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05.31.10 My Favorite Albums Of All Time

My Favorite Albums Of All Time

These are the albums that have most connected, inspired, an intrigued me more than any other album i've heard.
1Brand New
The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me

Simply the most compelling, emotional, and strangely inspirational thing i have ever heard. when i first
started getting into brand new i thought that deja entendu was their most accomplished work. however,
after several spins of this album, i realized how wrong i was. brand new is the master of reinventing
themselves on each album, and on this lp they have reached a higher level than anything or anyone
before them. this album is dark and dense, starting from the first track. you don't listen to this album on a
sunny day beside the pool. you listen to it as your falling asleep in the dark, or when you're driving on a
gloomy rainy day. this album takes over you. jesse lacey's lyrics about his doubts on religion, his fear of
death, and his ode to lost loved ones are compelling and demand you to listen again so you can understand
what his words really mean. every song's lyrics have multiple layers, and tend to confuse at first. but after
several listens, the pieces of the story begin to fall into place. limousine, at over 7 minutes long, is the
climax of this album, and sounds like four different songs blended together, each one building up until the
resounding end. i could go on and on about this lp, but just buy it and listen to it yourself.
2Bloc Party
Silent Alarm

The best debut album of the decade and probably of all time. every song is riddled with catchy hooks,
strong emotional lyrics, and sprawls of ideas. each song is completely unique and compelling on its own. it's
a shame that they have yet to reach this level again.
3The White Stripes

The best album from my favorite guitarist. every song is pure blues rock-n-roll. Jack white's guitar shreds
out sloppy, distorted solos that evoke strong emotion. and this album only recorded in two weeks proves
that White is just pure talent and hard work.
4Death Cab for Cutie

The band that made me love indie music. the flow of this album is incredible, making all the tracks seem
like one long extended sons, rather than 11 individual. each song has thoughtful lyrics, as ben gibbard
sings about his dissapointment about lost love and old age. the hooks are quirky, and sound better and
better with each repeated listen. the title track is the free bird for the new, nerdy generation of musician.
The Joshua Tree

It's hard to decide which u2 is your favorite, because all of their good albums sound so similar. i decided on
this one because its when they first came together and discovered their own personal sound that would
soon shake the entire world. u2 accomplished to record an album that oozed american rock during a period
where synthesizers and big drums ruled the radiowaves.
In Rainbows

Album that made me discover radiohead. their most accesible work. good, easy-on-the-ears listening. each
song is unique and intriguing in its own way.
7Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

i can appreciate the beauty behind mangums voice and energy of the music in this album. i love it, but i
dont love it as much as everyone else claims they do. maybe i am not mature enough to understand this
album yet. im hopeful that one day it will open up to me so i can understand why everyone says it is so life
changing to hear. but either way, great album.
8Manchester Orchestra
Mean Everything to Nothing

if jesse lacey likes a band, so do i. and this was the band that may grow to reach brand new's level for me.
great vocals, great lyrics, great guitars, great sound all together. like brand new, they are constantly
growing and maturing, cant wait to hear their next record.
9The Beatles
Abbey Road

It was the summer of 2009 when i learned about the beatles. i learned how important they are to modern
music, how they changed their sound on every album, and why everyone is influenced by them one way
or another. abbey road, in my opinion, is their most solid and consistent album, with every song deserving
several spins.
10Modest Mouse
Good News for People Who Love Bad News

another band i learned from jesse lacey. isaac brock's rants and shouted vocals are awesome to sing along
with. his anger and dissapointment is easy to connect with, especially on "the View"
11Arcade Fire

great band, great performers, great anthems that inspire. solid
A Rush of Blood to the Head

i listen to coldplay, im not gay, i like boobs.
13 Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

spastic, catchy, makes me wanna dance or get in a fight. loud. fun.
14 The Strokes
Is This It?

cant believe strokes are an american band, they're too good. very old school and instant classic band.
Black Holes and Revelations

dramatic, over the top, brilliant
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