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Best Megadeth Albums

The best songs by Megadeth, better called 'The Dave Mustaine Experience', one of the 4 most successful thrash bands ever existed, second in sells only to the rival legend 'Metallica' (the original band of the guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine).
Rust In Peace

One of the best thrash albums ever produced, second only to Metallica's "Master of Puppets". This was the first Megadeth album to feature lead-guitarist Marty Friedman (amazing progressive shred monster and great virtueous) and drummer Nick Menza, and its considered one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time. Megadeth's strongest musical effort, with political / cold war diplomatics / nuclear warfare themes. Best songs here are: the monsterous "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due", shredding track "Hangar 18", heavy-speedy tune named "Take No Prisoners", the crazy "Tornado of Souls" tune which contains Marty's best solo, and the apocalyptic "Rust in Peace... Polaris", which is an amazing closer to this mighty album.
2 Megadeth
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? is the second studio album by this thrash metal act, released in 1986. Contains a combination of "punkish political awareness with a dark, threatening, typically heavy metal worldview." Main themes are sorcery and black magic (The scary "Good Mourning/Black Friday" and the mysterious "The Conjuring"), national politics (the anthemic "Peace Sells") and betrayal (The great, thrashy, "Wake Up Dead".)
Countdown To Extinction

Countdown to Extinction is the fifth studio album by American heavy metal band Megadeth, released in 1992. It is the band's best-selling album selling over two million copies and achieving Double platinum status. The album also produced the band's most successful hit singles: "Symphony of Destruction", "Sweating Bullets", "Skin O' My Teeth" and "Foreclosure of a Dream". The songs are less thrashy here, because what the band was doing then is trading the fast-violent riffs into an heavier, slower crushing sound in order to enlarge their popularity. The result, the same as Metallica's 'Black Album', are awesome.

Youthanasia is the sixth studio album by the band Megadeth, released in 1994. It saw Megadeth continuing a trend toward slower, more melodic hard rock songs which began with their commercial breakthrough album, Countdown to Extinction. Lyrically, the album displays a variety of influences: mythology ("Elysian Fields" and "Blood of Heroes"), rape and incest ("Family Tree"), nuclear war ("Black Curtains"), gambling ("Train of Consequences"), and a hit about the last moments in life, "A Tout le Monde", which is the best song in the album and a really good ballad.
United Abominations

United Abominations is Megadeth's 11th album, released in 2007. It was well received by critics and debuted at number eight on the Billboard 200, the highest chart position for the band since 1994's Youthanasia. The old crushing thrashy Megadeth sound is reborn on United Abominations. The lyrics of the album deal with politics and the state the world is in. This album combines the thrashy attitude and riffs which are found on the 80s releases, together with mainstream tunes similar to their 90 output (even a remake to "A Tout le Monde", renamed "Set Me Free").
Cryptic Writings

Cryptic Writings is the seventh studio album by heavy metal band Megadeth, released in June 1997. Continuing the trend from Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings features fewer songs critical of government and politics in favor of more personal songs. Megadeth's 1990s heavy metal style also continues on this album. Some songs, however, recall the band's '80s thrash metal days, such as "The Disintegrators", "She-Wolf", "Vortex", and "FFF", while other songs, especially "I'll Get Even", demonstrate more creative styles. This album is similar in style to Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia; it is currently still the last Megadeth album to go platinum. The best song here is the heavy metal track 'Trust', which is about breaking up because of lust and betrayal. Other good tune is the modern 'Almost Honest', and the quiet 'Use the Man'.

Endgame is the twelfth studio album by Megadeth. Released on September 9, 2009, it is the first album featuring guitarist and monster soloist Chris Broderick following Glen Drover's departure in 2008. The soloing is insane and the tracks are their heaviest, their drumming is their most speedy, and their most violent riffs.
The System Has Failed

Originally intended to be a solo album by its author Dave Mustaine, the record was re-branded with the Megadeth name as a result of contractual obligations owed to Mustaine's publishing company EMI. Despite being the first album to not feature Dave Ellefson, the album marked a return to the thrash metal genre and received mainly positive reviews. The album would prove to be the beginning of a comeback for Megadeth, as they returned to the forefront of heavy metal following it's release, combining great speedy tunes as 'Kick the Chair' and 'Blackmail the Universe', together with straightforward tracks as 'Of Mice and Man,' and 'Dead Die Enough'.
Killing Is My Business..

Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! is the debut album by Megadeth. It was originally released in 1985 on Combat Records. Megadeth's debut was, undoubtedly, their rawest-sounding, most intense, fastest, angriest, and overall thrashiest album they've ever released. Pure thrash metal - as speedy as Metallica's 'Kill em All'. Best song here is 'The Mechanix', together with good tracks as 'Rattlehead'.
So Far, So Good...So What!

On its third LP the band continues to prove that in the right hands, sheer density and force of riffs can work as hooks unto themselves. The album is a downfall from the previous release , Peace Sells, but the wait is good, because the next album after it is their best. This album sounds raw and speedy, but its not good as the other thrash output of their early days. Also very bad production. Best track is the ballad 'In My Darkest Hour'. which is dedicated to Cliff Burton, Metallica bassist, which was killed in 1986 during the tour of 'Master of Puppets'.

The title stems from Mustaine's decision to take a risk with the musical direction of this album. Megadeth expands it's horizons and explores new avenues with the 1999 release of RISK. With an artistic approach backed by a creative edge, Megadeth delivers a unique album that includes some of the weird songs ever produced by Megadeth. The only good song here is the two-parted "Time", the album's closer.
The World Needs a Hero

With a revamp in management, label and a couple of band members, Megadeth comes back in a boring offering. This album, which was marked as a welcome return to Megadeth's more heavy metal roots, - in my opinion - is very boring, sounds repetitive, and very very bad. Reminds me of Metallica's St. Anger.
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