunge" album. So painfully emotional are Layne's vocals
and Jerry just fucking shreds.
God Loves Ugly

Easily Atmosphere's best album. Every song is a trip. Slug still sounds
inspired and the beats are awesome.
3Beastie Boys
Check Your Head

Objectively speaking, Paul's Boutique is probably the better album. But this
album is just so raw and aggressive. This and Ill Communication are easily
my fav Beastie's albums.
4Bob Marley and The Wailers

It may be a compilation album, but it's easily the best compilation in the
history of music. For Serious.
5Brand New
The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

This, is by far the most emotional album I own. Some of these songs bring
me damn near to tears. I can relate to this in almost every way. This at
least right now, is by farrrrr my favorite album of all time. I listen to it at
least once a day.
Jane Doe

This is the essential break-up album It is metalcore, so the lyrics are
indecipherable. But if you were to google the lyrics to the songs, you would
understand what makes them so beautiful, and you would understand
Jacob Bannon's screaming all the more.
White Pony

Easily Deftones most experimental album. This album is a whirlwind of
emotions. One of the most eery albums I own. Deftones have created a
masterpiece with this one, combining all the aggression and emotion from
their first two albums, but softening up just a little bit. Chino Moreno is a
god when it comes to vocals. Some of the lyrics are so abstract you may
have no idea what he means, but you will feel it with his emotional croons
and terrorized screams. Not to mention the haunting atmospherics created
by DJ Crook.
8Faith No More
Angel Dust

Faith No More is on top of the world, they just released their wildly
successful debut The Real Thing that was a smash success most in part to
the single Epic. So what do they do? Do they basically release The Real
Thing Pt. 2? Or do they release the most anti-mainstream album ever.
(Well, not ever, but you know what I mean.) If you're not used to weird
music, don't listen to this. Because it's completely weird and completely
awesome. With all the fun of their first album.
The Marshall Mathers LP

Pretty obvious one here, easily Eminem's best album, and one of the
greatest albums of all time. With a sick flow, beats from Dre, and some of
the most original, and twisted lyrics since N.W.A. first came around.
10 Jane's Addiction
Ritual De Lo Habitual

This album is so amazing, while they had the funky songs like Been Caught
Stealing and Stop , they still managed to show tons of emotions in the
epics Three Days and Then She Di(e)d. Album is another of 90's underrated
albums. That really had only one hit, even if it wasn't the best song on the
Reasonable Doubt

Not my favorite by Jigga, but this is easily his best. Back before he "I
dumbed down from a audience to double my dollas." I Just Died. Filled with
sick lyrics and a crazy flow, this is easily his most underrated release. The
classical-esque beats only add to it. Featuring some star guest
appearances, even if he was still relatively unknown at the time.
12Jeff Buckley

Album may be slightly overrated since his death, but it is still an absolute
Welcome To Sky Valley

Stoner rock classic right here. Josh Homme's band before Queens Of The
Stone Age. And while I don't mean to say Kyuss is better than QOTSA....
They are.
14Lauryn Hill
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Considering that it won like a million grammys, it definitely isn't underrated.
But still, more of todays generation desperately needs to hear this album.
Easily ranks up there in the best Soul albums of all time. If only Lauryn
weren't crazy, and would release more albums.
15Lynyrd Skynyrd
Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

The best southern rock album of all time. I mean come on, over half of the
songs are classic rock.... classics.
16Mac Lethal
The Original 11:11 Sessions

This KC white boy is mad. And he actually has reason to be. When he flows
you can tell he means it, and he hates a lot of todays culture.
Rust in Peace

Best thrash album of all time, nuff said.
Ride The Lightning

Second Best thrash album of all time. And while it may have some filler like
Trapped Under Ice, for filler, it fucking rules.
19Mr. Bungle
Disco Volante

Mr. Bungle's weirdest album, Mike Patton's weirdest side project. Album is
an avant-garde masterpiece. Band is hugely underrated. Even though most
people wouldn't understand the music, oh well.
MTV Unplugged in New York

No, not Nevermind, In Utero or maybe even Bleach. But this one. This album
is one of the best live albums of all time. Cobain's vocals, while never
technically good, are absolutely breathtaking in this album. Through every
note he sings you can hear the pain in his voice. Where it is most apparent
in the cover of Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night."

While not objectively their best album, it's so funky and fun. The lyrics are
so awesome I can't help but make it my favorite Outkast release.
22Big Boi
Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

While this album has only been out for about 2 months, it is easily one of
the best hip-hop albums of the last 10 year. While Big Boi was always the
most unappreciated of the duo that is Outkast, he shines through here with
excellent lyrics, strong hooks and killer beats. Hey, even Gucci Mane has a
sick verse in this album.
23Pearl Jam

While Ten is the classic, this album stands up to that album song by song.
It may not have a song like Black, which is easily in my top songs of all time.
It is just as emotional and even more experimental. adding acoustics and
softer songs.
24Pink Floyd
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

People will always remember the legendary prog albums of the 70's from
this band. But too few remember that Psychedelic days with Syd Barrett.
This album is a masterpiece of the 60's, and easily ranks up their with
Floyd's best albums.
25Public Enemy
It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us

Fuck, Public Enemy is good. Anyone of their albums could have been on this
list. Easily one of the most influential and original rap groups of all time. No
one could touch them lyrically at the time. Well, some could, but this is
about smothering the artist with compliments. People may hate Flavor Flav
know-a-days, but considering that he invented the "hype man." Just
remember, he used to be legit and fun. Now he may be just a lil' douche.
But we gotta remember.
26Rage Against The Machine
The Battle Of Los Angeles

While this was their most popular album, it is still easily their best with
hooks galore. This album will have you raging (haha, get it raging?
sorry) and bouncing around joyfully at the same time.
The Bends

While not even their best album (it's 3rd) it still proved one
thing. That Radiohead weren't a one hit wonder. Their debut Pablo Honey
was blah, with only one really amazing song (Creep) and a bunch of
standard alt rock songs. The Bends help prove that they were so much
more. Laying the road for their classic OK Computer. Always fresh in mind,
they decided to throw away any comfort zones and released one of the
best albums of our generation. Kid A.
28The Doors
The Doors

Psychedelic masterpiece right here. Not much else to be said, R.I.P. Morrison.

While this album was for the most part shunned by critics, it was hailed by
fans of the band, much like Nirvana's In Utero. This and that have a lot of
similarities surprisingly, both or much heavier and darker than their poppier
debut albums. And both were miles ahead of those debut's. Rivers pours
his heart into these raw, angst filled songs. That are just as touching as
they are good to get your depression on to.
30Wu-Tang Clan
Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

I may have made a lot of "best of" comments in this, but this is by FAR,
well not by a huge sum, but huge enough. The best rap album ever. Every
song on this album is ace, without a single lowlight.
31Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am....

Maybe not hugely essential, but is still an effing amazing release from an
English band who aren't afraid to be English.
32Blind Melon
Blind Melon

Have I said this band was underrated yet? It's grunge hippies, people!
Shannon Hoon had such a beautiful voice, it's such a shame that he has
passed. R.I.P. Hoon
Blast Tyrant

A man's album right here, when you listen to this, hair will sprout where it's
never sprouted before, you will instantly grow muscles and everything
there is to know about fishing, baseball, football and automobiles. But alas,
you still won't be able to figure out what a woman really wants
34Dead Kennedys
Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Let's be honest here, a lot of punk sucks. Okay, it's a fact. The genre is
hugely overrated minus a few bands. That being said, this is one of them.
Coming from Cali this is like surfer punk almost, Jello manages to write
equally funny and intensely charged social commentary through his lyrics.
35Elliott Smith

Such a sad story, he made some of the best, most depressing folk music of
all time, and then was found dead from self inflicted stab wounds. His
discography is flawless, I would suggest getting all of his albums if you like
folk at all. R.I.P Smith
Liquid Swords

GZA was always the leader of Wu-Tang, proving it with his intelligence and
sick rhymes and amazing lyricism. Even though Method Man's Tical was the
best selling Wu solo effort, this is easily the best of the bunch.

An alt-metal masterpiece. This band was so original when they came out,
making some amazing metal albums that never got the recognition they
38Ice Cube
The Predator

Remember the crazy, snarling dude with a jheri curl from N.W.A.? Well, here
he is with his 3rd solo album, still kicking ass with intense lyrics ranging
from street/gangsta violence to socio-political anthems in the vein of Public
39John Frusciante
Niandra Lades And Usually Just A T-Shirt

Is an amazing alt/randomness album from ex-RHCP guitarist John
Frusciante. While I wouldn't say it's miles ahead of RHCP's work, it is pretty
damn close. The songs on here are all basically heroin-fueled noodling with
some surprisingly good lyrics. Much, much underrated solo artist.
40King Crimson
In The Court of the Crimson King

Underrated prog geniuses from decades ago. You may have heard the
sample of 21st Century Schizoid Man in Kanye West's single Power.
41La Dispute
Somewhere at the Bottom of the River...

The other definitive break-up album, except this time post-hardcore. The
lyrics are nothing but poetry in this album. A lot of these songs are coming
straight from the heart, in a so ugly it's beautiful vocal style. You can hear
him tearing apart on the inside.
42Massive Attack

This album is so chill and so powerful at the same time. Again, an
underrated almost unknown band.

He's pissed. And he's gonna rap about it. Brilliant lyrics from a soft, but
angry vocal style with subtle, yet stellar beats. For those who didn't know,
he used to front a punk band and does all of the instrumentation on the
Automatic For The People

Y The single Losing My Religion put them on the map, but their next album
proved to be their magnum opus. This album is flawless and a 90's gem.
Solidifying them as alt-rock gods.
45Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

Not much to be said about this album, it's ska. And it fucking rules. Ska is
probs the most fun genre of music out there, even if most of the artists
sound the same.
46 The Gaslight Anthem
The '59 Sound

Amazing punk/alt-rock album right here. Kind of sounds like The Hold
Steady mixed with Bruce Springsteen in a sort of weird way. They aren't the
most punk punk band, with more of a bluesy, classic rock feel.
47Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

If you were around in the 90's, you know this band. The singles were
played nonstop and you are probably sick of them by now. But if you didn't
listen to the radio or were younger, you can truly appreciate this album for
what it is. A bunch of old high school/college/20's whatever memories. This
is nostalgia on record. Almost anyone could find a way to relate to this
album. Although I will say, since I, and you are probably too young to have
such nostalgia. I/we probably won't "get" this album for many years to
48The Grateful Dead
American Beauty

Mmmmm jam bands. Often associated with hippies, probs cause they are
hippies. They sure do know how to make some great chill music. This album
could stop wars, man.
49The Prodigy
The Fat Of The Land

Urgg electronic music. It's all the same, right? Wrong, this album fucking
rules. While it was the album that broke them into the mainstream with the
hit single Smack My Bitch Up it is still a surprisingly amazing album from a
genre that I'm not very big on.
50Black Eyed Peas
Bridging The Gap

Wait, what? How could someone put the I gotta feeling group in an
essentials list? They're terrible! Wait, huh? They used to be good? They
used to have great socio-political raps, and not just mindless pop music?
Oh my god! Where can I find it?! Yeah, that's right. Black Eyed Peas had
two stellar albums before the hooked up with Fergie, and I don't want to
say sold out, but they sold out so fast it's not even funny.
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